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SolarEdge AC coupling

I'm looking for a off-grid inverter that would handle a 20 kWh Tesla battery bank (2p2s 5.3kw modules) with a 8.8 kW solar system. I would like 10 kW peak power capability. Can I use a SolarEdge inverter and AC couple a Quattro inverter. I like the optimizer technology for dealing with partial shade issues. Any thoughts?

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Combining AC coupling and DC coupling off grid system

Are there rules to combine Fronius inverter ( AC coupling ) with Solar charger ( DC coupling ) other than rule 1.1 in the ac coupling side ?

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Multiplus or Multigrid for off-grid

Hello, I had a question about Multiplus and Multigrid. I am building a small off-grid system with 4 solar panels off 300 watts each that will charge battery's using an MPPT charge controller. I also want a backup generator to charge the battery's if they get under a certain level, and I will be using an inverter to make 230VAC 50Hz from the battery bank. At least I am also using a wind turbine that will give me a peak of 600 watt.

So a short list of items.

- 6x Solar panel 300 watt

- Battery bank

- Multiplus or Multigrid?

- Inverter

- Backup generator

What will be the right choice? Multiplus or multigrid.

And is this a realistic setup? Or is there a more efficient way?

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Off Grid System for Music Playback

Hi I am a real audiophiliac bitten by the hi-fi bug.

A month ago I lent a Goal Zero Yeti 3000. The Goal Zero is a generator running on batteries. I lent it because I would try to see if there was any improvements in the sound quality running my tube amp and dac off grid. I was using the 230V output but without the charger running.

The sound was much better, but the Yeti 3000 was having some very noisy fans.

So I want to build my own system of some good parts.

When playing I am using around 380w so I figure I could buy a 24V 100Ah LiFePo4 battery and have energy for 4 hours music with a DOD of 50%

I would like to start charging the battery automatic at a given voltages so I don't drain it to much.

So what product(s) should I buy? I have looked at the Phoenix Inverter Smart 24v 230V output, is this the right choice for me?Phoenix Inverter Smart

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Overload L1 on VE bus system

I often have that alarm cleared about 30s later. Last time yesterday at 18:47, maybe at the starting time of my washing machine, but not sure. Does not alarm me but I woul like to understand! My setup:

- Off grid, 2kWp on my roof + 23kWh lead batteries.

- 2 solar MPPT 150/65, 1 multiplus 24/5000/230

- BMV712, CCGX

Around the time of alert, exact time to be checked I am normally on my local sun time (UT+28m) but VRM may have some other tim:

  • 17:39: -0.40
  • 17:48: -121.00
  • 18:06 -7.07
  • 18:24 -24.90
  • 18:33 -5.90
  • 18:51 -3.60
  • 19:10 -6.7
  • 19:19 -124.60
  • 19:37 -128.00
  • 19:55 -8.10

Any idea?

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Off-grid Victron Solution coupled with a Victron solar DC chargers and AC Wind turbine

Hello Everyone,

I'm designing for a client a completely remote solution/off-grid system with Victron technologies.

I'm feeding an average of 5kW AC load 24/7, 365 days a year, so I'm targeting both solar and wind to reduce my battery bank capacity since both sources are feasible to introduce in the project's area.

Accordingly, a battery bank with a Victron Quattro 8KVA DC coupled with several Victron smartsolar charge controllers in parallel and AC coupled at the AC output (load side) with two or one wind turbines having a total capacity of 6~7 kW max.

Can anyone help identify the best wind turbine system to couple them with this system? having an inverter that de-rates when the batteries are full (frequency controlled by the Quattro) and that operates efficiently at low wind speeds?

thank you in advance,

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Equalisation with EasySolar 48/5000/70 not working

I'm trying to perform an equalisation on my 16 Trojan T105 flooded cell batteries (2 banks of 8 x 6v in parallel). With batteries at 100% SOC, I pressed the equalisation start on the CCGX and although it read "starting..." nothing much happened - no bubbling of electrolyte. Do I need to tick the "Use equalization (tubular plate traction battery curve)" box in VE Config? Or is there something else I'm missing? I'm offgrid, no generator, 4kw of panels, with Victron EasySolar 48/5000/70-100 MPPT 150/100 Color Control.


