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SmartSolar 100/20 drops to <10W intermittently for no obvious reasons

I've got 5 x SmartSolar 100/20's (Firmware v1.61) with 4x170W panels conected to each. These are charging a 48V Lifepo4 battery bank (2 lots of 4x12.8V). There is also a SmartShunt (Firmware v4.12) in series.This is connected to a Smart RS Solar inverter (Firmware v1.11). The whole system is managed by a CerboGX (3.00~15) to which is connected to all the units via ve.bus and ve.can. All five of the MPPTS and the SmartShunt are also in a Bluetooth ve Smart Network.

Each group of 4 panels has different shading issue however the problem I'm having doesn't correspond to any particular shading or times of day.

The issue I have is that randomly, one or more of the SmartSolar MPPTs will intermittently drop out. Input PV voltage is fine (in fact, goes up a little), input PV current drops to near zero and output current falls to near zero. It will stay there for a random period of time and then corrects itself.

While this is happening, the other MPPT's will continue to work correctly (although sometimes, more than one MPPT will start to do this at the same point but correct itself at different points!).

None of these issues corresponds with temperatures, battery output loads. battery state of charge or anything else I can see. The MPPTs remain in Bulk mode at all times. It does seem to quite often happen when the battery voltage is around 54V (but not always).

At one point, when this was happening, I tripped the breaker between the MPPT and the solar panels and then turned it back on and the MPPT started working again.

I'm open to suggestions really because I'm stumped. My initial thoughts were it could be one of the following:

1) The fact they are in a ve.smart network as well as being managed by the CerboGX
2) The MPPT firmware has a bug

Some screenshots showing a few of the dropouts I have plenty other data if it helps :)




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pylontech force l2 intermittent bms

Anyone have and issue of pylontech force l2 intermittent bms? it is not state of charge or voltage related. Site is 90 minutes away and being intermittent it only fails when I'm away!

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Faulty Cerbo GX devices

Faulty Cerbo GX devices

Is anyone aware of a manufacturing defect affecting a recent batch of Cerbo GX devices, especially when used on 48V systems?

We have 2 separate customers, who have both reported 2 failures each, of Cerbo GX units when attempting to power them up from the 48V DC bus. The inline fuses remain intact, and the polarity is correct. One user reported hearing a 'pop' from the upper right corner of the unit, when they connected the power lead.


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Issues with Multiplus and Digital Multi Control

I am running a system that includes a 330ah LiFePo4 Smart Battery and the Multiplus 12|3000|120.

I've been trying to hook up the VE. Bus BMS along with the DMC 200/200A GX and have been running into the same issue every time. I manually configured the multiplus to run according to my battery specs using the mk3 module, managed to get the inverter to light up and accept charge.

When I connect the VE. Bus BMS Mains Detector, the "Low Battery" LED lights up on the face of the inverter (though the battery is fully charged). I Then connect the DMC, the LEDs flash, switch to "Low battery," then the inverter shuts off.

I've tried connecting the DMC with the inverter off. I've turned the system off, waited and tried again and nothing works.

I've even spoken to my local Victron ambassador, and he isn't certain as to what could be causing the issue. Other than possibly a faulty Mains Detector.

If anyone has had the same issue, or has any input, it would be greatly appreciated,

Thanks in advance

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Fault #40 MPPT 150/85

My SmartSolar MPPT 150/85 is showing Fault #40. Usual power cycling troubleshooting (disconnecting both batteries and PV) hasn't resolved it - fault returns immediately on restarting.

The manual and website both say -

Err 40 - PV Input failed to shutdown
If the charger is unable to turn off the PV input, it will go into a safe mode in order to protect the battery from over-charging or having a high voltage on the battery terminals. In order to do that, the charger will stop charging and disconnect its own output. The charger will become faulty

I can't find any troubleshooting steps in the manuals or elsewhere online. We're away in the boat, so can't easily get a sparky in to check it out.

Has anyone met this before? Any suggestions for steps to reset beyond power cycling? What does it mean by "failed to shutdown PV input" - I can't think of an obvious change in the rest of the system that could be causing the fault.

