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UK Installer List

Hi, New to the group. How do you find an Victron installer/engineer in the UK please. North West England ideally.

Thanks, Clay

manicorganic asked
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marking of the chip for multiplus 24 500



Ищу маркировку микросхемы ic1 и резистора r102 от multiplus 24 500. Буду благодарен если поможете названием


pugaevnik asked

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Inverter repair needed

I have been given two Quattro inverters, a 48v 10000VA and a 48v 8000VA, both of which have blown/ burnt output FET's

Is there a way of getting them repaired, are spare parts available as I am an electronics engineer.

Or where can I take them to in the UK who can repair them?

mfred68 asked
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International Victron service is a nightmare

Hello, I'd like to listen to your stories about how well and quick your failed devices did get fixed depending on different countries.

I'm living in the south of Spain and my experience is worst than just bad. If it would be another brand I'd even suspect fraud, that bad I'm getting treated by the spanish AND the central in the Netherlands. Delaying, ignoring and even sending me a "fixed" device back with the very same problem. Fighting since many weeks over it, still no solution, answer or spare device.

WTF Victron???

offroadflow asked
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Your Experience with Warranty Claims

What exactly is the warranty when you buy Victron products? Is there a link to "the fine print"?

Has anyone had to claim a warranty for a component that stopped working? If so, how was the process. Did you have to ship the component somewhere? Who paid for that?

agroventuresperu asked
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Dump Load; SOC; LFP; 7/2022 gear

I've been lurking on the blog and looking at videos and PDFs. Figure it's time to send up a flag.

Where do i find any or all info specific to dumping safely and correctly using SOC and Li for multiple Quattros, Cerbo GX, MPPT RS 450/100, etc? Preferably detailed info.

As for me:
Im a 14 yr off-gridder using a Pb BESS looking at switching to LFP and Victron gear. Even an AC/DC couple system with Fronious if it made sense in the end. Again... no grid for miles.

Ie p 15 thru 18 of:

Looking for succinct material... (or at least what to read and watch) in regards to using the latest victron gear, LFP, and best (safest way) to dump into large water tanks to pre-heat infloor mix. I never used a dump before as unfortunately I've always been underpowered. Thats all going to change.

Again, where do i find any or all of that info specific to dumping safely and correctly using SOC and Li for multiple Quattros, Cerbo GX, MPPT RS 450/100, etc?

I'm using USA 240v Split phase.

Basically, in my humble opinion, a small commercial install in regards to power usage due to amount of PV for pre-heat.

I don't want to destroy the delicate LFP with hysteresis... and or goof up something that i could have avoided by simply learning first from others as "the book" and real world don't always jive.

I want to be an educated consumer, not an installer's nightmare pita.... or the guy relying on the salesman "expert" on every turn.

Respectfully.... and Thanks in advance,

f9cme asked
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Need for solar installers in Corfu / Greece who have experience with Victron products


We are looking for solar installers on the island of Corfu / Greece, who already have experience with Victron system components or installed their products. Who can help us?

Thank you very much!

offgrid-see asked
multiplex answered ·

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cerbo gx splash of water

Our water maker inlet hose, did come out of the filter splashing with water the Cerbo GX . All connections where wet, but inside was not water. It is an unfortunate episode, now the Cerbo GX is dead, There is something one can do to recover it?

maloya asked
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Looking for Victron Service Provider in Ft. Lauderdale, FL

I am looking for a Victron Service Rep in the Fort Lauderdale area to look at my installation on my boat to let me know if it is set up the best it can be.

captstever asked
Matthias Lange - DE answered ·

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Open Superpack

Hello, I was wondering if there was any documentation on how to open a 12.8V 20Ah superpack?

My Pack has no voltage at the terminals so trying to open to asses damage.

Is there anything like the smart pack manual attached below?



sc-kevo asked
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bluesolar panel voltage during night > 0 ???

I am not sure if this is normal, so my question is to all of you that use mppt bluesolar charger. While the battery is connected to the charger, I can also measure similar voltage on the solar input terminals. This is regardless if solar panels are connected or not. So if voltage of the battery is 50V, on the PV terminals I can measure 50+ something volts also. Same is displayed in victron connect screen. Does your charger displays solar voltage > 0 during the night also? Shouldn't it be 0V during the night? Perhaps something got fried in mine :-/

solar-apprentice asked
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Multiplus 2 Repair in Zimbabwe

I have a multiplus 2 5000/48/70 that is overheating but am struggling to find a place to get it fixed in Zimbabwe. One Stop Solar which is listed on the Victron website said they can’t fix it because they don’t sell this specific product or fix products they did not sell. Are there any other service centers in Zimbabwe or do I need to try send it to South Africa?

bryan-zulu asked
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Generator service notifications

Hi all,

Is it possible to send automatic alarm from VRM if generator service hours are due (hours or time period for example)? It would be handy in case there are many sites to monitor.

Best regards,

Jaan Särg asked
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Repair training for Quattro

Recently our Quattro Inverter went into an overload situation on it's own. I have contacted my vendor but Victron has asked us to send the unit to San Diego for repair. I would have been very happy if Victron would have swapped it out but I guess that isn't an option. We fulltime RV so being without an inverter is a bad proposition while traveling. My question is how do you become a Victron Certified Technician? Are there membership/certification fees? If I can learn to repair the unit on site then I can order parts instead of sending out for repair. I am a full stack software developer with a pretty good understanding of many of the Victron products that we use in our fairly large system.

bowpay asked
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What is a VictronConnect Service Report? How can I read it?

Can anyone tell me how to create a service report that's legible? The ones I get, are unreadable bunch of characters....

surgicalpro asked
Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) answered ·

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