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Blue Solar MPPT and Smart Solar MPPT network issue


I’ve created a network for 3 off Smart Solar MPPT controllers and one off Blue Solar using a Bluetooth dongle, does the Blue Solar have synchronised charging via the dongle or is it only read by the Smart Solar Chargers?

I cannot see the blue solar in the “Network Total Power” and it was in Float while the Smart Solars were still in absorption.

Do I need to update the old blue solar charger to smart solar charger to get synchronised charging and see it in the total network power?


Smart Solar charger showing synchronised charging


Blue Solar not showing synchronised charging


In Adsorption and shows total network power


Blue Solar in Float and not showing Total network power

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IP22 charger absorption voltage way too high when joining a network?

Hello all,

I have a IP22 to charge a bank of Battle Born Lithium batteries. On its own it works great. But when I join it an existing network with a MPPT 100/30 and MPPT 100/50 solar charger, plus a BMV-712 battery monitor, it all goes wrong. As soon as I join the network the absorption voltage goes from 14.4V (which is correct) to 16.32V. Oops. That is not good. When I leave the network, all is well again. This test was done with the two MPPT chargers not doing anything (no sun on the solar panels). Anyone have any idea?

Thanks for all your insights!

Here's the weird Absorption voltage of 16.32V


Joined this VE.Smart network


Here's when not in the network, all is fine


Setting I use for the IP22




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Retrieve data from VE.Smart network

Is there anyway of getting data from a VE.Smart network into a third party device?

I'm looking for:

- Panel and charge data from MPPT SmartSolar

- State of Charge and battery data from SmartShunt

- Current values from Smart BatteryProtect


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MPPT 100/50 not using VE Smart Networking voltage

I have an install where a customer wanted to charge their RV LiFePO4 batteries via solar panels mounted on their shed and also use the RV power for running fridges in the shed, but they did not want the solar regulator mounted in the RV. A SmartSolar MPPT 100/50 was mounted on the shed wall with a 10mm2 x 5m cable length (10m return) between the solar regulator and the batteries. I knew voltage drop under load was going to be an issue, so planned on using VE Smart Networking to resolve the issue.

The customer already had a BMV700 installed in their RV, so I added a Smart Dongle to provide the BT connectivity to the Smart Solar MPPT100/50, created the VE.Smart Network on the BMV700 and connected the 100/50 to the same network, and the displays on both devices verified the voltage and current were being used (apparently).

The absorption voltage was set to 14.2V and float to 13.5V.


The displayed battery voltage on the MPPT 100/50 was showing 14.21V almost immediately on switching on the charging, the displayed voltage on the BMV700 was 13.5V (13.88V on the captured image, but that still shows it as different). The 100/50 immediately went to absorption, ignoring the BMV voltage. I would have expected the MPPT to display the BMV voltage and stay in bulk until the absorption voltage was reached.

Firmware versions:

SmartSolar MPPT 100/50: v1.53 (latest) at the time (Oct 31 2020)
BMV: v3.10 - also latest at the time

I have included screen images to verify my testing and configuration.

There appears to be a bug in the software, if someone can have a look at this, please?


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VE.Smart networking to the Orion Smart Tr DC to DC charger?

What date will Victron be adding VE.Smart networking to the Orion Smart Tr DC to DC chargers?

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VE.Smart Network Support on Blue Smart Charger

Hi. Will you add VE.Smart Network support on the IP22 Blue Smart Charger?

I own a BMV-712 with temperature probe and a MPPT solar charger which works really fine with VE.Smart Networking, so i think it would be really helpful to deliver the right battery voltage and temperature via Smart-Network also to the charger for temperature compensation and so on...

Thank you very much!

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IP22 rev2, MPPT, syncronized charging: how the storage phase is handled?

The second hardware revision of the IP22 is now supporting VE.Smart networking. It looks like Victron fixed the "too small microcontroller" issue in that revision. That is pretty cool!

There is a guy here that reports it is working for him.

