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MPPT RS 450/100 Error 35

Hi there,

Recently I saw an Error 35 for no obvious reason on my MPPT RS 450/100. Configuraiton is 9x 375Wp panels on each tracker, east-west configuration. The short circuit current of the panels is around 11,5A according to the flash-list of the manufacturer with a Imppt of around 10A.

The error did happen when there was sun / clouds in short alternation leading to sharp bumps in solar production. Voltage was around 350V according to the logged data, my battery voltage is between 46V and 52.4V (pylontech battery).

Any clues what might be happening here? The unit is two month old...

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Why is my solar in float mode when batteries are dead?

I have a mppt 100/50 charge controller. Woke up this morning to dead batteries. Charge controller has been in float mode for 6 hours now. I have 650w panels and it only brought in 30wh today and it's sunny. But shows my batteries have been as low as 0.01v and high of 12.4v. very confused but inverter will not power on. App says my current battery is 13.6v

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Status Bulk Charging w/Voltage, but Current at 0 Amps

Hello, I have a 100/15 MPPT connected to a small vehicle solar array. It currently shows a state of Bulk Charging, but it shows 0 amps under current PV and Batt.

I've checked all fuses and made sure it's set properly for my AMG battery. When I initially hooked up the MPPT it showed Amps for the current, but after about 1hour it went to 0 Amps and has never changed from there (multiple days).

Firmware has also been updated.


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MPPT measuring wrong battery voltage

Dear all. My MPPT unit as stopped charging the battery's. On investigation my victron app is reporting the battery at 13.82v but the actual voltage is 12.56 at the battery terminals, the MPPT controller battery terminals and is also confirmed by my victron shunt at 12.56v

I've factory reset the MPPT with no effect, what do i do next please. Why would the app report an higher voltage and im assuming thats why im getting no charge

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Smart solar 250/60 charger off?!

Bought new charge controller, connected panels. But the charger is not turning on.

I have checked all cables, fuses and rebooted.

i attach images



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BlueSolar PWM Light charge controler Stopped working after only 3 months

I have a BlueSolar PWM Light charge controller connected to a 60w solar panel and a 70ah battery. Everything was working fine during 3 months, then the controller just stopped working. It just went off and I can’t switch it on anymore, I removed all the wires and put them back again, I checked the battery and solar panel and they both work. But the controller doesn’t even recognize the battery anymore and all the light are off.

Any insights?

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SmartSolar MPPT 100/20 turning the load "On" then "Off" then back "On".

I purchased a Victron SmartSolar MPPT 100/20 Charge Controller. I am having a problem with the charge controller cycling the load "On" then "Off" then back "On".

Description of failure:

1. The charge controller will show that the load is set to "On".

2. A 12v fan is connected that draws a max of 9W of power or a car cell phone charger is plugged in (without the phone connected or charging)

3. The charger controller will show that the load is turned to "Off"

4. Have a pause for 1 to 2 seconds

5. The load will then be turned to "On"

Notes: The charge controller never shows a voltage below 12.6 volts from the battery so I know that it is not pulling a large load from the battery.

I don't see how a 12v phone charger without a phone connected could be tripping the 20A capacity of the controller.

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MPPT Fault #21 & negative amps

Have been running my MPPT 100/20 for about 1.5 years without issue on my travel trailer. We are out on a trip now & I noticed one morning no charging & a fault #21.

I unplugged everything & replugged...worked fine. Next morning...same thing but went back to fault some time during the day...then I reset again... next morning no fault but was seeing battery bounce between negative amps & 0 at the MPPT battery with a bulk charge. When I disable charger (off state) & re-enable, it faults. Wont charge at all now.

Thankfully I'm at a plug in site for a week so don't need solar...but whats going on? Faulty MPPT?


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Lost the MPPT 150/70 connection on the ColorControl

Good day, I just lost the"connection" between the 150/70 CC and the Color control ? Suddenly.

The Color control shows "not connected" for the Charge Controler .

