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Problem Smart Solar MPPT 150/58 - immer wieder Fehler 38

Hallo !

Ich habe folgende Konfiguration meiner Solaranlage

- ein Solarfeld Richtung Ost-Süd 1,4Kw 36V angeschlossen an einen SmartSolar MPPT 150/85

- ein Solarfeld Richtung Süd-West 1,4Kw 36V angeschlossen an einen SmartSolar MPPT 150/85

- eine Batteriebank 7x LiFePo4 12V /100Ah

- Wechselrichter 1500 Watt.

Beide Laderegler versorgen das Batteriepack parallel und Laden über VE.Smart-Netzwerk synchron.

Die Ladung klappt eigentlich ordentlich, aber jedes mal kurz bevor die Ladespannung auf 14.4 Volt steigt, schalten die Laderegler mit Fehler 38.

Jetzt habe ich mal das Synchrone laden deaktiviert, mal sehen ob der Fehler dann auch noch auftritt.

Hat jemand eine Lösung für dieses Problem ??

Danke schon mal in die Runde.

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(Thermal Runaway?) VE.Smart Network Support on Blue Smart Charger IP67

Pretty sure this was asked a few years ago but wondering if anything has changed...

Any chance of VE.Smart Network coming available to the Blue Smart IP67 chargers?

Could really use that actual Battery Temperature reading...on these cool sunny days right now the ambient temp of the charger outside in the shade and the temp of the battery in a black plastic box is quite a big spread after a big charge (88f vs 61f - I think..the Blue Smart doesn't actually show temp- Another feature request to display Blue Smart temp?)

This leaves the MPPT on the VE.Smart Network to think that we are overcharging because it has temp compensated the voltage down for the warm battery (its probably right) while the BlueSmart IP67 is doing the opposite and temp compensating up for the cool charger.

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Can SmartSolar & SmartShunt sense Load/Charge current and optimize?

I am planning to buy a smartshunt to my setup but I'm not sure if it helps smartsolar's adaptation to third party inverter usage. Could anybody verify? I have seen on one post that smartshunt doesn't share live current data through


Long explanation: I want my system to recognise constantly changing load on my third party inverter and act accordingly. For example, at current setup I cannot set a proper tail amp for my bank. That annoys me. I'm currently way over my budget but if it helps I would buy that also.

Rv solar system:

Battery: lead gel deep cycle 12v 100ah x 10pcs / 2s 5p | midpoints connected

Battery balancing: no brand capacitive 2s balancer from amazon

Inverter: 3000w 230v cotek sk3000-224

Pv1: 3s 2p total 1380 w on 100/50 SmartSolar mppt

Pv2: 3s 1p total 615 w on 100/30 SmartSolar mppt

Both Mppt are on same and syncing.

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IP43, syncronized charging and DVCC

I am looking for some details and/or confirmation about the IP43 charger 120-240V model.


When looking here,

it is specified that ONLY the 120-240V model supports both

  • the data sense sharing (V and T) capability
  • the charge synchronization capability

The 230V model only supports the first one.

Q1: Is the information found in the documentation accurate and up to date?


When I am looking to the change log of the IP43 firmware,

the latest entry is about FW version 3.38. However, it looks like the 120-240V is only using FW 3.50.

Q2.1: Is it possible to update the change log document to know exactly what we have in FW version 3.50?

Q2.2: Is version 3.50 the initial release version for the 120-240 model?


Sometime ago, I posted few question regarding the IP22 rev2 and the synchronized sharing capability.

Basically, I will ask the same questions but for the IP43 (120-240V model only)

Q3.1: Does the IP43 120-240V model will always become the charge master if combined with MPPTs in a VE.Smart network?


DVCC vs VE.Smart network

In the VE.Smart network documentation,

it is said that DVCC voltage sense takes over voltage sense coming from VE.Smart network.

Let's suppose you have a system with an IP43 120-240V model and 1-2 MPPTs (being both VE.Direct and VE.Smart capable)

Q4.1: What about the "Synchronized charging" capability of the VE.Smart network when DVCC is enabled on the GX? Is it deactivated or still in function?

Q4.2: If it is still in function, does the current limit capability of the DVCC be used by MPPTs?


It is said here DVCC is not yet supported by the IP43 charger.

Knowing the 120-240V model is using a newer FW (3.50)

Q5.1: Is it true for 120-240V mode? (.i.e DVCC not supported)

Q5.2: What is not supported exactly? Everything (voltage sense and current limit capability)? Or just the current limit capability?




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MPPT, BMV712 and Tail current - is it used with VE.Smart

Does the MPPT use the local current or the BMV current value for Tail Current when connected with

The documentation is unclear

The MPPT displays local current, but this includes DC loads, so is not accurate

The battery charge profile is unclear to which value it is using.

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1 Answer

VE.Smart networking not showing connection


Running VictronConnect v5.73beta1

All devices configured properly using VE.Smart connect. They are showing a connection in the VE.Smart connection settings screen but when the icon is tapped on the status screen, it shows that it is waiting for a connection. You can see behind the pop up that the battery temperature is being transmitted so I know it’s working but why is it showing that it’s waiting for a connection? This used to work and tell me what information it was receiving. I’ve tried disabling and re-enabling as well as deleting and creating a new network using a different name. It still shows that it’s waiting for a connection and I’m wondering why this is sometimes I see a drift between the reported battery voltages between the SmartShunt and the SCC.

