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Control CerboGX relays via CZone with VE.Can to NMEA2000 ?


I want to connect my Cerbo GX to the NMEA2000 network using the VE.CAN->NMEA2000 cable (ASS030520200). Would it then be possible to control the relays of the CerboGX via the NMEA2000 network (i.e. via CZone) ?

Would it also be possible to read out the binary-inputs of the Cerbo GX via the NMEA2000 network?


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Venus GX Temperature sensors output to NMEA2000?

Maybe I am missing something, but I can't seem to be able to output the temperature sensors connected to my Venus GX to NMEA2000.

I can see every other detail from my Victron System on NMEA2000 but not the GX Temperature sensors.

What am I doing wrong?

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PGN 127503 and 127504

Dear all,

I am struggling with the following: on my motoryacht I recently replaced a Czone 3.5 inch display with a Czone Touch 5 display. On the 3.5 inch display I can show the AC in and AC out of my Victron Quattro. The Czone display is part of a larger NMEA2000 network with various Czone modules (for digital switching) and several navigation equipment. My Victron GX is connected to the same NMEA2000 network. On the Simrad NSS 7 (and 12) chartplotter I can show the AC in (not the AC out). With software tools from Maretron and Actisense, I can see that the AC in and out information is available on the network and is published by the GX in PGN 65013, 65014 and 65016.

According to a Czone specialist Czone does not support PGN 65013-65016 and the information of AC in and AC out should be published through PGN 127503 and 127504.

It is strange that the Czone 3.5 inch display does show both AC in and AC out and that the Czone Touch 5 does not. Both are from the same brand Czone (by Bep Marine).

This has already cost me more then a week studying all manuals, websites and other available information, but I have not found a solution to show the AC in and AC out on the new display.

Is there a way to transfer or convert the AC in and AC out information from the PGN 65013, 65014 and 65016 to the PGN 127503 and 127504 so that possibly the Touch 5 will display the desired information.

Any help is appreciated!

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Can I add victron datafields to my Simrad/Navico plotter?

Can I add datafields from Victron GX to the infobar on right side? I would like to have voltage value and solar PV charger value. Other NMEA2000 equipment can be implemented in the sidebars.


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Dummies guide to Cerbo - NMEA - Raymarine

I have read several posts and the manual but I still can't make sense of how to get the Cerbo data to display on either my Raymarine I70 or Axiom display!

i have the app working through the Raynet cable which is nice but I also have the NMEA cable wired from Cerbo to the Seatalk NG network (NMEA2000).

I am looking to get tanks and battery data out.

I can see everything listed on the under the NMEA listings on the Axiom but can find them when i tr to add to a new page.

I have read several posts on here regarding changing Device instances on the Cerbo or having to telnet into the Cerbo and change the Data instances i find the manual rather ambiguous!

has anyone done it and can give me an idiots guide please?

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Skylla-i error when nmea2000 out from Cerbo GX is connected

My Victron setup is 2x Quattro in parallel to VE Bus, 2x smart solar mppt and the Skylla-1 in parallel connected to a Cerbo GX via VE-Can also a REC BMS is connected to VE BMS everything works well. As soon as I connect the VE-can to NMEA 2000 cable the Skylla-i goes into error mode. All the cables have been replaced with the exception of the ve-can to nmea2000 cable. When I remove the VE-Can to Nmea cable the Skylla-i comes back to life. When the Skylla-i is removed from the parallel string the VE-Can to nmea 2000 cable doesn't cause any problems. When the Skylla-i is running stand-alone (just with the control panel ) it works fine also, I also have swopped the ve can ports on the Skylla-i and the Cerbo GX but it makes no difference. I haven't got the fuse installed in the VE-Can to nmea2000 cable as my Maretron network is already powered. I also tested my new spare Cerbo GX same results. Any ideas???

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NMEA 2000 battery monitoring on CERBO GX


I connected my 2 BMV712 as well as my MultiPlus Compact 12/2000 via VE.Can to NMEA 2000 cable to my CERBO GX. I read the instruction on https://www.victronenergy.com/media/pg/Cerbo_GX/en/marine-mfd-integration-by-nmea2000.html but I'm still not sure how to configure each device in the VE.CAN setup. Accessing my NMEA network via a WIFI gateway (Yacht devices) and playing around with the instances does not seem to work to get access to each monitor separately.

Initially I had all inputs on instance #0 but the NMEA interface seem to read two inputs at the same port.

Are there any instructions / guidance beside the above where I can read up how to configure the CERBO GX?



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Unable to connect to Cerbo GX from Raymarine Axiom using the Victron App

When I try to connect to the Cerbo GX using the Victron app on the Raymarine Axiom MFD I get a connection error "no hardware found" and the application does not start.

