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please can any one know why charge relay turns off too soon ?

Charger Safety relay and the Charge Enable relay this means that the charge current limit (CCL) might be hitting 0A causing the relay to latch OFF. but what should I do to resolve the issue it's charging for just 5 mint and turning off and I restart the BMS and 5 mint again ...

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Right 230V charger for Lithium battery with BMS


I’m currently planning the electrical design for my camper van and it looks as follows:

  • My battery is a 12V 100Ah Lithium Smart battery (LiFePO4)
  • Orion DC-DC charger is used to charge the battery from the alternator
  • MPPT 75/15 is used to charge the battery from the solar panel
  • Battery protect is used to disconnect DC Loads
  • Phoenix inverter is used for 230V loads
  • smallBMS should disconnect chargers or loads independently

Now there are two 230V chargers i could use. I already got the Phoenix IP43 230V charger, because it has an remote on/off switch which can be connected to the BMS. There is also the Blue Smart charger which can also revive dead batteries, but it has no remote on/off connection. So it would require a Cyrix-Li, if I got it right?

The question now is if my setup in general looks ok and which 230V charger fits better. I don’t really understand the differences between them except IP rating and the ability to revive dead batteries.

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Shore power charging issues

We are plugged into shore power (60hz) and my chargers are not charging in bulk mode.

My charging system: Skylla IP65, 2x. Multiplus 12/3000/120. Solar is providing very little 200watts.

The battery SOC is at 74%. When I turned on the Skyllas one goes into bulk mode the other storage mode. The Multiplus is in float. Shouldn't all the charges go into bulk mode at this SOC?

Batteries are LiFePO4.

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Charge disconnect BMS to 1200w inverter charger connection question

Are they referring to the large positive battery connection post? Underlined below at the last sentence

Cable for Smart BMS CL 12-100 to MultiPlus (PN: ASS070200100)

This cable will allow the MultiPlus 500VA – 1600VA, MultiPlus Compact 800VA – 2kVA and MultiPlus-II models to be used with BMS products that have no VE.Bus interface, such as the Smart BMS CL 12-100 and the smallBMS. These MultiPlus models can be controlled from the Load/Charge Disconnect outputs and Load/Charger outputs respectively.

The cable must be wired to the remote on/off connector of the MultiPlus models:

• When used with the MultiPlus 500VA-1200VA models connect the black wire to the ON terminal and the red wire to the (+) terminal.

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IP65 won't charge battery but MPPT 50/100 does

I would like to start with just giving some background on my situation (and that I have checked the other posts on why the BSC IP65 won't charge), and if my situation is the same (bad battery) and what the cause might be.

TLDR; I'm a novice and have not made this setup myself. IP65 stopped charging battery last week but my MPPT 100/50 does. I'm wondering if the company that made the installation has done something wrong which has caused damage to my battery and I now need a new one.

The full story (and sorry that it is long, but I really need help and doing my best to explain what's happened):

I bought a wagon home last year, and with it came one solar panel at 200W, connected to a Sunwind AGM 260Ah battery through a MPPT 75/15, plus an IP65 12V/25A charger, connected at the same time. Never had any issues, both displayed the same battery state, etc. When there was plenty of sun, the MPPT would charge the battery even though the IP65 was connected at the same, and so on. No complaints or issues.

Then during spring, as compensation for delays, and a lot of other issues with my new home, plus that the MPPT didn't provide enough amp to start an electrical devices they had connected to it, I got it upgraded to three 200W solar panels, same battery (AGM 260Ah), new MPPT 100/50, plus the same IP65 12V/25A charger and a SmartBMV 712. They also installed an 3000W inverter, so that I could use the solar power for my TV and some other 220V appliances.

First thing I noticed after the company had made the installation was that when both the MPPT and IP65 was connected was that it would show different status for the battery while charging. The MPPT would display FLOAT, while the IP65 would display ABSORPTION, and charge the battery, while almost no charge came from the MPPT, even though it was sunny outside.

I thought this is weird, but since I don't know much of this, and the company that made the installation said that's normal, I thought okay, I guess I have to trust them it's supposed to be that way. I even spoke to some representative at Victron in Finland who said that nothing can be done about that. Here are two screenshots I took from back then, after the update, during a sunny day:



I just thought it was weird that it had worked fine before, no issues getting a charge from the MPPT even though the IP65 was connected (plus both showed the same state), and now with the new MPPT and extra panels, I get almost no charge from the solar panels.