When I look at the release note, see "Blue Smart Charger" section of the v5.42 release, I have few questions about synchronized charging of an IP22 and a Smart Solar MPPT unit. It is said the IP22 will become the charge master in a VE.Smart network. That makes sense. However, even if the charging profiles are configured identically on both IP22 and MPPT, only IP22 supports a storage phase in its charging cycle.

So, what happens to the MPPT when the IP22 switches to storage phase of its charge cycle at the end of a long sunny day? Similar use case, what happens to the MPPT if the IP22 is already in storage phase when at the beginning of day? Does it mean it require the storage voltage of the IP22 must be set the the same value of float voltage? What happens if it is not the case (storage voltage lower than float voltage)? Is there any plan to add support to a storage phase in the charging profile of MPPT?



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Lynx Smart BMS - VE.Smart Networking

Hi All

The Lynx Smart BMS has a battery monitor inside - does anyone know if the battery monitor can join VE.Smart Networks - in the same way a stand alone BMV702 would be able to ? In order to share battery V and Temp with MPPTs ?



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Multiplus, MPPT Networking

Hi all,

I have Venus OS (on a Pi) running with 3 x MPPT Smart Solar, a SmartShunt and a Mutliplus. All are connected by USB, VE.Direct and MK3-USB. All are appearing on the the Venus Console.

Under the MPPTs, when looking under networked operation, I get the following settings which I cannot change. I have DVCC enabled. I have VE Smart Networking disabled.

Can someone point me to what these settings mean and how to adjust them? Is there a way to network the MPPTs with the Multiplus and Venus? I can't adjust the settings on Venus OS,



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Victron Bluetooth Smart Dongle VE.Direct

I don't get it.

I have a MPPT 75/10 and a bluetooth smart dongle connected. Bluetooth connection works fine. Can i or can I not, connect this so I can be able to check status via local network. I have managed to create a network and the controller shows up, but i can't access this remotely in any way and if so, how.

If anyone knows? Merry X-mas

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VE network for 2 MPPT chargers CA and a battery sense


1st time poster here.

I have a caravan with a 100/20 MPPT regulator and a battery sense (blue one) permanently mounted in a caravan.

I also have a seperate Anderson plug connector directly to the battery (with a fuse). I use this to connect a second portable solar may with a 75/15 MPPT controller.

All 3 pieces of equipment are configured in a ve network. Sometimes (not very frequently) I see "network" and the power generated by both panels when viewing one of the regulators using Victron Connect however most of the time I don't see anything.

All 3 device have the latest firmware.

Is there anything else I need to do to ensure they are correctly networked?

Thanks in advance

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2 of everything from solar panel to MPPT to smart sensor and batteries....Will it work

Until I buy the rest of my system I want to use 2 separate sets each to charge 2-250 amp AGM batteries ...

Each system will have 1- 200W panel with 1 smart 75/15 BT MPPT with 1 smart battery sense unit for each battery. Can I make a network for each MPPT, smart battery sensor for each battery, just by setting up separate networks ...

Will they work as separate networks or will I have problems confusing and controlling each MPPT for each battery separately?

The reason being is the last owner cooked the batteries with a Ferro resonant charger and I am switching to some Victron equipment for the inverter charger but in the meantime wanted to be able to use the boat till I can rewire and put in new equipment as the project goes how not to cook the batteries I was going to use the small solar and MPPT to keep the batteries fresh.

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VictronConnect network (Bluetooth) Cerbo GX

Well, slightly disappointed here...

have the following:

3 smart MPPT chargers

2 smart battery connects

Smart shunt

Smart Orion TR (dc to dc)

Multiplus 12/800/30

And cerbo GX with touch 50

Everything except the multiplus is visible in the VictronConnect connect app.

The cerbo GX is in the list but nothing talks to it?? Why is it not possible to connect to it to the network??

If I’ve got to connect everything via cables then was a bit pointless buying the Bluetooth versions of everything? And as the Orion didn’t have ve connection cerbo GX won’t see it all?!

