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MPPT no showing in CCGX

My MPPT will not show up on my CCGX via the VE.Can ports. If I use a VE.Direct, it shows up just fine. My problem with the VE.Direct cable is, it's only 5' long and won't reach my MPPT, so I have to use ethernet. My CCGX firmware is up to date, my MPPT firmware is up to date. The only devices I can see in the devices section of the VE.Can settings are the CCGX and The Quattro.

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Cerbo GX & SmartSolar MPPT communication problem


I've got small issue with communication beetwen mppts and cerbo.

10 mppts are connected to cerbo by ve.can.

MPPTs got their own unit ID : from 1 to 9 so thats ok, but the last mppt got unit ID 100 - same as the

com.victronenergy.system .


I dont know it is correct.

I'm a commisioner and thats my first time with mppt.

I want to communicate cerbo with automation server by modbus tcp.

Unit ID is slave addres of device for modbus, right ?

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lynx BMS with smart lithium MPII configuration

I have a question about the multiplus config when used with a lynx BMS and smart lithium batteries. I changed the battery type to "smart lithium with VE Bus BMS" and once doing that, I got all kinds of errors on my GX device. the errors would go away if I unplugged either the MPII or the BMS from the cerbo but the config did not like having both connected at he same time. My assumption is that the lynx is not technically a VE bus BMS but actually a VE Can bms so having the "configured for VE Bus BMS" box checked was causing issues. After changing the battery type to lithium batteries the errors went away. I am wanting to know if my assumption is correct and lithium is the option that needs to be checked or if it should work under my previous configuration?

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VE.Can - who’s the Boss when the Multiplus II is off.


dear brains trust,

I have two MPPT controllers connected to my VE.CAN bus along with a Cerbo GX and Lynx Shunt. My batteries are AGM and unmanaged. I also have a Multiplus II interfacing with the CerboGX. My understanding is that when the Multiplus is inverting/charging it takes control of the charge algorithm as indicated by ‘External Control’ display on the MPPT controllers. This continues even when the Multiplus II has been turned off for several days. I have tried to configure Bluetooth VE.Smart to no avail. So what I want to know is when the Multipluss II is out of town who is wearing the pants (and where do I change the maximum absorption time - as the devices do not revert to float mode - I have also changed the maximum absorption time settings in both MPPT controller with no impact. Devices are configured for Victron AGM batteries with a maximum 6 hour absorption and adaptive charging). I have an 1180 AGM 12 v bank and after a day of absorption battery charge is minimal yet no float. All software is up to date including Venus 8.89.36.
kind regards


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I have a Victron-MultiPlus-II-GX with a Victron-smartsolar-MPPT 450/100 and a batery WECO 5K3 LV.

Im having some trouble in connecting Multiplus with mppt, it seems the mppt have a ve.can port and multiplus have a bus.can bms.

Is it possible to connect these devices and if not what is the best solution to connect them?

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VE.CAN Solar Yield 'Yesterday' incorrect on VRM and Venus but Correct on Connect?


For the last two Venus OS updates (V2.72 and V2.73) my two VE.CAN MPPT's solar yield yesterday total has always been stuck on the last highest yield, rather than yesterdays total yield.

Both VE.CAN MPPT's running Firmware V3.08

Although it displays properly for my VE.Direct MPPT and also displays on Victron Connect correctly, and seemingly the weekly totals etc are still correct, it's just for VE.CAN yesterdays yield is always the same, currently for the last few weeks they've been stuck at 3.37kWh and 3.75kWh respectively.

It's a minor point, but very handy at quick glance to compare when it works.





Will Venus OS V2.80 fix this? Or do I have another issue?

2way is on to look at my system.



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Why no VE.Can on smaller MPPT?

It seems sensible to have many seperate MPPT controllers, ideally one per panel or so.
But this means for them to work with Voltage Sensor and Co-ordinated charging they need to talk to each other.
Cerbo doesn't support VE.Smart (BT) yet (maybe ever)
VE.Direct is messy and needs an Octo or USB hacks
VE.Can seems perfect.
BUT - the smaller MPPT's, the ones you would want to network with many controllers, don't support VE.Can.
There seems to be a logic gap here. Am I missing something?

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MPPT RS 450/100 connect via VE.can to Venus GX


i've 3 MPPT RS 450/100 connected via VE.Can to Venus GX.
At the end of the VE.Can bus are resistors connected.
I used normal UTP Network cabel cat.6. Max. Length of the cable is 3 meters.

Firmware MPPT 1.05
Venus 2.73

Remote Console
Settings/Services/VE.Can i cannot see any devices.

It seems the VE.Can is disabled ....