So I came up with a work-around, which was that I set the IP65 behind a timer, so that it would be turned off during day time, and get turned on for the nights. And I think it has worked really well, though I don't know if that might have caused some of my issues.

Then last week, the power was out one night so the IP65 wouldn't charge the battery, and it went down to around 11.21V during the night. Then next day, the MPPT started charging it again. I checked the IP65 during the afternoon, and now when I started it, it would do the TEST, BULK (for a few seconds) and then go straight to ABS, without charging the battery.

The MPPT though managed to charge the battery to full power next day, and keeps on doing it. On the meter though, the light BULK/ABS/FLOAT (respectively) does blink every 3 seconds, which according to the manual (I think) either in BULK mode means it can't charge (which it does), or in FLOAT mode means "Charger temperature too high" (not sure this is correct though, since it blinks every 3 seconds and the manual doesn't say if it should be constant blinking, or if it's the same as blinking once every 3 seconds).

For the MPPT the max charge current is 50A, which I understand shouldn't be too much for a 260Ah battery, i.e. 260/5=52, but if both the IP65 and MPPT would be connected at the same time, and provide charge, it could go over this value - unless there is some function built-in to prevent this (I saw something about this in one other post regarding combining the IP65 and an MPPT).

So summary: Right now the MPPT charges the battery, but the IP65 seems to indicate with that short BULK phase the battery has reached its end of life.

So what has gone wrong with this? The battery has been in use since about October last year, and for the first 6 months, before the new MPPT and the extra solar panels, it was not in use much, only for some LED lights, water pump, etc.

After the upgrade, with the inverter, it's been in use daily. I did read that the AGM battery I have is not made for constant use, so has all the use in past two months killed the battery? Or is there something else going on here? (I've been thinking of upgrading the battery to a better AGM with more Ah anyway, but I need to know if the company that made installation has done something wrong, so I can get compensation from them, or if this "somehow" is my own fault, because I've been using the battery daily, with the inverter, for my TV, etc. I'd like to add that during this two month period, there was also three weeks I was away traveling so the battery wasn't in use for anything else than my mini fridge, which uses about 150W. I.e. the battery has been in constant use for about 6-7 weeks.)

The company also advised me to set the MPPT Load output Operation mode to "Always on".

Here are some screenshots from the Victron app, how it looks currently:




Any advice is highly appreciated. Thanks.

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Vicrton Energy VE.Direct LoRaWAN - kein Gerät in der Geräteliste (Solar Charger)


ich habe das Vicrton Energy VE.Direct LoRaWAN Gerät besorgt und wollte es zum Datenauslesen für den Solar Charger 100/30 verwenden. Ich habe die Anweisung zur Installation befolgt, es dauert gute 20 Minuten bis die LED "grün" blinkt. Die Anmeldung im Portal ging dann ebenfalls. Nun kann ich aber kein Gerät hinzufügen. Bei einer anderen Installation ging das reibungslos.

Ich sehe nur das Gateway und bin der Meinung, dass grundlegende Daten wie Signalstärke usw. auch fehlen:



Ich hatte es zwei mal probiert und auch mit einem anderen Charger 75/15. Immer erfolglos.

Habe ich irgendeine Einstellung übersehen/vergessen.

Vielen Dank für die Unterstützung



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Wiring 3 parallel batteries with IP22 w/3 outputs


I have a smaller motorboat with 3 parallel batteries. 1 starter and 2 consumer batteries.
I have bought an IP22 Blue Smart with 3 outputs, and I wonder how to connect them to the charger correctly.

I have made an figure of how I suppose is the correct way, but I am unsure if it really is that simple?
Should I add fuses on any of the wires?

Thanks a lot in advance for your support.

BR - Pjet Barn

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Uneven number of Panels


Thanks to @Seb71 help I clarified that I need a new mppt charger for my Balcony setup.

For optical reasons ++. I got them very cheap I have exactly 7 panels with VoC of 22V and Vmpp of 18V (150W). Additionally the panels will be vertical (again optical reason), so will probably only give around 60% of Efficiency. One panel will be in shadow 50% of the time.

I actually wanted to have a parallel setup of 4 panels (including the one in shadow) and 3 panels (the ones only in the sun) in series. After some reading this seems to be idiotic / not working.

What kind of split would you prefer? I am honestly a little bit lost..

