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how to use the motion sensor

After reading this article :


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The AC sensor assistant not taken into account without restarting a multiplus II GX

Good to know, you have to restart the Multiplus II GX after updating the power assistant AC Sensor via Remote VEConfigure. If no restart, the wizard is not taken into account.

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Le AC sensor assistant pas prit en compte sans redémarrage d'un multiplus II GX

Bon à savoir, il faut redémarrer le Multiplus II GX après avoir fait un update du power assistant AC Sensor via Remote VEConfigure. Si pas de redémarrage, l'assistant n'est pas prit en compte.


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Can Current Transformer replace Energy meter

Hi Victron Community,

I am currently setting up a grid parallel ESS with a Multiplus 2, a Venus GX and two 5KWh Tesla Modules. I already have the Current Transformer/sensor ( ) for the Multiplus but no Energy Meter ET112.

Is my understanding correct, that

1. AC-In on the multiplus is bi-directional and can import to charge the batteries and export to power loads (I do not have any loads connected to AC-Out 1 or 2.)

2. I do not need to install the Energy Meter if I have the current transformer connected to the grid connection? (see picture below)

What changes to I have to make in my VE Config and ESS controls on the Venus to tell the Multiplus/Venus that the Current sensor is supposed to measure the import/export at the grid connection? I cannot see any options here apart from the tick-box in VE Config.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Phil

Schematics of my setup are below (except for the "No break loads, which I do not have):


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AC Current Sensor and Fronius shows values ​​together?! WHY

I have the Victron AC Current Sensor and a Fronius Primo running along with a Multi 5000 GX.

Unfortunately, the yields of both are displayed in one icon. Is it possible to display them separately?


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Wishlist & Upcoming VenusOS Bluetooth Device Support (Tyre & Gas Bottle sensors)

Just thought I'd throw this out there, with the Ruuvi temperature and humidity sensors I'm wondering if Victron have any more Bluetooth devices on their radar to add support for.

I had bumped into two Bluetooth sensors that prompted this question:

1. Bluetooth Tyre Pressure Monitoring

2. Bluetooth Gas Bottle Monitoring

(I didn't link to specific devices but there are multiple brands and devices available in the market for both these devices)

It would be great to find reliable devices and add support for these for 4wds & RVs.

Anyone else have suggestions for other bluetooth devices that would be nice to haves?

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How do I use the digital inputs in cerbo GX

Community, I’ve installed a Cerbo GX. I think I’m happy with the relay functionality. 3v3 octocouple relay to allow power to a 12v fan. The digital inputs are a whole other issue and are doing my head in.
I’ve read the manual and some background stuff but I think I’m not getting it.

1. Are the inputs powered at 3v3? Do I just need to complete a circuit to change the input state, I.e. short across the digital inputs (I don’t think this is the case but I need to check)?

2. So what I‘d like is a digital signal when the bilge pump goes on. Here’s what I think I need to do… Put a relay across the pump power. Have that provide a 3v3 signal to the cerbo digital input. I’m aware that I need a diode or octocouple to protect the cerbo from inductive current/voltage due to the relay coil. The problem is I can’t find such a circuit anywhere.

3. Because I can’t find anything it makes me think I’m way off with my plan. Can you guys suggest a better way of getting an on/off output from the bilge pump?

Thanks in advance,

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IMT Irradiance Sensor - Cerbo GX - Not Connecting Properly

I am working on a small solar and 12V battery system using a SmartSolar Charger, Phoenix Inverter, and SmartShunt. This is intended to be a solar power demonstration unit so it would be very helpful to measure irradiance and cell temperature with an IMT sensor and have a few Si-RS485TC-2T-v-MB available.

However, I am having trouble getting the sensor to connect properly. I am using the official FTDI USB-RS485-WE-5000-BT adapter as recommended and it can be seen and seems to connect for a couple seconds every minute or so but no readings show up. The sensor is powered directly from 12V battery voltage.

