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Multiplus 12/3000 + Cerbo + Lynx BMS + Smart Battery DCVV

Hi I am expanding an older system with the following components and ran into behavior by my Multiplus 12/3000 in charging my new Victron Lithium Smart batteries.


  • Cerbo GX
  • Lithium Smart Batteries
  • Lynx Smart BMS
  • Multiplus 12/3000

I see in the Cerbo where the Lynx communicated through DCVV the following values from the battery.

  • CVL - 14.2V
  • CCL - 330A
  • DCL - 600A

However, when I start commissioning the first battery solo the Multiplus is charging at 13.8V and floats at 13.38V

So a few questions:

  1. Does my Multiplus on the latest firmware v494 support DCVV over the VE.Bus?
  2. When I go into the configure the Multiplus it specifically says in the help section that if a Lynx BMS is used the GX will override all settings over CAN-bus
  3. Trying to understand why the Multiplus is charging at below 14.2V even when I configured it to do 14.2V if the DCVV was not working.
  4. My Multiplus dropped into float after 15-20minutes on the single battery and never hit a voltage above 13.8V to trigger the batter to know it's cell status. Not sure how to get the cell status to calculate. Battery Cells are all 3.40V and says Battery Read For Use in Victron Connect App.
  5. For a fully charged 12V Victron Lithium Smart Battery what is the normal cell voltage supposed to be?


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Lynx Smart BMS + WS500

Hi, I see the new schematic diagram showing the lynx bms and ws500 indicates that CAN comms to the ws500 is still under development. Any indication when this might be ready?

With the ATC control of the ws500, does this open before the contactor opens to avoid load dump damage to the alternator? Is this also the case when the bms is turned off by the remote contact?

Also wondering how the relay output is configured on the lynx bms and why the ATC signal is wired through the relay for the ws500?

Thanks and nice work on the new product!

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MPPT 250 BMS control


I urgently need help as my MPPT is going to blow my Batteries.

My MPPT is set to BMS controlled = NO.

How can this be changed? I've asked the shop I've bought it and they checked internally with some Victron colleagues and all refer me to this forum

Is there a way, even it means to send the MPPT to Victron.

But actually I hope that a setting in a commen menu (Cerbo GX) can be set back back.

Many thanks in advance.

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Fallback Settings on MPPT and Inverter for ESS

There are a few scenarios that I believe that systems should continue to work when they don't when a component disconnects.


1. BMS comms is connected and then stops working for some reason (comms loss etc) - solar production completely stops. Surely the fallback settings on the MPPT should ensure that solar production continues and an alarm should be triggered?

2. Energy meter is connected and stops working for some reason (comms loss etc) the system then goes into passthru and solar production continues. The ideal scenario is that system continues to produce solar, metering is reverted to the inverter and alarm is triggered.

There are some more scenarios that are similar to the above where there should be some fallback logic to ensure systems keep working (ESS) but alarms are rather triggered than stopping certain functions.

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bms-can System SOC shows 50%

Hey folks, looking for a little help. I'm probably just severely confused. So I have an Orion Jr BMS connected to my Cerbo via bms.can.

The problem I have is the reported System SOC only shows 50% At the same time my original Shunt is reporting 100%.

Here's my Question: Is the "System SOC" being reported by the actual the Orion Jr?

My house bank is 12v 600 AH (8, 3.2v 300ah cells (Winston TSWB-LYP300AHA))

Any help is appreciated.


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Mayday -> MPPT BMS Controlled NO to YES


ich verzweifle und ja es ist mein Fehler.

Ich habe BMS Controlled von YES auf NO gestellt, da ich immer wieder diesen dämlichen Err67 erhielt. Aus einem der Beiträge in diesem Forum und aus den Einstellungen "External Control" dachte ich, dass mein Cerbo GX den MPPT steuert, also bezüglich Ladestrom etc.

Dem scheint nicht so zu sein, nun habe ich aber eine Zelle, die etwas driftet und mein BMS fragt nach Leistungsreduzierung. Der MPPT pumpt aber fröhlich mit allem was geht rein.

Nun habe ich alles erdenkliche versucht, wie bekommt man dieses Mist Ding dazu, wieder auf BMS Controlled = Yes zu gehen? VE.Direct Kabel da, Cerbo über CAN angeschlossen.

Einstellungen bei MPPT auf Default gesetzt, Gerät ausgeschaltet (PV und Batterie), 3 Min gewartet, aber er zeigt mir fröhlich den Mittelfinger und bleibt bei NO...

Besten Dank und Grüße


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Smart BMS CL 12/100- Persistent A-B11: Under voltage Error


Purchased recently a Smart BMS CL 12/100 and connected to boats Lead acid start battery and LiFePo4 service battery. Configured it to use 60A current limit by using 60A fuse, and setting the same in Victron Connect App. But it seems to be a persistent error message I’m not able to clear no matter what I do. Tried “Facory reset”, use “Mode switch” to turn OFF and then ON again, but to no success. Voltages seems to be correct, but no charging of Lithium battery from the alternator, see screenshots attached. Could it be a configuration issue, or something else?

