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External charge controller when using ESS assistant on Multiplus II GX 5kva

I have been very successfully be using my Multiplus II GX 5kva in ESS mode for the summer of which I am very happy with. Generally my PV system has produced enough energy to fully charge the batteries each day and then export the surplus to the grid. I have the ESS set up to provide a scheduled charge between 00:30h and 02:30h to 80% SoC but as we move into winter, Ideally I would like a external controller to do a forced charge either past the 80% SoC between 00:30h and 02:30h or a forced charge between 02:30h and 04:30h.

Q1 - Is there an assistant I can use to make this work?

The reason for wanting this additional control is because my solar PV generally still provides enough energy to charge the batteries day to day but now with more days covered in clouds and therefore insufficient solar generation on the odd occasion, I would like to use a smart time clock (Heatmiser Neostat V2 HW controlled by a IFTTT weather applet) to provide a greater charge if predicting bad weather the following day using my off peak electrical tariff as much as possible (Octopus Go).

I've looked at similar posts but its not clear to me if using the 'Charge Current Control' assistant will provide this when the smart time clock is connected to Aux2. I'm hoping someone might be able to advise before I go down the path of this additional control, the associated time and expense. Would I correct in saying the charge current control is exactly that, just an assistant to limit the charger dependant on the input received or does it allow off or charging at a fix rate?


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BlueSolar Charger MPPT 100/20 48V #33 Hohe Spannung am Eingang

Schönen guten Abend an alle!

Ich habe an meiner Anlage folgendes Phänomen.

Ab ca. 20:00 Uhr bekomme ich die obige Fehlermeldung vom Laderegler. Also wenn die Sonne weg ist.

Ich habe 4 Module AxSun AX M-36 3.2 premium black 165Wp an dem Laderegler angeschlossen. Leerlaufspannung 23,25 V pro Modul. Die Batteriespannung beträgt 48V.

Am CerboGX Gerät kann ich erkennen, dass die angezeigte Modulspannung stark schwankt. So bis 92V. Wie gesagt, jetzt abends, wo es dunkel ist!

Als Vmax am CerboGX wird aber nur 85V für den Laderegler angezeigt.

Hat jemand eine Ahnung, was die Ursache für diesen Fehler ist?

Für einen Hinweis wäre ich sehr dankbar.

Vielen Dank und schönen Abend noch.

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MPPT RS Sizing limitatios

Hello ,

Im planning a setup with panels of these specs:
460 Wp
Max Isc : 14.01A
Max Voc: 41.48V

These will be connected to 48v LFP battery and MultiplusII, 3 phase.
The panels will be in an area where temperature can get to -20C in winter for few days.

The Mppt RS 450/100 seems to be the suitable for the project.
However, the specs seem overwhelming and I'm not sure how to size it correctly.

Question is: What are the limiting factors with these panels?
What is the Maximum number of panels of these specs and in what kind of configuration for ONE RS unit?

RS Pv short circuit max is 20A, and voltage cannot exceed 8x battery voltage does this mean I can only install these kind of panels in series per tracker? So a maximum of 20 panels , from my initial beginner understanding?

Also Manual for Multiplus Inverter says only 38-66 Volts max DC income, but not max Current specified in data? Does the incoming current from MPPT not matter for the inverter?


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No auto charge with EV Charger


since some days I'm desperately trying to connect my new EV Charger to my (off-grid) cerbo system.

The charger works without problems in manual mode, and I get a WIFI connection: the display of the charger shows my system components as they work, the solar power, too, and all correct. But in the car icon I read: waiting (for) sun - though the sun brings f.e. 5kW and I consume only 500W. The battery's charging state is correct (put it to >90%), and the system connection to cerbo display (remote console) as well as to the VRM online portal works. The IP of the cerbo is correct and the modbus TP-Server ON.

Victron's manual is rather scanty and does not explain all details or this sort of problems. Also the movie on youtube brings no more information.

Any idea what to check and try?

