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Phoenix Inverter into power distribution panel of house

When I bought this inverter I specifically asked if the output was 120VAC-on-black and 0VAC-on-white; they indicated "yes". But of course they lied. Like many inverters it presents 60VAC-on-black and 60VAC-on-white (as measured from the ground plug).

I'm trying to marry the output of the inverter into my new off-grid home's power distribution panel. I also purchased a 2-pole safety switch. So I have the black and white outputs running through each of those poles for the sake of safety before then going to the power distribution panel. That said, I find that if I keep the ground wire connected to the chassid of this panel then the white "half" of the power remains hot even if a circuit breaker is in the OFF position. So by disconnecting the ground output from the inverter at least that doesn't happen, ignoring the safety implications for a moment...

And yet, under any load it trips the 15A circuit breaker. Granted, this is a GCFI-incorporated breaker which is likely my problem at the moment.

Has anyone successfully managed to do what I'm trying to do? Is there a way of converting the 60/60/ground output into the more typical 120/0/ground?

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Baud rate conflict 250/500kbit/s - Parallel Quattros-Cerbo-Pylontech-250/100MPPTs-Lynx....

Off-Grid system has 2 x Quattro 48/10000 in Parallel with 24 x Pylontech US2000 & LV HUB, Cerbo GX, Lynx Distribution system inc Lynx Shunt, 2 x 250/100 VE.Can MPPTs ground array, 2 x Fronius 6KW PV Inverters roof array. Perking 12kVA Generator. All kit a few months old. All Firmware updated to the very latest.

Following the Victron documentation Pylontech (Type B cable) to Cerbo VE.Can BMS connections. MPPTs and Lynx Shunt to Cerbo VE.Can connections. Quattros to VE.Bus connections. DVCC enabled, settings as per the book.

Problem: With CAN-bus BMS (500 kbit/s) CAN-profile in the CCGX as per the book, the MPPTs and Lynx Shunt disappear. They reappear if the baud rate is set to 250 kbit/s. Various problems manifesting such as auto-run generator stops working etc.

Am aware that others have had similar issues with the 250/500 kbit/s conflict. Any suggestions how to get round this - thinking switch the MPPTs to VE.Direct connection instead of Can but hate work-arounds and want the correct solution!

Thanks in advance!

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Small kits for villages in Nigeria?

Good Morning,

I would like your opinion for the kits that will be for Africa.

All material will have to be from Victron and will be installed in villages without electricity in Nigeria.

Our client asked us if it would be possible to make kits of different powers for basic consumption with autonomy only for a few hours at night (250w and 375w are just led lighting and charging cell phones, the 800W for led lighting and a refrigerator) where a small generator can be coupled (Kit 4, 5 and 6).

Kits without Generator connection

250W Kit 1

1 MODULE Victron 175w Monocrystalline

1 Blue Solar MPPT 75/15

1Phoenix 12/250 230V Ve. Direct Schuko

1 Victron Energy 12 V 60 Ah gel battery

375W Kit 2

2 MODULO Victron 175w Monocrystalline

1 SmartSolar MPPT 100/20

1Phoenix 12/375 230V Ve. Direct Schuko

1 Victron Energy 12 V 90 Ah gel battery

800W Kit 3

2 MODULE Victron 360w Monocrystalline

1 Blue solar MPPT 150/45 tr

1Phoenix 24/800 230V Ve. Direct Schuko

2 Victron Energy 12 V 90 Ah gel battery

Kits with possible connection of generators for battery charging

800W Kit 4

2 MODULE Victron 360w Monocrystalline

1 smartSolar MPPT 250/70 Tr Ve.can

1 Victron Multiplus 12/800 / 35-16

2 Victron Energy 12 V 90 Ah gel battery

1200W Kit 5

3 MODULE Victron 360w Monocrystalline

1 Blue solar MPPT 150/45 tr

1 Victron Multiplus 12/800 / 35-16

2 Victron Energy 12 V 90 Ah gel battery

1.6kW Kit 6

4 MODULO Victron 360w Monocrystalline

Victron Easysolar 24/1600 / 40-16 MPPT 100-50

2 Victron Energy 12 V 90 Ah gel battery

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Multiplus 2 configuration with solar, battery, and grid input.


I am designing a system with the following components:

-1x multiplus 2, 3000w/48v inverter,

- 2x smartsolar charge controllers,

- approximately 2.5kw of solar

-1x fortress eflex, 5.4kwh LFP battery

The system will have an AC input which will normally be grid power, but can also be a generator if the grid goes down. (There is an existing generator interlock in the main panel that will supply power to the multiplus)

The output of the multiplus will energize a newly constructed critical load panel.