I had attempted this using a Raspberry Pi running Venus OS as described here: but have switched over to a Cerbo GX in order to attempt to rectify this problem with no change in the behavior.

Sensor shows up but shows "Not Connected":


Does seem to connect every ~1-2 minutes but nothing shows up:



I have no trouble accessing the sensor using Si Modbus Configurator from my PC and can read values from it. I do see the G value change when shining a light on it. Everything seems to be configured properly there according to and the IMT application note.



The VRM does show "Meteorological sensor [1] Product Id" to be b030 after connection but nothing else in the data export.

Pretty stumped as the device is seems to be recognized but not getting any data through. Any ideas to help me troubleshoot this?

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Inaccurate temperature reading

Hive mind, what do you have on this one…?

I’ve two of the type C (ASS2000) probes. I’ve trialed them both when connected to the cebo GX and the are both out by almost exactly +6C. They both read the same wrong temperature. I think I read somwhere that if you had Victron ‘Turbo Wizard’ status you could offset this error via the colour display. Does anyone have a hack I could use to get them reading correctly? Is there something else I can do to get them right (apart from subtracting 6 from the current reading that is…)

Thanks in advanice…

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AC Current Sensor incorrect reading

I have a Victron Current Sensor connected to a Quattro 15KVA inverter reading 4 small grid tie inverters connected to the AC Bus. The sensor is set to its highest reading to allow 7kw input. The color control is only showing about two thirds of the actual input. It has been working for 2 weeks now. Is there any way to calibrate it. It is reading 0w when there is no input.

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Cerbo GX - which kind of sensors for digital input

Good morning community,

I would like to use the Gerbo GX and install some sensors.

I am clear about the temperature.

But for other sensors I would need tips on what specifications are required.

As digital input there are some things in the documentation.

Bilge pump


Door alarm

Intrusion alarm



I would like to use sensors for:

Smoke or fire

Door Alarm

Bilge (water leakage)

I would be very happy if I could get tips on which sensors to use.

work with the Gerbo GX.

Thanks in advance for the support.

Best regards


Translated with (free version)

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Using Cerbo gx to read low fuel

I have a diesel generator which starts when the battery voltage is below a certain level which is triggered by Cerbo gx relay1. I would like to know if I can send any signal for low fuel reading examples under 5% or 20L to be sure the generator doesn't start if the fuel is too low.

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AC current sensor & Shore power


I have a boat provided with Skylla TG, AGM batteries, Smartshunt and Phoenix Inverter. monitoring is made by Cerbo GX.

I have the issue that I can't see AC from shore on GX, due to the fact that skylla TG is not VE.CAN.

Is it possible to use AC current sensor normally used on PV inverters to do the job?

Thanks in advance

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beneteau VDO 5 sensor probe on Cerbo

MIght be a very dumb question but as i understand, the Cerbo only takes resistive tank sensors as inputs. On my boat and many others there is a VDO sensor which comes statard. It consists of five small screws in the tank which then connects to some type of conversion box which then goes to the VDO display panel. The wires to this panel are a positive, Negative and some type of measuring signal wire.

Can this type of measuring device be used in anyway on the Cerbo? I'm clueless with this but maybe someone in the community has a thought or experience.

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Multiplus II 48/3000/35-12 with AC current sensor - No PV reading.

Good Morning All,

I hope someone can help with this question.

I have a Multiplus II 48/3000/35-12 with a 1.85kw AC coupled PV system connected via the AC-in.

Import/Export is measured via an ET112 in my main consumer unit.


I am trying to monitor the output of my PV inverter using an AC current sensor(CSE000100000) which is connected to and configured on the TEMP-sense input.


Everything is working fine except the output of the PV inverter always reads as 0 unless I disconnect the wire to the sensor in which case the Multiplus reports the Inverter is consuming 2000 watts.

Any tips to try and fix this would be greatly appreciated.

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