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Disconnect BMW SoC depended relay function and discharge floor

Guys, there have been several request now cause there are numerous applications, where a user wants to switch devices based on the SoC, WITHOUT changing the discharge floor.

In my application, I want to use the BMV-700 relay to switch a large power relay to reverse IN/OUT of my Orion, to charge the starter battery as soon as the AUX battery SoC is above 95%. But in regards to the time-to-go, I want to leave the discharge floor at 25% (75% DoD).

I urge you to take these request into account when determining the scope of the next firmware update. Please !!

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BMV SOC versus Discharge floor

Is there a difference between Discharge floor and SOC as far as the BMV 7 series is concerned??

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Product request - BMV-7xx Series with SOC relay function disconnected from the discharge floor

I currently have a BMV-712 Smart installed in my boat together a solar installation and it works great.

The SOC relay function indeed works as intended, but it would be nice to have similar functionality independent from the discharge floor.

What I am looking for is a way to use the BMV relay to signal my third party solar charge controller to keep my LifePo4 batteries at a SOC between 60 and 70% while the boat is not used. If I had Pb batteries I could just leave them fully charged, or use the Low voltage relay function. However the voltage curve on the LifePo4 batteries are just to flat for this function to make sense. I have my discharge floor set at 20% now (as recommended by Victron) and would prefer not tot change it in order to have this functionality.

Any thoughts from Victron on this? I don't think I am the only one who would be happy if you included this in a future FW update.

Kind regards,

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SmartSolar MPPT 150/45 don't go into Float


I got myself a SmartSolar MPPT 150/45 - TR with the Display option. I switched from my 100/20 to the 150/45 because the smaller one was on its limit.

The problem that I encountering now: The new MPPT doesn't go into float.

It's connected via VE. Smart Network to a SmartBMV 712 and a SmartBatterySense. On the app, the MPPT says it's using external voltage and external Battery current sense from the BMV and Battery Temperature from Battery Sense.

Its also connected to a Raspberry Pi running VenusOS.

Right now, the MPPT is set to a maximum absorption time of 6h and an Absorption Tail Current of 4A. The MPPT as I'm writing this is charging the Battery with 3.1A (MPPT Reading) where 2A go to Battery (BMV Reading)

From my understanding, the MPPT should go into Float if the Absportion time is at max 6h or the Battery Current goes under 4A for one Minute.

Today it started charging with 11.8V and is in absorption for 4 hours.

Typical days are, charging bulk over the day, going to Absorption, Battery Current falls under 4A, and MPPT still in absorption. Then, when I come home and using the energy, it goes back to bulk if the sun is going down. Or if I'm not using Power, the MPPT going straight from Absortion to off.

2 Days ago it once was in float for 20 Minutes then the Sun gone down.

I think it is not good for the battery if it's continuing this. Does someone know an answer to this?






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BMV-712 Firmware update wiped all data


just update to the latest firmware 4.07 and my 2.5 years of data is gone! Thank you! I’d like it back. You don’t allow data logging or downloading of the data and now your recent update has wiped it. Previous firmware updates have never done this, even a device reset has never done this, therefore I didn’t take a picture.

What can you do?

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BMV-700 what am I missing

My system includes Multiplus charger inverter, CCGX , BMV700 , Shunt and the AGM batteries.

All equipment is Victron batteries are Lifeline AGM.

All equipment is connected on the "load" side of the shunt only the batteries are on the battery side.

When I shutdown the charger the BMV-700 and the CCGX show -4.5 Amp which to my understanding indicates that the batteries are being discharged.


When I turn on the Multiplus charger inverter it can for example show on the CCGX DC current of +30amp but the BMV-700 on the CCGX continue to show almost the same current around -4.5 amp.

While I expected it to show +25.5 amp.

It is clear that I am missing something since I know that the charger in fact charge the batteries and it is connected on the "load" side of the shunt.

In fact I think that the BMV-700 always shows minus values for current.

I appreciate help understanding this issue.

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BMV-712 Smart not in Cerbo GX Device List

Hello together,

I try it again...