The goal of the system is for the inverter + battery to keep the newly constructed panel "off grid" and run primarily off the solar + battery. If solar is not sufficient to keep the battery recharged I would like to have the multiplus pull power from the grid as needed to meet the energy needs of the critical load subpanel.

Can anyone detail the necessary settings(or additional parts that I am missing) to have the system configured in this manner?

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Training in victron management design

In my mountain south of France, when the snow thaws next spring and snowdrops start showing, I intend to change the management of my 2kWp panels ans 30kWh batteries to Victron. That will be in the hands of a Victron man in Grenoble, but I want to undertand every bit of the program.

I am trying to master all the possibilities of the Victron System, and write clear explanations for my son. But I get lost in all theses cross references, papers, manuals. Writing down my findings in a kind of training document (called 'Vic's Bazaar') does help, but I fear missing important points.

Is there a online training system that could guide me in that search? I am not a sea farer nor a PV specialist, just a retired engineer fully powering his house with PV (and an occasional generator).

Thanks for your help


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Is it possible to include Tesla Powerwall 2 in AC-coupled off-grid system based on Victron Multi?

Hi everyone!

I have an AC coupled off-grid system: MultiPlus 48/5000, 6kW solar panels, grid-type solar inverter Schneider Conext RL 5kW, 20kWh of lithium batteries.

Multi creates a grid and through frequency shift controls solar inverter. Solar panels generate electricity and through inverter feed my house and charge lithium batteries. Everything works almost fine.

Now I'm considering to expand the system to include more solar panels and storage. My primary interest is solar panels as sometimes I need more power from solar, for example to run air conditioner on a very hot day, when panel production deteriorates.

Adding more panels to the same system with single Multi is not recommended by 1-to-1 rule. I was thinking if it might be possible to add Tesla Powerwall with its own set of solar panels. Powerwall available in Australia is AC coupled and for grid applications only. I guess Powerwall should consider a grid created by Multi as a real one and feed the house and the grid itself. And Multi should be able to balance its own power with the power available in the grid.

Is there any major problem in this setup? Should I keep thinking in this direction?

Thank you.

Regards, Tim

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Turning the MultiPlus-II 48/5000/70-48 off and on remotely from the CCGX


I have an off- grid installation in the mountains in Norway (300km) from home and as the days grows shorter and shorter I have realized that the 18-20W the inverter draws will drain my batteries so I need to shut it down, I would like to turn it on again from time to time (remotely), but I have painted my selves into a corner since my WiFi 4G router is powered from the AC side of the inverter. I’m planning to power the router from the DC side, but if I cannot turn the inverter on again remotely (by the CCGX) I might as well leave everything as it is and shut the system down for the winter.

The system consists of the following components:

  • Color Control GX
  • MultiPlus-II 48/5000/70-48
  • BYD B-Box Pro 7.5
  • SmartSolar Charger MPPT 250/60



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Pylontech (with needed ESS?) in an offgrid-installation


in the Victron product compatibility-list the pylontech batteries are listed to only can be used in an ESS-system. I think this is necessary of the CAN.Bus-Communication. This means that communication only works with the ESS assistant (why)?

I have to wait further 6 months for grid-connection to be built. For that time I want to build a small DC-Coupled PV and a Multiplus with Pylontech-Batteries. A big AC-coupled 30kWp-PV will follow next year. Since I wanted to install a Victron-ESS anyway I am wondering if I could use the pylontech also in an offgrid installation until the grid is ready?
Alternatively I wanted to install the ESS-Assistant offgrid and hoped i can use the pylontech without discharging them to 0% when grid isn't available at no time. I also don't know if a generator would be accepted in the AC-In then when a grid code has to be chosen.

I red that ESS shouldn't be used in an offgrid-installation neither. I know that ESS doesn't make sense in that situation, but it has du be used to use the pylontechs?
So is there a solution to use these components until grid will be available?

Thank you!

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RS 48/6000 and Pylontech batteries (how many?)

Hello everybody,

I have an offgrid installation with RS 48/6000 and 2x US2000 Pylontech batteries and I am wondering if two batteries is enough.

I can see that Victron has suggestion on how many batteries one needs for a properly functioning system depending on what Inverter/Charger one has. But the latest RS 48/6000 in not on the list!

It would be greatly appreciated if someone can provide any suggestions on how many Pylontech batteries are needed in a system with RS 48/6000.



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How to synchronize AC output of two offgrid systems

There's an existing offgrid installation using 2x 24/3000 Multiplus in parallel. In order to charge an EV the owner plans on installing a 2nd offgrid system (with separete panels and battery) based either on 48V/5000 MP (one or two units in parallel - TBD) or a 8kVA Quattro.

For several reasons, the owner would like both AC outputs of the two Offgrid systems to be synchronized, that is, the voltage difference between both AC live wires = 0 V.

