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Garmin MFD Integration - GMS 10 & RUTX11

Currently my Cerbo GX is connected to a Teltonika Router which provides the internet connection to be able to access the Cerbo via VRM, and I do not want to lose the VRM functionality.

I also have a number of Garmin devices networked via a GMS™ 10 Network Port Expander.

I'd like to use Garmin OneHelm, but reading the documentation it looks as though the GMS 10, needs to be the DHCP server, and this will conflict with the Teltonika RUTX11.

Is there a way to get them to play nicely together?

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Latest Cerbo GX Firmware missing MFD App info for Generator

Hi, the latest Cerbo GX Firmware is missing MFD App info for Generator. Was working with V2.73 but after that the view on html5 app is missing.


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Alternator Current Limiter without Smart BMS CL 12/200

Hi everyone, I am currently planning to replace the existing electricity system on my 34ft sail boat and have 2 questions that I was unable to answer despite extensive googling / forum reading. Would appreciate your help.

Goal: I am trying to figure out an alternative to the Smart BMS CL 12/200 that will allow me to limit the current drawn on my alternator when charging my 160Ah lithium house battery.

Rationale: While the Smart BMS CL seems to be perfect for this job, it does not have a VE.bus port that would allow me to connect it to a Cerbo GX which I need to display energy system data on my B&G/Navico chart plotter.

My planned setup: sail boat with onboard diesel engine and solar cells as sole sources of electricity (decidedly no allowance for shore power as it lives on a mooring). 12v circuit. Lead acid starter battery and victron smart lithium as hope battery. SmartSolar MPPT and 2 BatteryProtects currently by the Smart BMS CL. Phoenix VE inverter. This is still in planning phase so I could change it all up if necessary.

Second question: if I keep the current planned setup with the Smart BMS CL, how can I make sure the solar charger also charges the start battery?

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Two Quattros with one CerboGX. Possible software improvement.

If we have a system with 2 independent Quattros, with both inverters powered off the one battery bank, it is not possible to show both Quattros on the one Touch 50 screen as the Cerbo can only handle one VE.Bus device at a time.

If however the second Quattro is connected to the Cerbo GX via the Mk3 USB adapter, the MFD integration allows the DC current of the second Quattro to be displayed. It can also be seen on VRM. This is a good feature but the software could be slightly improved to tell a slightly better story.

If you look at the photo of the MFD integration, the two Quattros come up under a heading “Batteries”. They appear with the Smartshunt and it indicates the system has 3 Batteries.
It would be better to recognise the Quattros as not Batteries but as loads. Certainly the Smartshunt represents a battery bank as it is the chosen method of battery monitoring but the Quattros are not Batteries but rather are loads on the one battery bank.

Also, it would be great to see both Quattro AC loads independently and then summed to provide a total overall power draw. The software currently only shows the VE.BUS connected Quattro but I figure the USB connected Quattro data must be available.

Our configuration basically uses one Quattro to power 50hz outlets and the other Quattro to provide battery power via the charger from a 60 hz generator( or 50 hz mains) thus allowing 50 hz from a 60 Hz or 50 Hz source. I know it is using the Quattros in a slightly unconventional manner but if the MFD integration could handle both Quattros logically from a software perspective it would be even better.

I know software for every use case is difficult and maybe this use case is slightly unusual but I mention it only in the interests of improving the product if it were not too difficult to implement.


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Cerbo GX ethernet integration with Garmin 8417 MFD

We have a Cerbo Gx connected via the ethernet LAN port to a Garmin 8417 MFD. All latest software version. If the Cerbo is connected to a Wifi network the system works fine. If the Cerbo is not connected to the Wifi network the MFD prompts with a message that the MQTT server cannot be found. It also intermittently advises "An error occurred while rendering the application."

Are we doing something wrong?



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Questionnaire: help improving the Marine MFD App

Good afternoon!

Already two years ago, we launched the first version of our Marine MFD App. Sometimes referred to as glass bridges, HTML5 or Chartplotter App.

See the screenshot below for which user interface I mean.

This app is due for improvement. I know that many people have ideas on how it could be better, as do I myself. And I have hired an external company to design the new version, and they’d like to run a questionnaire.

Do note that the scope is very specifically to run it on a Marine MFD. And while well aware that it can also be used for different applications, and run on a tablet, or phone, and as such in an RV or Off-grid or other mobile and stationary application, those uses are out of scope for now. There is another plan going on for those. So please lets keep this focussed on marine use, thank you.

Here is a link to the questionnaire we’d like to be completed by as many boating users as possible:

If you know someone not on community, please share this with them. Its not needed to have a Community user account.

And also welcome to put comments in the answers and comments below. The UX designer will follow this question, its @B_Wltrs.

Thank you and have a good weekend!


Ps. here is a screenshot of the app. And more documentation is here:


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Garmin MFD showing 3 batteries - why?


I have an multiplus, a smartshunt 500A and Cerbo GX, Cerbo GX is connected to my Garmin marine network. I now have the Victron APP on my garmin, Really great!

I have 2 batteries here at my "desktop test lab" one is connected to the MP charge port and the other is connected to the MP starter charge port, on the smart shunt I have also connected the AUX to the start battery to get at voltage reading.

The problem is that the app shows that I have 3 batteries, why is that?




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