The Cerbo GX is connected to the NMEA2000 network using a Victron VE.Can to NMEA2000 cable and the Raymarine Axiom MFD is connected to the same NMEA2000 network. The NMEA2000 network works fine and is properly terminated. Since the Axiom is connected to an Quantum 2 rader with cable the Axiom must connect to the Cerbo GX through the NMEA2000 network.

The NMEA network diagnostic screen on the Axion shows not only the Cerbo GX. But also all the devices connected to the Cerbo GX with VE.CAN, VE.Bus or VE.Direct. Attached is the NMEA2000 network diagnostics from the Axiom listing all the NMEA2000 devices as well as the Victron devices that the Axiom can find on the NMEA2000 network.

- The Raymarine Axiom is running the latest lighthouse operating system (v3.13.103 Edgartown)

- The NMEA2000 network is powered separately and the fuse in the VE.Can to NMEA2000 cable is removed

- The Raymarine Axiom can see the Cerbo GX on the NMEA2000 network (and all devices connected to the Cerbo GX, including tanks)

- The Cerbo GX and all connected Victron devices are all running the latest firmware

- All data from the Cerbo GX are visible on the NMEA2000 netowork and can be displayed in other ways such as webguages with yachtdevices wifi gateway

- On the Cerbo GX: one VE.Can port has a VE.Can terminator and the other VE.Can port is connected to the NMEA2000 network using the VE.Can to NMEA2000 cable

- The NMEA2000 network is a Raymarine SeaTalkNG network

- The VE.Can to NMEA2000 cable is connected to a SeaTalkNG<->NMEA2000 cable that is connected to a "white" device port on a Raymarine 5-way

Cerbo VE.Can port settings:
- CAN-bus profile: VE.Can & Lynx Ion BMS 250 kbit/s,
- NMEA2000-out: Enabled

NMEA2000 network diagnostic from Raymarine Axiom


NMEA2000 network diagram


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MultiPlus activation via CAN / NMEA2000


I currently have a system with a MultiPlus 12/800 with Venus GX, I would like to control the ON and OFF activation of the Multiplus via the CAN bus / NMEA2000 interface of the Venus GX.

I know the CAN bus protocol well but much less the NMEA2000, from what I understood it is possible to activate the MultiPlus via the NMEA2000 standard.

Which frame should I send to activate the MultiPlus?

Thanks for your help.

Regards Alexis


J'ai actuellement un système avec un MultiPlus 12/800 avec Venus GX, je voudrais commander l'activation ON et OFF du Multiplus via l'interface CAN bus / NMEA2000 du Venus GX.

Je connais bien le protocole CAN bus mais beaucoup moins le NMEA2000, d'après ce que j'ai compris il est possible d'activer le MultiPlus via la norme NMEA2000.

Quelle trame dois-je envoyer pour activer le MultiPlus ?

Merci pour votre aide.

Cordialement Alexis

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Two or more GX in one NMEA2000 Network ?

Hi all,

since I could not find anything about this.

Is it possible to have several GX in one NMEA2000 Network as shown in the Picture ?


Caspar Ebner asked
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VE direct to NMEA2000 using a BMV702 and CCGX

Have a VE Direct to NMEA 2000 converter connected to a BMV702 and the NMEA2000 network and I can see the battery voltage and Amps on the NMEA2000 network all is well

Now we have installed a CCGX Fw2.23 and connected the BMV702 via the VE direct port to the CCGX and the correct battery details apear.

Now comes the issue

I then plug the VE direct to NMEA 2000 converter into the CCGX and no data is seen on the NMEA 2000 network

on the CCGX the VE direct to NMEA2000 unit is not seen in the device list

I have tied a secound ve direct to nmea2000 unit just in case I have a faulty one still the same

The targeted result is to see volts and amps on the NMEA 2000 network

has anyone got any suggestions

Paul B asked
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How many tanks can the Cerbo GX display?

i have six tanks to monitor. Planning on using the 4 resistive inputs on the water tanks and NMEA2000 for the fuel tanks. Will the Cerbo Touch 50 display them all?

asea asked
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How to change the data instance for BMV-712 in NMEA2000?
Is it possible to change the data instance for BMW-712 using the Yacht Devices Can Log Viewer or do i have to use root menu and command lines on Cerbo gx?

Jonny Sollid asked
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How to display battery voltage from two BMV-700s on Raymarine Axiom 7?

I have two BMV-700s hooked up via VE.direct to a Cerbo GX. I have the Cerbo GX integrated with a Raymarine Axiom 7 via the network port AND VE.can. I can access both BMV-700s via the Victron App on the Axiom. I can get only one of the BMV-700s to populate the Battery 1 data box on the Axiom. I can't get either BMV-700 to populate the Battery 2 data box on the Axiom. I read the instructions and can change the data instance of each BMV-700, but I can't change the instance to 1. I can change the instance to 2,3,9, or 0, but I can't change it to 1. I used Actisence NMEA Reader and a NGT-1 to change data instances. All equipment and software has been updated to the latest rev.

