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Can I use a PLC to control the Victron Energie Multiplus ?

Hello, I have questions about the Multiplus Victron Energy. In the case of Victron Energy, the grid (backup source) and the battery pack are connected to the Multiplus. And the latter is who will manage this is two sources, that is to say, for example, if the state of charge of the battery reaches its minimum and the PV system can not feed the load, the Multiplus will feed the load with the grid. In my case (I work on microgrid systems and energy management systems) I have to do this management with an independent control system, that is the control station that has to start the battery charging and connect the system to the grid to feed the load. For this I have two questions:

Q1. Can I use a PLC to control the Victron Energie Multiplus so that it works either in charger mode or as an inverter?

Q2. Can I connect the grid directly to the AC bus to be able to control the grid relay directly with the PLC? I don't think I can control the relay inside the Multiplus directly with the PLC (please confirm this if possible).

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