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Vorgehensweise Inebtriebnahme Victron Gerätr

Hallo zusammen,

gibt es eine bestimmte Vorgehensweise wie man die Victron Geräte in Betrieb nimmt ?

Mir ist bewusst das durch die Vielfalt von den Victron Komponenten das nicht einfach macht grundlegend eine feste Inbetriebnahme Reihenfolge festzuhalten. Aber ich denke für die ein oder andere Konstellation gibt es bestimmt eine Herangehensweise wie man die Komponenten nach und nach einrichtet.

Meine mögliche Anlage könnte sein, 3x Victron MP2 und 4x Smart MPPT 250/100, Cerbo GX

Ist das möglich ein paar Tipps oder Infos für so eine Anlage abgeben zu können.


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Can an old BlueSolar MPPT 150/85 CAN-bus be used in Color Control USB port?


Is there any way of using the old-type BlueSolar charge controller MPPT 150/85 CAN-bus (SCC010085000) on a Color Control GX that already has the single CCGX CAN port taken up with the Battery BMS?

I know that you can use the VE Direct to USB interface for the newer SmartSolar types- I wondered if you can use some kind of VE Can to USB interface for these older versions?

Or is there another option?

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Smart MPPT 150/85 VECan controller Bluetooth issues



Hi all a puzzling situation that I would appreciate your input on. During a recent upgrade to incorporate a Lynx Smart BMS into our system I lost Bluetooth connectivity to one of my VE.Can connected Smart MPPT VE.Can rev2 solar controllers (firmware v3.10) when it was restarted (I have two). I am as positive as I can be that I did not disable Bluetooth myself.

When I connect to the two devices (VictronConnect (v5.72 & 5.73b1) over VRM (VE.Can/Cerbo (VensOS v2.90~14)/VRM) to re-enable Bluetooth I get two different product info pages - one with the Bluetooth option and on the other there is no Bluetooth option (see screenshots). Both units are the same age and have the same config - apart from this issue they are continuing to operate normally. I have also tried using VE.Direct/Cerbo/VRM and get the same product info pages. Resetting the device to default settings did not have an impact.

So my first question - is it normal for the Bluetooth option to completely disappear like this?

Moving on - so my thinking suggests this is either a bug that was triggered when I hooked up my Smart BMS to Ve.Can, operator error, or hardware fault with super impeccable timing. So, from a trouble shooting perspective I am going to assume that the Bluetooth has somehow become disabled.

Hence my second question - the manual suggests I should be able to re-enable the bluetooth via VRM, is this correct? Or is my overriding problem the missing bluetooth option mentioned above.

"5.4 Disabling and enabling bluetooth. Connect with the VictronConnect App to the solar charger. Note that if Bluetooth has been disabled, a connection via its built-in Bluetooth is not possible anymore. In that case use the VE.Direct to USB interface, the VE.Direct Bluetooth Smart dongle or VRM to connect to the solar charger."

Thanks in advance.

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BMS+ CCGX+ Phoenix Smart IP43 Charger the DVCC won’t work?


I have a system that consists of REC BMS + CCGX and Phoenix smart charger IP43. The BMS and Charger is connected to CCGX through CAN and VE.Direct. I have activated DVCC and defined the limit (CVL, CCL, DCL). When I then want to charge the batteries, the Charger will not follow the limit set in DVCC. CCGX ends up giving Alarms (high voltage, high current, etc.).

Is Phoenix Smart charger compatible with DVCC??

IS there any settings I have not activated? Is there any settings I have overlooked?

How does Phoenix Charger charge the batteries when DVCC is activated?


Phoenix smart Charger 12 | 30 (1 + 1) fv v3.31

CCGX fv v2.87

REC BMS v2.6


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Best 48v BMS

Hi everyone,

I am expecting a shipment of 16x280Ah prismatic LiFePO4 cells. It is my first experience with non-lead acid batteries. I understand that I need a BMS, but there is incredible selection and profound difference in cost between models. I currently have a Cerbo GX which I understand has two data busses, a CAN bus and a proprietary VE.bus. This paragraph is the entire sum of my BMS knowledge, +/-.

I want to find a BMS that integrates maximally with the Cerbo. I'm happy to pay for quality. I don't necessarily need it to be a "supported" solution by Victron, as long as it integrates well. In another group on DIY Powerwalls, Batrium seems to be the most popular name in BMS. Is anyone running a similar system to what I've described, with a Batrium BMS?

