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VE BUS SMART DONGLE voltage connected to MULTIPLUS does not match VE BUS input voltage



My VE BUS SMART DONGLE that is connected to my MULTIPLUS reads incorrect voltage, it is 0.59v higher than the input wires at the VE BUS. It is causing my MULTIPLUS not to charge when battery voltage is low. See pictures.

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Multiplus settings with V.E bus smart dongle


When looking at Inverter/Charges (V.E Bus) under the Demo Library in the VictronConnect app it is shown that a number of settings can be changed. The tabs showing when hitting the cog is General, Grid, Inverter, Charger and Ac input control.

However when connecting to my Multiplus II via a V.E bus smart dongle the only setting that can be changed under the cog is the limit for for input current.

Is there a limitation in the smart dongle? If so how can I change other settings that just the input current limit on my Multiplus without connecting it to a computer?

thanks ,


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old pin code not excepted

Trying to change pin on dongal get message Old pin code not excepted.

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Multiplus 12v/3k restarts every 30 secs with VE.Bus BT dongle plugged in
I have a new one I haven't ran into before. A Victron Multiplus 3k in inverter mode with a smart VE.bus BT dongle plugged in causes the inverter itself to restart every 30 seconds. The inverter is just on, with no loads and green inverter light is on saying everything is fine. Every 30 seconds the invertere restarts by itself There is no shore power, it's just inverting. There are 3 Battle Born batteries the inverter is hooked to and the battery voltage is fine since there is no load or anything.
If you unplug the VE.Bus BT dongle the rebooting stops. I can hook up to the MK3 to the inverter/laptop using the exact same cable and everything is fine. The culprit appears to be the VE.Bus BT dongle, but I've never seen this before?

- Victron Multiplus MP1 12v/3000 with latest firmware
- Victron VE.Bus BT dongle with latest firmware
I swapped out the network cable (both are from Victron)
I tried both RJ45 ports on the Inverter
Restarted both devices
As long as the VE.Bus BT dongle is plugged in, the inverter reboots every 30 seconds. If you unplug the dongle, everything is fine.

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What to do after failed firmware upgrade

I was forced to do a firmware update of my VE.Direct to Bluetooth Smart dongle at a time when my cell phone connection was not at full strength. The update failed, and now I cannot connect to the dongle (and thus, my charge controller either).

The dongle shows one blue light. Holding the "Clear PIN" button down for 5 seconds (or any length of time) does nothing.

Is there any chance of recovering this device, or do I have to throw it away and buy a new one?

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Installing VE. Bus smart dongle

I just installed new smart dongle to my system, but multiplus compact 12/800 is not working with it. Dongle makes bluetooth connection and shows me battery voltage and temperature but when i connect rj45-cable to my multiplus and switch it on, only inverter green light will blink very slowly, and no ac output power. Victron connect app wont notice Multi either, only dongle.

If i remove rj45-cable, inverter works fine.

What i supposed to do?

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VE-Bus Smart Dongle won't turn on

I added VE-Bus Smart Dongle, with separate temp sensor, and connected it per the manual. However, it does not turn on. I thought maybe it was bad and replaced it but new one does not turn on either. Any suggestions?

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Connexion entre l'Onduleur VICTRON Phoenix C 24/1200 et le VE.Bus Smart Dongle


Je souhaite connecter l'Onduleur VICTRON Phoenix C 24/1200 et le VE.Bus Smart Dongle.

Dans l'onduleur il y a deux RJ45 (une notée J302 et l'autre J17 ou JL7) ; voir photo.


Sur lequel des deux RJ45 dois je connecter le câble ?

Le câble en question est-il un simple câble Ethernet ?

Merci d'avance pour toute réponse.

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BMV-700 with a VE.Direct Bluetooth Smart dongle not connecting to Iphone

BMV-700 with a VE.Direct Bluetooth Smart dongle not connecting to Iphone 11 with software 15.1. Have downloaded the latest version of VictronConnect and the app locates the BMV with no problem and will begin the connection process to 95% where it will not progress beyond, I have let it spin for 10 minutes. I have tried all of the trouble shooting solutions, deleted the device from bluetooth, restarted the phone, hit the clear code button on the smart dongle...

