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Cerbo S Tank Levels from NMEA

The Victron NMEA and MFD integration guide states that it is possible to get tank level data from the NMEA network to the Cerbo:

"Integration B) NMEA2000 to GX Device and VRM Portal

The other way around is possible as well: the Victron system reading tank level data from NMEA2000.

The tank data will be shown in the GX device user interface as well as on the VRM Portal. Screenshots below."

On a project we have fitted a Cerbo S, which has no tank level inputs, and as such the "Analog Inputs" is not available under I/O, and I assume that because this is not available, we therefore cannot see the tank levels coming from the NMEA network. Correct?

Am I missing something or how else do we go about receiving the tank level data to the Cerbo from the NMEA network?

cerbo gxtank monitorNMEA 2000 - N2K
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