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AC ESS mit Multiplus-II und weitere DC-PV Anlage ohne EEG

ich habe ein netzparalleles ESS mit Multiplus-II, Pylontech-Speicher und EM24.

Eine Phase des Hauses ist am AC-OUT1 angeschlossen. Meine PV-Wechselrichter sind lediglich am Hausnetz, und nicht am AC-OUT eingebunden. Der Überschuss der PV Anlage wird über EEG ins Netz eingespeist.

Soweit, so gut.

Nun habe ich noch ein wenig Dachfläche übrig und überlege, ob und wie ich das nutzen könnte, die EEG-Anlage will und darf ich dazu nicht verändern.
Ich dachte daran, ein paar Module mit einem Bluesolar 150/35 DC-Seitig anzuschließen.

Diese Anlage soll anmeldefrei bleiben. Geht das irgendwie? Kann verhindert werden, dass der Überschuss eingespeist wird? Wenn Nulleinspeisung möglich ist, bezieht sich das dann hausseitig über das saldierend messende EM24 oder nur auf die am AC-Out angeschlossene Phase?

Danke schonmal für die Tipps.

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various PWM Charge Controller input sources

Instruction manual for Manual for BlueSolar PWM Charge Controller – LCD - USB shows on page 2 the warning:

BlueSolar Charge Controller is only suitable for regulating solar modules.
Never connect another charging source to the charge BlueSolar Charge

while the user manual Manual BlueSolar PWM-Light 48V Charge Controller does not contain this warning.

What happens if we connect a 80V battery instead of solar panels to the input ? Possibly the reverse polarity protection will blow in case of accidental wrong connection but shouldnt it start charging any battery with voltages 24/48V ?

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PWM Charge Controller LCD&USB : arrow blinking?


I recently bought a BlueSolar PWM Charge Controller LCD&USB 12/24-5. Now, I'm using it with a 20 Wp solar panel and a 12V/24Ah VRLA battery. It's going well. But I have a question.

Sometime, on the LCD display, the left arrow, the one between the solar panel and the battery (also called "charging symbol" in the manual) is blinking. Moreover, there seems to be two different blinking speeds. I didn't found any explanation. So, what does the blinking of the charging arrow means?



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Does a BlueSolar PWM 48V 30A need to be in the light?

I built a pontoon boat with a 48V outboard and the SLAs were not getting the job done so we are changing to lithium. I am adding a cobbled together solar charging system and was planning to mount the BlueSolar PWM 48V 30A inside the console. Will this work? If not, will a small daylight source (a hole) work?

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Victron PWM LCD duo PV voltage problem

Hello. I've connected 2 new 95Ah AGM batteries and 12V 100W panel to Victron PWM LCD duo regulator (20A). When I connect everything in correct sequence PV voltage shows around 13,2 V and batteries are being charged at the same voltage (1,5 - 2A). When I messure voltage directly on + and - cable from panel I get reading around 20V. Regulator program iz set to B01 (AGM). I have even tried another regulator and same thing happend. Is this ok? Sky is celar and sun is high. Batteries where new and almost full. Thank you very much.

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Blue Solar pwm 30 amp dropping pv charge

I'm have a 30 amp 12 v pwm blue solar charge controller that is new. Will be charging well. Come back an hour later and less than half charge. Reconfigure from lifepo4 to gel and immediately recovers for an hour or two the drops again. Reconfigure back or any battery alternative and full amperage recovered. Im using 2x 160 w 36 cell panels in parallel with 120 lifepo4 battery with 40 amp bms. System works fine with cheap pwm from china not designed for lifepo4. Its as if system goes into absorption mode even on lifepo4 after a few hours

Any advice please

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Blue Solar PWM 10A light not charging properly or rationing charge in low light.

When new, this charger charged continuously in full or low sunlight, through the appropriate stages until it reached float.

Now 2 years later, if the battery is only slightly discharged but I have full sun it will charge as expected. If a cloud then covers the sun, instead of still charging continuously right when I need all the power I can get, the charge disconnects and reconnects about once per second. I can see this on an ammeter measuring the current from the solar panel. Hence I am only getting about half the charge that is available.

Why does the charger ration the power to the battery right when I need it to put all the possible charge through? Can I change something to make it charge continuously without have to bypass the charge controller? I have no load connections in use so the charger is simply there to charge the battery.

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BlueSolar PWM arrow fast blinking

I have a BlueSolar PWM Charge Controller – LCD - USB and a generic PWM charing the same LiFEPO battery with build in BMS (LionTron).

Very often when the sun shines, the BlueSolar 's arrow between the Solar Panel icon and Battery starts blinking fast. ( not the slow float blinking, but fast like 4x per second ). The charge current is also low (but not zero).

When I reset the PWM ( disconnect solar panel and battery / Or switch between B4 and B5 and back, so PWM reboots ) the blinking stops and the PWM charges maximum current.

I wonder why it is doing that. There is no mention about fast blinking in the manual. I asked the question to Victron through my reseller, but that did not get me an answer.

Does anybody know what this blinking means ?


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USB power for Victron BlueSolar PWM Charge Controller (DUO) LCD & USB

Is the USB powered by just the solar or the battery too, if it is battery is it via Battery 1, then Battery 2? Does it cut off at a certain voltage? I want to hook a fan via USB up to the controller but I don't want it to kill my batteries if left unattended for longer periods of time.