Any solutions or what am I missing? thanks!!

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Why does VE.Bus Smart Dongle read battery voltage that is 0.7V too high?

My system has Multiplus-II, BMV 712 Smart and VE.Bus Smart Dongle. In the Victron Connect app, the battery voltage reads 0.7 V higher than is reported by the BMV, and about 0.6 V higher than the voltage measured directly across the Multiplus-II DC terminals. The Multiplus-II indicates it is float charging, but the BMV shows net approximately 0.8 A flowing out of the batteries and the LiFePO battery voltage is about 13.25 V. When I remove the dongle, the batteries net current is positive a few amps that varies, and the voltage goes above 13.5 V.

It seems this 0.7 V offset is preventing the inverter from putting out the proper amount of current.

Do I need to directly sense the battery voltage on the Multiplus-II battery sense lines to override this erroneous voltage?

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MultiPlus not showing up in Victron Connect

Finally got the MultiPlus 2k Compact wired up to AC power and charging my two SOK 206 ah batteries @ 67amps. Yay!

Previously I had the MultiPlus powered up from the batteries for programming... first I set up the VE.bus Smart Dongle, updated the firmware, joined it to the same network as the Smart Shunt and 100/50 SCC. Then unplugged it from the Smart Dongle, and hooked it up to the laptop via the Mk3 USB adapter, and adjusted some parameters there and reset/rebooted the MultiPlus. Unplugged the USB adapter, and plugged the cable from the Smart Dongle back in.

The problem is that now that everything is powered up... I'm only seeing the shunt, 100/50 and the dongle - not the MultiPlus.

I thought that was the point of having the dongle, to be able to 'see' and control the MultiPlus? I realize that adjusting the settings requires the Mk3, but shouldn't I be able to 'see' it and do limited controls (turn on/off, set max AC current, etc,) via BT?

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Multiplus connect up to 3 VE.Bus devices

Hi all,

I have a few questions about using the VE.Bus Smart dongle.

I have the following devices:

- MultiPlus 24/5000/120-100

- VE.Bus Smart dongle

- Victron Digital Multi Control 200/200A

- Cerbo GX

(The last 2 devices I basically got for free in a deal at my local store which is why I'm questioning if I can combine them both.)

Currently the MultiPlus is connected to the Cerbo an the Digital multi control so both VE. Bus ports are used. My questions are:

1) Can I connect the Smart dongle to the Multiplus as well using a splitter?

2) Or can I connect the Smart dongle directly into the Cerbo?

3) Is there any benefit of using the Smart dongle and how can I check if it is being used? I disconnected the digital multi control and connected the smart dongle and honestly I'm just not sure what it does apart from me beging able to see the battery temperature (which I can already do using the (non Victron) BMS I use.

Any reply is appreciated. Many thanks.

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Multiplus with VE.Bus Smart Dongle reading SOC from a SmartShunt

Can a Multiplus get the SOC from a Smart Shunt through a VE.Smart Network using a VE.Bus Smart Dongle?

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Controlling your Multiplus: Do I need a Smart Dongle when I have a Cerbo GX?

It feels rather redundant to have temperature/battery sensors on both my CerboGX and SmartDongle. Shouldn't I just need one and do away with the Smart Dongle?

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Multiplus not receiving Volt and Temp data from VE.Bus smart dongle

Its a new setup still in testing phase on the benchtop. Very simple.

1x 12/1600/70 Multiplus (new style compact)

1x VE.Bus Smart dongle

1x VE.Bus MK3 USB interface

some old AGM batteries which still work, barely.

Initially everything worked perfectly - when signing into victron connect on my laptop it was clear that the multiplus received the temperature and on battery voltage as measured by the Smart Dongle. Absorption charging was getting up to 14.6V as expected for my unheated office. When the MK3-USB is disconnected using the Smart Dongle confirms a temp of 15 degrees celcius and normal operation of the multi. I can switch the multi on and off using bluetooth as expected.