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Phoenix Inverter + Venus GX + Pylontech/BYD?

Hello I have a client who wants to purchase a Phoenix 3000 Smart Inverter, they currently have a 48V battery bank. If my client purchases a GX device such as the Venus will they one day be able to upgrade to Pylontech or BYD batteries even though the Phoenix 3000 Smart uses VE.Direct and not VE. Bus like the multiplus?

I found the below link in the community but the answer was about the multiplus not about the Phoenix.

I'm assuming the answer is *no* since the below link says all VE. Bus Inverter *are* compatible.

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Advice on off-grid 2 houses 4 x Multiplus installation options


I am designing an off-grid system for 2 houses based on AC-coupled PV inverter and Victron Multiplus.

I need about 12 KW total power to cover yearly electricity needs. The houses are located in Ireland.

I am wondering what is the best design, I am thinking of 2 options, having one central power generation system, with 4 Multiplus in parallel and the 2 houses connected to AC1, some dump-load on AC2, or, another option, keep the 2 houses mostly separated for redundancy, but still have one AC2 of the first house feeding in the Ac-in of the second house to have some back and forth power surplus flowing up or down.

The 2 houses have already a 6mm² AC wire between them for historical reason, I cannot add a new one.

See the diagrams for more details:

Option 1: 2 houses on a central power system


Option 2: 2 houses separated


There may be better other smarter options. At the moment, I have already a MP2 48/3000, this is why I was thinking of reusing it. But having 2 x 48/5000 is maybe a better option. Similarly, there is already a 3.6 KW ac-coupled PV array on one of the house, this is why ac-coupled seems a better option.

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Fronius off-grid setup Hello, my current full off-grid system consisting of: * two 150/70 MPPT charge controllers, * CCGX, * Multiplus II 48/5000, * Pylontech Batteries 13.8 kWh, * supplied by 4560watts of solar.... I have another 12 x 405watt Canadian solar Panels to utilise. I would like to use a fronius 4.0.1 in an AC coupled setup to compliment my currently DC coupled system.... Will this be a feasible setup? Any suggestions appreciated.. Cheers....

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Easysolar 12/1600 install in a van, panel wiring and LiFeYPO4 settings


Bought into Victrons sales speech for Easysolar 12/1600 product for a van project, but it seems some things still remain unanswered. I've read the manual and done the search. This setup will be used year round in different locations, some shaded some not and temperatures will vary mostly between -5 to +25 celsius. I will be living off-grid full time in the vehicle, so i opted for what i believe is a quality product from a European manufacturer, and i really want to like it.

Being that solar power is somewhat of a new option in the energy market (for the average consumer i mean) and it's popularity will grow together with the advance of battery technology. I find that that the manual and available information for a product labeled as Easysolar is lacking. I really think Victron is on to something here, but the documentation needs to be improved.

Ranting aside, to avoid frying my expensive gear and to get this right the first time, i have come here at the fountain of knowledge to be assisted and educated. So please take time to read this post thoroughly.

My setup will be:

Easysolar 12/1600

3x GWL SunnyPoly 165w panels

12v 260ah LiFeYPO4 winston battery with BMS123Smart for monitoring (link is to 200ah battery, otherwise specs should be similar)

Now for the list of actual questions:

1. Series or parallel panel wiring:

-I am under the assumption that parallel wiring would be better for shaded areas, but series better for more challenging conditions. So far I'm going for parallel wiring, will this work? Do i have enough voltage coming out of the paralleled panels to charge my system when in less optimal conditions? Is there a reason i should consider series?