With the VictronConnect App connected via Bluetooth to the MPPTRS i found
no settings about VE.Can.

I hope everybody has an idea.

Thanks Thomas

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SmartShunt information on the VE.CAN

I have two SmartShunts connected to the Cerbo with VE.Direct.
As far as I understand the Cerbo puts the information on the VE.CAN.

Is there a table with the available VREG's? Is it similar to the Lynx Ion?

Which VREG's are sent periodically, which are send on change and which need to be requested?

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Fortress eFlex closed loop status?

Does anyone know what the latest is regarding closed loop VE.can with eFlex bats? I heard earlier in the year it was a work in progress. This was from the Fortress Discord forum. Thanks!!

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Lynx Shunt to Cerbo GX VE.Can port ERROR-PASSIVE TEC:128


I have a Lynx Shunt VE.Can that will not show up on my Cerbo GX as a VE.Can device. Other VE.Can devices will show up, but I have disconnected them for troubleshooting the shunt. I have a Cat6 UTP RJ45 cable connected directly between the VE.Can ports on the shunt and the Cerbo, with a blue terminator plug on both ends. The shunt's LED is green and current is flowing. RJ11 cables are connected to Lynx Distributers left (batteries) and right (loads) of the shunt. The VE.Can port status page from the Cerbo interface is attached.

Please let me know any suggestions or additional info needed.

Thank you!


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EasySolar 2 GX mit ve.Can

Meine Anlage besteht aktuell aus

1x EasySolar 2 mit GX

2x MultiPlus 2

je 5000/48

Als Batterie sind derzeit 4 Pylontech US3000C im Einsatz.

Nun habe ich zwei weitere MPPT 250/70 ve.Can geordert und wollte diese in Betrieb nehmen.

Leider ohne Erfolg, da ich keinen ve.Can Anschluss am EasySolar habe.

Wie kann ich trotz des EasySolars2 GX einen ve.Can bekommen?

Gibt es hier seitens Victron eine Lösung?

Durch recherchen bin auf auf "Victron VE.Bus to VE.Can interface" gestoßen.

Leider weiß ich allerdings nicht, ob das Interface funktioniert am EasySolar2 GX, oder benötige ich einen Cerbo z.B um die beiden weiteren MPPT ve.Can in Betrieb zunehmen.

Vielen Dank, für eure Hilfen

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Can I use both VE.can on CCGX or need a CerboGX?

There is a CCGX with 3x Blue Solar 150/85 mppts connected via VE.can with a terminator in the other port.

Need has arisen to connect lithium batteries which require can coms to control charging. Dilemma is whether can connect the BMS cable to the other Ve.can port occupied by the terminator or need to upgrade to CerboGX and use the other Ve.can port with terminator for BMS and the other port with terminator for Blue Solar?

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No Answer on Request VE.CAN connected TO Cerbo GX

Hi. Can somebody help me.

I try to communicate with a Cerbo GX with the Ve.CAN and a can Analyser.

My CAN_analyse_tool detect the bus on 250Kbps. So I know that the Can is connected.

But when I send a simple request like explain on the Victron VREGS Manual I dont receive any answer

For example I send

7.0.0.EF.20.40 0x66 0x99 0x01 0x00 0x01 0x02 0xFF 0xF

And receive no answer.

Thanks for you help

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How many CANBUS BMS of same kind are supported on one Cerbo / ESS System


How many CAN-BMS of the same kind are possible to connect to one cerbo / ESS System?

And how will the cerbo handle these. (Max charge amp as sum of all?)

Has someone running a system with more than one (for example Pylontech) CAN-connected battery and can tell me if the max amps are a sum of the single pylontech 25Amps for example?

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Victron energy Phönix 12/800 VE Direkt Problem


ich habe mir einen Victron Phönix 12/800 mit VE Direkt zugelegt und er läuft schon seit ein paar Tagen fast problemlos.

Aber ich habe ein Problem mit dem VE Direkt Anschluss, ich kann mich über das VE Direkt zu USB Kabel zwar mit dem Wechselrichter verbinden und auch über die Victron Connect App die verschiedenen Spannungswerte usw ändern, aber sobald ich eine Last anschließe wird mir nicht in Prozent angezeigt zu wie viel der Wechselrichter entlastet wird.
Auch wenn ich ihn an Cerbo Gx anschließe erkennt er zwar den Wechselrichter aber er zeigt am Display dauernd nur 0W an obwohl gerade ein Verbraucher angeschlossen ist.
Der Wechselrichter befindet sich gerade auf der Softwareversion v1.21.

Hat wer von euch eine Lösung für das Problem?

Hi there,

I bought a Victron Phönix 12/800 with VE Direkt and it has been running almost without any problems for a few days.

