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Help with equipment 120v 30A In > 240v 30A Out > Split Phase Panel with 120/240v loads

I'm looking for some advice on how I would accomplish this. The idea I have is to use Multiplus to take the 120v shore power initially & step it up to 240 split phase with the AutoTransformer and then have the AutoTransformer feed a 120/240v split phase circuit break panel.

The loads are 240v 30a and the shore power in is 120v 30a North America use.

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Wiring: Autotransformer balancing Ecoflow Delta Pro Solar Generators

i am inquiring about balancing the loads for two Ecoflow Delta Pro Solar generators with a Victron 100a Autotransformer. I would like to validate the wiring. The two generators come into a proprietary hub where I will take a modified 30amp L14-30 cord and INPUT the L1, L2 and the ground into the autontransformer and cap the neutral. Then OUTPUT L1, L2, N and G to a 100amp breaker in my main panel with a interlock kit.


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Getting 120v from a 240v Quattro 48/15000/210 - Is the Autotranformer Necessary?


I have a simple questions regarding the need for an autotranformer to achieve 120v from a 240v Quattro 48/15000/210 . Is the autotranformer necessary?

Can I not use a bonded neutral and a hot (L1 or L2) to achieve my 120V?

Or, will that create an imbalance in the Multiplus?

This is completely off grid, with not interaction with the grid whatsoever.

I would appreciate clarity on the matter.

Thank you

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Autotransformer on each 240 output of 48/15000/200

Can 2 autotransformers be used , 1 on each 240 output to provide split phase 120/240 on each from a single Quatro 48/240/15000?

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Multiple MPPT controller to GX device

wanted some advice about multiple 6 MPPT controllers , On a sail boat so different panels can be in shade, Present set up would be the CANvu GX Know there is a limit on Ve Direct connections, so was going to use a USB hub, Will also be looking at connecting a Wind Genny and Hydro Genny connection to the system. But that another story for later. What i want to know is will the CANvu GX be able to see the 6 MPPT and they be able to see each other with the USB hub in the Mix?

I see there are a few options available to up grade the system now to use The Cerbo GX with has 15 Ve ports, but i looked at pics and dont see that many , what would i need for multiple port a USB hub ? so back to the above question would the MPPT's be able to see each other.

The other option is to upgrade the MPPT's to the newer units with Ve Bus connecitons that can be daisy chained together, whats available just now are over kill.

Any suggestions or advice welcome.

@Mark saw a similar post that you answer very well

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Semi Off-Grid System; recommendations ?

Hi all

I'm fairly new to Victron products and need some advice for building a system to power my Home-Lab.

Home-Lab should be powered by PV energy as long as there's enough power from pv panels and/or battery storage. As soon as there's no energy left to power my Lab it should automatically switch to Grid power. When there's again energy from pv/battery an automatic transfer to PV energy should occur.
This system shall NOT feed energy to the grid.

Already found a Automatic Transfer Switch with capability of Monitoring battery voltage; as soon as battery voltage drops a certain value it transfer to grid power and back to to PV when battery voltage above threshold. Unfortunately, this ATS is just a mechanical switch by relays. So, no phase sync to 50Hz grid does happen, which is quite dangerous for some reasons.

I very much appreciate any recommendations regarding product selection and design of such a system.

best regards,


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Autotransformer output different

After connecting the Victron autotransformer from a 240 inverter for solar I noticed a voltage difference of 117v on one leg and 123v on the other. what could be causing such a difference and is this a concern? Should it be returned and exchanged?

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Autotransformer 100A max amperage output in midpoint transformer mode


I was wondering what's the max breaker I can put on the split phase output of the ATS in midpoint transformer mode. My wiring is as shown in the picture. Input on the right, output on the left. Electrician is saying he can only put a 30A max on both legs giving me only 15A on each leg. Is that the correct way? Thanks.


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Autotrasformer for US split phase and 15 kva Quattro

I would like to connect 2 Quattro 15 kva in parallel for an output of 24 kW. I would also like to connect that output to the 100 amp Autotransformer to obtain a 120-N-120 split phase (USA). I have seen the circuit diagram describing a similar connection with 1 Quattro, but I have not been able to confirm if you can do with two inverters in parallel. Thanks!

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Autotransformer wiring diagram 120v & 230v shorepower


I need to make the autotransformer auto-detect the shore power is 120v or 230v so the transformer nows if it should kick in .

I installed:

2x Multiplus-|| 24/5000

4x LifPo 25,6v 200Ah

1x buck a Boost 50A

1x MPPT 250/70

1x Lynx Smart BMS

2x Lynx distributor

However , is there something fully automatic that you can use 230v shorepower ( bypass the autotransformer) and 120v shorepower ( use the autotransfomer) or do you guys now a manual solution.

I cant see installations using both grid voltages.



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Autotransformer Outdoors

When placing autotransformer outdoors what is the preferred method? Nema enclosure with ventilation or just coverage to ensure there is no direct water ingress?

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Autotransformer (100A) w/ground leak

Am experiencing .5A on my unit’s ground conductor. Ground relay is not being used. I would think this is not supposed to happen.

I bring in 240v and output 120/240.

Otherwise, the unit seems to operate as expected.

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Charging Rav4 prime, and need 220v

Have a Rav4 Prime that will charge at 3,300 watts if 220v source. I have a 3500 watt Outback inverter. Can I add a 30 amp breaker to my single phase AC panel and hook a Victron 32 amp Autotransformer to it to supply 220v to car charger? The car will let me select charging below 3,300.



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Batterien über Lichtmaschine Laden ?


bei einen von unseren Kunden haben wir:

- 2x Victron 160A Batterie Lithium ion

- 1x Solarladeregler MPPT 150/70 mit dazugehöriger PV-Anlage 1,6Kwp

- 1x MultiPlus 12/300/120-50

- 1x Cerbo GX, GC Touch 50


Der Kund wünscht sich gerne, das man die Batterien im Notfall über das Auto Bzw. Lichtmaschine laden kann, es ist ein Wohnwagen der an ein Auto angeschlossen wird.
Meine Idee war nun ich Baue ein Laderegler DC-DC Orion-TR 12/24-5 (120W) ein, dieser würde doch dann die Spannung vom Auto 12V hoch setzen auf 24V und gleichzeitig die Leistung begrenzen auf 120W. Kann man so etwas realisieren ? oder sollte man hier anders vorgehen ?

Mit freundlichen Grüßen


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Isolation Transformer and/or Auto transformer?

I am fitting my sail boat with Victron equipment and I currently have a MultiPlus 12-3000-120 with two SmartSolar 100-30 MPPT controllers (one for each 300W solar panel) and a Battery Isolator for the alternator - all controlled by a Colour Control GX.

My question is this: I want to sail around the world and be able to connect safely to any marina power source and be able to plug into my boats 120v system. Obviously I want an Isolation transformer to protect me from badly provisioned power sources but also I want to be able to seamlessly run my systems whatever the power provided at any port.

I can't tell from the spec sheet if an auto transformer also acts as an isolation transformer?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

I have become a fan of Victron products and would like to build my boat electrics around them.

Kind Regards


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