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How much batteries on multiplus II 5000

Hello, we have a 'multiplus II 48 5000' at home and I was wondering how much batteries I could connect to it. At the moment we have 4 "US2000's" connected to it, but we wanted to connect another battery. The new battery we bought is the US2000C. Is it possible to connect this battery to our current installation? We would use the US2000C as master. Thanks in advance

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Unable to pair Apple iPad to MPPT 75. 15

Was able to pair to Apple iPhone. Now I really want connection with Apple IPad. The instructions say enter the Serial number to pair, Do I have to enter with capitals and numbers, or do I enter the default “000000”. I’m confused. I’ve tried both many times.

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how to use the motion sensor

After reading this article :


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The right mppt choice

Hello all,

I am facing a cost/benefit decision. I am looking for the right mppt for my 350wp solar system. I have no experience with solar systems.

The solar system consists of 2x 175wp:


Vmpp: 37,16V

Impp: 4,71A

Voc: 44,28V

Isc: 5,21A

The Victron rating calculator suggests me the SmartSolar 100/20.

However, I am unsure if this may be too small for my system. According to the data sheet, this is designed only up to 290W.

Alternatively, I have looked at the 100/30. This would of course cover the power, but possibly somewhat oversized.

The solar panels are ultimately mounted statically at a horizontal angle. Is it realistic that the solar panel produces more than 290w in this scenario? I assume that I would " fully utilize " the 100/20 in a few szenarin and therefore the 100/30 would offer very little added value.

I would be very happy to here some experience values. For which MPPT would you recommend?

Thanks for your help and time!

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