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Raymarine integration in nk2 network with several Victron devices that send battery data.

I have several devices in nk2 networks that send battery data such as Multiplus, MPPT, rec-bms and smart shunnt. Without modifications, only two batteries will appear on Raymarine instruments. (I have 3 battery banks) Based on testing to display battery data correctly on Raymarine, we have used a programmable interface and changed "device instance" and "data instance" to see how data is presented on Raymarine display. Changing the device instance as described in the Victron GX manual chapter 11.5.4 does not change anything on Raymarine instruments! (Tried this from the venus os menu as well) When we change the data instance, the battery is presented correctly. This was also the case on thread eg posted about 1 year ago about data instance. The question is why device instance is made available in menu on Venus os and manual describe that change of data instance is not recommended?

Anyone have experiences to share that can confirm this? Do other manufacturers use device instance for numbering batteries?

Jonny Sollid asked
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SeeLevel II Cerbo GX Connection

I reached out to Garnet to understand which kit I would need to utilize the NMEA2k capabilities of the Cerbo GX. They told me to look at this version: 709-N2K NLP and they would sell it to me directly. I want the Cerbo GX/Touch 50 to be able to monitor the tank levels using this system. I want fresh, black, grey and propane monitored. How does this need to be setup so I can use the Cerbo GX/Touch 50 to display the information vs the display that Garnet has that comes with the kit?

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CCGX and maretron FPM100 tank levels

I have multiple tank level sensors connected to a maretron fpm100,measuring 2 fuel tanks and a water tank. The tank level display on the CCGX flashes between a fuel tank level and the fresh water level. In the settings on the ccgx for that sensor the instance number is 30, which is the device instance level set in the maretron N2k analyser, the tank instance numbers are 10 and 11. how to get the ccgx to separate the two tanks into separate displays? There is also a Maretron TLM reading the black water tank and its display is discrete from the fresh and fuel. No problem with that one.

ur12vman asked
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NMEA 2000 Winddaten im VRM Portal anzeigen


Wie viele habe auch ich ein NMEA2000 Netzwerk an Bord. Angeschlossen ist ein Windsensor mit Richtung und Geschwindigkeit.

Das NMEA 2000 Netwerk ist via VE.Can an Venus GX angeschlossen.

Die NMEA2000 Tanksensoren sehe ich im VRM Portal. Aber nicht die Daten vom Windsensor.

Ist das irgendwie machbar?

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Smart Solar MPPT 150/70 TR VE.Can in parallel. How to change data instancing PGN 127750

I'm in the progress to iron out all instance errors on my NMEA 2000 network.

It is a large network split in two and bridged with a NBE100 from Maretron due to it size and voltage requirements. The Victron side consists out of 2x Quatro 8000 24V in parallel + DMC, 1x Skylla-i + DMC, 2x Smart Solar MPPT 150/70 TR VE.Can in parallel. The batteries are Winston cells in 2 banks of 1000Ah each at 24V controlled by Rec BMS in master slave configuration all items are connected to a Cerbo GX with NMEA2000 out activated. My NMEA2000 network did run fine till I connected the Victron network to NMEA cable into the the backbone. Very quickly I found out that changing device instances will break the communication between the Victron units and after reading all I could get my hands on I found an article from Mathijs Vader about not changing device instances but to change data instances instead. With Actisense NMEA reader I was able to clear 12 instance errors on the network but I'm left with 1 error. The Smart Solar MPPT 150/70 TR VE.Can both give out PGN 127750 (Converter/Invertor/Charger Status) and with Actisense NMEA Reader I can't change that PGN's data instance. This PGN is causing between 4% and 14% network error issues on my NMEA2000 analyzer meter from Maretron. Does anybody have an idea how to change this data instance without breaking the parallel operation of the MPPT's?



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Changing Device Instance on Dual CCGX.

Two 800ah Victron battery banks with Quattro, VE.Bus.BMS, CCGX control on N2K. We are having an issue setting the device Instance for the CCGX. We contacted Maretron and we are both in agreement that because the CCGX acts as a gate way to the N2K unless we can change the Device instance only one battery bank will show information to the N2K network. We have tried with N2K analyzer and with Actisence Software to change the Device Instance with no avail. When selecting the device instance on network page the number changes but soon as you hit enter it reverts back to 0. We have a large system and maybe this is cause a problem. We have tried several configurations to change the Device Instance but nothing has worked.

wanderbird asked
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Venus OS (Cerbo), NMEA2000 Output and Multiple BMVs

I have a cerbo GX which I have connected to my NMEA 2000 backbone so as To display the battery voltage and current of my 12v battery on my Raymarine Chart plotter.