Checked the cables and they seem OK.

Checked to "see" the CC with bluetooth and I do see it there .

Any idea what can have gone wrong ?


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voltage drops from solar panels once connected to MPPT

Hey guys so I have 3 sunpower e-series solar panels on the roof of my van. They are all ran into a fusebox/combiner which when the fuses are shut sends the power generated from the panels to the mppt 150/35 charge controller. When I test the voltage from the panels on the line side of the fuses I get 72.9 volts for each panel. When I close the fuse completing the circuit to the charge controller and the batteries the voltage drops to 1.9 volts tested at the load side of the fuses and at the pv +/- terminals on the charge controller. I don't get any lights on the controller, and no bluetooth connectivity. I'm not sure what is going on, I have 1 panel on each side of the van on it's own charge controller. I messed up on one and had the pos./neg. wires swapped so I accidentally blew the fuse on the 100/20 charge controller for the drivers side panel, but that passenger side 100/20 controller works fine, I can connect via bluetooth, I have lights on the front everything functions properly. So, my other small controller is bad (need to replace a fuse) but the big controller for the roof panels seems to be drawing the voltage from the panels down a lot. What can cause this?

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No Float or Absorption!


After taking all wires off the charge controller to reset the Bluetooth and enter PUK code to get Bluetooth working on the app.

My Float and Absorption is now not showing anything just Bulk 100%. See attached pic. The battery does charge up!

Not sure why this is happening???


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Charge controller display displays "disconnected" on 100/30.

"Disconnected" scrolls across monitor. System not working. As far as I can tell, the connections and fuses are fine. I had 12.5v, moved my vehicle, and it said disconnected. I connected my spare 100/30 and it works fine.

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Charge controller (MPPT 75/15) lights not turning on

I recently chose to replace an older PWM controller with a Victron MPPT 75/15 charge controller, and yesterday I hooked them up to my fully charged battery bank (12.85 V before starting). I followed the instructions, that say that I was to hook up the cables in this order:

  1. Hook up the load
  2. Hook up the batteries
  3. Hook up the PV

Nothing happened on 1, but some leds flashed for a second or so when I connected the batteries. After that, it has seemed dead :-/ I disconnected the various cables to see if it happened again, but they all remained "dead" (no light). Yesterday was overcast/grey, so was getting 16.5-17V from the PV cables (two panels of 140W total max), and I wonder if this is the reason? The manual says it needs Vbat + 5V to start, and I guess that means it would need a minimum of 12.85+5=17.85V from the PV cables to get a starting power? Am I right in understanding this "Vbat+5V" terminology? The system is in a remote location, 3 hours from my home, so I am not able to hang around for sunshine to appear to verify ... Just had to leave and hope for the best :-/

One indication that something was happening is that the initial voltage of the batteries (same reading from the battery terminals as on the screws on the controller) increased after connecting them to the controller, from 12.85V to 13.2V, after a little while. This indicates they were being charged, but I do not understand how, if the controller was inactive/powered off. The LED overview in the manual did not show what "all leds off" indicated, so I assume that would imply a non-functional state.

I read some threads on the same topic for this controller, but could not really glean much info from them (conclusion: hw error).

Points where I have deviated from the manual

  • Did not connect a earth/ground wire, basically because I have no idea how to do that when I did not find any diagram or specific terminal marked "GND" or something
  • Connected everything while the controller was not yet mounted. The manual says it should be mounted vertically, which I did after connecting everything, but I cannot see how/why this should matter.

Debugging info:

  • Voltage reading from BATT screws on controller: 12.85V
  • Voltage reading from LOAD screws on controller: 12.85V
  • Voltage reading from PV screws on controller: 16.8V
  • 4 Concorde Sun Xtender 2580 batteries in parallel connected to bus bar
  • Charge controller connected to 100A busbar (one per polarity)
  • All battery cables of equal length (1m) and terminated with cable lugs or similar.
  • Sufficient cable thickness. 10mm2 for batteries, 6mm2 to load, 35mm2 to PV (long length).

