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Victron Multiplus II with feed-in (while grid on) and blackout operation

Hello there!

I am trying to figure out something rather simple but can't find the answer:

* The system is a three-phase system with three Multiplus II 48/5000. There is also a Fronius Symo 8.2 connected at the AC OUT of the victrons.

* Grid is connected to the AC IN (Spanish grid).

* Victrons have a 20 kWh BYD LVS battery.

We want to allow exporting all excess energy towards the utility grid, while the grid is available.

If the grid fails, we want the system to keep running, without feeding any excess to the grid, and regulating the power output of the Fronius Symo, in order no to overcharge the batteries.

What would be the recommended settings for VE Configure/ESS? Would I need anything else like an external contactor? If the Grid code was configured to Spain, will the Victrons still work in the case of grid failure?


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VeDirect to USB Powered Hub

Looking for a stable powered USB Hub to extend the range of Vedirect cables if anyone can advise make and model. asked
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Cerbo Gx - Off-Grid disable red "area"

Hi everybody !

After upgrading from 2.58 to 2.60 the Cerbo GX firmware, being 100% off-grid, is there an option to disable the "red" square providing the information for the Grid / Generator input ?

Thanks for your comments and help.


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High battery voltage alarm on ccgx coming from mppt







I have a problem with a high battery voltage alarm on my CCGX coming from the MPPT. I have an 48V offgrid 3 phase system with 3 multiplus II 48 3000 32-35. There are 16 plumb longlife batteries and 12 solarpanels with a total of 4 kWp. Furthermore the system has a BMV 712 smart, a CCGX and a MPPT 150/70 Tr-CAN. The system is functioning, load is coming in and the batteries are loaded. The battery voltage varies between 52-56 V, depending on the load coming in and the actual energy being consumed. On the CCGX, a high battery voltage alarm from the MPPT is coming in (daily at ca 5:35 - 5:45 h, unrelated to sunrise). However the MPPT itself does not give an alarm and in the victron connect app also no alarm is given by the MPPT. Also the BMV does not give a high battery voltage alarm. We already changed the, deactivated, equalization voltage into the highest voltage 69,56 V (Mr Stengel von Victron Germany advised that). Also the newest firmware is installed. Both did not solve our problem. We are seeking help for over 3 months, unfortunately noone was able to help us.. the system is installed in a mountain cabin without internet, we therefor cannot connect the system to VRM. Could anyone please help us as quickly as possible? Thanks a lot in advance.

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connecting 2 separate inverter/battery systems

I am upgrading my 25 year old 12v inverter battery solar system. The 18 year old 1670ah solar hup1 batteries are still in good working orderas is the Outback 2812 inverter . The replacement is a Quattro 48/5000/70 120v with 450ah of Lithionic batteries and upgraded solar. The electric system has expanded over the years so new building/loads are 400' away from the inverter . I plan to move the old system to the far end and continue using it to power the loads there There would be no connection between the 2 systems normally, my question is could I connect AC out from one inverter to AC in (grid) of the other to transfer excess from one to the other ?

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Dear all, we would appreciate some assistance, ideas and solutions.


We had the 3rd Quattro (in 9 months) where the Transfer Switch has burnt out. This was 4 weeks ago. During Covid time (no Activity on the Lodge). Constant Load at 4-6 kVA.

The phases are fairly balanced with a max diff of 38%.

The other 2 Burnt out during operational time (load of 30-41 kVA).

6 x 10 kva Quattro in 3 phase config(2 per phase). with 613.8 kWh LiFePo4 batteries. The batteries, PV chargers and Quattros meet on the main Bus bar. All Cables where made the same length DC as AC. For the Ac input cables and Output cables we have used 10mm^2 single core cables (L & N).

We have installed many of the 3 phase Victron systems over the years. Currently we are experiencing problems with one of them (offgrid).

We are busy doing a power analysis with a PEL Logger - just to ensure on the output/ Load side all shall be fine.

The Transfer Switch only burns out when generator is in use. The Generator is a cummins (On the enclosure, don't know which specific "generator cummins used) with 95 KVA prime power.

The Settings have been checked several times and do agree with our std settings for all our system.