I have an installation with Cerbo GX and BMV-712 Smart.

I used a VE direct to VE direct cable to connect the BMV-712 Smart to the Cerbo GX.

Unfortunately the BMV-712 Smart is not visible in the Cerbo GX device list.

I didn´t find anything to fix this.

I hope there is anybody who can help.

Thanks in advance


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BMV-700 Settings


I hope that someone more knowledgeable about battery monitor settings can help me!

I have been watching video tutorials and reading the manual over and over but I still don't fully understand the details. All I really want to be sure of us that I have the correct settings in my bmv-700. Charged voltage, tails current etc. At the moment the monitor is on the default settings.

The battery is a leoch adventurer agm 160ah. Info and Datasheet for leoch agm 160ah is here:

My charger is a redarc BCDC1225 and I am using the alternator and solar inputs. Details of charger below:

Thank you so much in advance for any and all help that you can offer!


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Setting up BMV-712 with single Battleborn GC3 270 ah battery

Waiting for new Multiplus2 to arrive. Meanwhile, using a Progressive Dynamics PD9280 while I wait. How do I accurately set up my battery settings so I can get accurate readings?

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Color Control GX & 500A shunt installation

Hi - Need some advice on a new Victron install. While waiting on some other components I'm getting started with the Color Control GX and at this time just want to use the current shunt to monitor amps coming in and out of my battery bank. I may have poorly researched when ordering but I was hoping to avoid the BMV-712 kit which has a separate display for the current shunt. What i wanted to do was connect the shunt directly to the color display and see charge amps or load amps coming in/out of the battery bank. I am not using the bluetooth module on the shunt, instead the hardwired one that has a phone cable. I'm confused where to connect this to the color display or if it will work this way at all. If it's not designed to work this way I can buy the BMV-712 display and call it a day but how does the color display know what's coming in and out of the battery bank. one thought is the MultiPlus will give the unit that info but what about the 12v loads that have nothing to do with the inverter/charger? I'm very proficient at making and terminating ethernet and phone cables so if it's just a matter of making a phone cable on one side with an unused pair and an rj45 on the other that's fine but I am looking for documentation on how to accomplish this without a lot of trial and error and/or burning something out. Thanks very much. Chris

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Confirmation of "static" SoC meter

Proud owner of a Victron BMV 700 in Canada and I need to ask a somewhat basic question.

Supposing I have a relay close/discharge floor set for a minimum state of charge (SoC) of 50%, and/or an alarm buzzer set for 50%, to avoid hurting my battery. Am I correct in understanding that the SoC screen and visual battery status indicator (the one that looks like a cell phone battery status) nonetheless shows an absolute reading between 0 and 100%? In other words, if I set up precautions to prevent discharge below 50%, the SoC indicator does not "recalibrate" such that "0%" equals my desired maximum discharge floor of 50%?

I assume the answer is no; "50%" SoC/half-full battery icon means the battery is indeed at 50%, and my discharge floor relay and/or buzzer will sound at this mark.

Thanks for the clarification.

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3 batteries in boat


My Currently my installation is this and I wanted to add a victron battery monitor.

2 X Volvo Penta 4.3 GXI 225 hp engines with 75 A alternator each.

1 X Victron Phoenix Smart IP43 Battery Charger, 12/50 (3)

2 X Victron Energy ARG080201000R Argodiode 80-2AC 80 A

3 X Independent batteries from 12v to 150 ah each.

I want to add a monitor for the 3 batteries so I bought a victron BMV 702 (motor batteries) and a BMV700 (Auxiliary battery).

Attached is the installation diagram that I think is correct. Can you tell me if it is correct? Thanks.

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BMV bL 1.02 error -No backlight flashing

I have a bL 1.02 error

This is the background

I have battery and BMV 702 installed in my 4x4 trailer for 6 years

While in storage, battery is constantly connected to Blue Smart Charger

One day noticed bL 1.02 displayed on BMV 702. No flashing, no backlight on

Check all advice on forum - tried everythin, nothing changes the situation

Took second spare, brand new BMV 702 and connect it in place of existing BMV, got the same message

Connect the second BMV 702 directly to other battery with its own shunt, still get the same message on the new one!!