  1. 3/3 and ignore the 7th one (only optical) would barely reach the battery voltage of 54V (VPPmax 18V*3 = 54..)
  2. 7 in series would be very expensive (mppt 250 required..)
  3. 3 with mppt 100/20 and 4 with mppt 150/30 gives the same problem as (1)


Thanks for any hint,


PS: Initial plan was to connect all to a growatt mic 600 (which Has very high max. voltage). I now wanted to evaluate if I can include the Balcony in my normal setup.

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Different smartsolar or use the same?

Hi all,

Probably stupid question but anyhow: Currently I have a smartsolar 250/60 mc4 (2x Mc4 input). This is connected to 2x4 panels (49V Voc, 10A Iac) using both input mc4.

I want to add 4 completely different panels to my balcony now (150W, 22 VoC, 9A).

How can I achieve that best?

  1. Buy a new smartsolar 100/20 and connect it to the same battery as the 250/60? (will that even work and respect the 50A load restrictions of my pylontech?)
  2. Buy a Y mc4 connector and connect my current panels parallel outside of the smartsolar, and use the second mc4 port of my existing smartsolar for the new Balcony panels? (will that affecty current panels?)

I guess the first one is correct but I am really not sure about connecting completely different per I would suspect I have to do nothing, but really want to be sure here..

Thanks a lot,


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Orion-Tr Smart DC-DC 12/24-15 for charging


Can I use a Orion-Tr Smart DC-DC 12/24-15 for charging a 24v battery with a 12v input? Or will it only work in Supply mode, converting 12v to 24v?

Best regards,


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IP67 outputting zero amps

I have an IP67 12/25 that I've been using regularly to charge my SOK 12volt/206ah battery. This past weekend when I hooked it up (I have an anderson connector on both the charger and battery and disconnect the battery from my power panel when charging) to charge the Victron Connect app was showing that the charger went immediately into absorption mode at 14.4 volts and 0.0 amps.

Given the reputation anid quality of the Victron products, and the fact that there's virtually no serviceable parts of the IP67 I thought there must be something wrong with the battery. After speaking with SOK about the problem, and doing some troubleshooting steps they agreed and sent me a replacement BMS, I got the BMS today and installed it and the charger is still showing 14.4v/0.0 amps.

Is there some kind of troubleshooting I can do with the IP67 to see if there's something wrong with the charger, or the settings?

Also note, I tried all of the different modes on the IP67, including putting it in power supply mode at various voltage settings. I'm at a loss for other things to try with this so any help or advice will be greatly appreciated.

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Quattro: Set charge current depending on AC-IN ?

Am I the only one to miss this feature?

Quattro 5kVA, AC-IN1: Generator AC-IN2: Grid

I would like to set the max. charge current for the generator somewhere below its nominal capacity (somewhat around 8A), I would like to keep the charge current setting for grid as is - which is 1A.

In other words: When connected to grid, charge the battery as little as possible, when connected to generator, charge with generator capacity.

VEConfigure: No dice. Only one global galactic value can be set here for the charger.

Any ideas how to achieve that feature or shall I include that in my Victron prayers?

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Blue Smart IP65 12/10 - Power supply mode => no 10A ?


I purchased a Blue Smart Charger IP65 12V/10A due to the fact, that it can be used as 10A power supply as well. But when I set it via bluetooth to "power supply Mode 10A" an connect my mobile cooling box the voltage drops and the charger supplies not the desired current.

I verified with another programmable power supply with OCP set to 5A that the cooling box does not reach that current. I measured that even the peak current during start is less than 4.5A

So, is the charger defect or is that a software issue within the firmware?? The app says "no new firmware update available".

appreciate any help.

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Multiplus 12/1200 not switching to AC input


Just installed a 12/1200 and it will not switch to AC input. I AC out works tried putting 800W load on it without a problem.

When applying AC in relay toggles periodically. IN CHG-only mode it goes into fault after a number of relay toggles.

Charger is configured as default LiFePo4 with VE.configure

Connected battery is a drop-in 200AH LiFePo4 voltage is at 13.1V SOC 40%

I have an Orion connected to the engine it charges fine with 28A.

Have tried reducing the charge current to 10A no diff.

Have tried disabling charger no change.

Any ideas what could be the issue?


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Multiplus 12/800/35 to trickle charge Lead Acid starter battery.

Is it ok to use the 1A trickle charge output of the Multiplus to charge a lead acid starter battery when the main batteries house batteries are Lifepo4?

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