What we have noticed is that on the input as well as on the output side the system does not shut down when a single inverter trips on the breaker. We have double pole breakers for each inverter on the input and output. Once you trip (manual) inverter 1 input whilst generator is running, the system does not shut down. The complete load which was divided between L1 master and slave now runn's through L1 slave.

why is that? The system should recognise the major difference in A running through one inverter and then shut down? On the other hand, the breaker of inverter 1 should trip?? ensuring that the TFS does not burn.

We have now decided to temporarily change the AC Input and Output all to one combined breaker just to protect the system??

Maybe its a problem which could have been caused by the first installer (non experienced guy and system was not working thus the owner called us. We ripped all apart and re did the installation to our satisfaction using the 3 months old equipment).

Otherwise the system is working superb, except for once in a while, without waring one inverters transferswitch burns.





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VFD to charge 3phase Multiplus

I've just completed a 3 phase installation using Multis. Everything worked well except how to power in event of a grid outage. We have a fairly reliable grid here in the Australian country but it does go out from time to time.

The setup runs on its own energy 95% of the time. So put these things together it wont be often that the grid is out and we dont have our own power.

The 3phase multis need 3 phase input to charge. 3 phase generators are significantly more expensive than 1 phase. But I just noticed that 5kW VFDs (1P to 3P) are quite cheap.

Can I use one of these? ie a VFD on the output of a genset?

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CCGX high battery voltage alarm


I just installed a 3 phase offgrid system with 3 multiplusses, a bmv 712, a mppt 150/75 and a CCGX. The battery voltage is configured at 48V. The real battery voltage is ca 52V. The Mppt gives a high battery voltage alarm on the CCGX. Wenn however the load (solarpanels) is disconnected, the voltage remains the same but there is no high battery voltage alarm coming anymore. Can anybody explain what is causing this problem?

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SOC stuck in 85 % in EasySolar CCGX

I have 11 OFF Grid system with 3 KVA EasySolar + 400 Ah or 800 Ah in different systems installed from 1-2 years, the problem is The SOC of 9 sites is stuck in 85 % (float )
I tried to do the steps in this

It reaches 100 % but after time it backs to 85 % So what is the problem?

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Is Off-Grid AC Coupling any good with Fronius or Solar Edge?


From what I can tell Frequency shifting isn't a perfect solution for an off grid ac coupled solar control.

Does Victron support both Solar Edge and Fronius AC coupling options 100%? Are there any limitations to frequency shift control? Other than the 1:1 rule.

Is Selectronic Frequency shifting (generic AC coupling) more advanced than Victron? I heard Victron was 25% steps up or down in power.

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Issue connecting to Easysolar WiFi / change Battery settings

Have installed the WiFi Nano to my new 24v 3000 Easysolar and nothing is happening.

I'm offgrid.

On this link it states I can do this with Bluetooth. Is this correct?

Is the inverter supposed to send out a signal for me to connect via my android phone? My phone isn't able to find the inverter. Have tried numerous Youtubes but am unable to find one that can help me. This forum had a few answers but was unable to figure it out.

Sadly all I want to do is change the battery charge settings and am unable to do this basic task unless I'm online.

What do other users do who aren't online? ie many poorer countries and very rural areas.

Having had a Selectronic inverter for many years, where this was very easy, didn't require me having to go online to make adjustments. The Easysolar is a good looking unit and runs quietly, but am seriously annoyed that now am not able to do anything bar look at a few numbers.

If Victron wants us all to be online, why not make it easy?

I have an older set of lead acid batteries that don't like being the 28.9v for the long periods.

Is there any other way to change the battery charge settings on the machine itself?

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What are the correct settings for an Off-Grid Victron Quattro 24/8000 & SMA SB5000TL-21 System

Can somebody advise the correct settings in the PV Inverter Support Assistant to control the output of the SB5000. The SB5000 ramps down to early and the batteries do not get enough charge.

Batteries: GEL 2x12V 250Ah in series and 3 sets in parallel.

SB5000TL-21 setting is Islanding 50Hz

Quattro Charger setting is: Absorption 28.8V; Float 27.6V. Max Charge amp are 75A.

The Quattro PV Inverter support setup is in default setting right now:













I contacted SMA. Their response is as follows:

Our island mode 50Hz is default to operate in between 51-52Hz for P(f): 100%-0%.