What other options do I have? I'm also impressed with REC-BMS, but it's very pricey. A couple other ones I've glanced at are 123Smart BMS, Tiny BMS, Chargery BMS and DIY BMS. Also Daly?

The two most important things to me are 1) safety and 2) integration with my Victron products. This will be a 16s, 48v (although it's not a strict design requirement) LiFePO4 battery with low-moderate current requirements (probably something like a 3000 watt inverter). Thanks for any input!

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Second VE.Direct Port on Multiplus II GX?

I would like to connect two MPPTs to a Multiplus II GX. Unfortunately there is only one VE.Direct and no VE.Can port on it.
However there is an additional JST-PH connector on the GX PCB with a label "VE.Direct" (please see the photos).
Can I connect an MPPT directly to this additional port?

Thanks for your answer!



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Pylontech on 19 chipset multi with older mppts.

So my new pylontech up2500 arrived today..

Fitted them and now I'm getting GX error #48 with incompatible firmware error

My system comprises of:-

2 x multiplus 5kw 24v (19 chipset with v2.09 firmware)

5 x Ve Can mppts (150/70) firmware v2.89

Cerbo GX (Latest firmware)

Old mppts are on 250kbs ve can and pylontech batteries are on BMS can @500kbs

I have read on here that the older mppts are not supported, yet someone said that thiers were working fine on a cerbo, but would not work on my original CCGX as it only has 1 can bus.

Vrm says that DVCC is forced on (by pylontechs I assume) but I don't want to be seeing a big error message across my display all the time, I may get used to seeing it and miss an important one..

So I guess my question is... is it the mppts causing the issue, or is there a later firmware version I can run on the multis?

I did see a later version possibly.. but I only have a mk2 interface, and the firmware said it needs a mk3...

Already spent a lot of money on my system, now with new batteries and a cerbo.. really need to get to the bottom of this..

Anyone help ?

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ESS "partly" working

System is a Multiplus II 5000/48 with a BYD B-Box pro 10kWh Lithium set connected to VE.Can on my Cerbo GX with the Can-speed set to high.
I have two PV-sets. One connected through a SmartSolar Charger VE.Can 150/70 connected to the second Can-bus on my Cerbo GX at normal speed. The second PV-set is connected through a BlueSolar Charger MPPT 150/35 rev3 connected to VE-Direct.
The loads are covered by the batteries with both chargers working at top performance and the batteries are charged of course.
That works ok until...... the batteries are at 100%. Then the set connected to VE-Direct keeps working at top performance, covering the loads and bringing the excess to the grid.
But the set connected by VE.Can is switched off, not doing anything anymore:-(
And, as that PV set is normally producing the most power, this is kind of a bummer.... ;-)
Of course at the end of the day, if the set connected to VE-Direct isn't able to cover the loads on it's own, and the batteries are depleted a bit, the VE.Can MPPT kicks in again and start producing again until the sun goes down completely.
I changed an older VE.Can MPPT for the VE-Direct one and then a new menu-item appeared called Networked operation?!
With the VE.Can MPPT it says Group Master and at BMS controlled it says Yes.
With the VE-Direct MPPT it says Slave at Network status, Ext. control & BMS at Mode setting and Yes at BMS controlled.
I'm not sure if these screens have anything to do with the problem, but as the menu-item appeared after changing an OLD VE.Can MPPT for the VE-Direct one, I thought it could have to do with these problems. Before changing the OLD VE.Can MPPT, BOTH MPPT's were shut off when the batteries were full, bringing no power to the grid at all...
Is there one of you who had this problem and/or may have a working solution?

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VE.CAN Solar Yield 'Yesterday' incorrect on VRM and Venus but Correct on Connect?


For the last two Venus OS updates (V2.72 and V2.73) my two VE.CAN MPPT's solar yield yesterday total has always been stuck on the last highest yield, rather than yesterdays total yield.

Both VE.CAN MPPT's running Firmware V3.08

Although it displays properly for my VE.Direct MPPT and also displays on Victron Connect correctly, and seemingly the weekly totals etc are still correct, it's just for VE.CAN yesterdays yield is always the same, currently for the last few weeks they've been stuck at 3.37kWh and 3.75kWh respectively.