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Victron 75/15 overcharging battery

Hi. So my alarm in motorhome was saying leisure battery was overcharging. A 120w panel and victron 75/15 charge controller as been powering up my leisure battery fine for around a month. I connected up to a spare battery and its going up to 15.1 before I disconnect it cause seems to much thanks steve

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Charge controller data resets to the next day in the middle of the day?

I recently installed the victron mppt charge controller and BMV-712 on my camper with 600 watts of solar, and 200 AH of lithium batteries. Everything seems to work fine and I have everything programmed for the lithium’s but the history of all my solar data seems to reset to the “next day” at odd times. The first time was the day after installing it, it reset at 7pm. So I tried resetting it at midnight thinking there was a built in clock or something. Seemed to work fine for 3 days but now today it reset at roughly 1:00 in the afternoon with basically full sun. I can’t find anyone else having the same issue, any suggestions? Or does anyone know more about how the charge controller judges the time/day?

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Will input high voltage damage the system?
  1. I have 5 12v panels in series feeding a 100/50 controller. Generally the voltage is between 85-95 volts, but does fluctuate a lot. Is this normal or are my second hand panels bad? Today i got a #33 input high voltage error as the voltage reached 100.5v momentarily. Should i be concerned about damaging the controller with high voltage?

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MPPT 150/70 Shows Voltage But No Current

Just finished installing my solar set up in my camper and am having some issues with the MPPT 150/70 (I have no doubt it's installer error).

The blue light labeled "bulk" is flashing every few seconds. The other lights are not on. In the Victron app, it shows approx. 66V coming from the panels but 0W of solar, 0.0A of solar current, and 0.00A of battery current. Also, the battery state is off and virtual load output is off. Batteries seem to be connected properly since lights and fans are working.

Based on other posts in this forum, I have double checked the connections and they seem correct. I checked the polarity of the panels, and they are correct. Breakers are switched on. Connections are as follows (starting from controller):

  • Battery+ to 80A breaker to positive battery bus.
  • Battery- to Victron shunt (BMV 712)
  • PV- to negative PV connection
  • PV+ to 15A breaker to PV positive PV connection

Below are screen shots of the app and the wiring diagram of my system.

Any help is appreciated!





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Has anyone’s SS MPPT 150/85 behaved erratically, blue light fluttering, off to bulk to off to bulk?

Last week, I updated the firmware for my SS MPPT 150/85, and the charger immediately began acting erratically. Not charging, blue light fluttering, off to bulk to off to bulk. I thought that it could’ve been a loose connection or bad circuit breaker. So I checked the connections, and the breaker. Everything is fine.
The only change that’s been made is the firmware update. Before that, the system ran flawlessly.

While it’s doing this, there are no error codes.

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Trouble after firmware update fail

So time to ask for help. I did the latest update on the firmware for my VictronConnect Smart Solar MPPT 100/30 it took the first update then it said it needed another and halfway thru it an alert said unable to update due to unknown error. It now says it’s connected to another device ??? Not sure how to reset that in the charger as I’ve done everything to delete it on my phone

Now when I do a search for it on my iPhone thru the VictronConnect app it shows up but it’s shaded and has a connection error (see picture)

I’ve reset my iPhone, I’ve signed out of the app I’ve even deleted the app and still no joy any help would be much appreciated. PS this controller has only had a single point connection in the past and that is to my iPhone.

Thank you in advance


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Error 21 on 100/50 charge controller

Hey All,

I have a 100/50 MPPT connected to 1200 watt solar at 60volt and to a leaf battery. I get a error 21 shutdown on the charge controller. The dealer sent a new one and it worked 2 days and the error came back on this one too. I checked all wires and turned out good. Last time it happened the battery was at 98%. Dealer said there is some sparking going on in the solar wires. But how can if there is no current flowing anymore. On the battery side, there was no load on except the inverter (multi) was on. After some research i only find this error on 100/50s not on any other controllers.

can anybody shine some light on my problem?

