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Lynx smart bms charging behavior



I am using the Lynx Smart BMS for the first time and need some help understanding its behavior. The system is installed in an RV and consists of 2x 48/5000 Quattros configured in split phase, along with 4x 25.6 200ah Smart lithium batteries in a 48v arrangement.

The Lynx BMS has the following settings:

Charged voltage: 56.8v

Tail current: 4%

Charged detection time: 3 minutes

Absorption time: 2 hours

SoC threshold: 70%

When connected to shore power and the batteries full, the BMS will frequently call for bringing the voltage up to the charged voltage of 56.8v. It will remain there for roughly 20 minutes and then return to float voltage. The timing of this appears to be random, but it seems to occur at least twice per day. Would this be considered normal? What triggers this to occur? I haven't been able to find published information regarding the BMS charging strategy.

When this occurs there is a momentary power outage within the coach. VRM data doesn't show any interruption in input or output power. Logging interval is set to 1 minute, so it may not be fast enough to capture this momentary power loss.

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Multiplus 48/500 still charging when CCL from BMS is zero

Hi, I'm testing a BMS. The BMS comunicate correctly with the CerboGX I installed, I checked all the datas that the CerboGX reads from BMS and they are fine, included the CVL,CCL,DCL parameters. I put the "Keep Battery Charged" mode in the ESS and it works fine, the current profile follow the dynamic CCL. At the end of charge the CCL variate between 0A and 0,7A while the battery is performing balancing and the charge current follow that CCL limit well. Then there is a moment that CCL go to 0,6A (more less) and the current charge go to the same value and than "detatch" itself from CCL value charging the battery with that current constantly. The CCL go to zero but the Multi continues to charge with 0,6A (more less), and the battery go in overvoltage and disconnect itself for protection. Any thougth in what's happening and what's the possible error? Thank you

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Différence(s) entre BMS 12/100 et Smart BMS 12/100

Bonjour, pourriez-vous m'indiquer quelle(s) est/sont la/les différences entre le Smart BMS 12/100 et le BMS 12/100, hormis une connexion bluetooth. En plein refit de l'installation électrique du bateau, avec sources de charge: 2 alternateurs, un pour la batterie de démarrage, l'autre pour les batteries de services, 1 éolienne, 2 panneaux solaires, 1 chargeur victron Phoenix IP 43 3 sorties;

1MPPT 75/15

2 batteries LifePO4 100 ah avec BMS intégré, 1 batterie LifePO4 50 ah avec bms intégré, 1 batterie gel Victron 90 ah pour le moteur

L'idée est de mettre en place dans le circuit un BMS 12/100 (ou Smart BMS) pour pouvoir limiter la puissance de charge (en intensité) des batteries avec les fusibles du BMS.

Merci de m'éclairer.



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Comment connaitre la quantité d'energie (Kwh) transitant par les batteries ?


Dans la cadre d'une utilisation domotique, je récupère un certain nombres d'informations sur Home assistant via Modbus. Je souhaiterai récupérer les quantités d'énergie stockées et déstockées bar les batteries (en kWh, en Wh, ..., je connais déjà les puissances "instantanées" de charge et décharge en W)). Ces informations sont à priori disponibles mais pas avec le Bus-can.

Pouvez vous me confirmer, comme je l'ai lu sur le forum anglais, qu'il est possible d'installer un SmartShunt de le connecter en, de récupérer les informations sur les flux d’énergie mais de ne pas l'utiliser comme BMS ?

Existe-il un autre moyen d'accéder à ces informations ?

Ma configuration

  • Multiplus II 5000
  • Cerbo gx
  • Batteries pylontech


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Victron Sailboat Setup - (simple) Configurations and (dumb) Doubts

I have the following setup in tests before installing it on a sailboat with some more Victron equipment:

  • Cerbo GX
  • Lynx Shunt VE.Can
  • Lynx Distributor
  • BlueSolar MPPT 150/60-Tr
  • MultiPlus-II 12/3000/120-32 230V
  • Battery Pack LiFePo4 12V 230Ah, with BMS 150A max. discharge, 75A max. charge

We have the system working but with some important configurations to be done and for which I would like your help:

