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SmartShunt and Smart Battery Sense Temperature Issue

Odd issue that randomly pops up between a SmartShunt without an auxiliary temperature sensor, a Smart Battery Sense, and a pair of MPPT 100/30 controllers.

The SmartShunt will occasionally take over temperature monitoring duties and it sticks at a temperature of 30 F. This causes issues with over voltage on my battery bank.

All devices are on the same V.E. Smart Network

I am unsure what is causing the demotion of the Smart Battery Sense temperature sharing. The SmartShunt does not have the external temperature probe installed physically, and it is not enabled in the firmware either.

justin-carver asked
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VE.Direct to USB , How many to do this ?

Hi , I have set up a Venos OS Raspberry Pi and the VRM portal , and connected my 100/20 smart controller via a to usb , But I have just put on order a , Smart shunt , a 150/35 smart controller and a Phoenix inverter.

I know I need one for the inverter because it doesn't have any Bluetooth and needs to cable , BUT can I make a smart network and include the 150/35 controller and the smart stunt .

Can I let the 100/20 controller pass all of the devices on smart network via the cable to the VRM , OR do I need a cable for each and every device ?

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How many devices can you connect to the ve smart network?

I already have the smart mttp 75/15 with a smart battery sense linked via ve smart network, I was thinking of adding the 500a smart shunt, would these all work together in the ve smart network? Would there still be a need to keep the smart battery sense?

Many thanks.

smeegav asked
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Alignment of BMV and Smart Solar voltage values

I have a BMV-712 and SmartSolar MPPT 150/100 managing my Relion RB300 Lithium batteries. I have networking to report the battery voltage and current to the MPPT. The MPPT reports a battery voltage of 14.0 volts while the BMV shows 13.5V. Should they not be the same if VE.Smart is reporting the battery voltage? There is a drop in voltage due to the cable length between the MPPT and where they connect to the battery bank, but the VE.Smart should take care of this.

Any ideas?

mresman asked
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Support for VE.Smart networking on Blue smart IP65 12/15 charger

What is the official status of allowing the 12/15 Blue smart charger to connect to the VE.Smart network. I saw some old posts saying that it was added but there is no option to connect. I am trying to use the SmartBatterySense share temperature in order to provide low temp charging protection.

My goal of buying into the "victron infrastructure" was to be able to have all the charging devices communicate with each other. Hopefully that is still a possibility.

529innovations asked

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Retrieve data from VE.Smart network

Is there anyway of getting data from a VE.Smart network into a third party device?

I'm looking for:

- Panel and charge data from MPPT SmartSolar

- State of Charge and battery data from SmartShunt

- Current values from Smart BatteryProtect


ash asked
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System overview on Android tablet possible?

I use different Victron devices in my RV: Orion TR smart (that shamefully still isn't integratable into a network) , MPPT smart solar charger, Smart shunt and a blue smart charger (also no network) as backup to charge my LiFePeYPo4 from grid. They all have Bluetooth and send out their data and status wireless.

Wouldn't it be possible to monitor all the devices as a system simultaneously in one Android-app on a tablet or big-screen smartphone without any Cerbo- or GX-box?

I understand, that Victron wanna sell these boxes and displays and connectors, but ist there a real technical reason that stands against my idea?

Best regards

jann asked
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Connect multiple smart MPPT to Cerbo GX

Problem pairing 3 smart MPPT 100/50 to the Cerbo GX Touch 50 :

1 Distance MPPT to Cerbo GX 5 meters and no cable space available.

2 Not enough VE direct ports in the Cerbo GX

How do I get things tied together. Bluetooth seems to be the solution, but the GX doesn't see it?

victron-4 asked
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Temperature value in Bluetooth networking

Hello VE community

Been looking around for answer but only post I found isn't exactly what I have here.

And answer was in some codes like -"You need to turn on DVCC, then enable STS (on by default), and then you need to explicitly select the temperature sensor you want to use." (joking)

Don't know how to do this and if it's possible in my setup.

I have MultiPlus with BT dongle, Smart Shunt and MPPT controller in the system (on Services battery).

MultiPlus has it's dedicated battery temp. sensor connected. I wanted to use BT dongle to monitor MultiPlus operation and share temp. to MPPT and Smart Shunt.

What I noticed is temp. value shared over network is one from BT dongle sensor.

This doesn't work for me because of BT dongle position (if in battery box BT signal is weak).

Is there a way to have MultiPlus temp. sensor value shared?

Can I use MultiPlus without temp. sensor and have sensor connected on Smart Shunt, so to get that value shared to MultiPlus and MPPT controller?

Or is there some other way?



priba asked
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Blue Smart IP22 30a charger internal sensor overrides bmv-712a temp for low-temp cutoff

I have 2 Blue Smart IP22 30a chargers in sync with each other and a BMV-712a to receive battery temperature. My LiFePO4 batteries are heated in an external battery box. When on A/C power and the temperature drops below freezing, even though the batteries are at 50 deg. F (10 deg. C) the chargers are remaining shut down due to low temperature where the chargers are located. This appears to be a firmware bug, I cannot find any options to set temperature priority to external via v.e. smart networking or internal.

Is that a known issue? Is there a firmware fix planned for this?


jfisher asked
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Sharing temperature from MultiPlus Compact via Dongle to other devices with VE.Smart Network

I had MultiPlus Compact 12/1600/50-70 with old temperature battery sensor.
If I add Dongle I would like to share temperature between other devices like:
Orion-TR Smart and Solar MPPT Smart via VE.Smart Network. Is it possible?

tomf asked
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Venus GX, what happened to bluetooth?

Hi Guys,

What ever happened to the inbuilt Bluetooth that the Venus GX has?

The last mention of BT was about 2 years ago in the DQ area. BT has totally dropped of the Venus feature list.

klim8skeptic asked
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Charging by shore Power and SmartSolar - VE.Smart network


i m currently setting up a system for a liveaboard vessel - meaning mostly connected to (expensive) shore power, 24/7 consumption on both, 230v AC and 24DC systems.

There is space and will for a PV-system with about 1kw peak.

I'd prefer to install a BlueSmart IP22 charger for Shore Power and a SmartSolar MPPT fitting to the PV-panels.

English (latest?) version of the VE.Smart Network Manual tells the two chargers will "synchronise charging process" - with no further explanation how.

Is there priority for the MPPT to deliver the max. available power (if needed) while the AC charger is "second priority"?

Would be happy about some further details on this!

thanks a lot,

R. Lamersdorf

rl asked
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Managing VE Smart network remotely with Victron Connect

I noticed the smart network menu is not available in my smartsolar MPPTs. Never needed it until a technician installed a Smart Sense on a site but forgot to set the smart network up... a site in a island :(

We have a GX device just for monitoring purposes and change MPPT charge profile if needed. Can we set the VE.Smart Network with the Smart Sense, remotely?

Elimac asked
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Victron Connect showing wrong total network power

Hi there,

I have 2 SmartSolar 100/50s and a SmartShunt running in a VE-Smart network. All are running current firmware and software. The Total Network Power in Victron Connect is only showing the power from one of the 100/50s. If I remove everything from the network and shut down everything and re-start, then re-add everything to the networks it works, but only for a day or 2. Anyone know how to fix this?

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