In this case you may want to change the frequency settings on the Victron to match our island mode frequency range.

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Are 50vdc solar panels wasted on a 12vdc system?

Hi, I am just trying to get my head around this and wonder if someone can confirm it please?

For a 12-15vdc battery off grid system needing to charge through a charge controller via a solar panel array of course which the panels are rated at around 55Vdcmax.

With the cheaper Ebay MPPT controllers (link to example type bellow), they cut off the solar panels inputs if the solar panel voltages are above around 15Vdc, so effectively the panel would only charge the system when the panel voltage is within the 12vdc - 15vdc, effectively only for a VERY short time in the morning and again at sunset.

With a Victron charge controller like (link of example type below), to charge the 12-15vdc from the panels (55Vdc). Does the Victron charge controller cater for the full 0-55vdc from the panel or does it also have built in cut out solar voltage cut offs, resulting in the same issue as the cheaper Ebay charge controllers?

I guess I am looking to have some device which converts the 0-55Vdc to a more usable 12-15vdc range so as to charge the batteries. Is the Victron charge controllers able to do that, regardless of the voltage from the solar panels are producing?

Kind regards


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Why can't I use ESS in off grid?

I would like to know what is the technical difficulty of having an off grid system running in ess mode. If ess can work as aback up for a week because of grid failure of one week, it is effectively running as off grid. So what would be the complication of that?

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I will disconnect my House from the grid in germany next year, what does i need?


i plan a three phase island for my House with components from VICTRON. I'm not 100% sure what i need.

Here is my House:

I have a Senertec Dachs HR5,3 (Generator), 7,6kWp photovoltaik (20 years old) with SMA Inverters, a Panasonic heat pump with 5kW thermal power (max. 2kW electric consumption), a 6kW electric heater in the heating buffer and a LG Deluxe DC12RQ R32 split device for heating and cooling with max. 1,2kW power consumption.

Here is my current planning:


Can i do this so?

Runs the Senertec Dachs by this configuration? The Senertec Dachs needs a grid to run, without grid he nothing can run. The Victrons also generate the grid? When the Senertec Dachs starts, there need high power for a small time, can the VICTRONS handle this?

Need i more or other devices from VICTRON?

I hope you can help me ;-)

When you need more information, please write it here.

Thank you in advance for your help


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The amount of heat from the inverter

Do we have a perception for the amount of heat that the MultiPlus injects in full load?

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Turning individual PV inverters on & off

Hi all,

It would be useful if I could disable PV inverters individually via VenusOS. This is particularly useful in off grid system when the batteries are (nearly) full and there is not much load. When a sufficiently significant load would appear, the PV inverter(s) can be turned back on, of course with some hysteresis applied. The idea is that the PV inverters are responsible for the bulk of the charging but, as charging via a Multi is a bit "clunky" (not my words, but Victron's :-) ).

It is possible to disable/enable all PV inverters via com.victronenergy.vebus.ttyUSB0/PvInverter/Disable. I assume VenusOS achieves this by telling the Multi to raise the frequency to the value as specified in the PV assistant parameter "The PV inverter will disconnect when the frequency is higher than".

There is also com.victronenergy.settings/Settings/Fronius/Inverters/<serial>/IsActive for each individual PV inverter but as expected this disconnects the PV inverter from VenusOS but doesn't stop it generating power.

Is it possible to turn individual PV inverters on & off via VenusOS using dbus or MQTT?


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Phoenix Inverter + Venus GX + Pylontech/BYD?

Hello I have a client who wants to purchase a Phoenix 3000 Smart Inverter, they currently have a 48V battery bank. If my client purchases a GX device such as the Venus will they one day be able to upgrade to Pylontech or BYD batteries even though the Phoenix 3000 Smart uses VE.Direct and not VE. Bus like the multiplus?

I found the below link in the community but the answer was about the multiplus not about the Phoenix.

I'm assuming the answer is *no* since the below link says all VE. Bus Inverter *are* compatible.