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Victron Smart Battery Protect 12/24 |100 placement question

Hi Folks,

I have a two fold question about the best placement for Victron BP for my VAN build that has LIFEPo4 560Ah 12v house battery bank, REC BMS, Cerbo-GX, Orion-tr DC-DC, Multiplus 3000, and pair of MPPTs 100/30. Originally I purchased the BP thinking of protecting the car battery, when using Orion Dc-Dc charger, as for my indented off-grid travel, starting the engine would be #1 priority over any house loads. However while doing my research I found that almost no one using it this way. Most references in Victron diagrams I find the BP being placed before house load (that's makes most sense to me) or after MPPTs (why?)

What are the practical experiences on this matter, where to best utilize the BP, since I already have it? It seems that Orion Dc-Dc can safely protect car battery from discharging under reasonable use. I drive Ford Transit 2020 and that uses dual AGM battery bank, if this is relevant to the question. I can install the breaker switch between CCP and the Orion and turn it on when needed.

And the second part, what programming parameters needs to be applied to BP when use in the particular manner. It does not have VE.can connector, does it mean it can not talk to Cerbo-GX? And do I even need to install it with REC BMS controlling the cells?

Thanks in advance!


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schema aansluiting Orion- Tr Smart , Smart solar MPPT 75/15 , Small BMS Smart battery Protect65

Ik zoek het schema voor de aansluiting van een Orion- Tr Smart , Smart solar MPPT 75/15 , Small BMS en Smart Battery Protect 65.

Grt Apcruiser

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Controlling a Phoenix 24/3000 inverter and SmartBattery Protect with a Lynx Smart BMS

I have a Phoenix inverter in a system with Lynx Smart BMS, Smart Battery Protect and Cerbo. Will the Cerbo shut the Phoenix down via VE.Bus when a low voltage condition occurs? Or is it necessary to use the ATD pins to open the remote on the Phoenix? This is problematic, as the ATD pins are used to control a Smart BatteryProtect in LI-ion mode. The SBP was implemented to provide an additional layer of protection for DC loads.

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SOC Display of separate Pylontech or BSLBATT rack units?


i think about getting some BSLBATT or Pylontech 48V LiFePo4 100Ah Server Rack units.

I want to use more of these parallel. Every of these units has there own BMS connected via CAN.

Now i wonder, if its possible on Cerbo GX Display or VRM, to show the individual SOC of these rack units?

Or will only an "overall" SOC of all parallel units combinded be displayed?

How i could then see or find out, if maybe a single unit does drift?

Like top unit has 100% SOC, but last unit only has 88% for example.

How can i see that?

Or do i need to hook up the laptop on every unit and look up manually?

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Lynx Smart BMS ATC and ATD Port Fusing

The representative schematics that incorporate the Lynx Smart BMS all show external fusing of the AUX, ATD and ATC contacts. However, the manual indicates in section 3.9 that the AUX port is fused. "This supply outputs the same voltage as the system battery voltage and is rated at a maximum continuous current rating of 1.1A and is protected by a re-settable fuse."

In section 3.6, the manual states, "The maximum current rating of the allow-to-charge and allow-to-discharge contact is 0.5A and the ports are protected by a self-resetting fuse."

I have two questions about this. Is external fusing required, as indicated in the system schematics, or is the re-settable fuse sufficient? Where are these resettable fuses located?


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Smart BMS 12/200 with Multiplus Compact 12/1600/70

I have a setup with a Multiplus 12/1600/70 and a Smart Solar 100/30 MPPT which I am planning to convert to lithium using Smart Lithium batteries and a Smart BMS 12/200. My question is about the System+ port on the Smart BMS. The documentation is unclear about how use the System port, and where charge sources should be connected. The manual shows the following two setups, which would seem to contradict each other. Which is correct? If I connect the charge sources to the System+ port, do I need to connect the load disconnect to the charge sources, or will the System+ port handle the load disconnect?

In the appendix, the manual says:

"If These MultiPlus models are not connected directly to the System+ port, they can also be controlled from the Load Disconnect and Charge Disconnect outputs by using the Smart BMS CL 12/100 to MultiPlus cable"

It is unclear in the manual which setup one should choose or what the benefits and drawbacks of each are. It is also unclear whether I can connect other charge sources such as the MPPT to the System+ port with no load disconnect. This is important as my MPPT does not have a remote disconnect port, and the VE.Direct port is already connected to a Cerbo GX.


Example 1 - Multiplus connected to System+ port, no remote disconnect:


Example 2 - Multiplus connected to batteries w/remote load disconnect


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ESS with 2-wire BMS and MPPT


In a system with a Multi 2, SmartSolar MPPT and a 2-wire BMS will the MPPT stop charging as well when Multi is asked to stop and the same goes for charging on low battery signal from BMS ?


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BMS App has 2 dashes in Time remaining

Usually, the app will state a period of time remaining till discharged, & Infinite while charging. Suddenly, I get 2 dashes instead of Infinite. No settings have changed, nor wiring.

Using Smart Shunt, so I do not have the puck gauge.

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