Cannot reset, cannot do anything. I now have 2 BMV's that is not working.

Assistance will be greatly appreciated

Is their no direct tech talk with some Victron experts?

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BMV-702 Shunt Confirm Load/Batter Side

I had two BMV-702 installed in my boat last year and when examining the shunts I notice they are slightly different. When looking at the shunts from the top, one shunt has the RJ12 connection on the right and the other shunt has the RJ12 on the left. The online installation guide shows the shunt with the RJ12 on the left ( figure #6). I am wondering if this is just an older version of the shunt where the connections are reversed. I want to make sure the load/battery got connected on the correct sizes. Cheers


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BMV-712 Smart not shown in Cerbo GX

Hello community,

I have installed a Cerbo GX and connected a BMV-712 Smart.

Unfortunately, the BMV-712 Smart is not displayed in the device list.

So I cannot add it.

However, something like this is shown in the description for the Cerbo GX.

See attachment...

Can anyone possibly help?

Many thanks in advance



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How to connect ground - Orion-Tr Smart 12/12-18 and BMV-702?

I am installing an Orion-Tr smart 12/12-18 between a Start lead battery and Lithium battery to charge my Lithium in controlled way when the motor and generator is running.

Looking at the install instructions, the ground is connected only via the Orion.

I also have a BMV-702 monitor and to be able to get the voltage from Start battery correct I need to connect the Load shunt side to the Start battery minus. This result in shortcutting the Orion ground pins and I wonder if that is OK? See below image where the dashed connection marked with a “?” is my question if that is ok to connect.


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SmartBMV 712 won't auto sync

I am using a Color Control and a SmartBMV 712. I have 2x200ah lifePO 48v batteries. I have been at 100% SOC according to my battery SOC indicator a number of times, but the 712 is not synchronizing and showing 100%. I've done several manual resets with no luck. I have sst my charged voltage as low as 53.2 (and SOC exceeded that multiple times) without synchronizing. discharge floor is 0%, tail current 4.5%, charged detection time 1m, P exp 1.05, charge efficiency factor 99%, current threshold 0.10A.

Does anyone have any thoughts? I am brand new to Victron gear. I like the technology and performance but I am struggling with lack of easy to use step-by-step documentation. Any help would be appreciated a whole lot!

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bmv 700 battery monitor problem

Good morning, I have problems with my bmv 700 monitor, how can you see it shows me 77% load but the system voltage is below 77%. Any way to solve it?


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Victron SmartBMV battery monitor keeps resetting to 100%!

I have read other responses to the problem of the Victron SmartBMV 712 battery monitor resetting to 100% SOC, even when the battery is almost discharged, but the answers did not solve my problem...

When my two 100Ah Battle Born batteries in my RV reach 30% SOC, I charge them up with my 2000W generator. However, when I begin the charge, the BMV 712 immediately reads 100% SOC on my phone. Why? Shouldn’t it start counting up from 30% SOC to 100% SOC as the charge cycle progresses??

Thank you!

FYI: After a full charge I have tried setting the “State-of-Charge” to 100%, as well as “Synchronize SOC to 100%”, and tried both on and off for the “Battery Starts Synchronized.” No joy.

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BlueSmart 12/15 settings for self-built LiFePO4 (4s) battery

Hi guys,

I just finished building my battery bank (4S 202Ah Lishen A-grade) and I now want to initialise the battery using my new IP65 12/15 charger. The manufacturer sent along a detailed data sheet where a charging end voltage per cell of 3.65V (x4 = 14.6V) is specified. I programmed the BMS to cutoff at that voltage accordingly.


My question now is: Which settings do I use with the 12/15 charger to fully charge/initialise the battery? I want to top balance the pack and then use the Orion-Tr in my vehicle to recharge it. The initialisation/top balance step will have to occur now. And then just once in a blue moon...

