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Low Soc Alarm + Alarm Relay when all conditions seems good


I have 2 AGVs running with your battery setup.

Our setup is:

  • 4x LiFePO4 battery 12,8V/160Ah - Smart
  • 1x Lynx Smart BMS 500A
  • 1x Venus GX

We have also other equipments to make the interface between BMS and the power consumers/chargers (e.g: Cyrix-Li-Load).

At time to time (sometimes once in a month, other times once in a week) we receive from BMS the signal "Alarm Relay" combined with the error "Low SoC" that come to the PLC by Venus GX.

From our internal log we see that this faulty state occur for up to 5 seconds and after this faulty event everything runs like the expected. When it happens the SoC is in a very decent level (>80% and a battery voltage around 53V). In fact when this happen everything stills running well apart the alarm by itself.

Just today we have a big problem related to this: the faulty state was active longer than 8s and the AGV suddenly was without power - I believe the ATD contact was open during that time.

When the maintenance team arrives near the AGV they check all batteries/BMS status.

Battery 1: 13,27V

Battery 2: 13,26V

Battery 3: 13,24V

Battery 4: 13,25V

In all batteries all the cells are balanced with a decent temperature (<=40ºC).

The BMS had 85% of SoC with the state "Allow to discharge" at "Yes". The AGV only power ON when we switch OFF/switch ON the "Remote on/off function".

Our "Discharge floor" parameter is set to 10%.

Thanks in advance.

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Multiple Lynx Smart BMS connected to single Cerbo GX - how to determine which is used for DVCC

Can more than one Lynx BMS be connected to the same Cerbo GX? I understand only one would be used for the system view pages, but does it support multiple listed in the device list as it does BMVs or Smart Shunts?

banana asked
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Lynx BMS relay voltage

Presently I have the Lynx BMS remote relay programmed to close for a low voltage pre-alarm, which functions correctly. However with the relay in the open position there is still 4VDC at the output of the relay. Any ideas why an open relay will have voltage at its output?

deley2 asked

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Problem with Lynx Smart BMS

Help please! I have a problem with my Lynx Smart BMS in my sailboat.

The setup is: Multiplus II, Lynx Smart BMS, Smart Battery Protect 200 (for loads), Lynx Distributors, Victron Lithium Battery Smart 200ah x 5 in parallel, Cerbo GX with Touch 50, and Orion Tr Smart 12-30.

The Lynx Smart BMS sometimes shuts down in full (bluetooth stays on), leaving the boat with no power at all. It doesn’t send or logs any pre- alarms or warning. It simply opens the contactor and shuts itself off except bluetooh. Batteries are fully charged, all cells balanced and normal temperature. This has happens about an hour or so after turning the Multiplus off with only about 20amps of loads.

How can this happen with no alarms or warnings? As understand, any low voltage would trigger/close the ATD and force the battery protect to open. Even if that would fail, the Lynx BMS is supposed to trigger a pre-alarm. But voltage is fine and no alarms.

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Lynx Distributor listings on Lynx Smart BMS

Hello, I got the dip switch settings wrong when setting up my Lynx distributors and now the Lynx BMS thinks I have an A, B, and C Lynx Distributors when I only have an A and B. The Cerbo/Lynx BMS thinks I have a cable disconnected for C. How do I remove a Lynx Distributor from the Lynx Smart BMS/Cerbo configuration to stop the alarm? Thank you for your help

peterowland asked

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Lynx smart BMS 500 - how to operate?

Can someone provide help on a BMS 500 connected to 6 x 24V 200Ah Lithium batteries ?

The BMS will not turn on, if the battery switches (after the BMS) are left "on/closed". it gives error #25

I've been told the circuits need to be OFF, so that the BMS does not find load and will turn back on, but not sure this it the right way.

Also, once the BMS automatically turned off showing error #20. Any suggestions of what it can be in a real world usage?

dbgiuffre asked
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Read Smart Lithium values

Hello everybody!

I am using multiple Smart Lithium LiPoFe4 batteries from Victron. They are working properly so far.

In the whole environment I am connecting to MQTT by using a CerboGX.

I get a pretty good overview of my environment, but unfortunately I have no chance to see the values from the battery I can see in the bluetooth menu: Battery temperature, cell voltage, etc.

Is there any chance to read out these values without reverse engineering the bluetooth communication between the app and the batteries?