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Inverter/Charger selection for pure Off-Grid/MicroGrid/Island setup


i plan to move to a complete decoupling to the public grid (microgrid/off-grid/island) in a 3-phase configuration. The basic power and battery requirements are known and i could use the Multiplus 48/5000 or the Multiplus II 48/5000 or the Quattro 48/5000 - but which of them is best suited in this mode ? Any special feature at the AC-In line does not matter (there is no public grid) any PV and other genset are connected to the AC-out. Running ESS configs in the past with both Multiplus variants shows that the MultiplusII fans are more or less always running which was not the case with the Multiplus - which is not critical but worth mentioning. Because both Multiplus variants are still on sale, i'm curious to understand the pros and cons for my planned off-grid configuration. Any advise/comment/experience ?

best regards,


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Quattro 48/5000 Overload Issue - firmware 431


I have a Quattro 48/5000 running firmware 431. Off-grid, Venus GX , 3 X Smart Solar Lead Acid Batteries.

On three occasions the unit has shutdown with an overload error - in each case I am sure that there was no overload. The incidents have been about 2 weeks apart.

The second time that this happened, BOTH the temperature AND overload LED were lit.

The most recent incident (today) just the overload LED was on. This time I spent more time trying to diagnose the issue. I tried to reset the inverter using the remote console - using the "Switch" option (ie on the remote console turning the switch to off then back on) - doing this caused the overload LED to go out while the virtual switch was off - but the fault remained when it was turned back to the on position. Physically turning the switch on the inverter to OFF, then back to ON did clear the fault and the inverter restarted.

The inverter is about 4 years old. It may be just a coincidence, but the issue has only started since I installed the Venus GX and updated the inverter firmware to 431 about a month ago.

I am really concerned about this as we are often away from home for weeks at a time, and while I do get notified of errors, if I can't restart the inverter remotely, we could be in real trouble with freezers etc.

Any ideas what might be causing this issue?

Is there anything I can do to help diagnose the fault?

Is there any other way to remotely reset the error?

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Off-grid configuration Multiplus II + Pylontech battery + generator

We are building full Off-grid system for cottage located in Lapland.

I'd like to ask you some advices on the equipment I selected:

Item Qty
MultiPlus II 5000VA 48V 1
48V Pylontech US3000 Battery 2
SS mppt 100/20-48 + 2x 270W panels =540w 1
SS mppt 10/20-48 + S2 x P2 x 270W panels = 1080w 1
one more solar a. 3000w next summer when cottage is completely ready 1
Cerbo GX + GX gsm 1
Diesel generator 3,4kw real power with full automatic 1

Cabin is locat in the north of Finnish Lapland. Middle of winter there’s two months without any sun and generator will make all the electric. Hole system will be kept +7’C or above.

Network control is essential. Is there everything we need on to list? Will everything work together?

The plan has been made for improvements. All suggestions are welcome.

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SolarEdge AC coupling

I'm looking for a off-grid inverter that would handle a 20 kWh Tesla battery bank (2p2s 5.3kw modules) with a 8.8 kW solar system. I would like 10 kW peak power capability. Can I use a SolarEdge inverter and AC couple a Quattro inverter. I like the optimizer technology for dealing with partial shade issues. Any thoughts?

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Combining AC coupling and DC coupling off grid system

Are there rules to combine Fronius inverter ( AC coupling ) with Solar charger ( DC coupling ) other than rule 1.1 in the ac coupling side ?

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Multiplus or Multigrid for off-grid

Hello, I had a question about Multiplus and Multigrid. I am building a small off-grid system with 4 solar panels off 300 watts each that will charge battery's using an MPPT charge controller. I also want a backup generator to charge the battery's if they get under a certain level, and I will be using an inverter to make 230VAC 50Hz from the battery bank. At least I am also using a wind turbine that will give me a peak of 600 watt.

So a short list of items.

- 6x Solar panel 300 watt

- Battery bank

- Multiplus or Multigrid?

- Inverter

- Backup generator

What will be the right choice? Multiplus or multigrid.

And is this a realistic setup? Or is there a more efficient way?

Mike Schoonen asked
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Off Grid System for Music Playback

Hi I am a real audiophiliac bitten by the hi-fi bug.

A month ago I lent a Goal Zero Yeti 3000. The Goal Zero is a generator running on batteries. I lent it because I would try to see if there was any improvements in the sound quality running my tube amp and dac off grid. I was using the 230V output but without the charger running.