2. If wired parallel, where to connect:

-there are inputs for 3 strings of panels on the Easysolar, is there a difference whether i connect the panels parallel in the roof and come down with one set of connectors and wires or is it better to wire and connect all 3 panels separately? I am inclined to wire them separately just because it would seem more serviceable and more robust to have less connectors and all 3 panels having their own set of cabling all the way from panel to the CC, this make any sense?

3. Inverter/charger settings

-i do not have any kind of color control monitor or such, i only have one VEdirect to usb -cable which i gather is not compatible with the inverter/charger portion of Easysolar but would need a VEbus to usb cable(?). However, when i check the manual page 16 for the table for dip-switch operable voltage settings - there is no setting for lithium batteries to be found at all? What settings do i NEED and HOW to set them now (with either dip-switches or by acquiring the VEbus-cable)?

4. Charge controller settings:

-now this one seems to have a rotary selector for LiFePO4, so that's something that is finally Easy as the name suggests. Apart from flicking the switch to seven is there any additional settings i NEED to change in order to keep my battery healthy? I quess this would be done with the VEdirect to usb cable and a computer then?

5. Is there anything else i need to reconsider before going with this setup?

-i've already acquired the gear mentioned above and will install these in the coming weeks. This will be the single most important aspect of my van, so i would like it to work since it will be a pain in the ass to redo once the project is finished.

Thank you for reading this far, please reply if you have an answer to one of my questions.


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Can the PV inverter support assistant be configured to start ramping down at 57.6v instead of 54v?

At the moment the absdorption saying is 57.6v for absorption but the PV inverter support assistant ramps down Fronius when the batteries are at 54v so it takes far too long to charge the batteries under solar. When the generator is on, it will charge at 180amps until 57.6v then go into absorption then float as it's supposed to but when it's under solar it will charge at 180amps to 54v then ramp down considerably so even though the charger wants the power the PV inverter assistant won't allow it. Can the setings be changed in the PV inverter support assistant to chasnge it from 54v to 57.6 as per the charger setting?

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Dc coupling off grid without monitoring

Is it possible to make a system with quattro and 3 MPPT without gx devices?. and how will it work?

allam salam asked
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Help understanding if my off-grid setup is correctly configured, and which component is currently controlling the battery charging.,


I have a off-grid setup, using a Mutiplus 48/3000, Bluesolar Mppt 150/70, BMV 602S, and CCGX. Batteries are 8*200ah gel, and I have 4kW of panels.

I'm a bit unsure how to confirm whether the multiplus or the Mppt are controlling the battery charging. The System name on the CCGX is ESS, and the multiplus is selected as the battery monitor.

My concern is that I'm changing over to a DIY Lifepo4 battery soon, and I'm not sure whether the mppt will also need to have it's charging algorithm changed for instance. Or will just the Multiplus need to be updated?

The BMV will obviously also have to be edited as it's offline.

Any advise appreciated:)


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7kW Solarinstallation coupled to grid without feeding to it but charging an 40kWh lithium battery


I have bought myself 7200Wp of solar panels. 24 x 300wp facing a bit of south. Incline on the roof at 50degrees.

I also have an 40kWh lithium battery. 50V min 60V max. Max charge and discharge power is 9kW. Max discharge of 18kW for 2hours. The battery will be expand every year until the first place is filled and then I have 100kWh. There is already started on making place for an second battery of another 100kWh. But that is a bit dreamy.

Now the goal is that I put the entire house offgrid, but have the grid as backup and pull in when the battery is flat. I may not feed back to the grid. In summer I think, depending on how much electric distance we drive, we can make it 4 months completely offgrid. In Winter the house will be almost offgrid and the cars will be charging most of the time at night from the grid. Offpeak time electricity is 12% cheaper.

We have a plug in hybrid. Charging is 10kWh in 3 hours or 11kWh in 8 hours. +200kWh a month. And a full EV. Charging every day 10-15KWh in 3-5 hours. +300kWh a month. Sometimes we need fast charging in between runs and then I want to be able to charge 3 phase 16A =11kW, this may be grid charging. The car can handle up to 22kW 3 phase 32A but my grid connection is only 3 phase 25A.

