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plc-controllable inverter (micro grid)

We want to dimension a PV + Batteries installation a little more complex than usual in order to be able to carry out microgrid tests in our installations, we are interested in the added value of being able to carry out different tests in our installations.

To do this, we would need an inverter with remote management capacity, we want to monitor the status and send remote orders to the inverter via a PLC/ IoT device in our energy management system to carry out operations such as selecting the supply source (grid, battery, panels), limiting the power of the panels, etc... all this under a criterion that sometimes may not be economically optimal but, as mentioned, we value from the point of view of microgrid testing.

which inverter allows me to control the parameters with a plc and what connections should I make, I suppose that the best protocol is modbus tcp, the power of the inverter charger should be around 50-60 kWp three-phase output.

Thank you very much

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