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Can I use a PLC to control the Victron Energie Multiplus ?

Hello, I have questions about the Multiplus Victron Energy. In the case of Victron Energy, the grid (backup source) and the battery pack are connected to the Multiplus. And the latter is who will manage this is two sources, that is to say, for example, if the state of charge of the battery reaches its minimum and the PV system can not feed the load, the Multiplus will feed the load with the grid. In my case (I work on microgrid systems and energy management systems) I have to do this management with an independent control system, that is the control station that has to start the battery charging and connect the system to the grid to feed the load. For this I have two questions:

Q1. Can I use a PLC to control the Victron Energie Multiplus so that it works either in charger mode or as an inverter?

Q2. Can I connect the grid directly to the AC bus to be able to control the grid relay directly with the PLC? I don't think I can control the relay inside the Multiplus directly with the PLC (please confirm this if possible).

ayoub-rahmouni asked

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plc-controllable inverter (micro grid)

We want to dimension a PV + Batteries installation a little more complex than usual in order to be able to carry out microgrid tests in our installations, we are interested in the added value of being able to carry out different tests in our installations.

To do this, we would need an inverter with remote management capacity, we want to monitor the status and send remote orders to the inverter via a PLC/ IoT device in our energy management system to carry out operations such as selecting the supply source (grid, battery, panels), limiting the power of the panels, etc... all this under a criterion that sometimes may not be economically optimal but, as mentioned, we value from the point of view of microgrid testing.

which inverter allows me to control the parameters with a plc and what connections should I make, I suppose that the best protocol is modbus tcp, the power of the inverter charger should be around 50-60 kWp three-phase output.

Thank you very much

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alvaroitcl asked

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Victron Multiplus 12/1200/50-16,230v - AC Grid feed-in based on Battery Voltage

I would like to be able to feed-in to the AC grid when the battery voltage exceeds a certain voltage (10.0V), the battery has an external charge source and the inverter will maintain this desired battery voltage by feeding the excess energy into the grid. Please advise on how to set this up. I have all the necessary protocol equipment such as the CerboGX modules, MK-USB3 cable, GX Touch, BMV etc but looking for advise on how to configure the inverter for the desired operation. Please advise.

solshare2022 asked

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Two fronius inverter connected to AC-OUT: 1.0 rule

Hi together,

I have two fronius Symo 15kVA with 36.5 kWp combined PV panels, currently connected at AC-IN, so they will be shutdown during grid outage.

In addition I have 3 Multiplus-II 3000 with 8 Pylontech US2000 48V and 4kWp via an MPPT-RS.

Everything is 3phase in my household (heat pump, oven, cooking, wallbox...).

If there is a long power outage (days to weeks) I'd like to have the possibility to rewire the fronius inverters to AC-OUT and reconfigure them to MG50 frequency shifting to also use the power that they generate.

Now my question: is it possible to use this configuration if I limit each fronius to max 4.5kW via Fronius Grid configuration? This should then be 2 x 4.5kW = 9kW distributed over 3 legs. So it should still match the factor 1.0 rule because there is never more then 3kW on AC-OUT on each of the Multiplus-II 3000.

Will frequency shifting still work in this configuration?

christoph-dunker asked

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multiplus microgrid compatibility overview

Is there a list of what models of multiplus are compatible with the microgrid functionality?

I've been reading the different manuals but none mention it.

arjen asked

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