Normal (which I understand is for lead acid batteries, is rated at 14.4V) and Li-Ion (14.2) both seem too low, and High (14.7V) seems too high. Inside the app I can select a preset "LiFePO4" profile, but this also has a setting which to me seems too low: 14.2V absorption and 13.5V float and storage, as 14.2V/4cells = 3.55V

Maybe I am getting something wrong? I'd greatly appreciate your help with this.

Cheers, Jacob

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Connection of a CERBO GX with a Shunt

Hello Folks

I have a request:

Connection of a CERBO GX with a Shunt.

What's the best way to do it:

1. Connect a BMV-712 Smart to the Shunt supplied by RJ12 wire and then connect the BMV-712 Smart to the Cerbo GX?


2. Connect a Shunt Smart 500A directly via VE Direct to the Cerbo GX?

And another question about the BMV-712 and Cerbo GX:

3. Are the information displays on the screen of the BMV-712 Smart also visible by the Cerbo GX with its remote Touch GX screen?

4. Is it necessary to have a BMV-7... connected to the Shunt if you have a Cerbo GX and its Touch GX screen which can be connected to the Shunt by VE Direct?

Thank you for your answers

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smart monitor bmv712

I have installed the smart monitor BMV712 WITH 2 x 100ah lithium batteries. I also have the victron mttp from my 390w solar panel as well as a 240v vivtron charger for when I am on mains power. I think I have wired the monitor correctly. My issue - I plug in the communication cable. I have 100% SOC. My MTTP is on float. The percentage SOC on the monitor slowly counts down after a few days from 100% to 0% even though I will be sitting on or around 13.5v float. I unplug the communication cable, replug it back in and the SOC returns to 100% and the countdown starts again. Any help would be very much appreciated.

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SmartSolar 100/20 Lifepo4 100AH - expert settings

Hi There,

I have a 100AH Lifepo4 battery with the SmartSolar 100/20 MMPT charger.

The Lifepo4 battery has a charge voltage of 14.6 v and a nominal voltage of 12.8. All the equipment is brand new.

I note the Victron default Lifepo4 setting only charges at 14.2 and 13.5 float.

I'm assuming I can use the expert mode to set this to 14.6v for absorption but not sure what I should use for the float voltage?

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BMV712 - Amps vs Percent?!

Hi All,

I just can't figure this out and it's driving me nuts. There are similar posts but never a working solution?

I have two 6v Golf Cart batteries connected in series. 230 Ah. System settings and wiring below.

Victron reports 10.4 amps used, and says that's 97.2% of 230 amps. (is that not 95.4%?)

But when you take their 97.2% of 230, that SHOULD BE 6.44 Amps used?

HOW DOES THAT WORK?! What am I missing here?

What I've done:

- Fully charged the batteries to 100%.

- I then let them let sit for 2 days to stabilize voltages (Completely disconnected all power leads - only thing connected was the BMV 712 - just the little power wire)

- Battery read 12.8v after the two days (The little BMV power wire was still connected)

- I did as the manual states to set zero current:

A zero current calibration is (almost) never needed. Only perform this procedure in case the battery monitor shows a current while you are absolutely sure that there is no actual current flowing. The only way to be sure of this, is to physically disconnect all wires and cables connected to the side of the shunt. Do this by unscrewing the shunt bolt and remove all cables and wires form that side of the shunt. The alternative, which is switching off loads or chargers, is NOT accurate enough as it does not eliminate small standby currents.

- To me, it should not matter the state of the battery when you set Zero Current?

(There is NO current flowing as the battery is disconnected)

Can someone explain it like I'm 5? LOL

So far everything else seems to work like it should, but I'm still confused as to what my battery state really is?

Battery reports full when I believe it to be from the converter (and also the MPPT charger on the solar reports the battery to be full as well)

At the VERY LEAST, what is more accurate, the percentage, the amps used or the voltage?

(So far, I've been following Amps and watching the Voltage reading and trying to make an educated guess that way) Voltage will read 12.1v when the percent still reads in the low 70's? Is that not empty? So confused :(

To me the percentage is so far out of wack that it make ZERO sense. This battery monitor DOES NOT help me monitor my batteries :(



The battery is manufactured by East Penn MFG also called (DEKA) its a GC15.