Thanks heaps

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Clearing an excessive bulk charge fault

I have a Multiplus II 3000VA that recently triggered excessive bulk charge protection. (I installed a larger capacity battery bank where I expect long charge times, and didn’t know of this feature.)

Is there any way to reset this fault remotely without disrupting power to the load? Possibilities I’ve come up with:

1) Updating the multi’s settings to disable excessive bulk charge protection. It appears this won’t trigger a reboot but would it clear the fault?

2) Switching the mode to “inverter only” and then back to “on”. Would that reset any faults on the charging side of the device? I’d try this, but I suspect the inverter would not function while this fault is in place.

Anything else that might work without disrupting the load by doing a full restart?

Thank you!

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Multiplus II GX regularly rebooting and causing MPPT RS to go offline


My Multiplus II GX keeps on rebooting itself multiple times a day and sometimes it loses connection to the MPPT RS on reboot. When this happens, I have to do a manual reboot for the MPPT RS to be found again.


I have a Multiplus II GX connected via VE.Direct to an MPPT RS, and via BMS-CAN to a BYD BMU. I have v500 firmware and v2.92 Large installed on the MPII GX. The MPPT RS has v1.10. The BMU contains the latest firmware from BYD. The MPII GX has an ethernet connection and comms testing has confirmed that this is a reliable connection

The system has been very stable for 18 months until October when it failed twice. This month it is failing every day (only during daylight hours) and, I suspect, when a state transition is happening (e.g. below Active SoC to above Active SoC).

I initally thought that it might be an intermittent cable issue however both cables have been removed and replaced and the system has immediately recovered. The connections are sound and no comms errors have been reported.

I have done some initial diagnosis and have captured the relevant /data/log/messages.


The symptoms are as follows:

  1. Rebooted on 16 December at 11:44, 11:48, 11:52, 11:57, 12:00, 12:06.
  2. Each time, the VE.Bus state changed from Ext Control to Bulk (although this may be a symptom rather than the cause). At the 12:00 reboot, the MMPT RS went offline and didn't come back. This meant the batteries stopped being charged as the MPPT RS had no data from the BYD BMU.
  3. I noticed the MPPT RS was offline at 13:09 and manually rebooted the MultiPlus II GX. It reported that the connection to the BMS was lost but this is an artefact of the main problem.
  4. The MultiPlus II GX then rebooted itself at 13:44, 13:48, 13:51 and 13:58. This time the MPPT didn't go offline. However, notice the times - exactly two hours after the previous reboots. I suspect a firmware issue.

Looking at the messages logs it seems that every time the MPII GX rebooted, there was a period of time (1-2 minutes) where nothing was added to the logs. So nothing obvious although the preceeding messages contain a lot of ipv6 related details.

I have logs that I can provide to Victron support and am more than willing to open up the remote access.

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Error code #200 on MPPT RS450/100

I just had an alarm via VRM that the newly installed MPPT RS450/100 which has been operating perfectly for a few days is now not charging the battery and is showing the following error:

Solar Charger - MPPT 450/100 HQ2142HTVCQ [277] Automatic monitoring Error code: #200 - Internal error

The rest of the system is working fine although my customer has persistent bleeping from the unit.

Brief overview of system:

Quattro 10000

Pylontech US3000C x 7 modules

Cerbo GX

MPPT RS 450/100

3.4kw of PV in two strings


Can the fault be addressed remotely, will it need a visit or is it a warranty claim?

Any advice gratefully received as I cannot find this error code listed elsewhere



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2 X 50A Type B MCB simutaniously tripping as of last week after 6 months of no problem.

OK I'm a little stumped at this, I've had no problem for 6 months and there have been no changes except the recent addition of Home Assistance which only polls some Modbus TCP values. I can't really see that being the cause.

So there is a 50A MCB feeding a Small consumer unit via 10mm2 Armored in the CU a 50A MCB feeds AC-IN on a Multiplus II 10K (limited to 50A). There is also an EV charger connected to the same CU on a 32A RCBO.

Randomly both upstream and local 50A MCB's have almost tripped once a day for the last week. I have checked and there is hardly any load at the time (2 - 3 AMPs). This is in contrast to 00:30 to 04:30 every night when there is an ESS Scheduled charge and the EV charges. Both have dynamic load limiting which works perfectly. I see the load sitting at 50A for hours every night.