Thank you very much!

Best regards


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How to prioritize Solar in a Lynx BMS setup?

My setup is all Victron with a Lynx BMS, Cerbo GX and Victron solar controllers connected to the GX. I want the solar to be maximized and shore power only used in certain conditions.

I found someone who set up ESS to do this, but have been advised here not to use ESS.

Other answers say to set the charging voltage slightly lower on the Multiplus.

But my understanding is that the BMS is setting the target voltages that both the Multiplus and MPPT controllers are using.

maybe there’s a way to limit charging on the Multiplus to inly happen below a specific SOC? Or during specufic time periods?

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Slow charging on Shore Power from Multiplus with Lynx BMS and Victron Smart Batteries

System is Victron Batteries, Lynx BMS, Cerbo GX and dual 24v 3kva Multiplusses. The batteries are 4 330AH 12V batteries in two strings of 2 for a 24v nominal voltage.

This is on a boat with a solar array and connected to shore power.

We drew the batteries down to about %75 SOC before connecting shore power. While connected to shore power the solar was not being used at all. So we installed ESS onto the Multipluses following advice.

Now when connected to shore power, the Solar produces its max energy (it seems) and the Multiplus is inverting and charging as necessary.

But at night. the Multiplus charges VERY slow. Took something like 12 hours to put in 4kwh which could have safely been done in 2 hours?!

For example, nothing from PV, input limit from shore power set at 18A (2kw) and the battery at a %75 SoC the Multiplus only charges at a few hundred watts, like 200w. This took forever to bring the battery back up to %100. The Multiplus shows "absorption" light as on.

The Lynx BMS has CVL set at 27v and that's the voltage so I think the batteries are maybe at 27v and so there's not much current flowing.

The batteries didn't get down to the %70 threshold set in the Lynx BMS so it didn't start a "new cycle".

So, I guess I understand what is happening, I'm just not sure I like it. I would have hopped the batteries would be charged at 1500w or some reasonable percentage of the shore power current limit unit they were near full.

Maybe I should set the threshold in the BMS to %95?

I do like the idea of fast charging to %95 then trickling from there.

sailing-cat asked
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lynx bms 500 hot when loaded.

Hi new installation and while testing the bms is reaching 81.4 deg celcius when a 200-300 amp load is applied to the system.

The cooling fans are not turning on.

When i charge the batteries with a similar charge rate then the fan does turn on and cools the bms,

any thoughts??

rona asked
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Main circuit breaker and Lynx smart bms 500

Have a question about connecting a main circuit breaker in serie between the Lynx power in and Lynx smart bms 500, to isolate the batteries when storage the boat for longer periods when not present.

However this don't look very good and destroy the nice connection between the Lynx system.

Even though the very smal energy draw in OF mode it is still a small current flowing.

Having 4 Victron lithium smart 200Ah 12 V.

How to adress this?


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Overheated Resistor inside the Lynx smart BMS

The system is a 40kWh all Victron components, 2x 48/3000/35 Multiplus II.

Worked perfectly in different conditions for about 2 months and then the Lynx BMS stop working. Removing the cover I found that the resistor on top of the shunt has overheated.


I will replace the BMS, but any ideas on why that could have happened?


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Orion DC-DC, AGM, Lithium & Wakespeed

Hi all,

I am trying to understand the best way to charge both Lithium (House) and Led Acid (Start) incorporating a WakeSpeed regulator.

There are various diagrams online but it’s not totally clear how the combined setup works.

Would one of the two set ups below work? Or does anyone have a simple diagram to visualise the correct approach? Thanks.


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On the LYNX SMART BMS why does the plug on the right look so much bigger and i cannot screw the cable onto it.

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Lynx Smart BMS 500 Not Connecting to older Ipads

I just installed a new Lynx Smart BMS 500. I can Victron Connect with Bluetooth to multiple iPhones and one of my 3 iPads. All three iPads are running Victron Connect v5.82. iPad Air 3 os 16.3 works without issues. iPad Mini 3 os 12.5.7. iPad Mini 4 os 15.7.1 will not finalize the connection.

All of my MPPTs connect to both. All four Smart Lithiums connect to everything too.

It will connect and get to the "fetching data" message. I've left it like this for a while on both the Mini 3 and Mini 4. I can even swipe left and right and you can see the blurry screen is changing.

Help appreciated.

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