Am I just missing something here or as this a complete waste of money

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CCGX + 2x SmartMPPT + SmartShunt = CONFUSING

I have a SmartShunt already installed and I'm about to install TWO 150/100 SmartSolar MPPT Controllers and a Color Control GX. I get that I can use VE.Smart to get the SmartShunt, and MPPT controllers to talk to each other, and can use VictronConnect to see and manage them... But, how can I make these devices talk to the CCGX? My goal was to use the CCGX to manage/monitor devices remotely over the internet. But, everything I'm reading seems to indicate the CCGX is the odd man out here. Can I connect the GGCX to a VE.Direct on one of the devices?

When I decided to install Solar, I had no idea that the data connections would be the most difficult and confusing part!

I hope someone can lend some help!



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VE. Smart network lesson learned

Just learned a valuable lesson when I set up my new LiFEPO4 house bank on my boat this week.. Last year my house bank was FLA batteries and I used the VIctron Smart 100/30 MPPT and Smart Battery Sense on this bank; Worked great. This year I replaced the FLA with 2 100AH Battle Born LFPs in parallel and installed the BMV712 with 500A Smart Shunt and Temp Sensor, as well as the Orion 12/12-30 between the sole FLA engine battery and the new house bank. I hooked up the Battery Sense to that battery. Then, powered up the system and got some very high V readings off the BMV. THEN I remembered that I had networked the Battery Sense and MPPT on the old battery bank. I reset the network to include the MPPT and BMV and everything worked just fine. End of lesson.

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Victron Connect showing wrong total network power

Hi there,

I have 2 SmartSolar 100/50s and a SmartShunt running in a VE-Smart network. All are running current firmware and software. The Total Network Power in Victron Connect is only showing the power from one of the 100/50s. If I remove everything from the network and shut down everything and re-start, then re-add everything to the networks it works, but only for a day or 2. Anyone know how to fix this?

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VE.Smart in VRM / GX Device


Is it possible to see the data in VRM or in the GX device? I just bought 2 smart battery sensors to monitor remotely 2 batteries that are about 5 meters from my Cerbo and it would be great if I can check them online. As they are not part of the system, I don’t want to fit BMV or Smart Shunt, just check the voltage.


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Help... 3 PV arrays, 3 MPPT and 2 battery banks

Hi - I have 3 separate solar arrays, each feeding into its own 75/15 MPPT which then feeds 2 separate battery banks (which can be individually selected or linked with a selector switch)

I guess my question is should/could all this be run on a single VE network? (I have 2 shunts, 2 BMS, 2 smart protect, 2 battery sense and 2 LiFePo 100Ah batteries)

My other question is if I link the batteries in parallel, which battery should I put the smart battery sense on? or shich should I connect to the BMS or use both?

Many thanks for all your help


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Charge Mgmt - 8 x Smartsolar, GX, BMV, Multiplus

I want to run one charge profile for my Lithium batteries, controlled by both voltage and current fall off.
This means

a) Networking it all together

b) Having a charge profile

Victron seems schitzophenic with their communications protocols. VeDirect, VENet, VEBus, VECan, VE Smart, USB
6 methods. Wow.

So lets assume you have solar with shading. So you want to have one MPPT per panel, to maximise output. That means lots of small controllers. And you want to connect to CerboGX for control.

How would you connect 8 x Smartsolar MPPT in a smaller size to CerboGX?
And once / if you did, you then also need to connect BMV-712 for battery current sense
And also Multiplus II as that charge profile also needs controlling.

The docs for VE.Smart (BT) indicate that the MPPT's will work together, but they are overridden by VE.CAN. Which is not supported by small units.
CerboGX does have BT, but does not support VE.Smart

You can connect VE.Direct to CerboGX via USB adapter, but no info on max qty, or if this will allow control of charge profile

And no discussion in CerboGX of Li charge profile control over Multiplus. Though us hinted in VE.Can info - but Multiplus(ii) doesn't support VE.CAN

Victron - how to make sense of centralised charge profiles for lithium? (Assuming batteries are not VE.Can Victron)
Or - even if they where.