Offgrid 1 and offgrid 2 will have separate AC board, but may share conduits. There is (backup) GRID available both to offgrid 1 and offgrid 2 systems. How to achieve AC output synchronization?

I was thinking in using grid as input to both systems (even if not used) in order to the inverters synchronize. Or even feed one Inverter to the other.

Has anyone tried something similar?

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the best configuration for dc coupling off grid system

Do I need to change any default sitting of Virtual switch or assistants for a Dc coupling off grid system with only Quattro and blueSolar ?

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My first off-grid system design. Would appreciate feedback & critique

Hello all,

After many months of learning, I have decided to take a stab at designing the electrical power system for our off-grid van. I have a diagram of the system attached to this post below (Also hosted on imgur for high-res).

I have labeled everything except for fuse and wire sizes as I'd like to get some feedback on the general connections before I get into wire/fuse sizing.

A few extra questions/concerns I have:

- I have seen similar systems with 2 POS and 2 NEG cables feeding into the MultiPlus after the Class-T fuse following the positive bus bar. I have also seen systems with just 1 set of cables. For this system, which one would suffice?

- I have seen similar systems with 150A fuses coming directly out of each battery before they join at the positive bus bar. Would I benefit from this or is a 500A fuse sufficient coming out of a parallel battery arrangement.

- What type of solar panel arrangement would you recommend for this system (S/P/S-P)? I mislabeled the diagram (I named it Parallel but it's wired in Series)

This has been an amazing experience immersing myself into an area I knew nothing about just a year ago! This community has been awesome, can't wait to hear back!




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RS 48/6000 inverter VRM data (Solar yield and Consumption)


Would be great if anybody can comment if RS inverter is expected to have "Solar yield" and "Consumption" tabs at VRM Portal anytime soon.

As is apparent from here these tabs are only available for Multis and Quattros:

Currently RS data looks rather dull...

Would be grateful for any suggestions!



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High battery voltage alarm on ccgx coming from mppt


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How to deviate the solar exceedance in an off-grid?

I would like to know how to manage the excess PV production once the batteries are full and all electric needs are supplied. I want to send that exceedance to a water heater for an off-grid. Thanks

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Ve bus error 1 cause system shutdown or not

If one inverter of 15 *10 k three phase system shutdown and error 1 appear. Is it cause shutting down for all system or not?

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Inverter status "Off" after upgrade to v 2.60 of Cerbo GX


After upgrading Cerbo to v2.60 the Inverter RS 48/6000 turned into "Off" mode. It works, but seems to be unable to communicate with GX.


I tries all profiles for VE.can port in settings but in vain.


Would be grateful for any suggestions!



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How do I enable AC2 permanently in an off-grid system?

In UK, but no country code set as there is no grid available. A generator will be added later so I probably have to take it into account. I simply want to be able to use both AC1 and AC2 out. One is for upstairs and the other downstairs.

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Ac coupling with Schneider grid tie inverter

Is it possible to make an Ac coupling off grid system with Schneider conext cl on grid inverter?

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Pushing the limits of 24V? Pylontech & Multiplus offgrid

Hi - I'm upgrading an offgrid solar system that has 24V DC appliances. A pylontech UP2500 24V battery has a recommended discharge current of 55A, 1.3 kW. The 15-second peak discharge is 100A.

With four in parallel the recommended discharge is 220A, 5.2 kW. I'm thinking of connecting these to a Multiplus 24/5000.

What do you think - is this OK or is it pushing the limits a bit?

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Victron Multiplus II with feed-in (while grid on) and blackout operation

Hello there!

I am trying to figure out something rather simple but can't find the answer:

* The system is a three-phase system with three Multiplus II 48/5000. There is also a Fronius Symo 8.2 connected at the AC OUT of the victrons.

* Grid is connected to the AC IN (Spanish grid).

* Victrons have a 20 kWh BYD LVS battery.

We want to allow exporting all excess energy towards the utility grid, while the grid is available.

If the grid fails, we want the system to keep running, without feeding any excess to the grid, and regulating the power output of the Fronius Symo, in order no to overcharge the batteries.

What would be the recommended settings for VE Configure/ESS? Would I need anything else like an external contactor? If the Grid code was configured to Spain, will the Victrons still work in the case of grid failure?


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VeDirect to USB Powered Hub

Looking for a stable powered USB Hub to extend the range of Vedirect cables if anyone can advise make and model.

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Cerbo Gx - Off-Grid disable red "area"

Hi everybody !

After upgrading from 2.58 to 2.60 the Cerbo GX firmware, being 100% off-grid, is there an option to disable the "red" square providing the information for the Grid / Generator input ?

Thanks for your comments and help.