Martin Krahn

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Victron wallbox features

I have a victorn original wallbox.
I am disappointed, I expected much more. It's not exactly cheap, is it?

Do you know if the development is still ongoing and if improvements can be expected in the future?
I miss the most:
- registration of a specific car. rfid, pin code, whatever. How should I distinguish the amount of energy, for example, between two cars?
- monthly how many kwh in total and how many kwh each car. Erasable counter.
- how much energy was taken directly from the PV, from the battery and from the grid? The price of energy is different from the grid and directly from PV. For each car separately. I need it to calculate the recharge payment.

And the last thing that completely shocked me. wifi only? on a fixed device? A LAN port is absolutely necessary. Wifi is an unreliable connection that loses signal behind the first wall. What will be next? Ve.bus wirelessly? :D

I hope there will be a SW update...


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Charger and SmartShunt and Inverter current going the wrong way and miss representing SOC

I have a need to keep 120V maximum 50W of load powered in the case of a power outage and to be able to remotely monitor the SOC of the batteries. The configuration runs off of 2 x AGM 12V 100Ah batteries connected in series with a SmartShunt 500A, a Phoenix Inverter 24V 250VA 120V, a Blue Smart IP65 24V 8A charger all connected to a Raspberry Pi acting as a CerboGX.


Both the SmartShunt and the Inverter are connected to the Pi via the to USB cable and are visible via the VictronConnect Application and VRM.

Since the Charger only has Bluetooth capability, we can not manage it remotely, but only locally which is fine. But non of the devices talk to each other over a virtual Victron wireless network like a SmartShunt can with an MPPT for example.


The problems that I am seeing are the following:

  1. When looking at the inverter, it only show 0% load. That value never changes.
  2. When looking at the SOC on the SmartShunt for the batteries, they are continuously reporting as discharging even though the Charger is permanently connected and charging the batteries.
  3. In the VRM portal, the current flow is going from the batteries to the Inverter and not from the Inverter to the batteries as I would have expected it since the inverter is supposed to keep the batteries topped off when AC power is usually available.

Is this configuration simply not possible because each element do not have a way of communicating to each other?

Or is the Charger not to be connected to the negative terminal of the battery bank but needs to go through the system Negative of the SmartShunt? (I have tried that but to no difference).


The setup is available at

Thank you for any help anyone can provide.

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Charge Controllers not syncing settings

I just setup a new system and have two different Solar Arrays and controllers connected to one battery system. In my previous setup the two charge-controllers would synchronize settings (absorption, float..etc), but in my new system they are not doing that. If I change the float value on one, it does not update on the other.

I have verified they are both on the same Bluetooth network.

They are running different firmware but they are both up-to-date according to VRM and the app.



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Kann mir jemand helfen beim Einstellen meiner Anlage im Wohnmobil

Leider komme ich mit den Einstellungen nicht so wirklich klar, daher hätte ich gerne ein wenig Unterstützung. Heute hab ich erste mal versucht den Multiplus als Wechselrichter zu benutzen bei nicht ganz vollen Batterien. Diese hatten angezeigte 77% und als ich die Kaffeemaschine anmachte bekam ich die Meldung es ist zu wenig Strom da. Die Kaffeemaschine hörte auf und meine Frau war nicht erfreut :( Ich hatte es die Tage getestet bei 100% da ging die Kaffemaschine.

Ich habe im Wohnmobil folgende Komponenten verbaut.

Raspi 3 mit 10" Display

Smartshunt 500A

BlueSolar Charger MPPT 75/15

Multiplus 12/1600/70-16

1x Solar 150W auf dem Dach

2x 120Ah AGM Batterien für den Wohnbereich

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How do I get my Victron Quattro to charge batttery bank at maximum 140 Amps?

I have a Victron Quattro in my grid tie in system in which is also a Fronius 8kva Solar Inverter feeding an 800ah battery bank and a 13 kva generator. A Color GX allows online monitoring and control of the system.