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mppt 100/20 empfängt die im netzwerk die batteriestromstärke nicht.



hallo, ich habe mehrere regler im netzwerk mit u.a. zwei mppt 100/20.

einer davon empfängt die stromstärke nicht über das netzwerk. was kann ich tun?

danke für eure tipps!

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networking options for MPPTs and shunt

I am rebuilding the charging system on my boat (700 Ah Firefly battery bank). I have two 150/70 VE.Can MPPTs and a smart shunt on the ground return. The MPPTs are VE.Can cabled to a cerbo GX and the smart shunt is connected to the cerbo via a line. The 1200 W solar can deliver up to 100 amps at peak into the batteries. A few questions:

1) is the network between the MPPTs and shunt done over Bluetooth or does the cerbo broker the conversation using the VE.can and feeds? I much prefer hard wired connections

2) depending on (1), I may need to downgrade from a smart shunt to a shunt that has analog sense outputs that can be used by my new wakespeed 500 alternator regulators, as they don’t yet have support from Victron to get the VE.can data from the cerbo (per wakespeed rep). I love my smart shunt but without analog sense wires I’d either have to put another shunt in series or just swap out the smart shunt for an older one with both and analog out.

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How to connect Victron Smart Battery Sense on Pylontechs?

Hi all

I am currently contemplating of adding a 2nd Victron MPPT to my system. As I am not using a GX in my system (using Axperts as inverters), I am looking to use a Smart Battery Sense to create a VE.Smart Network to synchronise the charging of the 2 MPPTs.

But I now have 2 practical questions, which I hope someone might be able to help with:

  1. I understand that the Smart Battery Sense is supposed to be connected directly to the battery's terminals. But how do I best do that for Pylons - given their non-standard terminals? Or do I connect the Smart Battery Sense to the end of the Pylon connection cable (where it connects to my DC busbar)?
  2. I am currently having 4x Pylons connected via a single Pylon connection cable (120A). As with the 2nd MPPT I might in theory be producing up to 135A, I thought it would be safer to add another Pylon connection cable (even though I don't think that the full 135A would ever be pushed into the Pylons as my load also still needs to be supplied). How would I connect the Smart Battery Sense when using 2 sets of Pylon connection cables?

Thanks in advance for inputs

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SmartShunt to MPPT via VE.Smart Networking and Raspberry Pi


We recently installed a SmartShunt 500A to our existing SmartSolar MPPT 100/50 which is connected to a Raspberry Pi running the VRM Pi Operating System.

The MPPT to Pi broadcasting to the Online VRM is working great.

But when we try to link the newly installed SmartShunt to a VE.Smart Networking network created on the MPPT, the SmartShunt can see the VE network, we can join it (it say it is joined), but the SmartShunt (or any devices added/linked via the VE.Smart Networking) is not appearing in the list of devices.

Both the MPPT and the SmartShunt have the latest Firmware version and so does the VRM Pi.

In the list bellow, I can see the Battery Monitor (SmartShunt) because we tried to connect the VE USB cable to it directly. But then we can see the shunt, but not the MPPT, even if we create a VE.Smart Networking network on the Shunt and join the MPPT to the Shunt network.

LOCALY, BOTH the MPPT and the SmartShunt are collecting data.


As you can see, the MPPT is showing just fine in the Console DEVICE LIST screen, but the SmartShunt 500A is "Not Connected".


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Connecting a second smart MPPT to a GX/multiplus

I would like to add a second MPPT to my Venus GX/Multi setup.

The GX has a limited number of VE ports, with the existing MPPT using the last port.

Can I use smart networking to sync the MPPTs over bluetooth?

or do I need to use a USB dongle to cable the new MPPT to the GX/multi?