But I have a problem with the VE Direkt connection, I can connect to the inverter via the VE Direkt to USB cable and also change the various voltage values etc. via the Victron Connect app, but as soon as I connect a load, the percentage does not work shows how much the inverter is being relieved of.
Even when I connect it to the Cerbo Gx, it recognizes the inverter, but it only shows 0W on the display even though a consumer is currently connected.
The inverter is currently on software version v1.21.
Which of you has a solution to the problem?

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Maximum length for VE. Can

I don't know if any of the engineers actually read this forum, but I'm hoping to find out the maximum allowable cable length for the VE. Can interface cables. I intend to build my own cables using high-quality shielded cable (probably Cat7) so the attenuation and interference should not be a problem. I only wonder what the maximum latency is...

I can find information on the maximum cable length on the VE. Bus. People on the forums are saying that they're having trouble with longer cables, but the literature seems to indicate that you should be fine as long as the total cable length doesn't exceed 100 meters. Therefore, I believe that these people would do better with larger shielded cables since the literature seems to indicate that they shouldn't have latency problems, but I have found no such literature for the VE. Can.

I'm trying to mount the GX 70 upstairs quite a ways from the battery room. I figured I'd just locate the Cerbo GX up next to the GX 70 location.

If anyone can help, or if anyone can tell me who to contact, I'd really appreciate it!


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Can Bus / MCP2515 / Raspberry Pi 4

Hi All,

Apologies if this has been covered but i've not found anything.

I tried with a RP4, v 2.73, and it runs but the Wavestore Hat RS485/CAN doesn't work, I can't get the CAN (MCP2515) to load at all.

I've booted normal Ubuntu and got the CAN interface up, so I know the hardware is ok, it just seems like the overlay or something just won't load.

I've tried loads of different things, like changing overlays, naming, etc, disabled bluetooth, don't seem to be able to get the driver loading.

Anyone got a fix or clue what to look at?

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One cerbo gx, Two shunts to measure another DC supply


I have a cerbo gx in the cabin. There I have a shunt from before and want to add an extra shunt. The plan is for it to measure the 24v dc current coming from the wind turbine (Primus Windpower Air 40, 24V) into the battery bank. will this work?

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Connexion entre Cerbo GX et Onduleur RS 48/6000


Dans la liste des appareils reliés au Cerbo GX, j’ai le SmartShunt et les batteries Pylontech, mais l’onduleur RS 48/6000 n’apparaît pas. Il est écrit « off » sur le graphique du GX Touch alors qu’il est allumé. Je l’ai relié au Cerbo GX d’un port VE.Can à un port VE.Can, avec un câble UTP RJ45 cat6, standard.

Avec le Cerbo GX est fournis deux embouts RJ45. J’en ai alors mis un dans le VE.Can inutilisé du Cerbo et l’autre dans l’onduleur. Ça ne change rien au problème. À quoi servent ces embouts au juste ?

Voyez-vous une solution ? C’est une nouvelle installation.

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Does Lynx Shunt substitute for Battery Terminal Fuse?

Pretty sure the answer is no but any input appreciated.

200amph of 24v Lipo batteries with integrated BMS wired in parallel. Max potential load something like 120 amps. Plan to connect directly to busbars of Shunt VE.Can connected to Lynx Distributor.

The Shunt VE.can manual states

"If the Lynx module is the first in line, the last in line or is used by itself, it is possible to connect batteries, loads or chargers directly to these connections. However, we do not generally recommend this because additional insulation and fusing is needed. "

Sounds like a battery terminal fuse is a great idea. Not sure what they mean by additional insulation.


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Error 67 - BMS Connection Lost on Smart Solar 150/100-Tr VE.Can

I have a Smart Solar 150/100-Tr VE.Can connected by VE.Can to a MG Energy Master LV (With 2 x 200Ah HE batteries) and a Color Control GX. There is also a Multiplus 24/3000/70-16 connected by VE.Bus on the same system.

I'm having an occasional 'Error 67 - BMS connection lost' from the Smart Solar but I have unfortunately been unable to pinpoint what exactly is causing the issue. It never happens when the solar is isolated but randomly when solar is generating. It does not automatically recover unless I clear the issue by isolating our solar panels and reconnecting. Is this a known issue with Smart Solar VE.Can variants? Details are below. Many thanks!


DVCC Enabled

Smart Solar 150/100-Tr VE.Can Firmware v̶1̶.̶0̶3̶ v1.04

MG Energy Master LV Firmware v1.22

Multiplus 24/3000/70-16 (230VAC) Firmware v469

Color Control GX Firmware v2.51

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Multiplus goes above CAN-bus Charge Voltage Limit (CVL)

I have an installation with Blue Solar MPPT, MultiPlus and Cerbo GX, plus a BMS that sends CAN messages to Cebo GX. All works well except that the MultiPlus charges above CVL.