  1. Is it possible to change the BlueSolar MPPT settings, namely absorption and float voltage? If it would be needed an extra cable I can buy it. I ask this because in the case of the MultiPlus-II I was able to change the “Charge” settings.
  2. Is it important, or does it make sense at least, that the charging settings should be exactly the same on the BlueSolar MPPT and the MultiPlus-II?
  3. Since my BMS limits 75A of maximum charging current, the MultiPlus-II can never run at its maximum current (120A). The BMS just cuts the load, it doesn't "limit" to 75A. How can I limit this current on Victron side, optimizing the system so that the BlueSolar MPPT and MultiPlus-II cannot exceed 75A charging? My doubt is the following: I have times when the BlueSolar MPPT is charging at 10A, others at 20A, others at zero. Do I have to limit the MultiPlus-II to a fixed current or can this be dynamic as there is communication between all modules via a GX device?
  4. In the Remote Consule of Cerbo GX, the AC-Out L2 does not appear. Is it possible to activate it to show somewhere?
  5. When observing the AC-Out L1 (current and power), I noticed that when I don't have AC-In L1 input, my load is consuming 100W (coherent with the equipment it has). When I turn on the AC-In L1, the inverter also starts charging the batteries and the AC-Out L1 monitor starts to display approximately 200W, without the load varying. It should keep the 100W. Do I have a malfunction in the MultiPlus-II?

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On the Skylla IP44, what is parameter 31 ("BMS present") for?

Why do you need this parameter?

It implies that one can connect the Skylla IP44 to a VE.bus BMS, but is that correct?

If possible, how would you connect it as the Skylla IP44 doesn't have VE.Bus connections and the BMS doesn't have any VE.Can connections?

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VE.BUS Connection - Venus GX and VE.Bus BMS

The VE.BUS BMS manual has a warning stating; "A Digital Multi Control panel must be connected to the VE.Bus BMS. Do not connect a Digital Multi Control panel directly to a Multi or Quattro (signals from the control panel may be in conflict with signals from the VE.Bus BMS)."

I am using a Venus GX connected to "remote panel" port of my VE.Bus BMS. This setup works but I would prefer to connect the Venus GX directly to one of the two VE.Bus ports in my MultiPlus so that the Remote Panel port is accessible for connecting to my MAC which running Victron Connect.

While the warning (highlighted above) doesn't mention Venus GX, I was hesitating to connect the Venus GX directly to the MultiPlus.

Can anyone with a similar system using the VE.Bus BMS share how they have wired the VE.Bus connection for the Venus GX?


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Smart Bms 12/200 charge disconnect output

Can I connect more than one Victron device such as a Quattro and a MPPT charger to the load disconnect output of the Smart BMS 12/200?

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How can I get a shore-power-tied DC-coupled Quattro to use available solar power?

I'm an electrical / embedded systems engineer. I spent the entire day today (unsuccessfully) trying to get VE config to consume available solar power while also being grid tied and at a full SOC. I've read probably 10-15 posts on the topic and read the ESS manual (along with other support docs). I'm very frustrated.

Inverter: Quattro 5k, 48V, 120v

MPPT: SmartSolar 150/35

Control: Cerbo

BMS: Orion (CAN)

Battery: 48V, 300AH

Mains: 20A circuit current limited to 13A for 15A cord.

Connection: USB MK3

I updated VE Config. I installed Victron Connect. I updated the firmware on the Cerbo. I updated the firmware on the Quattro.

I tried dedicated Ignore AC input based on SOC, the inverter would not turn on or would turn on and off repeatedly.

I tried self-consumption hub 1, connected to mains, no feedback. The inverter would not turn on. I suspect this is because I have a CAN based BMS and there is no option in the hub setup for a CAN BMS?

I tried the ESS hub. Again, either the inverter would not turn on or would turn on and off repeatedly (mains contactors opening and closing).

Yes DVCC is enabled.

None of the instructions posted on Victron's website give a walk-through of the proper settings of VE Config while also using VE Config's terminology. I'm flabbergasted and exhausted at even trying to write down all the different things I tried to get this to work. Each one of them requiring an inverter reset thereby resetting my interenet, appliances, etc. My starlink had to be reconfigured because there were so many resets. I feel like this should be a single checkbox somewhere--"prioritize solar when on shore power".

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Help setting up 2nd alternator with Balmar 614 to work with my VE. Bus BMS

Hello, all.