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Cerbo GX and VE.Smart Networking

I have the following installed:
- BMV-712
- Blue Smart IP22 12/30 Charger
- SmartSolar 100/30

These are all currently communicating using VE Smart Networking.

I would like to add a Cerbo GX and eventually a GX Tank Monitor.

I would like the Cerbo GX for remote remote monitoring and data logging purposes (read only). Can this be done without interfering with the VE.Smart Networking?

Reason being, I would like the BlueSmart IP22 to still be able to obtain charge data from the BMV-712. I have considered replacing the Blue Smart Charger with a Phoenix IP43 Charger 12/30 however don't appear to be able to source them in Canada.

Thanks for any help.


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2 Answers

Status lights and settings meaning

I have a MPPT 150/45 tr charge controller

LiFePO 424v EG4 200 amp battery

The charge voltages are set to Absorption voltage 28.00v and Float voltage 27.00

Now my questions

should the status light go from Bulk to Absorption when it his 27.00v and onto Float when it hits 28.00v? The status light changed to Absorption sometime after 27.00v and is now sitting at 28.00v with the Absorption status light still on. The battery says it is not charging and all the power my panels are producing is being used. If I increase my usage the Victron app show the production goes up to match.

It looks like my system is doing what I want. It is just the status lights don't make sense and don't match the labels in the app.

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Bluetooth live data question

I notice live data advertisement has been added to the smartsolar firmware , is this the same as the GATT protocol or is this a closed data advertisement

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BMV712 and ve.bus smart dongle network compatibility?

Hi all!

I'm just wondering if having the VE.bus smart dongle and the BMV712 on the same network can cause issues?

I'm particularly concerned about having both communicating the voltage to the network... At least they read the same value!

Also, is there any way of receiving and displaying the temperature sent by the dongle on the BMV display?

Thanks for your help!


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MultiPlus Compact and MPPT non agreeing on Bulk/Float


I have a 200Ah LiFeP04 battery being charged by both MultiPlus Compact 12/1600/70-16 and by SmartSolar MPPT 75/15

When the system is attached to the mains, I have seen situations (i.e. early morning) when the MPPT start charging in Bulk mode while the Multiplus is in Float mode. why is this happening?

The MultiPlus is connected to the same VE.Smart network as the MPPT using the VE.Bus SmartDongle. In the system, we also have a SmartShunt 500a

VE.Smart Network details:

  • MultiPlus (SmartDongle): transmits battery voltage and battery temperature
  • SmartShunt: transmits battery voltage and battery current
  • MPPT: reads battery voltage and current from SmartShunt and BatteryTemperature from SmartDongle

Any suggestion? Thanks

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Smart Solar Charger not receiving networked voltage

I have a Smart Solar Charger, BMV 712 and a Smart Battery Sense which are all networked. The problem I have is that while both the BMV 712 and the Smart Battery Sense display the same voltage, the Smart Solar voltage display is significantly higher which causes it to transition to float before actual desired absorption voltage is reached.

What I don’t understand why the solar controller appears to be using its own sensed voltage rather that that being transmitted via the network which I assumed was supposed to happen and do I have a faulty solar controller?

All products are on the latest available firmware. Please refer to attached screenshots of the respective devices.


Solar Controller


BMV 712


Smart Battery Sense

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5 Answers synchronised charging question

I have a mppt smart solar and a smart 12/30 battery charger in a ve. smart network with a bmv712

1. Who is the master is the synchronised charging

2. Today my mppt showed “ bulk” the battery charger showed “ storage “ AND the bmv said 98% SOC.

3. The charger wasn’t putting in any appreciable current yet the mppt controller was

4 the smart chsrger mentions it’s in synchronised charging but the mppt controller does not mention synchronised charging, correction it does when it’s detecting the charger, this relates to 5 below

5. I notice while the mppt and chsrger are only 2metres apart the mppt and the charger both seem to struggle to maintain a connection and seem to drop of the list and reappear frequently , no problems accessing either from the iPhone app

This whole areas is appallingly badly documented by Victron

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6 Answers

Float voltage different from setting

Hi there.

I have 3 x SmartSolar MPPTs connected to a bank of Lead Acid batteries with a SmartShunt, Multiplus and a Pi running Venus OS. The Multiplus is off and the MPPTs are using VE Smart Network to sync.

Even though the float setting on all MPPTs is 13.6V, the float voltage on the battery bank is being held at 13.2V. This is even if I take all loads off of the batteries. Can anyone explain why there is this difference?

Many thanks.

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Abs Voltage High - SmartSolar - Consistent Temp

Hi all.

I can see this question has been asked before but the answers seem different from my situation.

I have SmartSolar (x3) with VE Smart Network connected to SmartShunt, Multiplus (Off) and RPi running Venus OS (DVCC off).

Today, the Abs voltage was +0.4v over target (14.4v). I am in Greece where the current batt temp is 25C and was likely same temp this morning. Temp compensation is -16.2mV/C.

Why else would the controllers be taking Abs voltage to +0.4v?

Images below.





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