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NMEA GPS-Data not displayed on Cerbo

We use Cerbo on 2 ships where NMEA position data is circulating in the N2K network exactly as required in manual of Cerbo. On one ship GPS data is generated by Veratron Go GPS antenna, on other ship it is generated by Raymarine Axiom 9+.

Nonetheless GPS data on both ships is not read and/or displayed on the Cerbo via VRM neither static nor dynamic (GPS over time via widget).

Local Victron support had no idea what the problem is / could not solve the issue.

Anyone with similar experience can help?

cerbo gxNMEA 2000 - N2Kgps
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mvader (Victron Energy) answered ·

Hi, the relevant documentation is here:

Chapter 2.7

Usually, what is happening is that the GPS is not sending its data on the N2K format in the way we expect it.

Do you have actisense or some other tooling that allows you to make some screenshots of all details there mentioned in the manual, such as the NMEA2000 device class?

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Dear mvader, thx for reply - but the link does not have a chapter 2.7 ??

We checked the N2K GPS data format at least 5 times (with Actisense as well as other N2K read-outs). It is exactly the PGN required from Victron.

Furthermore, how to get the GPS data from an Axiom+ into the Cerbo should be a standard procedure, right?

Regarding Veratron Go, pls. see for what is transmitted into the N2K.

Kind regards


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s1277 answered ·

1) One USB port is changed to be “power only”
There are three USB ports in the Cerbo GX, and one has proven to be unreliable for use with a VE.Direct to USB cable or other data connections. We spent a lot of effort to make it work reliably, but that proved impossible – unfortunately. The other two do work properly.

The USB port affected is the one closest to the HDMI port. This new firmware version changes its function to “power only”: to power the GX Touch. The Cerbo GX manual as well as the datasheet have been updated with this new specification. Newly produced units will have a different marking on the product, to make it clear that that USB port is different than the other two.

Installations in which this port is now used, with for example a VE.Direct to USB Cable, will lose connection to that VE.Direct device. I fully understand how this can be very inconvenient, especially for remote installations.

Temporary work around for installations using that USB port

In case you prefer to change the wiring later, and keep a working system until then, here is what to do:

  1. Revert to the previous installed firmware in the Settings -> Firmware -> Stored backup firmware menu. Now the USB port will work again.
  2. Logging the VRM Portal won’t work yet. Normally, reverting to a prior firmware version does not cause an issue, but unfortunately this time it does. Only for Cerbo GX devices. Our support engineers will need to make a change in the VRM Portal after reverting to a version prior to v2.57. Without the change, no data will appear on the VRM Portal. To have that done, please contact your Dealer. They will need to contact our repairs department.
  3. Finally, at a more convenient time, rewire the system and update to the new version. When required, the number of USB ports can be extended with a USB hub, refer to the manual for more information. As the issue causing an unreliable data connection is extremely rare, chances that you’ll have an issue while still using the port for a short while are very slim. There is no need to contact us again when doing the upgrade – only during the downgrade as explained in step 2.
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wpc avatar image wpc commented ·

Sorry s1277 but I see no connection of your answer to my problem?. The GPS data should come into the Cerbo via the N2K and not via to USB ??

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