Normally I might think faulty MCB but I can't see 2 MCB's failing at the same time, and I'm sure a faulty MCB would manifest when fully loaded not at a couple of amps.

One strange thing I noticed, I happened to have the HA screen and Cerbo GX screen in sight when it tripped. The load info etc on the HA screen showed unavailable, which meant the HA Server lost communication with the Cerbo, and then I saw the Cerbo Screen reboot. This is odd as the Cerbo is powered from the battery not from the AC side so should not be affected by Grid Loss.

MCB's only trips on over-current there was no sign of that, not only did 1 but 2 MCB's tripped. Is there any logs or anything I can look at for more info or any suggestion as to the cause?

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Victron multiplus phoenix 12/2500/120 solid overload light

I have a phoenix multiplus 12 2500 120 inverter charger and it has a problem where when it is switched on it goes straight to a solid overload light with no power output. The output is disconnected so no chance of an actual overload. The 12v battery is fully charged. I've taken it apart and can't see anything wrong. Checked all fuses and they are okay. I can't see or smell anything burnt on the PCBs or transformers.

Its a fairly old unit, I was wondering if a firmware update would fix it.

Any help would be appreciated

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Whisper Generator 'OVER DC BUS' fault message not in the manual

I'm not sure how to ask my question.

I have this equipment, installed by the boat builder:

  1. Victron Energy Blue Power MultiPlus 12 VOLT 3000 VA 120 AMP charger inverter.
  2. MPPT Solar Charge Controller.
  3. Whisper Power Belt Driven Generator W-BD 3.5.
  4. The boat has a 47 HP Beta marine engine and two solar panels on the roof.

Item 3, the Belt Driven Generator, periodically displays a fault message that is not in the manual:


It happens when I run a 1600 watt clothes-washing machine. The boat builder told me the system would handle this.

I have asked two marine engineers, who are not sure what's wrong. I don't know the terminology nor the relative importance of things, so I don't know what questions to ask. So my question is very general: "Is this something that needs to be fixed? What do I need to know?"


Thanks in advance, and sorry if my question is incomplete. I'm doing the best I can. :)

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Multiplus-II 3k front panel LED's

I have a Multiplus II 3KVA installed in yacht - around 6 months old.

The front LED's have never worked. The rest of the inverter works as expected. As we are liveaboards and therefore reliant on unit for daily living, along with the inverter not being in an easy location to remove so it can be to returned to dealer, I am reaching out to explore all options first.

I took the opportunity to remove the front cover and noticed that the ribbon cable for the LED panel was not connected. I noticed another thread here with a similar connection issue.

When connected to the appropriate header, the inverter immediately shows an overload indication and does not function. When removed the overload indication goes away and the inverter functions normally.

Any thoughts? My feeling it is a faulty indicator board or ribbon cable.

Can I obtain a replacement indicator board and cable somewhere (I don't mind if that needs to be purchased - is it something my dealer can procure as a spare part?) to try replacing before resorting to removing Inverter and returning to dealer and obvious period without power that will involve?

Hope someone can give some advice.


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Easysolar 48v / 5000/ 70 Charge problems

I have a 3 year old Easysolar 48v 5000/ 70a system with 3 Pylontech US2000C batteries and a backup generator as a full off grid system.

i have a fault where the batteries would get stuck charging at 88% and then clear after a few hours and charge fully, this problem has now got worse and they get stuck in the 60s and and around 73%, if they clear that they get stuck a 88%and will not pass this level

i know there is more solar available as when i put load on the system the pv charger increases dramatically .

the system also shows a constant charging of 439w regardless and this does not change.

i have added 2 photos one with load and no load to show the differences.



i would be very greatful for and help or ideas

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Multiplus-ii GX fault (Mains disconnected)

When we have load shedding the inverter kicks in automatically. When the power comes on again the inverter gives a fault and says AC Disconnected. if you switch the inverter off and back on the inverter works again.

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250/100 earth fault monitoring

Hi, Has Victron sorted an option for the earth fault monitoring of a mppt 250/100 ?

Assuming it would send a signal to a GX device for an email/alarm alert, or close the relay on smart versions, to be able to trigger an audible alarm?

Any options appreciated.


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