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Multiplus Compact led indication codes

I'm trying to find led codes for Multiplus Compact.
The manaul shows only basic ones, the Victron Tool app doesn't cover Multplus Compact at all.

One of my two Multi Compacts working in parallel shows blinking both red and green led, what does it mean ?

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Lynx Distributor Fuse LED red

Is there any update on the Lynx Distributor Fuse light LED issue? 1 of the 4 slots for the Mega Fuse was empty, so the LED correctly lit up red for that slot. Today I just added a Orion 24/24-17 charger with a 50A fuse. As soon as I added the fuse, the red LED for that slot turned off as expected, and the LED in the middle of the distributor turned green. A few minutes later I noticed that the red LED lights were on again.

I checked the fuse, and it was not blown.

Do I have to reset something here to get the red LED’s to turn off?

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relay in MP2 or CerboGX relay

Dear All

I have been looking on this platform if old posts can assist me but I find myself still having a few questions.

I have a MP2 (5kva) and a CerboGX with all the other necessary items for 48V to 220V configuration (Grid-tie).

My kitchen is some distance from the MP2/GX and most of the "heavy lifting" happens in the kitchen. So for this reason, a touch 50 / 70 will not be able to reach the preference place (view point) so that all can see when they switch on loads.

Our local grid is terrible (to say the least) and we have daily outages that can last 2 to 4 hours.

My question : is it possible to install a LED to one of the relays in the MP2 (green connectors) or use the GX relays (built in) to turn on the LED when the grid is out (either by NC or NO relay configuration).

If so, should I connect a 5V (or 12 or etc.) load to the green connectors (that passes through the relay) or can this be configured to power itself.

If anyone can point me to the literature that gives a detailed explanation to what each slot do within the GREEN connector (or GX) with the its current/voltage limitation, I will be able to figure it out on my own.

However, If any of you have done this previously, I would highly appreciate it if you can send a photo or diagram my way.

Thanks in advance

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Phoenix Smart IP43 Charger - all LED's blinking with no AC power applied

LEDs on Phoenix Smart IP43 charger blinking when no AC power is applied to the unit. Unit charges normally when AC power applied. See attached video for behaviour.

Wondering what might cause this behaviour?


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Will the Fuse LEDs on Lynx Distributor illuminate without the 4-pin cable supplied with unit?

Trying to use the Lynx Distributor (and Power In) without the Lynx Ion Shunt or BMS (using BYD batteries). I had assumed the Fuse LEDs would illuminate with a working fuse in place and powered, however a line on the old Victron Live page for DC Distribution Systems suggests that this small data cable is used to power the LEDs (rather than taking power from the busbar itself). I cannot get the LEDs to illuminate - are the LEDs useless unless using the Lynx Shunt? Because Lynx Shunt uses CANbus, it cannot be used in conjunction with BYD on a CCGX (though I think VGX would support it).

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Muliplus Dead?

Victron Multiplus 12/3000/120 will not power up has a solid 12.5~13.5v to the terminals on the inverter. Was working fine yesterday, today nothing, no leds, no error codes sent to cerbo. Tried disconnecting DC cables and reconnecting. Also removed remote and cerbo by unplugging them from inverter and then tried using the switch on the inverter. Still nothing, just dead. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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Multiplus-II 3k front panel LED's

I have a Multiplus II 3KVA installed in yacht - around 6 months old.

The front LED's have never worked. The rest of the inverter works as expected. As we are liveaboards and therefore reliant on unit for daily living, along with the inverter not being in an easy location to remove so it can be to returned to dealer, I am reaching out to explore all options first.

I took the opportunity to remove the front cover and noticed that the ribbon cable for the LED panel was not connected. I noticed another thread here with a similar connection issue.

When connected to the appropriate header, the inverter immediately shows an overload indication and does not function. When removed the overload indication goes away and the inverter functions normally.

Any thoughts? My feeling it is a faulty indicator board or ribbon cable.

Can I obtain a replacement indicator board and cable somewhere (I don't mind if that needs to be purchased - is it something my dealer can procure as a spare part?) to try replacing before resorting to removing Inverter and returning to dealer and obvious period without power that will involve?

Hope someone can give some advice.


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Multiplus II no power output, float+absorb LEDs on steady, inverter ON LED flashing …at night?!?

5kW Multiplus II suddenly no power output no heavy loads running at the time, float+absorb LEDs are now on steady, inverter ON LED flashing...at night?!? Toolkit image says its in equalisation mode with PV input but it all happened at night time, no solar input now. Could it be an internal short circuit from a gecko or something? Cant seem to restore function with inverter switch, but can pass through generator power, when generator turned off back to wierd led combo and no power. batteries are at 60% SOC. No GX device in this system.so can’t remote log in at all. I’m stumped.