Im currently doing a camper van conversion and I’m trying to set up my Nation’s 2nd alternator regulated by a Balmar 614 to work with my Victron system. I have four 200ah 12v Victron smart lithium batteries being managed by a VE. Bus BMS. I was advised that I could use a Battery Protect in Lithium mode connected to the “allow to charge” port on my BMS. The battery protect is connected to the ignition wire of the Balmar voltage regulator. If ever the battery was under or over appropriate temperature for charging, the BMS would open the circuit on the battery protect thereby cutting the ignition wire to the alternator.

I wired up the system last weekend and the alternator was working fine until today when I programmed the battery protect into Lithium mode and connected it to my BMS. Now the circuit seems open as the Balmar regulator is not powering on.

Any idea why I’m not getting power to my alternator now?

Hope all of that makes sense. I’m a newbie for sure so any help you can offer is greatly appreciated.


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Lithium diagram for yacht upgrade


I am planning to upgrade my sailboat electrical to Lithium. Could any body tells me if the attached diagram makes sense, and is safe . The 200 A rating of the smart BMS 200 is more than adequate for the yacht electrical needs. However the existing Victron quatro charger inverter is rated 5000 W and could only be handle by remote wires. Would this interfere with the digital multi control functionality ? My goal is to keep the system simple and safe and I would like to stay away from a VE bus bms or Lynx .

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ve.bus BMS & REC BMS , multiplus + cerbo etc

I am trying to find info on how the Victron ve.bus BMS works

Does the ve.bus BMS only works on data / commands received from the smart lithium batteries to operate (for example) the battery protect & li-charge relay , or does it also accept data / commands through the ve.bus ?

I am trying to ascertain whether or not I can just plug the REC BMS into the ve.can input on the Cerbo and then the ve.bus BMS (connected to the Cerbo) will operate in the same manner as if the data from the m8 circular connectors is present (ie battery protect & li-charge relay work)
or is the ve.bus BMS dependent on input from the batteries ? (and not from the cerbo)

I know I can just connect the battery protect & li-charge relay to the REC but I am wondering if I have to and how the ve.bus BMS actually operates and from what kind of data / commands

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Solar charger doesn't provide idle power on cold days



As can be seen, it is a sunny but cold day still here in Stockholm area.

A minor issue now is that the solar panels could provide energy for the current loads but as the BMS prohibit charging due to below 5 degree celcius (which is a correct thing todo :) ) the MPPT is cut off via a Cyrix-Li, controlled by the BMS.

This is not a bug then as it is per design in my case.

Now, if I would like to be able to use that possible energy contribution from MPPT in these cold days what would the Victron solution be? I guess skipping the Cyrix-Li relay and then assume that Cerbo (or if it is the Multiplus II really via Cerbo that controls this stuff, unsure about this part, with all the assistants etc) will limit the MPPT to provide only the needed load energy?

But then I don't have protection in case there would be some error in cerbo, communication lines or whatever and the MPPT could simply blast all it can to the battery even if it would be 100% full. I have the Multiplus connected directly to battery sort of (as there is no separation here between load and charging and there is no standard way to protect us here really via a "stop charging relay" to my knowledge) but via breakers, fuses and such of course. This is not really a big problem since I'll be in boat when using shorepower (but well, never do connect to shorepower really since solar energy is enough so this is one of the least used parts of my Victron system :D )

What would be the optimal setup here?



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Which BMS to use - camper

Currently my camper is equipped with:

  • Varta Professional LAD 115 deepcycle AGM
  • Schaudt EBL 211+LT453 18Ah
  • Schaudt Ladebooster WA 121525
  • 150W solar module and MPPT regulator Votronic 165Duo

I decided to replace AGM with Victron LiFePO4 SuperPack 200Ah by simply just replace batteries and set settings of booster and MPPT to lithium and set settings of EBL to Lead-Gel.

Since I do not have enough space, I must install normal Victron 200 Ah battery with external BMS. Which BMS should I use? Lynx Smart BMS or any other BMS with contactor?

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Smart BMS 12/200 & Quattro

Can a Smart BMS 12/200 load and charge disconnect a Quattro 5000? The manual says it can do so for a Multiplus but no mention of Quattro. Thanks

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