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Mppt charge controller leaking battery voltage to pv input connectors?

Hi, I have a Mppt 150/70 Mc4 and it has been working great for the last 4 years. I have the Bluetooth dongle so I can monitor the PV array out put and then the load.

But now something strange is going on.....

When the sun was setting I noticed the voltage didn't drop to below ~25v. Even when I disconnected the Pv array the voltage is the same. For some reason the Pv voltage is more or less set to the same voltage as the batteries (24v).

It's like the battery voltage is leaking out to the PV connectors. Not until I disconnected the batteries, the controller stopped "charging" (blue light on). And now when I connected the batteries back the voltage for the PV array is again ~24V. I checked with voltmeter that the voltage I was reading on the app was coming to the Pv connectors and it is.... Please help! Is it still safe to use? Is it broken? What can I do?

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Draining Battery?

My setup:

  • Victron SmartSolar MPPT 75/10
  • 100 Panel on the vehicle roof
  • Odyssey Group 31 battery.
  • 10 gauge wire on the PV and Battery side leads with a 10a fuse on the positive battery lead.
  • No load connected

When the vehicle is in the garage I use a CTEK (Odyssey approved) charger. So the vehicle normally leaves the garage with a full charge. I will drive to the store and turn the vehicle off with a fully battery (around 12.8/9) and look on my VictronConnect app that I am getting PV. I will come back a short time later (20 mins) and my battery is at 12.4 which shows both in the app and also in a separate volt meter I have installed. What in the world is going on?

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Controller oscillating power from 14 to 32 volts continuously

I’ve just installed a BMV 712 monitor and a Bluesolar 100/30 controller and I am seeing some very odd behaviour. First this is a dark, gloomy, rainy, windy day here in the Pacific Northwest. I have two hard panels wired in series and two semi flex panels wired in series, both sets wired in parallel to the charge controller. Each panel is 100 watts for a 400 watt total.

With everything connected the power and current from the charge controller oscillates from a low of 14 volts then rises to 32 volts before immediately dropping back to 14 volts. This pattern repeats every 30 seconds or so. The 14 and 32 volt thresholds might change by a volt or two on every cycle but the pattern is consistent. As the volts go up the amps go down. We’re talking 0 to .8 of an amp.

FYI the panels are one year old and worked just fine as configured with my old Epever controller. The wiring has not changed

has anyone seen or is familiar with this pattern? Any suggestions?

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Smartsolar mppt 7515 configuration error

While trying to read a configuration file I got the following

#119 settings data lost the charger cannot read its configuration and stopped.

I followed the reset instructions but they don't work, how can I get my controller working again?

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Easysolar issues


I have an EasySolar48v 5K 70a controller charger set up in July this year. Summer has been great, the 6 x 500w panels have been rocking it. Charger and panels came from Bimble Solar who haven't given me any answers to my problems.

We have 4 x AGM 200aH batteries in the system, they're about 3 years old now.

The SOC on the colour panel has never dropped below 99% the BMV attached dropped a little more but no less than 97% the last couple (ahem) of weeks have been cloudy and wet (I'm in the East Midlands - UK ) and the low battery warning has come up a few times and the controller has even switched off. But the SOC still reads 99% ???

We have a 5Kv Honda genny plugged into the AC input on the controller, when I give it power, it accepts for about a minute (in bulk charge) switches to float for about 5 seconds then cuts the AC input. The batteries remain in a low power state. Once the sun comes out, it's happy again taking charge from the panels.

I haven't had a comprehensive wiring diagram to follow, just used common sense and deciphered what I could from the manuals for each device... the one thing I wonder about is the v-sence port on the charger controller, it's not attached to anything at the moment, should this be attached directly across the battery terminals? Does this feed the metering for the SOC? Its the 2 pin connection.

Help much appreciated as I don't want to damage another set of batteries!