The sound was much better, but the Yeti 3000 was having some very noisy fans.

So I want to build my own system of some good parts.

When playing I am using around 380w so I figure I could buy a 24V 100Ah LiFePo4 battery and have energy for 4 hours music with a DOD of 50%

I would like to start charging the battery automatic at a given voltages so I don't drain it to much.

So what product(s) should I buy? I have looked at the Phoenix Inverter Smart 24v 230V output, is this the right choice for me?Phoenix Inverter Smart

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Overload L1 on VE bus system

I often have that alarm cleared about 30s later. Last time yesterday at 18:47, maybe at the starting time of my washing machine, but not sure. Does not alarm me but I woul like to understand! My setup:

- Off grid, 2kWp on my roof + 23kWh lead batteries.

- 2 solar MPPT 150/65, 1 multiplus 24/5000/230

- BMV712, CCGX

Around the time of alert, exact time to be checked I am normally on my local sun time (UT+28m) but VRM may have some other tim:

  • 17:39: -0.40
  • 17:48: -121.00
  • 18:06 -7.07
  • 18:24 -24.90
  • 18:33 -5.90
  • 18:51 -3.60
  • 19:10 -6.7
  • 19:19 -124.60
  • 19:37 -128.00
  • 19:55 -8.10

Any idea?

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Off-grid Victron Solution coupled with a Victron solar DC chargers and AC Wind turbine

Hello Everyone,

I'm designing for a client a completely remote solution/off-grid system with Victron technologies.

I'm feeding an average of 5kW AC load 24/7, 365 days a year, so I'm targeting both solar and wind to reduce my battery bank capacity since both sources are feasible to introduce in the project's area.

Accordingly, a battery bank with a Victron Quattro 8KVA DC coupled with several Victron smartsolar charge controllers in parallel and AC coupled at the AC output (load side) with two or one wind turbines having a total capacity of 6~7 kW max.

Can anyone help identify the best wind turbine system to couple them with this system? having an inverter that de-rates when the batteries are full (frequency controlled by the Quattro) and that operates efficiently at low wind speeds?

thank you in advance,

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Equalisation with EasySolar 48/5000/70 not working

I'm trying to perform an equalisation on my 16 Trojan T105 flooded cell batteries (2 banks of 8 x 6v in parallel). With batteries at 100% SOC, I pressed the equalisation start on the CCGX and although it read "starting..." nothing much happened - no bubbling of electrolyte. Do I need to tick the "Use equalization (tubular plate traction battery curve)" box in VE Config? Or is there something else I'm missing? I'm offgrid, no generator, 4kw of panels, with Victron EasySolar 48/5000/70-100 MPPT 150/100 Color Control.


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Advice on off-grid 2 houses 4 x Multiplus installation options


I am designing an off-grid system for 2 houses based on AC-coupled PV inverter and Victron Multiplus.

I need about 12 KW total power to cover yearly electricity needs. The houses are located in Ireland.

I am wondering what is the best design, I am thinking of 2 options, having one central power generation system, with 4 Multiplus in parallel and the 2 houses connected to AC1, some dump-load on AC2, or, another option, keep the 2 houses mostly separated for redundancy, but still have one AC2 of the first house feeding in the Ac-in of the second house to have some back and forth power surplus flowing up or down.

The 2 houses have already a 6mm² AC wire between them for historical reason, I cannot add a new one.

See the diagrams for more details:

Option 1: 2 houses on a central power system


Option 2: 2 houses separated


There may be better other smarter options. At the moment, I have already a MP2 48/3000, this is why I was thinking of reusing it. But having 2 x 48/5000 is maybe a better option. Similarly, there is already a 3.6 KW ac-coupled PV array on one of the house, this is why ac-coupled seems a better option.

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Fronius off-grid setup Hello, my current full off-grid system consisting of: * two 150/70 MPPT charge controllers, * CCGX, * Multiplus II 48/5000, * Pylontech Batteries 13.8 kWh, * supplied by 4560watts of solar.... I have another 12 x 405watt Canadian solar Panels to utilise. I would like to use a fronius 4.0.1 in an AC coupled setup to compliment my currently DC coupled system.... Will this be a feasible setup? Any suggestions appreciated.. Cheers....

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