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does smart battery sense works with Cerbo ?


Best Wishes to everybody for this new year.

I'm trying to connect a smart battery sensor with bluetooth to a Cerbo GX but It seems to be impossible to create a network with CerboGX. So how to do it ? is this sensor compatible with CerboGX ?

Thanks for your help


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Synchronized parallel charging using Blue Smart & Smart solar

I have a Blue Smart IP22 Charger and Smart solar MPPT 75/15 charge controller connected to the same lithium battery. Can I set up a VE.Smart Network between them for Synchronized parallel charging? If so, how is this done? Thanks in Advance

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low temperature cutoff

I have the MultiPlus 24/3000, and the Smart Solar MPPT 150/100, Cerbo GX, and the LynxShunt and Distributor. For the temperature sensor, I'm using the one that came with the LynxShunt, and connected it to the temperature port in the Lynx Shunt unit.

Recently I have been getting subzero temperatures the last week or so. The MPPT 150/100 has a low temperature cut off at Celsius 3 degrees. But it doesn't seem like the MPPT 150/100 is reading the temperature on the LynxShunt.

In the mornings, right when the sun comes up, the temperature is still hovering right around 0 degrees, and I noticed that the MPPT solar charger was starting to kick in.

So anyway my question is, can the Lynx Shunt share its temperature readings with the MPPT Solar Charger? I know that the Lynx Shunt doesn't have BlueTooth, and it doesn't seem to support the VE Smart Networking feature, which makes me wonder if its actually sharing its temperature measurements with the other devices or not?

Can someone shed some light on this?

I'm assuming the internal BMS on the battery will ultimately kick in and won't allow any charging during subzero temperatures. If the Low Temperature Cut off on the MPPT charger fails.

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VE.Direct to USB , How many to do this ?

Hi , I have set up a Venos OS Raspberry Pi and the VRM portal , and connected my 100/20 smart controller via a to usb , But I have just put on order a , Smart shunt , a 150/35 smart controller and a Phoenix inverter.

I know I need one for the inverter because it doesn't have any Bluetooth and needs to cable , BUT can I make a smart network and include the 150/35 controller and the smart stunt .

Can I let the 100/20 controller pass all of the devices on smart network via the cable to the VRM , OR do I need a cable for each and every device ?

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Expanding installation - add extra battery and 2nd MPPT


I already have this installation:

  • 3x MP-II 48/3000
  • 1x SmartSolar MPPT 150/100
  • Cerbo GX
  • 3x Pylontech US3000C

I'm going to add:

  • 1x Pylontech US3000C
  • 1x SmartSolar MPPT 150/75


  1. Extra battery:
    According to this article
    When I connect the extra battery, I really don't need to do anything? It says that the Cerbo detects the batteries automatically and sets all parameters itself. Is that correct? All fw in all devices meet the requirements from that article
  2. Adding 2nd MPPT
    I will need to create the the VE.Smart Network on the 1st MPPT and connect the second MPPT to that network so those 2 MPPTs will sync.
    I will connect the MPPT vie VE.Direct to Cerbo GX.

Is all that correct?

Thanks a lot.

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VE.Smart Networking option not showing in Victron Connect settings

I have a Smartshunt and two Smartsolar devices which should be connected using VE.Smart networking, however this option is no longer showing under the settings for the device.
I am accessing the devices remotely via VRM and all other settings show including those that are read-only when accessed remotely.

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Bug in Víctron Connect??

hello, i think after an update i noticed a bug in the victron connect app.

In the section "trends" of the smartsolar under the heading "battery temperature" nonsense values appear. The temperature is received via VE SMART from the smart battery sense.

in the trends of the Smart battery sense the bug is not present.



nk you

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Smart Battery Sense and IP43 (Charger does not follow the reference value from sense sensor)


I have now installed Smart Battery Sense and connected it to the IP43 through VE.Smart Networking. Yes, I can connect with IP43, but the charger does not follow the reference value set on the absorption stage and far exceeds what is sent from Smart Battery sense!? Is there any solution or experience with this?

Example: The absorption stage starts at 16.8V, but the charger keeps charging even when the value from the Sense sensor is on the reference value, so I get an overcharge warning from the BMS!


Phoenix smart Charger 12 | 30 (1 + 1) fv v3.31

REC BMS v2.8

Battery ( 4S5P) 17,5Ah (16.8V) (Cell 4.2 V)

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Am I missing something? Waiting for data?


Did I miss a setting? Been getting this for a couple weeks now.

"This product is configured for VE.Smart networking and is waiting for data."


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VE.Smart in VRM / GX Device


Is it possible to see the data in VRM or in the GX device? I just bought 2 smart battery sensors to monitor remotely 2 batteries that are about 5 meters from my Cerbo and it would be great if I can check them online. As they are not part of the system, I don’t want to fit BMV or Smart Shunt, just check the voltage.


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Inquiry about Venus GX IP network

Dear sir/Madam


I would like to ask you if I can change the IP address of the Venus GX to be the same as another network which is for all systems connected to the industrial switch and the end user already have their own secure network.

Notes: already run the ethernet cable between Venus GX and the Industrial switch.

Kind Regards

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What causes 1 of 2 MPPTs to read zero watts when part of my VE Smart Network?

My small setup consists of 4 AGM batteries wired in Parallel. I have 2 MPPTs charging same 12v battery bank wired in parallel. One controller for fixed roof mounted solar array, 2 100w panels wired in parallel. Second MPPT for bumper mounted plug for portable panels, two 120w wired in series. I have a smart sense battery monitor and all devices are networked, ve smart connect. Maybe not an issue but I regularly observe where one MPPT will show 0 watts, battery state “off” with the other MPPT showing watts and state could be bulk, absorption, etc. If networked I would think both MPPTs would be charging. What am I missing here?

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"Battery temperature too high on Solar Charger" without temperature sensor in system

Why am I getting "Battery temperature too high on Solar Charger" alarm on SmartSolar when there is no temperature sensor installed?

I have 2 SmartSolar 150/70 VE Can paired with one BMV-712 that monitors only voltage and connected to Cerbo GX. BMV and chargers are also connected by VE.Smart networking sharing battery voltage to chargers and synced charging.

I have discovered that chargers (both) started receiving battery temperature from BMV, but there is no temperature sensor installed nor configured (None in settings). In BMV there is not temerature sharing visible, so chargers recieve it but nothing is transmitting.

I have fixed it by removing all devices from VE.Smart and connecting again, however when this occurs, it stops charging at all and that could be real issue.

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Blue Smart IP22 Charger Configuration


I recently replaced one of my lead acid battery banks with a single Blue Nova BN13V-108Ah-1.4kWh battery. I have an IP22 15 Amp charger and would like to know if the Li-ion setting is the best charging preset for the aforementioned battery. I also have a Smart Battery Sense connected to the battery and it is in a VE.Smart Network with the charger. Please see the attached screenshots to confirm that I have it setup correctly.



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VE.Direct to Cerbo GX, do I still setup VE.Smart Network over Bluetooth?

Smartsolar MPPT, Smartshunt with temp sensor, both connected VE.Direct cables to Cerbo GX. I think I read somewhere in all the documentation I've read to not setup VE.Smart Network over Bluetooth. Is this correct?

Future will include Multi and another Smartsolar. Batteries are AGM. This is RV/Caravan install.

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