It's a minor point, but very handy at quick glance to compare when it works.





Will Venus OS V2.80 fix this? Or do I have another issue?

2way is on to look at my system.



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Skylla IP65, connected via VE.Can, not found in Cerbo

I am installing a pair of Skylla IP65 24V chargers in a system with a Lynx SmartBMS and 2 200AH 24V Victron Smart Lithium batteries. My working assumption is that they should appear in the Cerbo device list. Per the manual, "The AC input current limit of each charger is set to 10,5 A max and can be adjusted with a CCGX device, NMEA 2000 or a Skylla-i-control GX remote panel." I assume the "CCGX device" would include a Cerbo.

The Lynx and Skyllas are connected to the Cerbo via the VE.Can ports. The cables are terminated at each device at the end of the chain. The Lynx appears in the Cerbo device list, but neither Skylla will appear. I have changed cables, changed terminators, and connected one Skylla and then the other. I have changed the order of the devices in the cabling.

Update #1. Changed cables again. I can now see one of the 2 Skyllas. The other says not connected. However, if I disconnect the 1st one and connect the 2nd, the 2nd Skylla appears, though it throws a Error 65 - lost connection.

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VE.Can - who’s the Boss when the Multiplus II is off.


dear brains trust,

I have two MPPT controllers connected to my VE.CAN bus along with a Cerbo GX and Lynx Shunt. My batteries are AGM and unmanaged. I also have a Multiplus II interfacing with the CerboGX. My understanding is that when the Multiplus is inverting/charging it takes control of the charge algorithm as indicated by ‘External Control’ display on the MPPT controllers. This continues even when the Multiplus II has been turned off for several days. I have tried to configure Bluetooth VE.Smart to no avail. So what I want to know is when the Multipluss II is out of town who is wearing the pants (and where do I change the maximum absorption time - as the devices do not revert to float mode - I have also changed the maximum absorption time settings in both MPPT controller with no impact. Devices are configured for Victron AGM batteries with a maximum 6 hour absorption and adaptive charging). I have an 1180 AGM 12 v bank and after a day of absorption battery charge is minimal yet no float. All software is up to date including Venus 8.89.36.
kind regards



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Can you connect a Seplos BMS 48V 100A 16s directly to a Cerbo GX?


I am trying to connect my new 48V battery to the Cerbo GX to see the state of charge in my Victron touch. I did the can connections following both manuals, and I have tested the terminals.




















I see 2.5V in both can H and can L terminals, any idea of why I am not receiving any datas in my Cerbo GX?

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1 Answer

MPPT 450/100 display as "NOT CONNECTED"

Hi everyone. New Victron user here :)

I have :

  • an MPPT 450/100 connected using VE.Can to a Cerbo GX (terminator connector used on each one)
  • a Multiplus-II 48/8000/110-100 connected using VE.Bus to the Cerbo GX
  • Pylontech batteries connected to Cerbo-GX using the good Victron cable to the Cerbo-GX
  • DVCC is on ( charge informations are provided by the Pylontech BMS)

I have a strange behavior with the MPPT not showing as PV Charger on the VRM online and marked as "NOT CONNECTED" on Device List.

More strange, when I connect to the MPPT solar, or when I reboot it, it appears in both device list and VRM, but only for approximatively 30 seconds and then it desappers again.

I monitored the device list and sometimes, the MPPT is showing up by his own, but only for a few seconds.

Note that the device itself is working well.

I have tried using another cable, but the behavior's still the same.

Has someone experienced the same problem ?

Maybe it is "off" at night with no PV production ?

Thanks for your help or advice :)

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Can I mix MPPTs with VE.Direct and VE.Can connected to the Cerbo in ESS?


I am planning an ESS system with a Cerbo.

Can I mix MPPTs with VE.Direct and VE.Can ?

For example, one MPPT RS450 /200 (VE.Can) and several MPPT 150/45 (VE.Direct) connected to the Cerbo?

Thanks in advance!

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ESS mit Cerbo: Mischen von ve.can und möglich?


ich plane gerade ein ESS System mit einem Cerbo.
Kann ich MPPTs mit VE.Direct und VE.Can mischen?

z.B. ein MPPT RS450 /200 (VE.Can) und mehrere MPPT 150/45 (VE.Direct)?

Danke im Voraus!

oe5nvl asked

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