Then today the Smart Dongle stopped talking to the Multiplus! There's been a couple of brief moments where it's worked, but mostly not. Smart dongle still working otherwise - smartphone bluetooth page shows normal functioning, blue light flashing as before, but none of its data is getting to the multiplus. Ethernet cables have been swapped repeatedly to no avail. To be clear I'm not using the multi's own temperature sensor at all. Thus on its own the multi has no clue what battery temps or voltages are and charging reflects this - battery absorbs at about 14.3V at high current which increases to 14.4V at low currents.

I've tried resetting settings on the multi, the only assistant I had was a simple one to disable the fan if I shorted the multi's temperature inputs, removing that made no difference.

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VE.configure with VE.Bus Smart Dongle?

We want to configure a Multiplus Compact using a Smart Phone. Does VE.configure run on Android? Didn't see it in the App Store. We were going to use the VE.bus Smart Dongle to accomplish this. Suggestions?

Thank You.

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VE.Bus BMS and VE.Bus Smart dongle - Can they work together ?

Replace the Digital Control Panel with a VE.Bus Smart dongle.

Figure 1 of the Victron PDF . System Layout below

Will this work ?

Any help would be great.


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MultiPlus II Smart Dongle - no Bluetooth


I have a Multiplus II 24 3000 70 connected to 4 x 12V 120A gel batteries.

To monitor, I have bought a Smart Dongle and connected it according to the instructions in its manual.

I chose to use the Multiplus II's T-sense cable as the temperature sensor for the Dongle.

Once connected and plugged in to the RJ45 cable there are no lights at all on the Dongle.

Can anyone help me with some suggestions as to next steps?

Many thanks,


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Ve bus smart dongle

Hola de nuevo, sigue aprendiendo pero me surgen dudas, me gustaría incorporar un ve smart dongle para controlar temperatura y voltaje, pero no se como debería ser la conexión en un bloque de 12 baterías de 2v. Debería conectar los ojales del smart dongle a una sola batería o al bloque en general?

Como sería :

Figura 1


Image Caption

O así? Figura 2


Agradecería mucho vuestra colaboración

Por cierto debería de quitar el sensor de temperatura del multi o lo dejo conectado?

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Settings not available for Quattro via ve.bus smart dongle?


Hi, I can get it to connect and monitor but I can't change charge settings which I really want to be able to do. Will attach screenshot here of only options and a message I get but i don't have anything else connected ? Thanks.

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Recent VictronConnect update caused communication issues with MultiPlus

My Multiplus 12/2000/120 is having issues connecting to the VictronConnect app via the smart Dongle. I noticed it first yesterday, 6 days after the app updated. The system is in my camper and I only checked into it because the AC stayed running after I unplugged the shore power obviously running on inverter. Usually I leave it on charger only when plugged in to prevent over discharge should we lose power and I have the AC running. I opened the app to check the switch state and was prompted to upgrade. After upgrade it will connect but drops the connection within about 10 seconds. If I go out of the app it will connect again but then lose connection. It appears to be a connection issue between the Multiplus and the smart dongle as the app stays connected to the dongle and will read battery voltage and temp. The app is vs. 5.42 and the smart dongle is 1.10.

I also tried VictronConnect with my laptop using the mk3 connection and usb. Same result this will connect and disconnect constantly about every 10 seconds.

VE Config is working correctly which leads me to think this is upgrade related. I used it on a trip about 2 weeks ago prior to the upgrade with no issues. All other features seem to work.


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Smart dongle and Multi 500 issue


I have a Victron Multiplus 500va. It's been working fine. I then bought the VE.Bus Smart Dongle and at the weekend connected it all up.

With the VE.Bus Smart Dongle disconnected, the Multiplus charges the battery fine when on mains supply. When I link in the Smart Dongle, the fault light comes on on the Multiplus and the app for the Smart Dongle shows the error 'Low battery' and it switches to AC passthru rather than charging.

The Smart Dongle is powered directly from the battery + and its negative supply is from the output of a Victron bluetooth shunt.

