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Increase MFD App/Window on Simrad


Is there no way to increase the size of these info panels on my MFD? I read it’s an HTML5 app running on my Simrad EVO3S. I have to squint to see the data!

SUGGESTION - Maximize Window (a button, like fullscreen on youtube) I mean it’s HTML (width=100%)


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HTML5 Table list Scroll issue B&G and Simrad MFD's

Hello Team,

I have been working on B&G Zeus3 12 and Simrad MFD devices for 5 months. I have developed a dashboard HTML Application and I successfully deployed that in the B&G Zeus3 and Simrad devices. All the components in the UI(user interface) are coming fine, but I have a table with some data list in my UI(user interface). I would like to scroll my table list from top to bottom, but I am having a problem with scrolling. I could not able to scroll. It is not working in those two devices. The scrolling is working fine in my PC. I have updated the software version to latest(20.2.1) still the problem remains same. There is a Wheel key for B&G device, we can use that to scroll the list, but I don't want that. Is there a way to overcome this touch scroll problem.

Thank you

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I have a rather large Victron System that was recently commissioned and all was great. We added a GSM 4G-LTE and everything went haywire in regards to the MFD Integration. If the GSM is unplugged the APP on the SIMRAD MFD works great. And if the SIMRAD is unplugged the GSM works great and will work as intended. WIth Both plugged into the CERBO the APP stops working on the MFD and we lose INTERNET DATA and connection to the VRM. Sometimes the MFD will pop up a screen saying to "Make sure MQTT Plaintext is on", which it is. I have a feeling this has to do with SIMRADS DHCP server in their system and addressing conflicts, but I am not sure. Have you ever had this issue before? What can I do to remedy this?

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Questionnaire: help improving the Marine MFD App

Good afternoon!

Already two years ago, we launched the first version of our Marine MFD App. Sometimes referred to as glass bridges, HTML5 or Chartplotter App.

See the screenshot below for which user interface I mean.

This app is due for improvement. I know that many people have ideas on how it could be better, as do I myself. And I have hired an external company to design the new version, and they’d like to run a questionnaire.

Do note that the scope is very specifically to run it on a Marine MFD. And while well aware that it can also be used for different applications, and run on a tablet, or phone, and as such in an RV or Off-grid or other mobile and stationary application, those uses are out of scope for now. There is another plan going on for those. So please lets keep this focussed on marine use, thank you.

Here is a link to the questionnaire we’d like to be completed by as many boating users as possible:

If you know someone not on community, please share this with them. Its not needed to have a Community user account.

And also welcome to put comments in the answers and comments below. The UX designer will follow this question, its @B_Wltrs.

Thank you and have a good weekend!


Ps. here is a screenshot of the app. And more documentation is here:


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