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Will the Fuse LEDs on Lynx Distributor illuminate without the 4-pin cable supplied with unit?

Trying to use the Lynx Distributor (and Power In) without the Lynx Ion Shunt or BMS (using BYD batteries). I had assumed the Fuse LEDs would illuminate with a working fuse in place and powered, however a line on the old Victron Live page for DC Distribution Systems suggests that this small data cable is used to power the LEDs (rather than taking power from the busbar itself). I cannot get the LEDs to illuminate - are the LEDs useless unless using the Lynx Shunt? Because Lynx Shunt uses CANbus, it cannot be used in conjunction with BYD on a CCGX (though I think VGX would support it).

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Accidentally damaged the LEDs on MultiPlus, what now?

Hi all. I am at a loss right now. I am in the process of setting up my vans victron system, and today noticed that I somehow broke the “mains on” and “bulk” led lights on the multiplus. The cover was off, and they were somehow bent to the side with the top solder on each being snapped off. I am feeling sick that I let this happen. Unbelievably careless. So now I am wondering how I can get this fixed, and more importantly, what other damage I may have done to the inverter. Can I still use it assuming the only thing I hurt was the led lights? Will the broken solders cause any additional damage if the unit is powered on? Man, I’ve made mistakes, but this one really, really hurts. I am at a complete loss. Thanks in advance for any advice and help.

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multiplus 1600VA green inverter led is off

hello i have bought a Multiplus 1600 VA and the leds are always off

there is a correct entry voltage but no AC voltage and no green led on

the fuse seems to be ok

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Quattaro L1 phase only Bulk LED blinking - not switching on no info in Victron LED chart ( toolkit app)

I have a 5 KVA x 3 Quattro system . The system just switched off with L1 oveload amd later on restart shows #10 time sync error. After manually switching off and on all three the system tries to restart but fails with a click repateadly . L1 phase Quattro shows only blinking bulk LED while Y and B show the matching LED for #10 time sync error .

All network cabling is ok .

The system does not switch on in charge-only mode also. Checked the battery fuses they seem to be fine .

What are the chances of Quattro failing - the system is 3 year old

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Problem with Fronius + Victron + Pylontech (TAB Clone) AC Coupling: Led lamps interferences

When loads and pv production are in a similar range, led lamps of the installation make strange behavior with interferences, anybody knows how to solve it? Sorry for my english

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Programmable Relay Switch Condition LED Alarm

Hi, we are in the final design stages of a 3 Phase intentionally islanded system with 3 Quattro 15s. Using the assistants we want to ignore the grid connection on AC1 In and only grab it when battery low or load high. I have several systems on single phase using this set up which is fine, but i am concerned that the high load setting may miss a high load on one phase causing a shut down as i am told that the high load is aggerated across the three phases. I see there is an LED Alarm switch condition but cant find any detail on it. Can anyone confirm that this will trigger the switch when any of the LED alarm states is triggers on any of the 3 inverters. ie Low battery, Over load or high temp. This would be perfect if it does.

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LED Light strips blinking when on inverter

I have a system with 2 Quatros 12V with a bunch of Battleborn batteries. The RV has some LED light strips mounted under the counters. When the RV is on shore power everything appears to be fine however when I turn shore power off and switch to the Inverters the LED light strips start to flash/blink especially when they are dimmed. The more they are dimmed the more they flash but only on inverter power.

Any idea why that would happen and how I can correct it?

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MPPT blue LED blinking at night


can anyone tell me how to disable the blue LED constantly blinking at night ? We have two MPPT inside our Expedition Mobile and at night both of them are blinking blue which is pretty annoying.

Both are MPPT 100/50

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Multiplus C24/2000 Led blinking with ESS

I've got an ESS installation with a Multiplus C24/2000. At times the two leds "inverter" and "alarm" are blinking simultaneously. What does this mean? There is no information about that in the manual. Thanks

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Lynx Distributor fuse led problem

I have a Lynx distributor. I feed it with 5V with the RJ connector. For several months the LEDs were working properly (green). But for days I have had an error and I have not changed anything (except some firmware of the MPPT, battery protect), the fuses are good but they have lit red. I have done all kinds of tests, I have disconnected all the systems, but I cannot find where the problem is. I have replaced the 24v battery with a 12v one (isolated, without Cerbo, MPPT, Multi) to test and it works, the led turns green. But when I install the 24V battery, all the LEDs light up red.

After several days of testing I have updated the firmware of the Cerbo and Multiplus and now the LEDs light up orange. Does anyone know what is going on? Can I update the firmware at the distributor?


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I have a easysolar 12/1600/70 and at night when there is no solar generation the bulk blue led flashes every 10s or so.

What i have noticed now is that when charging in bulk mode the led stays on all the time and does not flash also the absorption and float stay on all the time during each sequence and no longer flash every 10s or so is it just me or is it due to the software change.as im sure they use to flash every 10s or so.

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Remote status LED for Orion-tr Smart?

I'd like to have a remote status LED so that I can know whether the Orion-tr is charging without having to open the Bluetooth app or go down into the engine room. Can I wire a 12v LED to the L/H terminals and ground or positive in some way to do this?


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Why does the red LED on my smart dongle flash briefly...

...when I connect or reconnect through Bluetooth. And why has the blue LED stopped working at all? (I have the latest firmware.)

Otherwise, the app is getting data from the controller.

But I would like the blue LED to work.

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3-Phase Multiplus II - LED lights

What are the LEDs meant to display for a 3-phase installation? Is there a link I can use to find the different 3-phase LED meanings? I have tried looking at the Victron Toolkit already.

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Multiplus 2 48/3000 LED Bedeutung


Ich besitze nun seit 1nem Tag ein Multiplus 2 mit Phylontech Speicher.

Mein Speicher ist nun auf 100% Aufgeladen und frage mich nun wieso die grüne LED Inverter On Leuchtet.

Die Batterie ist gerade im Absorption Modus

Mains On LED sowie Absorption LED Leuchten.Wieso den die Inverter On LED?

Vielen Dank



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