The problem I have observed is that my Victron Quattro does not charge my batteries at the maximum amps possible (DC 140 amps) when it can. The maximum I have observed (during bulk and absorption charge states) is 80 amps. This happens no irrespective of the mains supplier (Grid or Gen). On VEConfic "General" tab, I have set my "Shore limit on AC 1 (grid) and AC 2 (gen) to over 60 amps and 55 amps respectively which is more that sufficient to meet the charger's demands.On the "Charger" tab, the charge current is also set to 140 amps. I have the ESS assistant running because i don't want any Feed in to grid when the PV is running. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

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Multiplus charger setting for DIY built lithium battery

I have a MultiPlus 12 | 1600 | 70 230V. Until this morning it worked happily with lead acid batteries 3X 105 Ah in series. Today I converted to a lithium battery consisting of 4X 3.2V LiPo4 cells 280 Ah.

The battery specs are:



I do have a BMS that trips at 14.8 V (3.7 V per cell)

Right now the Multiplus is set as follows:


How should I adjust those numbers to try and hold a 90% state of charge?. Should I be using a smart shunt or something else?

Thank you

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Migrating my mastervolt systems to victron (Lithium batteries)

Hello world,
I'am in big need of help for a big yacht installation. We currently have Mastrervolt MLI LION Batteries, 12 x 24V 180Ah, there was mastervolt chargers but a lightning kill them... i want to migrate to a mastervolt system, i already have inverter and i would like to add 4 X 24V/100A charger, my question is :
Since mastervolt bms and victron are not talking to each other, will the victron charger cut the charge at the right moment ? will I be able to set up stop and start condition, voltage values and more on the skylla-I chargers ?

Mastervolt support is non existant, they're not even able to tell me what the error message on my mastervolt charger is, hence why i want to upgrade to a victron system with cerbox GX, and more.
But will it be a problem with my Mastervolt batteries ?

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Are IP67 AC and DC Sides Isolated From Each Other?

I’ve found versions of this question unanswered in these forums. It is not answered in the manual so no need to post a link. Since I’m using this on a boat it’s is important to know for avoiding stray-current issues. Are the AC and DC sides of the the transformer isolated?

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(Thermal Runaway?) VE.Smart Network Support on Blue Smart Charger IP67

Pretty sure this was asked a few years ago but wondering if anything has changed...

Any chance of VE.Smart Network coming available to the Blue Smart IP67 chargers?

Could really use that actual Battery Temperature reading...on these cool sunny days right now the ambient temp of the charger outside in the shade and the temp of the battery in a black plastic box is quite a big spread after a big charge (88f vs 61f - I think..the Blue Smart doesn't actually show temp- Another feature request to display Blue Smart temp?)

This leaves the MPPT on the VE.Smart Network to think that we are overcharging because it has temp compensated the voltage down for the warm battery (its probably right) while the BlueSmart IP67 is doing the opposite and temp compensating up for the cool charger.

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Victron Blue Smart IP22 12/30 (1) - How to connect to Bluetooth Interface

hello to all,

I am using the Blue Smart IP22 12/30 (1) to load and recondition car batteries. It works well and I like that it communicates its state on Voltage and Current via Bluetooth.

At this point, using the Android VictronConnect app, I am missing the option to integrate with my building control infrastructure in order. The use case is to trigger notifications if any of the parameters reach a determined value. For example know when the battery is charged or look at the current and voltage curves to determine more detailed what the battery health really is.... etc...

Could someone make the protocol (used on Bluetooth) as well as the Victron BlueSmart APIs available so I can develop a (RasPi based) Monitor, similar to what the VictronConnect does.

Any pointers, help, suggestions are well received.

Kind regards,


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Multiple chargers at same time


i want to connect those three items at the same time

Blue Power Charger 12 30 3

Smart solar MPPT 100 30

Orion-TR Smart 12 12 - 30

Can anyone help me? (any specific wiring schematics do you have?)

Thank You!

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