So the configuration needs to be a 3fase configuration with a power output of + 15KW.

What gear do I need?

Thanks in advance



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AC coupled system cold start

Assume a Multiplus with a battery and an ac coupled Fronius Primo in an Off grid situation.

Can the system recover from a completely no power situation (battery discharged, no ac grid) or is the system in a deadlock then even if the sun is shining?

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Victron microgrid with Steca or solaredge

Has anyone implemented a Victron microgrid with Steca or solaredge

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Are 50vdc solar panels wasted on a 12vdc system?

Hi, I am just trying to get my head around this and wonder if someone can confirm it please?

For a 12-15vdc battery off grid system needing to charge through a charge controller via a solar panel array of course which the panels are rated at around 55Vdcmax.

With the cheaper Ebay MPPT controllers (link to example type bellow), they cut off the solar panels inputs if the solar panel voltages are above around 15Vdc, so effectively the panel would only charge the system when the panel voltage is within the 12vdc - 15vdc, effectively only for a VERY short time in the morning and again at sunset.

With a Victron charge controller like (link of example type below), to charge the 12-15vdc from the panels (55Vdc). Does the Victron charge controller cater for the full 0-55vdc from the panel or does it also have built in cut out solar voltage cut offs, resulting in the same issue as the cheaper Ebay charge controllers?

I guess I am looking to have some device which converts the 0-55Vdc to a more usable 12-15vdc range so as to charge the batteries. Is the Victron charge controllers able to do that, regardless of the voltage from the solar panels are producing?

Kind regards


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PV Assistant vs ESS

hey people

I have an installation with 8kVa Quattro and 8kW Fronius with CCGX. The installation was off grid in Nigeira but now I am getting grid connection. However the grid connection is rural, it was unstable and power can be turned off for days.

In this situation the grid may be off for days, is the ESS still the assistant to use. If the the grid connection is there but no power also potentially no voltage. I am unsure if the ESS will still increase the PV inverter frequency.

Any thoughts?

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Control of Remote Load controllers with Frequency Shift

Hello everyone.

I am investigating the replacement in an off grid installation of a battery inverter system by a different company with a Victron product. However, I need to investigate whether the new battery inverters support the same functionalities.

This system has PV inverters and Loads away from the battery inverters (>300m) in different locations. At the moment when the SoC drops below 30% a diesel generator is switched on. Reading the documentation of victron products I understand that this functionality is supported.

However, the system has also the following functionality. If the diesel generator fails to start and the SoC drops below 20% then the battery inverter changes the frequency to 49 Hz in the system. Then load shedding relays with under-frequency functionalitites disconnect the loads. Is this also supported by Victron battery inverters? Can someone set a limit for SoC for example were the frequency will be dropped?

Disconnecting with relays the loads at the terminal of the battery inverters will also isolate the battery system from the PV inverters making its charge impossible. I don't want to rely only on communication based solutions too in order to shed the load therefore this functionality is crucial.

Does anyone know if this functionality (Underfrequency at low SoC or low battery voltage) is supported by Victron.

Thank you for your time!

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Novice Wizard Victron system diagram review


We are 1 month old DIY Wizards seeking wisdom from the masters, I hope this diagram is appropriate to post here, if not I’ll remove. Im very excited to study such a new and expansive field of life. Mega fuses will be in the Lynx and some of these breakers may be removed. I’m currently studying BMS and current candidates are REC, Batrium, Smart123, and Orion.

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Recommended DC cabling/fuse/breaker BYD LVL to 3 x MPII 48/5000 and 3 MPPT


What is the recommended DC interconnect between:

2 x BYD LVL 15.4,

3 x MPII 48/5000 and

up to 3 MPPTs ?

The Lynx systems (with the 600A internal fuse in the Lync shunt) looks OK, but the related documentation is focussing on other batteries.