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connecting 2 separate inverter/battery systems

I am upgrading my 25 year old 12v inverter battery solar system. The 18 year old 1670ah solar hup1 batteries are still in good working orderas is the Outback 2812 inverter . The replacement is a Quattro 48/5000/70 120v with 450ah of Lithionic batteries and upgraded solar. The electric system has expanded over the years so new building/loads are 400' away from the inverter . I plan to move the old system to the far end and continue using it to power the loads there There would be no connection between the 2 systems normally, my question is could I connect AC out from one inverter to AC in (grid) of the other to transfer excess from one to the other ?

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Dear all, we would appreciate some assistance, ideas and solutions.


We had the 3rd Quattro (in 9 months) where the Transfer Switch has burnt out. This was 4 weeks ago. During Covid time (no Activity on the Lodge). Constant Load at 4-6 kVA.

The phases are fairly balanced with a max diff of 38%.

The other 2 Burnt out during operational time (load of 30-41 kVA).

6 x 10 kva Quattro in 3 phase config(2 per phase). with 613.8 kWh LiFePo4 batteries. The batteries, PV chargers and Quattros meet on the main Bus bar. All Cables where made the same length DC as AC. For the Ac input cables and Output cables we have used 10mm^2 single core cables (L & N).

We have installed many of the 3 phase Victron systems over the years. Currently we are experiencing problems with one of them (offgrid).

We are busy doing a power analysis with a PEL Logger - just to ensure on the output/ Load side all shall be fine.

The Transfer Switch only burns out when generator is in use. The Generator is a cummins (On the enclosure, don't know which specific "generator cummins used) with 95 KVA prime power.

The Settings have been checked several times and do agree with our std settings for all our system.

What we have noticed is that on the input as well as on the output side the system does not shut down when a single inverter trips on the breaker. We have double pole breakers for each inverter on the input and output. Once you trip (manual) inverter 1 input whilst generator is running, the system does not shut down. The complete load which was divided between L1 master and slave now runn's through L1 slave.

why is that? The system should recognise the major difference in A running through one inverter and then shut down? On the other hand, the breaker of inverter 1 should trip?? ensuring that the TFS does not burn.

We have now decided to temporarily change the AC Input and Output all to one combined breaker just to protect the system??

Maybe its a problem which could have been caused by the first installer (non experienced guy and system was not working thus the owner called us. We ripped all apart and re did the installation to our satisfaction using the 3 months old equipment).

Otherwise the system is working superb, except for once in a while, without waring one inverters transferswitch burns.





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VFD to charge 3phase Multiplus

I've just completed a 3 phase installation using Multis. Everything worked well except how to power in event of a grid outage. We have a fairly reliable grid here in the Australian country but it does go out from time to time.

The setup runs on its own energy 95% of the time. So put these things together it wont be often that the grid is out and we dont have our own power.

The 3phase multis need 3 phase input to charge. 3 phase generators are significantly more expensive than 1 phase. But I just noticed that 5kW VFDs (1P to 3P) are quite cheap.

Can I use one of these? ie a VFD on the output of a genset?

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SOC stuck in 85 % in EasySolar CCGX

I have 11 OFF Grid system with 3 KVA EasySolar + 400 Ah or 800 Ah in different systems installed from 1-2 years, the problem is The SOC of 9 sites is stuck in 85 % (float )
I tried to do the steps in this

It reaches 100 % but after time it backs to 85 % So what is the problem?

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Is Off-Grid AC Coupling any good with Fronius or Solar Edge?


From what I can tell Frequency shifting isn't a perfect solution for an off grid ac coupled solar control.

Does Victron support both Solar Edge and Fronius AC coupling options 100%? Are there any limitations to frequency shift control? Other than the 1:1 rule.

Is Selectronic Frequency shifting (generic AC coupling) more advanced than Victron? I heard Victron was 25% steps up or down in power.

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Issue connecting to Easysolar WiFi / change Battery settings

Have installed the WiFi Nano to my new 24v 3000 Easysolar and nothing is happening.

I'm offgrid.

On this link it states I can do this with Bluetooth. Is this correct?

Is the inverter supposed to send out a signal for me to connect via my android phone? My phone isn't able to find the inverter. Have tried numerous Youtubes but am unable to find one that can help me. This forum had a few answers but was unable to figure it out.

Sadly all I want to do is change the battery charge settings and am unable to do this basic task unless I'm online.

What do other users do who aren't online? ie many poorer countries and very rural areas.

Having had a Selectronic inverter for many years, where this was very easy, didn't require me having to go online to make adjustments. The Easysolar is a good looking unit and runs quietly, but am seriously annoyed that now am not able to do anything bar look at a few numbers.

If Victron wants us all to be online, why not make it easy?

I have an older set of lead acid batteries that don't like being the 28.9v for the long periods.

Is there any other way to change the battery charge settings on the machine itself?

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