In "System Setup", "Battery Monitor" is set to "CAN-bus BMS", and DVCC is enabled:


High voltage and both current limits are properly displayed by Cerbo GX on "CAN-bus BMS -> Parameters" screen.

Q1: Is it normal that the low voltage limit (DVL) does not show here?


For the MPPT, under "Networked operation" it shows "Charge voltage = 13.8V", but I do not find the same information for the MultiPlus.
Q2: where can I see the "Charge Voltage Limit" for the MultiPlus?

When charging with the MultiPlus, the voltage goes above CVL (13.83V on screenshot):


Q3: Did I miss a setting?

note: CCL is working fine (not yet tested DCL).

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CCGX with two can.bus inputs

I have a CCGX with a Smartsolar and Pylontech batteries, both of which require a CAN.bus connection on the CCGX. As far as I understand the CCGX can only accept one such connection and this is what I am experiencing when trying to commission; Either the batteries as viewable with the 500kbs BUS setting, or the MPPT is viewable (250kbs setting).

My dealer insists that BOTH can be connected if setup correctly, can anyone confirm this and how it's done? I've read the Pylontech, Smartsolar, and CCGX manuals and the only info says that they cannot be connected; I'll require a Cerbo or similar.

Any help and clarification would be welcome.

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3rd-party BMS w/ VE.can compatible with SmartSolar MPPT VE.can?

I'm shopping for a charger controller for my twelve 445W 49Voc solar panels and my 24V 525Ah LiFePo battery with a nice BMS. It's off-grid. The battery manufacturer says I should use a charge controller that supports VE.Can. is it sufficient to use a pair of "SmartSolar MPPT 250/100 VE.Can MC4"? Do I need a GX device or can I daisy-chain the charger controllers and battery BMS and be done with it?

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can a Bluesolar 150/70 and a Smart solar 250/70 be connected to one batterybank and work together?

can a Bluesolar 150/70 and a Smart solar 250/70 be connected to one batterybank and work together?

We allready have one pv array with a Bluesolar 150/70 charging the batterybank. But the batterybank is to big for this charger.

I want to install an extra array with a Smartsolar 250/70 charger.

Can a Bluesolar work together with a Smartsolar charger? Can the communication ports be connected?

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WHY does the old VE.CAN BlueSolar 150/85 (rectangular metal box) not support external BMSes?

Almost every ESS battery compatibility page notes that old VE.CAN BlueSolar (150/85 & 150/70) with the rectangular metal case does NOT support external BMSes, because the firmware does not implement the required control instructions.

On the face of it, this makes sense.

However, after a couple of years of this being the case, WHY has the feature not been implemented?

I currently have some of these devices, and they are essentially useless now.

I understand that firmware "space" might be an issue to add this feature, but would it not be possible to build a cut-down firmware that contains ONLY this feature and none of the standalone charging features? That way a "BMS-compatible" firmware can be flashed, since none of the other features matter then.

It really is a shame that these excellent chargers have basically been abandoned now, especially since they were marketed as the top-of-range models initially.

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2x CAN interfaces on CerboGX

I've currently got a CCGX and have the CAN connection going to a Batrium BMS which uses the CAN-bus BMS(500 kbits/s) CAN-bus profile.

I'm considering installing a Fischer-Panda generator that I understand can be controlled with GX device although this will require NEMA2000 CAN-Bus profile, now I know that my CCGX only has 1 CAN port but I notice that the CerboGX has both VE. CAN and BMS CAN ports.

If I upgrade to the CerboGX can the Battrium BMS be put on the BMS CAN ports and the Fischer Panda on the VE. CAN port and they use different CAN-BUS profiles?

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Cant get VE Can shunt to work.

Help Needed. working on a new system at the moment, multi 2 GX, ve bus BMS, Lynx VE Can shunt. everything is working except the shunt data is not showing up on the gx device, i have aDC loads but when i turn them on No Load current shows. Also cant see the shunt settings in the gx device, the rj45 cable has been checked and replaced and checked again.

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Stop charging and allow charging Skylla-i

I have a system with 2000Ah Winston cells, REC BMS, Cerbo GX 2x Quattro's, MPPT's and a Skylla-i. When the stop charging signal is given from the Cerbo the Quattro's stop charging but the Skylla-i keeps charging. Does anybody have an idea how to solve this. A dirty way is to use a relay connected from the REC BMS direct to switch off the Skylla-i but I want to use that only when I get above the max cell voltage.

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