Any clues as to why Low battery is being reported?

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V. E Bus Dongle im Ve. BUS möglich?

Guten Morgen

Ich würde gerne einen v. E Bus BT dongle, in mein bestehendes System integrieren, um mein multiplus am Handy ablesen zu können. Ich habe aber den Cerbo Gx und die smart Batterie bereits über das V. E Bus installiert. Kann ich den trotzdem mit einbinden? Da ich ja theoretisch kein Steckplatz mehr frei habe?

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VE.bus smart dongle for Multiplus

I need to adjust the setting of my Multiplus and I know it was not possible in the past to do this with the dongle. Is this still the case or is it possible now? If not are there plans to make it possible in the near future so I don't have to spent my money on both the MK3 usb and the Dongle?

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Victron Energy Digital Multi Control And/or VE.Bus Smart Dongle with Mulitplus 12/2000/80?

I’m wondering if the digital control is required in addition to the smart dongle? I’ve read that the smart dongle is able to also control the Amps via Bluetooth the same as the controller would as well as on/off/charger only etc. My question is if I have the dongle, do I also need the digital controller?

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What does the CerboGX add if I have Smart Dongle, Smart Shunt, Smart Solar MPPT and Multiplus?


I'm trying to sort out if I should add a Cerbo GX. If I don't plan to use a GX touch in the system what would I be missing if have a VE.Bus Smart Dongle, a Smart Shunt 500A, a pair of Smart Solar MPPT and a Multiplus Inverter? I am accessing everything via Victron Connect over Bluetooth and use the MK3 for configuration which is disconnected once the system has been commissioned.

Would there be a better solution for monitoring these components? I'm not sure I would hook the system up to the internet for portal access except for remote support.

Thanks so much for any guidance on the best way forward.


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SmartShunt to MPPT via VE.Smart Networking and Raspberry Pi


We recently installed a SmartShunt 500A to our existing SmartSolar MPPT 100/50 which is connected to a Raspberry Pi running the VRM Pi Operating System.

The MPPT to Pi broadcasting to the Online VRM is working great.

But when we try to link the newly installed SmartShunt to a VE.Smart Networking network created on the MPPT, the SmartShunt can see the VE network, we can join it (it say it is joined), but the SmartShunt (or any devices added/linked via the VE.Smart Networking) is not appearing in the list of devices.

Both the MPPT and the SmartShunt have the latest Firmware version and so does the VRM Pi.

In the list bellow, I can see the Battery Monitor (SmartShunt) because we tried to connect the VE USB cable to it directly. But then we can see the shunt, but not the MPPT, even if we create a VE.Smart Networking network on the Shunt and join the MPPT to the Shunt network.

LOCALY, BOTH the MPPT and the SmartShunt are collecting data.


As you can see, the MPPT is showing just fine in the Console DEVICE LIST screen, but the SmartShunt 500A is "Not Connected".


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I have the Multiplus, VE.Bus Smart Dongle, and Digital Multi Control, where do I get the RJ45 cable that goes into the smart dongle?

I'm finishing up my build with Victron Orion-Tr, Charge controller, Multiplus Inverter, Digital Multi Control GX, 2x 100ah Battleborns, Lynx Distributor, and VE.Bus Smart Dongle. Everything is plugged in, except the smart dongle. When I watch videos of installation, they always have an RJ45 plugged into the back of the smart dongle, but mine didn't come with one. Did I lose a cable or something?

I plugged the temperature sensor in the B+ and B- on the front of the dongle, but the back has a space for the RJ45 which I don't have. I'm using one for my BMV-712 and my DMC GX but I don't have any others to use for the dongle.

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VE Bus smart Dongle doesnt shows up

I connect (VE bus smart dongle) to battery, then only the blue light blinking. OK. Then I paired via bluetooth with my phone and the blue light stays on and what ever i did does not appear in (victron connect app). Not only that but doesnt appear in victron connect app in pc using MK3-USB ofc, even force detection. I also tryed VEconfing. Nothing.

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