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PV ESS with Pylontech - Multiplus IIs are charging and inverting in parallel / meaning of LEDs


I am operating a PV ESS with 3-phase MultiPlus II 5000, 6 Pylontech US5000 batteries, Cerbo GX and 2 MPPT RS 450. Whole load is on AC1 out, grid is feeding AC in. System is working fine, ESS is in Optimized mode. PV Charger and Batteries are feeding power into the Multiplus IIs, to reduce/eliminate grid usage. Status in remote console is looking fine, however I am wondering about the status leds on the 3 Multiplus II devices and ask myself if they are configured correctly.

1) Multiplus Charger is always in Bulk (or absorption) mode (Bulk Led is yellow), although system is discharging the battery. I have feeling that the multiplus II are spending more energy than necessary (more 50 Hz sound) to run the charger in standby with 0A. Shouldn't the charger be off and come into operation only when battery SOC is below Minimum SOC (as set in ESS settings)? how to achieve that? grid setpoint is 70W, but anyhow AC out load is higher.

2) In the same situation, the Inverter On leds on the Multiplus II are on or blinking on, it is changing all the time. What does the the blinking Inverter On mean? On all 3 phases, AC out is consuming more power than taken from the grid, additional power is coming from batterie or MPPT. I have no grid feed in set, and there are no AC current limits set. what is the difference between inverter on led being on and being blinking?

Many thanks for helping me to optimize my system!

Best regards

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What does a blinking Yellow LED mean on a Phoenix Multiplus 12/1200 connected to the grid ?

Last year we bought a camper with an older Phoenix Multiplus 12/1200/50. When it is connected to the grid and switched on, the green LED lights up and after a few seconds the relay pulls and it switches to 'charger only' mode, ie the yellow LED lights up, the green LED turns off and the unit follows the grid. It then makes a slight humming sound.

However, after a few minutes the yellow LED starts to blink, mains power is still provided. The manual ( https://www.victronenergy.com/upload/documents/Manual-Phoenix-Inverter-Compact-1200-1600-EN-NL-FR-DE-ES-IT-.pdf ) only has an indication for a solid yellow LED, not blinking and we could not find any other topic in the forum. Any idea what the yellow blinking LED means ?

Many thanks.

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VE.Bus BMS red led on


I have recently upgraded my Li batteries with 2 x Smart Lithium Batteries 24V x 200Ah..

The 3 phase system equiped with Quattro multiplus works well but, since a few days, the red led on the VE;Bus BMS black box connected to the batteries remains permanently on.

This indicator indicates normally a température problem or cell excess voltage.

I have checked battery parameters with the blue tooth connection. Cells are balanced at 3.32 /3.33 volts and the température read is 25°C / 26°C.

This led indication seems erroneous.

Is there a way to reset this Led parameter ?

Thanks for your help.


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Can you disable the LEDs (sometimes) on MPPT 100/50?

Hello, community

I am stupid enough to have installed our MPPT in the bedroom of our small off-grid cottage. Do you happen to know a way to the bloody LEDs off until I build a cupboard around the thing? I am receiving complaints!

I have the Victron Connect app (pretty good!) and can derive lots of info from there.



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MP-II, only Bulk LED is blinking, what does it mean?

I have a problem with my system switching off with Error#1.

The system was set-up as 3phase/2parallel and this Error#1 was quite frequent.

In order to pinpoint the inverter causing it, I set the system up with 3 units as 3phase (3 units are on and 3 units are off).

After 10 days of quiet the Error#1 started again.

The unit on Phase L3 turns off and the other phases follow with Error#1.

After 3 seconds of total dark the L3 unit starts blinking "bulk" LED.

After 30 seconds system restarts by itself.

Does someone know what this solitary "bulk" blinking LED indicates?

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Multiplus 12v all leds on

Im Adding solar, smart meter and color control gx to existing multiplus 12v 3000va install. At some point after removing the grounds to put on the shunt and installing the rj45 for communication to the gx upon power on all lights are illuminated on the multiplus. It does seam to function normaly other than this.

The gx does not display any sort of error and seams to be communicating fine.



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LEDs on the VE.bus BMS

Dear All,

On the VE.bus BMS are three LEDs. The two at the bottom I understand, this tells something about the voltage of the Cells in the connected Lithium batteries.
But what does the one higher up means? (just below the VE.bus connector.)
The manual say:

LED indicators
- Enabled (blue): VE.Bus products are enabled.

But what does this mean?.

Maybe someone can explain this with some more words than are written in the manual?

thank you, Rob

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