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230V Charger before Argofet 200-2 it works?

Argofet 200-2 and 230V charger, can you clamp the charger parallel to the alternator on the input of the Argofet and then charge both batteries with the alternator and the charger?

Background: If this works without problems, then I need a charger with only one output.

Greeting André

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Blue Smart IP65 12/10 - Power supply mode => no 10A ?


I purchased a Blue Smart Charger IP65 12V/10A due to the fact, that it can be used as 10A power supply as well. But when I set it via bluetooth to "power supply Mode 10A" an connect my mobile cooling box the voltage drops and the charger supplies not the desired current.

I verified with another programmable power supply with OCP set to 5A that the cooling box does not reach that current. I measured that even the peak current during start is less than 4.5A

So, is the charger defect or is that a software issue within the firmware?? The app says "no new firmware update available".

appreciate any help.

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Setting up Phoenix 12/30 charger

I hope you can help me out!

When programming the Phoenix 12/30 charger I got stuck. I’m trying to program the charger without the remote (with the buttons on the circuit board).

I followed the manual and disconnected al the cables and sensor from the charger, so only the 230V supply is connected. After that I connected the voltmeter to the – and +1.

When the charger is in ‘’Standby’’ I read a voltage of 16.07V.

After that I used the up and down buttons and the on/standby switch to put it in the mode where you can program the bulk-current / absorption voltage / float voltage. The flashing pattern of the LEDs is correct. When I try to change the current or voltage with the up and down buttons nothing changes. The value stays 16.07V

Can somebody tell me what I’m doing wrong or help me to search in the right direction?

Thanking you in advance for all your help!

With kind regards, Mark

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IP67 outputting zero amps

I have an IP67 12/25 that I've been using regularly to charge my SOK 12volt/206ah battery. This past weekend when I hooked it up (I have an anderson connector on both the charger and battery and disconnect the battery from my power panel when charging) to charge the Victron Connect app was showing that the charger went immediately into absorption mode at 14.4 volts and 0.0 amps.

Given the reputation anid quality of the Victron products, and the fact that there's virtually no serviceable parts of the IP67 I thought there must be something wrong with the battery. After speaking with SOK about the problem, and doing some troubleshooting steps they agreed and sent me a replacement BMS, I got the BMS today and installed it and the charger is still showing 14.4v/0.0 amps.

Is there some kind of troubleshooting I can do with the IP67 to see if there's something wrong with the charger, or the settings?

Also note, I tried all of the different modes on the IP67, including putting it in power supply mode at various voltage settings. I'm at a loss for other things to try with this so any help or advice will be greatly appreciated.

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Why does my Blue Smart charger always interrupt the charge cycle?

I've been using my 24V/13A Blue Smart charger for a few months. It (almost) always interrupts the charge cycle, without my intervention, as shown in the screenshots I've attached . I am using a custom setup to charge my LiFEPO4 batteries, but this issue also occured when I was using the built-in Li-on settings.


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Multiplus 12/800/35 Fuse and cable

Despite the wiring unlimited booklet saying that “All our manuals recommend the battery cable size (and fuse size) that needs to be used for the product.”, the Multiplus 12/800/35 manual sadly doesn’t.

It does say that I should use 25mm sq cable for runs less than 5m, but doesn’t say which fuse size I should use to protect it.

I’m also a little surprised that the manual recommends 25mm sq cable for a 12V device that can pull 1600W?

The internal fuse is 150A.

Am I getting confused that I need a fuse to protect 25mm sq cable that seems to me will easily blow if the unit works hard?

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Skylla-i 24/80 won't stay in bulk when controlled by Venus GX


I recently replaced a broken Skylla-TG 24/50 with a new Skylla-I 24/80 but I'm having trouble getting it to charge properly.

I'm running a generator into the Skylla to charge 12x2V "4 TOPzS 353 LA" batteries (see photo), and controlling start/stop using the Venus GX (with a BMV-700 for monitoring).

Basically I want the Skylla to constantly charge the batteries until switched off by the Venus at 100% (which is what was happening with the old TG).

On the Skylla-i, as a test I've used the dip switches to turn off DS-1 (Auto EQ) and DS-2 (Watch). The rest of the dip switches are on default settings, and the rotary switch is on the default setting of 2 for the battery type.

Everything starts up ok when the generator comes on, but the Skylla does not stay in Bulk for any time at all - jumps to abs, float, or storage - and so no charge at all gets to the batteries.

I'm definitely no expert on any of this, so don't fully understand the different battery states/voltages. I'm assuming that the Skylla-i is being clever and determining that the batteries don't need charge based on the settings. But I've no idea what to change!

P.S. I should probably also say that the batteries charge fine on solar, and have been charging fine with another alternative (backup) charger.


