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smart solar set-up help

Far north solar array: starting small. Planning to grid link eventually. What am I missing?

Hello- I am interested if there anything else here that I am missing or should be including? Planning to build the DC portion now, and then add more panels, batteries and AC later. Thanks in advance.


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Integrating Windenergy to a Victron installation


I've been looking to integrate a SWT (small wind turbine) to my Victron Quattro installation and have some questions.

Is there a supported partner for integrating wind into a victron system? In my research i've found that the Bornay windturbines seams to be a good choice. Any one here that has some experiences with these units? What is possible to integrate to VRM for example?

It would be awesome if one could monitor the information from the windturbine on VRM.

What woud be best, AC-coupled (on AC-out) or on the other side (AC-in with a smart meter)?

If you (who are reading this) has allready integrated wind to a victron setup, could you please share your experience and setup?

Kind regards


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How manny panels on a smart solar 450/100


We have a question about the Smart solar 450/100-TR.

How manny panels can we put in series/parralel on this device?

The panels that we are going to use are the Hyundai HiE-S395VG.


Currently this is the setup

3x Multiplus 48/5000-70 (3phase configuration)

4x Pylontech US5000

AC coupled PV installation (3phase inverter) on AC output 1

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Solar Charge settings for 14.4V LI-ion Battery

The battery specs I have are: 14.4V, 16500mAh, 237.6Wh Rechargeable Li-ion Battery

The 110V charger that came with the battery has a 16.7V, 4.0A 66W output.

Could I charge this battery with a 100/10 charge controller?

Thanks in advance!

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Synchronisation etape de charge smartsolar et quattro


Je n’ai pas trouvé de réponse à ma question alors désolé s’il s’agit d’un doublon.

Je souhaiterai synchroniser les étapes de charge d’un quattro 12/5000 avec deux smart solar 100/50 et un bmv 712 smart shunt.

Jusque là, les deux smart solar étaient bien synchro via le réseau smart mais je n’arrive pas à synchroniser la charge du quattro avec eux.

J’ai équipé le quattro d’un d'ongle ve smart mais il ne partage sur le réseau que tension et température.

Quelqu’un peut il me confirmer que cette synchronisation est possible et si oui comment ?

Merci d’avance pour vos conseils.


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Campervan Electrics Setup not working correctly

Hi everyone,

We are having problems with two issues:

12v power - It keeps shutting down in the evenings even though the battery says it still has 90% power and we hardly use electricity, just to charge phones.

230v power - Every time we use the 230v plug sockets the inverter shuts itself off and we have no electricity whatsoever until the next day when it’s sunny. It shuts down the 12v power also.

Can anyone suggest where we are going wrong please?

This is a list of all the items we have in our set up:

80w solar panels x 2

60w solar panels x 4

Victron Inverter 12v 3000VA Sinwave (the cables are the right thickness & length as instructed)

Victron MPPT charge controller 150/60 -tr

Victron Battery protect 12/24-220A

LifePO4 TN 210ah battery

Victron Smartshunt 500A

Do we need 2 different MPPT because we have 2 different solar panels?

And are we missing any items from the circuit?

Hope someone can help!

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Bug in Víctron Connect??

hello, i think after an update i noticed a bug in the victron connect app.

In the section "trends" of the smartsolar under the heading "battery temperature" nonsense values appear. The temperature is received via VE SMART from the smart battery sense.

in the trends of the Smart battery sense the bug is not present.



nk you

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Solar Invertor AC coupling of Mulitplus on AC input?

Hi all,

The context of my question is for a grid coupled solar system with local battery.

I've been reading documentation on the Victron (MultiplusIIGX) and some posts here on AC Coupling (

What I've understood so far (
- AC Coupling is done on the output of the MP/MP2
- Rule: MP2 Power rating >= Solar invertor power rating
- Battery capacity (Lithium): 1,5 kWp installed AC PV power requires 4.8 kWh of battery storage

The questions I have:
a) Is there a hard requirement to couple the solar invertor on AC Output of the MP2?
b) Can some of these rules not be avoided by coupling on AC Input (see reasoning below)?
c) How to control the MP2 to only charge the battery when there is solar power available?

I found this post ( but very little other info.

The reasoning for this question:

Suppose the MP2 is coupled to the grid/solar invertor on input: i.e. the Solar invertor generates power if there is sun, and injects into the grid when there is not enough demand. The MP2 takes care of the loads coupled on the AC output, i.e. when there is demand and Solar power available in the AC input the loads can be fed from the AC input, when there is no solar the loads can be fed from the the battery and if the battery is depleted the loads are finally fed from the AC input (i.e. grid).

In this way the power rating of the MP2 can be selected in line with the power required by the load behind the MP2 and the battery can be sized accordingly.

For a household, a big part of an electricity bill is caused by low power devices that are powered for a large period of time, i.e. (led) lights, routers, clocks, computers, ... -> i.e. a large part of the bill could be avoided by a relatively small MP2/battery system.

The only thing I've not found is to control the MP2 when to charge the battery, thus only charge the battery when there is solar power or when the grid is cheap.

