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HTML5 Table list Scroll issue B&G and Simrad MFD's

Hello Team,

I have been working on B&G Zeus3 12 and Simrad MFD devices for 5 months. I have developed a dashboard HTML Application and I successfully deployed that in the B&G Zeus3 and Simrad devices. All the components in the UI(user interface) are coming fine, but I have a table with some data list in my UI(user interface). I would like to scroll my table list from top to bottom, but I am having a problem with scrolling. I could not able to scroll. It is not working in those two devices. The scrolling is working fine in my PC. I have updated the software version to latest(20.2.1) still the problem remains same. There is a Wheel key for B&G device, we can use that to scroll the list, but I don't want that. Is there a way to overcome this touch scroll problem.

Thank you

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MultiPlus State Control from Venus GX/Venus App (HTML5) not working with VE.Bus Lithium BMS


I am fine tuning the settings for my system and I've run into a roadblock. -

I have removed the MultiControl panel from my system and I'm trying to control the state of my inverter from the Venus GX console or the HTML5 Venus App running on the Venus GX, but while the MultiPlus shows up, I'm unable to change it's state using the Venus GX.

Interestingly, I am able to change the Input Limit but not turn on the inverter.

While the Venus GX accurately shows the MultiPlus' state on the HTML5 App page, the "buttons" to change the state don't work or reflect the actual state.

Please see the attached screen shot.


How can I enable control of the MultiPlus state through Venus GX?

Thanks in advance.

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