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Multi Control Panel (VE..BUS) - glitch/loosing contact with MultiPlus Compact

I have a Multiplus Compatc 12|1600|70 that is controlled by a VE. BUS MULTI CONTROL. When removing the panel and adding som pressure to the CAT5 ethernet cable the Panel starts. Any one experienced this behavior, and have you found the root cause?
If i´m to change panel, can I upgrade to something better?

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SmartSolar 250/100 doesn't charge batteries

Some time ago charge controller Smart Solar 250/100 have been stopped charging batteries. System consist from 4 SmartSolar 250/100; Quattro 10 kW; Pylontech US3000; Fronius Symo 5kW; CCGX. During day time it sees normal voltage from PV but it doesn't want to charge.

The strange thing is that on that charge controller that does not work, there is voltage about 38V from the PV side at night. Everything else is working. How to fix this problem?

Thank you in advance.

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Does higher voltage carry more Amperage? I'm getting higher Amps with lower voltages.

Victron 150/35 with BT dongle, LiOn Batts at 36 volts, 7X100 watts panels, 12 gauge 25ft cable to the charge controller, when I switch the charge controller to 48 volts, the voltage goes up but the Amperage goes down. If I switch back to 36 volts, the voltage goes down and Amps go up. I understand that is negative resistance, the backup system setup remain the same no other changes, except that when the batteries have been charged at 36 volts to full, I switch to the GTI and divert the charge controller output to the house to use excess power. the GTI can accept 20-60 volts input it can generate up 3.5Kwh on a good day which is half of my daily power consumption year around except during Summer months where my consumption goes way high because of the AC unit.

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Charge controller showing no current suddenly.

I've got a 50/100 charge controller on my camper, 2 100 watt panels, and a single 100ah battleborn battery.

I recently had my camper in to get my radio wired into both the engine battery and camper battery with a switch between. I realized they only hooked it up to the camper battery when the battery completely died. I tried to charge it with my shore power hookup. I think since the battery was dead, something wasnt recognizing a battery being there and it wouldnt charge it.

I then unhooked everything from the battery, and jumped it from the engine battery. hooked everything back up, and was able to charge it through shore power from there, and everything functioned normally.

Im wondering if when hooking everything back up i blew a fuse in the charge controller itself? my other thought was that I might have blown one of the inline fuses coming from the panels, though I've got a 20a fuse between my battery and charge controller, Id be surprised if it was the solar panel inline fuses.

I havent been able to check them because the renogy mounts make it an absolute pain to reach the bolts. Otherwise I'd have to remove the mounts from the roof itself which means a lot of disassembly to access those mount bolts, which i'd really like to avoid.

Does this sound like a problem with the charge controller itself? any other Ideas?

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Charging Issues - SmartSolar 100/20 - One Solar Panel (245w) - 12v System

I have been having issues with my charge controller.

I have one solar panel (specs below) connected to the "Victron 100/20 SmartSolar MPPT" charge controller. When I tested the panel directly, the multimeter was reading 37.2v.

There are 2 x 12v leisure batteries (haven't been charged in a while) wired in parallel to the controller. The controller light flashes blue when the batteries are connected, but no change when the solar panel is connected.

Solar Panel specs:

Maximum power (pmax +10%,-0% - 245w
Short Circuit Current (Isc) - 5.86a
Open circuit voltage (Voc) - 53.0v
Maximum power current (Imp) -5.54a
Maximum power voltage (Vmp) -44.3v
Mamimum system voltage -1000v

Readings from charge controller:

Battery: 12.49v
PV: 12.3
Load: 12.49v

I tested it again after a few hours and the Load was 12.45v.
Are these the reading I should be getting? Or is something in my set up wrong? I was told this controller would work in creating a 12v system (very important, don't want 24v).

"Nominal PV power, 12V - 290W":,-75-15,-100-15,-100-20,-100-20_48V-EN-.pdf

Any help would be much appreciated.
Thank you.

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