What am I missing?

Thanks for helping out.

Best regards,


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Balcony PV

Hi all,
I've been reading up and down, my head is spinning with options and devices. Thought I'd ask the pro's.
I'm planning to set up a balcony PV system with a little battery storage. What it should do:

- 2 PV panels, to be defined which kind, optionally expandable in the future
- max 800V/A AC output (hard limit or set by software)(it's the legal limit in Austria for non-registered balcony pv set-ups)
- LiFePo4 battery that's charged with excess energy from PV.
- NO feeding of energy to the public net.

How do I achieve this? Is it as easy as getting the SmartSolar MPPT charge controller of the proper capacity, connect PV and Battery and connect a Phoenix inverter to the 'load'?
How does the inverter 'know' what power to deliver to the home as not to drain the battery to the public net?
Would be great if someone could point me in the right direction - trying not to reinvent the wheel here.


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Off-grid configuration for summer/garden house

I'm re-building/upgrading my existing small off-grid system in my garden house.
Please see my expectations first and some basic parameters.

Energy consumption is limited on a daily basis to remote monitoring and alarm systems up to 40W power usage (24/day).
Over the weekends only during the summertime, I would connect more devices for a limited number of hours (up to 8 hours per weekend) like an icemaker (100W), a small tourist fridge (60W), and occasionally a coffee makes machine 1kw (up to 10 minutes).

During winter time I think having as an option little heating system dedicated to the batteries (up to 20W consumption) to keep little higher temperature conditions for them (I found some smart antifroizing system).

So it gives us
monitoring 960Wh
extra limited devices 1280Wh
Coffe high power usage 170Wh (quite a high load for 10 minutes).
so I need 1kW daily basis and an extra 1.5kWh over the weekend.

monitoring 960Wh
extra heating up to 480Wh
so I need 1.5kW daily basis

Currently, I have MPPT 100/20 and one solar panel 330W, a battery 12v AGM 100Ah, inverter DC/AC 230V 1kW.
I'm going to add 1 more very similar solar panel (the same brand 325W) and at least one more the same AGM battery to increase capacity and voltage up to 24V.
On top of that, I consider adding a small wind 200W generator (supply energy in worse weather conditions). It has a dedicated charge 24V controller.

What do you think would be the best option?
Should I replace MPPT 100/20 for more strong one 100/30? Or keep existing or maybe add extra small one 75/15? Should I Add some battery balancers and external temperature monitoring? I found some VICTRON modules for that.
There is a sloping roof in the house (east and west site). My existing solar panel is on west site. But in the late afternoon, there is dark from the tree. I consider adding a new one on the east part. IN that case what kind of configuration do you recommend for the 2nd panel, serial or parallel connection to the MPPT?
I would ask about recommendations on how to connect all sensors, balancer, MPPT together.

Looking forward to your help and response.

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Using Victron Solar Controller to Maintain the Battery. Turning off system when not needed.

Hello, I understand this is an odd question, as this is what the purpose of the float function is. However I would like to use solar system to simply charge my boat battery when it gets low and then " physically turn off" the solar panel and solar controller after. Why ? I need to charge my battery once every three months and do not want to worry about something going wrong with system. Is this unheard of , or is there a way to do so ? I thought of putting a switch between the panel and controller, but not sure.

Controler : Victron 75/15MPPT

Solar Panel : 50 W

Battery : 79Ah AGM

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Smart Solar Tr bare wire or terminated?

I am getting ready to wire my SmartSolar up with tr connections. I was looking through the manual on a recommendation on whether it is recommended to just use bare wire or if something like a spade connector was recommended. I could not find an answer. What is the community doing here?

thank you

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App on android for smartsolar chargers.

Been searching the internet for hours concerning info about the app for android and smartsolar.

Are the setting possibility's all the same in any smartsolar charger ?

I mean: Have the larger ( higher V and A ) more setting possibilaty that for example the 75/10 model ?

Tnx in advace


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Orion DC-DC to SmartSolar Configuration

Problem: My engine battery drains while camping because of all the door lights staying on when doors are open.

Solution: Use Orion-Tr to trickle charge the engine battery when SmartSolar nears complete charge on my house battery.

How to hook this up?


Image 1: Direct to Load output of MPPT. I understand this might not work due to high in-rush of Orion. I plan to de-rate the Orion to 8 amps or something small to trickle the engine battery.


Image 2: Use the Remote on/off (LH) switch ports of the Orion. Is this how it is configured? " the H terminal (right) of the two-pole connector can be switched to battery plus, or the L terminal (left) of the two pole connector can be switched to battery minus"

So, then the load output of the SmartSolar triggers the switch of the Orion.

*If it's not clear in the diagram, the L port is connected to nothing, the H port to the Load+ port of SmartSolar. Orion input + to house battery.


Image 3: The Orion isolated 12/12-18 is cheaper than the non-isolated 12/12-30, is it fine to use the isolated 12/12-18 in a non-isolated environment? I suspect it's fine. I really don't need 30 amps either, and 30 amps is the smallest non-isolated smart Orion.

Thanks for your feedback.

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