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Can I operate Dynamic Current Limiter through MQTT or a digital input?

Hello All,

Is there any way to enable the Dynamic Current Limiter on the fly through MQTT or a digital input?


I have a Multiplus 3000 with a Cerbo on our boat and use PowerAssist to make sure I don't trip my 30A shore power breaker when the two AC units decide to start up at the same time. It works great!

It also enables me to occasionally to run one AC unit on a small portable generator when anchored out in the sticky summer. But to do this I need to enable the "Dynamic Current Limiter" to smooth the transfer of the starting inrush to the little generator. This also works great, except...

When the Dynamic Current Limiter is enabled, the Multi pulls from the battery bank on every surge, even when I am plugged into my 30A shore power and have reset my current limit accordingly. This continuous draw and charge cycle is driving the temp of my large battery bank up to over 100F and making my engine room very warm to work in.

I'd love to be able to turn the Dynamic Current Limiter off when I don't need it, without firing up VE config.

Maybe there's a better way to do this, any input is most appreciated.

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