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Wiring 3 parallel batteries with IP22 w/3 outputs


I have a smaller motorboat with 3 parallel batteries. 1 starter and 2 consumer batteries.
I have bought an IP22 Blue Smart with 3 outputs, and I wonder how to connect them to the charger correctly.

I have made an figure of how I suppose is the correct way, but I am unsure if it really is that simple?
Should I add fuses on any of the wires?

Thanks a lot in advance for your support.

BR - Pjet Barn

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Quattro and battery safe mode

I am using a quattro to charge my 64v lithium battery (chevy volt 16s), and I am seeing strange behavior after a firmware update. I think the culprit is the "BatterySafe" setting which is set to on. Does anyone know which firmware introduced this setting? The manual says that with an Adaptive charge curve and BatterySafe enabled, that absorption with start at 14.4 v for a 12v battery, regardless of the Absorption voltage (63.8v in my case). I assume for my battery this will force the absorption to start at 14.4v x 4 = 57.6 v? Any help is appreciated.

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Synchronise charger with bmv712,

I’ve a new blue smart chsrger 12/30 connected to 280AH of lead acid 12v , ve smart networking enabled, bmv712 installed

There’s clearly a difference of opinion

The bmv 713 says the battery is at 100% and The charger is saying it’s in “ bulk “ mode

What can I do here ?

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EV Charging Station - No connection to BMW i3s

We tried to connect the EV Charging station to a BMW i3s. It is our first test of the EV charging station.

The station shows "EV Disconnected".

We tried to this with 1-phase and 3 phase supply and in standalone mode (Wifi as AP).

Firmware Version CERBO GX 2.90

Firmware Version EV Charging station V3.3/1.19-beta-14

What can we try ?

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Orion-TR Smart 12/12 DC-DC B2b

hi iwant to install Victron Orion-TR Smart 12/12 DC-DC Battery to battery charger to my boat the boat is wired to a diode can i connect positive and negetive wires directly from the starter battery to the house using breakers on both batteries to the dc dc charger i want to leave the alternator and diode wiring as is the house battery is a vetus deep cycle sealed lead 110ah what size dc dc charger would i need thx colin

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Phoenix Smart IP43 Charger: SW bug trigger recondition / overcharging?

Have used a IP43 smart charger 12/50 (1+1) and MPPT smart regulator 100/30 several seasons with latest recommended firmwares charging AGM batteries.

Last Monday did i install LFP GBS cells and a BMS, one busbar for load and one for charging, AGM starter battery is directly connected to charge busbar.

Yesterday evening did I stop all charging while I was installing BMV-712.

Afterwards did I connect the new BMV-712 to the virtual network and restarted both solar and shore power charging.

Maybe after an hour did I notice that the starter battery voltage was 16.2 V,

BMS protected LFP cells by disconnecting them.

I expected to see 14.2 or 13.5 volt but this overcharging was a shock.

Created a user profile on IP43 to force a lower voltage.

Recondition has always been disabled.

What can trigger the 16.2 voltage?

Is it me using the Victron features in wrong way:

  • no trickle charging of any battery
  • IP43 connected to charge busbar
  • AGM starter battery connected to charge busbar
  • Service LFP bank charging conrrolled by BMS
  • via the virtual network does IP43 get voltage figures from LFP service bank from the BMV-712

Is the solution to disconnect BMV-712 from virtual network networking

and let Shore power share data with solar regulator via virtual network?

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Help with 3 phase grid tied solar system

We have a grid tied 10kw pv system... to date we have used just whatever produced power was available at the time without any storage or harvesting.

Due to the horrific jumps in energy cost we would love to harvest the energy to batteries, also we thought to take the low night rate available to boost the batteries while we sleep.

Is there an AC connected device that we could use without going to the large expense of a Powerwall or similar... I was struggling to find a device on here?

Also just to add to this.... I have a stack of little used motive batteries (lead/acid) left from a job, I know these don't compare to Li-ion but I have them so essentially they are free gratis... will any of the inverter charges be able to link to them?

Many thanks, Craig

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Blue Smart IP22 Charger and Victron-Connect App

I recently installed a Blue Smart IP22 Charger (30A, 3 bank) in my boat. This is connected to my house battery (AGM) and my running battery (lead/acid/flooded). I don't see anywhere in the Victron-Connect app to monitor individual batteries. Is there a way? In the app it seems like the same charge profile is applied constantly to all banks (which wouldn't be very "Smart". Am I missing something here? Is there a way to visualize what is going on in each bank/channel? Is each cannel handled independently and the app just doesn't portray this? Is that is the case, which bank is being displayed? For the most part I will be wanting to charge the depleted house battery and simply maintain/float the running battery. I'm assuming that this is an extremely common situation.

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