I have two BMV712 on my system, both connected to the Cerbo. One via VE.direct (monitoring my lithium 24v bank) and one via USB (monitoring my 12v bank and starter battery).

I get the output on my Raymarine, however it swaps between the 12v and 24v bank. I have tried changing the device instance on one of them to be 1, but that has not helped.

Any guidance on how to change the Cerbo so that it sends these out so other systems can differentiate between the two sets of data.

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GPS With GX Devices

We have an installation on an Itama 75 the main components are an 8KW Quattro, and a Cerbo GX. The Cerbo is connected to the NMEA2000 system and displays tanks etc perfectly, it also displays the vessels position speed etc and also works perfectly. The GPS is a Raymarine Raystar 150 GPS as well as inbuilt GPS in all three Axiom screens.

Our test boat also has a Cerbo GX, a Multiplus and links to the NMEA2000 system and whilst tanks etc are all displayed well the GPS position is not available on the VRM portal. In terms of GPS the only difference is that the position currently comes from the Axioms built in GPS.

Can any one help explain this? The GPS function on the VRM portal is excellent when it works, the vessel in question is now in Egyt and is working fine, we are also monitoring a wheel chair built be Mercedes AMG F1 (to whihc we have fitted Victron Lithium batteries, and we need to track a Golden Globe vessel which we are fitting out with Victron equipment so reliable GPS fnctionality on the VRM portal is important.

Chris Dobson asked

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Raymarine eS LightHouse 3 and Color Control GX?

The eS & gS Series multifunction displays which have been upgraded to LightHouse 3 are not compatible.


Question, can I get the sensordata from my Raymarine-units to my Color Control GX via the Ethernet-network or is this only one way?

tomas-sailing asked

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2-BlueSolar, BMV712, CCGX all reporting battery on same instance

After connecting the CCGX to the N2K network I end up with several instancing conflicts as reported by the maretron N2k Analyser. Even through these devices are set to different instance numbers, as seen in the below screenshot, they are all still reporting on either 1 or 0 battery instance. The point of having instance numbers changable is so that multiple battery banks can be monitored without conflict between them. The BMV 712 does not have a way that I can find to change its instance at all. The blueSolar chargers have been changed, but still report on instance 0. All devices in red are reporting on 0. Any help to sort this out? I was quite happy to hear that CCGX latest update was outputting PGN's onto a N2k network, but not when they all are talking at once.


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Cerbo GX output N2k from temp senders?

I just added on a couple temp senders to the Cerbo unit and have it reporting on VRM. I have other data from the Cerbo reporting on my NMEA 2000 network such as inverter power, battery voltages and such. I have not been able to see the temp sensors on my N2k network. In the cerbo device menu the temp sensor shows it has an instance number assigned of 25 but from my maretron screen there is no temp data available other than known other devices. Any one else been able to get this to work?

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SOC and NMEA2000

I am using an Cerbo GX 2,4V and have an REC BMS connected to the BMS-CAN port and then i have connected an VE-CAN to NMEA2000 cable to the VE-CAN port.

All data from the REC BMS is displayed correctly in the Cerbo, inkluding the SOC.

And Volt, Ampere, Temp is also transmitted correctly in the NMEA2000 network, but the SOC remains 0%. How to make it send SOC correctly? (26% in this case).



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Serial interface of Victron Phoenix Combi

Is there someone that share information on the serial interface of Victron Phoenix Combi units, besides what can be found in the manual? (screenshots below). Is this serial bus the same as VE.Bus? Are there any of the Victron accessories, such as for example the VE.BUS to NMEA2000 adapter, that can be connected to this bus?



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Navico App Control


Anyone know if any progress has been made, or can be made, with the Victron app on Navico NSO plotters and the support for non-touchscreen inputs?

We have an NSO evo2 onboard but not attached to Simrad screens so, therefore, no touchscreen input just the OP50 control or keyboard and mouse.

Suspect this is common in a lot of glass bridge installations on larger vessels.

Thanks, Jon

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Phoenix inverter 24/5000 and VE.Bus to NMEA2000


We have purchased a Phoenix 24/5000 inverter in order to integrate it with our system using a VE.Bus to VE.CAN interface and a VE.CAN to NMEA2000 interface. Is this connection possible as we didn't receive anything in our CAN bus system. In what status we have to put the Remote Switch?

We know this connection is deprecated and we are going to use the VE.Bus to NMEA2000 interface instead.

Thanks in advance.

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NMEA 2000 VE-Bus setup instances

in a existing system we need to configure the VE-BUS N2K Interface to Setup the DC Battery Instances for the System to 4. In the moment the system had 4 Batterybanks and ready instances 0 to 3 programmend. It is possible to Setup into all Victron N2K Adapters any Instance into the PGNs?

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