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1 Answer

MPPT always shows 14.2V when Smart Battery Protect disables charging

Hi all,

I have used the Victron automotive wiring example for my 12V Sprinter build. Everything works fine, but I was wondering about one thing. To disconnect the MPPT charges a Smart Battery Protect 100 is used:


Now, if the BMS recognized f.e. high cell voltage it uses the remote control of the BP and no current is going to the lithium batteries. So far, so good. Instead of the "normal" shunt in combination with the BMV used in the schematics I use a Smart Shunt only. The Smart Shunt shares the cell voltage with the MPPT via VE.Smart network.

Now I have recognized the following. Everytime when the BP disconnects the current from the battery the MPPT shows a battery voltage of 14.2V even if the Smart Shunt battery voltage is only 14.0V (which is correct and verified via bluetooth connection to the smart lithium batteries).

Is this normal behaviour or am I doing something wrong?

The Smart Battery Protect is set to mode C (Lithium-Ion). The MPPT is using the Lithium Ion preset with a absorption voltage of 14.2V and float of 13.5V.

Thansk in advance


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Smart devices connected to a GX Color Control with cables or smart networking?

Hi, i have a 24/3000 Easysolar that has a CCGX (wich comes equiped with a 150/70 charge controller), and i also have a smart 100/20 solar charge controller, and a smart shunt.

My question is, how do i connect all this devices together so that i have all the information on the GX Color Control?

The 150/70 CC is already connected to the CCGX with a cable, and that leaves me only one input into the CCGX, but i want to connect both the 100/20 SCC and the smart shunt to the CCGX.

Is it possible to connect all this devices to the CCGX using only VE. smart networking?

Thanks alot for your answers.

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MPPT 100/30's not cooperating and only one charging.

System: I have 3 SmartSolar MPPT 100/30's connected individually to (3) 335W panels. They are networked together with a BMV-712 and connected to an 800ah LFP battery, with smartsolar battery setting on LFP. I just switched my battery bank to lithium from AGM, but I had the same issue with the AGMs. In the past, my shore charger was mostly charging the bank, but now I need to switch to solar and Multiplus as I will be leaving the dock soon.

Problem: Only one of the chargers is producing significant wattage (264W currently), and it seems to be charging the battery, although network total power shows 0. The other 2 chargers flicker some wattage and then back off to 0. It seems like the master controller is telling the slave controllers to not charge. In the smartsolar history, one can see that the all the chargers are working as they each have history on some past days of significant charging. I need all of the chargers to work together to charge the lithiums which are currently at 13.18v. Another anomaly is that 1 hour ago I was showing total network power of 255W. I removed each controller and the BMV from the VE network to try to reset it and then rejoined them all, BMV first. Now, total network power shows 0W, but the BMV shows positive wattage (175W) going into the batteries. Mostly, I need the chargers to all work together, instead of just 1 at a time, to bulk up the lithiums during the day. It seems like synching between controllers and the app may have glitches that prevent synchronized charging and also an issue with showing total network power.

On a sunny day this system should be pushing 900W plus into the batteries. Any suggestions?

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SmartSolar not receiving data from BatterySense

My SmartSolar, BatterySense and BMV700 all show up correctly configured in the VE network.

In 'settings/VE Smart networking' the BMV and BSense both show up in each others app.
The SmartSolar only lists itself. In other words the other two are transmitting data, but the SmartSolar is not receiving it.

I have tried all the usual fixes. Deleting and restoring the network, trying different combinations of configuration. Nothing works.

I really need to get this working as the batteries are at a significant ambient temperature difference compared to the Mppt.

I have searched exhaustively for info on this with no success, which I find strange, I can't be the only one with this issue surely.

Rgds, Baz.

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VE.Smart Networking Unidentified Network

I was installing one of my Smart Solar MPPT VE.Can devices today, and browsing the menus to see what was around. Having never used or looked at VE,Smart I opened the menu and selected join existing and found an unknown network, "Olaso UNO".

The only thing in my Yacht that has this name is the Cerbo GX and VRM Portal. Any ideas what this is?



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