According to the BYD/Victron documentation I expect problems with the BYD BMU and Lynx Shunt VE.Can connection to the CCGX.

What are the recommended fuse levels and breakers (if required) ?

Is the Lynx Shunt required at all with the BYD BMU is use anayway ?

best regards,


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battery capacity in EasySolar

I have an easysolar connected with 200 Ah battery bank, in this section of setting what is the battery capacity should I adjust 200 Ah or 85% of 200 Ah =170 Ah ?

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Equivalent AC (PV) Inverter support on SMA as on Fronius systems


given the sunspec (modbus) support the current 3p SMAs have, could i expect an equivalent set of features and integration options as Fronius systems have already in the past ?

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Off grid system with Freedom Won batteries shuts down in the morning

Hi everyone,

I have an off grid system with 6 quattro and 2 fronius with freedom won batteries. for the past two days system is going off meanwhile the battery is around 52V. when you remove the VE.bus cable from the Octogx, the system doesn't go off.

Please anyone have an idea about the problem, thank you

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3 phase CHP for charge & Quattro 48/10000 single phase in a single off-grid config


in order to integrate a new CHP machine/generator (2kw on the electrical side) i need a 3 phase on that side to charge BYD lvl batteries - for that i would like to deploy a small 3 phase 'sub-grid' just with the CHP generator connected on the AC side based on 3 x MultiPlus 48/800. On the 'consumer' side i thought about a single phase Quattro 48/10000 box. In addition a few MPPTs charging the batteries from the PV side. That raised the question if a a venus system (i.e. Cerbo) can manage all of that in a consistent way ?

best regards,


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Control Charge Current OffGrid System

Is it possible to use the register address 2705, DVCC system max charge current, or any other modbus register to control the charge current on a offgrid system? Do I need to add any further assistant?


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3 Phase system 480 V

How can I make a 480 V 3 phase off grid system with Quattro ?

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Asap/ Multiplus 3000 va 48v 35amp overload


We have 3 multiplus inverters of 3000va/48v connected in series to supply 3 phase consumption, after launching the system we face this situation:

We have alarms of overload on the 1st inverter (shows only 1600w but lunch an overload and high temperature) while the 2nd inverter was 1500 without alarm and tye 3rd only 400

We tried changing the consumption by using a resistive consumption, the system showed 1st inverter 2200, 2nd inverter 1500 and the 3rd 400 as before, then the system turned off directly

Why we have this overload problem?



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Config 3 Quattro and 12 Smart solar

Good day,

For a complete OFF-grid system we want to have the following configuration:

a) 3 * Quattro 48V 15kva in parallel

b) on the DC battery side 12 Smart Solar MPPT 250/100 each connected to 5.5kW of panels each (total of 66.6kW of DC power on the pv side)

c) LiFePO4 batteries, 100kWh, 52V, Max cont. charge and discharge current: 2 000 Amps

d) 3 phases 60kva genset on AC 1 of the Quattro (with dynamic current limiter activated)

e) everything controlled by a Venus GX, use the two outputs to start/stop the genset and disconnect some non critical loads in case of low battery level

Three questions:

- is it at first feasible? I indeed saw so far a max of 8 MPPT connected to the DC side, will it then be possible to configure the entire solution with Victron's softwares?

- will the fact that DC charging power on the MPPT side is higher than the charging power on the quattro side be a problem?

- can i couple all quattro and MPPT on the same DC bus (each equipment will be fused protected of course prior reaching the bus) was thinking about a standard bus bar, otherwise having 4 Victron Lynx Distributor + lynx shunt + lynx Power In, but then i am limited to 1000 Amps on the bus bar (where we can potentially reach 1200)

Alternative would be to remove 3 MPPT250/100 and add 3 Fronius 5kva on each phases or 1 Fronius 20kva three phases (we might then have issues with the balancing of the phases except if the 3 quattro can correct this).

Thank you

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