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Some MQTT topics stop getting updated for a while

I have a strange problem that I couldn't get a firm hold on yet...

I'm using dbus-serialbattery for a JK BMS and I'm reading values from Victron via MQTT into HomeAssistant (my main mosquitto is bridged to the venus one).

Every day, around the same time e.g. the StateOfCharge is not updated anymore. After 5-60 minutes it's working again. Other values for the battery are still published/updated via MQTT.

Also it's strange that e.g. the SoC is suddenly increasing or dropping (e.g. from 30% to 42%). This is only for the MQTT value. I'm reading from the JK BMS also directly via BLE and I don't see that spike. Also in VRM it's not visible. And the console seems to show the correct value.

Using dbus-spy I see that the values are correct in DBUS. I've also check if the bridge between the mosquittos might be a problem, but connecting directly to the venus one, it has the same issue.

My hunch is that the problem might be a part of dbus-mqtt. But I'm not sure how to debug this.

Did anyone else have a similar experience? Or tips on how to debug this?

flovic asked

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mqtt cerbo gx


Merci pour ce retour d'informations

Cela fonctionne

Mais, après un certain temps, tout s'efface et il n'y a plus d'informations.

il faut tout retaper, existe-t'il un moyen pour que le système soit connecté en permanence ?


balkana asked

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Solar production value
Is it possible to indicate at the multiplus2 GX, via mqtt, my solar production so
 that it appears in the VRM data?

lemitch asked

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Timestamp for retained MQTT message value

Is there a way to determine the timestamp of the retained value I get from the first messages received from the MQTT broker? Since the retained value can be quite stale, I want to properly inform the user of the accuracy of the values they're looking at.

bobby-bol asked

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Can I operate Dynamic Current Limiter through MQTT or a digital input?

Hello All,

Is there any way to enable the Dynamic Current Limiter on the fly through MQTT or a digital input?


I have a Multiplus 3000 with a Cerbo on our boat and use PowerAssist to make sure I don't trip my 30A shore power breaker when the two AC units decide to start up at the same time. It works great!

It also enables me to occasionally to run one AC unit on a small portable generator when anchored out in the sticky summer. But to do this I need to enable the "Dynamic Current Limiter" to smooth the transfer of the starting inrush to the little generator. This also works great, except...

When the Dynamic Current Limiter is enabled, the Multi pulls from the battery bank on every surge, even when I am plugged into my 30A shore power and have reset my current limit accordingly. This continuous draw and charge cycle is driving the temp of my large battery bank up to over 100F and making my engine room very warm to work in.

I'd love to be able to turn the Dynamic Current Limiter off when I don't need it, without firing up VE config.

Maybe there's a better way to do this, any input is most appreciated.

robbgrrrr asked

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MultiPlus 24/500/10 als USV mit AC Solarstrom und MQTT

Hallo Community,

ich habe ein paar Fragen zum MultiPlus 24/500/10, hierfür habe ich leider in der Anleitung nicht viel finden können.

  • Kann das Gerät, wie der MultiPlus II, mit LiFePo4 betrieben werden (Spannungsbereich) und das BMS via CAN Bus über das Cerbo GX angeschlossen werden?
  • Kann der Ladestrom für die Batterie über das Cerbo GX mit hilfe von MQTT gesteuert werden? In der Cerbo GX Anleitung findet sich dabei der Hinweis "Ermöglicht MQTT im LAN - Weitere Informationen über MQTT sind auf Victron Community verfügbar."

Ich möchte eine alte USV ersetzen. Wenn möglich soll das neue System die Servertechnik weitesgehend mit Solarstrom versorgen. Die PV Anlage und auch ein Zähler in der Verteilung ist bereits vorhanden. auch die Daten der PV Anlage und vom Modbuszähler sind über ioBroker und NodeRed verfügbar. Eine Steuerung über MQTT ist mit der bestehenden Technik mit wehnig Aufwand möglich. Ein vereinfachtes Shema meiner vorstellung im Anhang.




cschepelmann asked

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MQTT Topic Disappeared (N/XXX/solarcharger/YYY/Pv/I)

I don't seem to have the I topic available from my CerboGX.

MPPT Current Value.

Happened in last month and I didn't notice on my NR dashboard.



Mark Maritz asked

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Venus RPi Cloud Broker

I have enabled MQTT on a Venus Raspberry Pi install. Access to the local broker works.

However, can't get any data (not even the serial) from the cloud broker (in my case mqtt5.victronenergy.com).

When I look at the dbus-mqtt log, I see a connection with the local broker being established, but nothing on the cloud broker.

I am running 2.80-25. Is there anything else I need to do to enable cloud mqtt access?



metro asked

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CCGX MQTT Performance

Curious what kind of performance others are seeing on their CCGX from an MQTT perspective. I have been having issues where data wouldn't update for 10 or more minutes. I'm utilizing node red as a client and have all QOS set to 0. I've switch from wifi to ethernet on the CCGX and disabled all non essential flows in NODERED. Likewise I have disabled VRM and remote access to attempt to reduce all overhead possible on the CCGX. However, I am still seeing sluggish performance. It does seem as if I was able to improve things a bit but wanted to see if anyone else had any suggestions.

Thanks, Kirk

Kirk B asked

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Solar charger state doesnt show the equalization status


my solar charger doesnt report the equalization state properly. I have lead-acid battery and I have set up the MPPT to perform regular equalization. So far it is working fine. When I check the MPPT physically it states the equalization phase on the LCD but when I check the MQTT output on the Venus GX (or VRM portal), it always show the state with value 4, i.e. Absorption. Any idea why is this happening?

I have 2 MPPTs (BlueSolar 150/70, firmware 2.05) in paralel (working) connected with VE.Can to Venus GX (firmware 2.53). There is also the Quattro and BMV-700 connected to Venus. For the solar charger state I use the "/State" dbus-obj-path. When equalizing by the Qauttro, the Quttro's state is correct.

Thank you,


miroslav-p asked

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