Two batteries connected in series will be 230Ah. (130Ah useable)

- Reserve Capacity at 25A is 448 Minutes

- RC at 75A is 120 minutes

- The Peukert’s coefficient for most use cases for this battery is 1.24

What is the recommended Bulk, Absorb, Float, Equalize and maintainer parameters?

- Bulk charge to 2.35 volts per cell and hold for Absorption. (14.1v for two in series)

- Float charge at 2.25 volts per cell. (13.5v for two in series)

- To compensate for battery temperature not at 20°C:

- subtract 0.005 V/cell for each 1°C above 20°C;

- add 0.005 V/cell for each 1°C under 20°C.

- An Equalization charge can be done at 15.5 volts.

Max bulk charging current is <=30A per 100 Ah (C20). So for this 230 Ah battery, that's 69 amps. (If charging a pair in series, it's still 69 amps.)




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Cable length 50 meters for BMV or VE.Direct Bluetooth Smart dongle - it's possible?

Hello friends! I need to receive data from BMV (or SmartShunt) at a distance of 50 meters!

Suggest what options are there?

Includes UPT/RJ12 cable a 10 meters long. Can I take 50 meters away?

With port VE.Direct, can I use VE.Direct cable 50 meters? To connect VE.Direct Bluetooth Smart dongle?

No internet, can't use Venus or Cerbo :(


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Smartsolar 100/30 showing low amperage but correct voltage in bulk charge mode

My Smartsolar 100/30 controller shows low wattage coming from my panel array but shows the correct voltage. Measured amperage from the panels on a recent cloudy day was around 4-5 amps but the app reports 8 or 9 watts and 0.5 amps in bulk charge mode. It takes forever to charge the 200Ah battery. When originally installed everything was working correctly showing appropriate amperage. At some point there was a firmware update for the charger and things seemed to go downhill after that although it could be a coincidence. Any suggestions? I have checked/replaced connections to no avail.

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BMV 700 and Solar

Recently had solar installed to RV. I think they bypassed my BMV 700 by connecting negative cable from solar directly to battery negative (see photo). Is solution to move the negative from solar to the load side of shunt (bottom lug)? Thanks for advice.


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Small BMS in use with other charge controller

I am trying to set up a remote monitoring system for a single panel and battery system. I have a LiFePO4 smart battery for my system. I believe the small BMS is the best option for my situation. Before I purchase it I would like to know if it is compatible with other (non-victron) charge controllers? Other MPPTs suit my needs better does the small BMS need to be connected to an MPPT? Do I need a shut off, such as the battery protect, as well?

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Doubts Smartshunt cycle counting.

Good evening, I have been a very satisfied Smartshunt owner for about 2 weeks.

But I have some doubts.

1) I would prefer victronenergy to change the cycle count setting.

In fact, the software only counts a cycle when the battery drops below 65%. This is misleading.

I use a total of 190ah on the camper and the average discharge is 10/15%.

It may turn out that an Agm battery reaches the end of its life and the Smartshunt records only a few dozen cycles.

When in reality the battery has done the 1000/1200 cycles of 15/20% discharge.Cycles that are not counted by the Smartshunt.

Fortunately, the synchronization count is more realistic. Since a synchronization is counted every time the Soc goes below 90% and goes back to 100%.

So I associate the synchronizations with the number of cycles.

It is not possible that in two weeks of daily use it has only 2 cycles.

In reality I am 15 cycles of 20% of discharge... in fact I have about 15 synchronizations.

Otherwise my batteries will die with only 10/20 cycles recorded.

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BMV-712 Smart: buttons disabled?

My 2 months old BMV-712 Smart does not respond to the hardware buttons on the display anymore. Following the latest firmware update it was initially working fine, but is now stuck showing usage / yield in Watts. The app on the other hand is still fully functional, so power, bluetooth and connection to the shunt can't be the issue. It's almost like the hardware buttons were disabled by command, but I haven't seen any option in the manual to do this. Is there a way to enable/disable the buttons?

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