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Bluesolar MPPT 150/70 not producing max when with load

Hi. I have just setted up a system with BlueSolar MPPT 150/70 and two Multi C 2000 @ 24v with 4x445 panels (1780w) connected with a 600h SOPZ bank.

I started it up and saw the BlueSolar bringing in ~200W, since the batteries where almost charged by the Multis via the grid.

I then put some load on the inverter, up to 1.5Kw and I noticed the BlueSolar was not producing more than ~420w, therefore drawing rest from batteries. At that time the panel voltage was at 92V , o a summer sunny noon.

Is there something wrong in the setup , do I need to do any further configuration?


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mppt 100/20 48v oder mppt 150/35


leider komm ich nicht ganz klar welchen Laderegler ich auswählen soll oder muss. Ich dachte das mir der 100/20 reicht, da ich aber gelesen habe das der kurzschlussstrom 20A nicht überschreiten darf muss ich wohl den 150/35 nehemen. Oder habe ich jetzt was übersehen. Meine Konfiguration ist 4x370w Panels welche an einem Balkon montiert sind und zwei in reihe und dann paralell angeschlossen sind, mit diesen würde ich gerne jetzt einen 48v Pylontech Akku landen. Die Werte des Panels Voc 44,4 Isc 10,5A (Vmpp 37,5 / Impp 9,9A) Das zusammen würde ja dann Voc 88,8 und Isc 21A machen. Deshalb die Frag. Danke Ach ja mehr wie 220w bekomm ich nicht pro Panel im peak.

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Bluesolar PWM error

Hi all,

I have done a search but can't find an answer relevant.

I have a BlueSolar Charge Controller-LCD-USB 12V-20A.

It has started showing a flashing error message L5C (or maybe LSC) as shown in the image below. "L" in the manual relates to the output load and sunset etc which doesn't appear relevant.

It doesn't appear in the error codes listed in the manual and I can't see anything useful on Google. It also doesn't appear to have any issues with the operation as it takes charge from the panels, and the loads which come via this unit.

Thanks for any help which can be offered.


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Bluesolar DUO with different batteries - e.g. Li & AGM

1) Would it be possible to have two different types of batteries with Bluesolar DUO? For example 12V LiFePO4 and 12V AGM battery or then two AGM batteries with different sizes.

2) Also is there any output for battery cut-off at low voltage on Bluesolar DUO? Of course I want to keep my batteries without getting to too low voltage... Even a separate relay would be ok, but I would not like to build the logic for that (Battery Protect device is too expensive also).

3) How about two batteries of same type & capacity (Li, AGM or so), but having one completely empty and other one full. Example: You connect the full or empty battery on bank 2, while the othe one in bank 1 is in different state, what happens?

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Victron Sailboat Setup - (simple) Configurations and (dumb) Doubts

I have the following setup in tests before installing it on a sailboat with some more Victron equipment:

  • Cerbo GX
  • Lynx Shunt VE.Can
  • Lynx Distributor
  • BlueSolar MPPT 150/60-Tr
  • MultiPlus-II 12/3000/120-32 230V
  • Battery Pack LiFePo4 12V 230Ah, with BMS 150A max. discharge, 75A max. charge

We have the system working but with some important configurations to be done and for which I would like your help:

  1. Is it possible to change the BlueSolar MPPT settings, namely absorption and float voltage? If it would be needed an extra cable I can buy it. I ask this because in the case of the MultiPlus-II I was able to change the “Charge” settings.
  2. Is it important, or does it make sense at least, that the charging settings should be exactly the same on the BlueSolar MPPT and the MultiPlus-II?
  3. Since my BMS limits 75A of maximum charging current, the MultiPlus-II can never run at its maximum current (120A). The BMS just cuts the load, it doesn't "limit" to 75A. How can I limit this current on Victron side, optimizing the system so that the BlueSolar MPPT and MultiPlus-II cannot exceed 75A charging? My doubt is the following: I have times when the BlueSolar MPPT is charging at 10A, others at 20A, others at zero. Do I have to limit the MultiPlus-II to a fixed current or can this be dynamic as there is communication between all modules via a GX device?
  4. In the Remote Consule of Cerbo GX, the AC-Out L2 does not appear. Is it possible to activate it to show somewhere?
  5. When observing the AC-Out L1 (current and power), I noticed that when I don't have AC-In L1 input, my load is consuming 100W (coherent with the equipment it has). When I turn on the AC-In L1, the inverter also starts charging the batteries and the AC-Out L1 monitor starts to display approximately 200W, without the load varying. It should keep the 100W. Do I have a malfunction in the MultiPlus-II?

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Easy solar 3kva 48v lost PV input

Easy solar was working perfectly, the 150/70 working perfectly too.

Then no PV charge at all.

Solar voltage is 101.13V

Solar Current is 0.0A

Battery is 51.03V

Battery Current is 0.0A

State Bulk

State Off

I’ve contacted the company from whom I purchased all the kit.

Their guy took a look at my Victron Connect and he can’t find any reason why it isn’t charging!!!!

He’s wanting me to remove the Blue solar and sent it to be independently tested.

Any help would be great fully received.

Thank you in advance

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