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Adjusting Ac input settings without ESS

I have a CerboGX connected to a Multiplus in my travel trailer. Here is my problem. I have implemented ignoring AC to prioritize PV/batteries over AC in my system. However, I would like to be able to tell the batteries to charge or accept all AC without having to connect my Cerbo GX to a computer. For example, a storm is coming and I want to keep the batteries charged. It seems this is possible with ESS. Is it possible without ESS. The only reason I haven't used ESS is there is not a grid code for the United States, and I was warned that the system could leak power back if I implement ESS.

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Is OctoGX still a supported product

I'm thinking of an ESS solution with MultiplusII-48/5000,Pytes 48100R , Em24 , 7x MPPT 100/20 VE.Direct and OctoGX as the controller for a "Nulleinspeisung"-solution in Germany. I didn't find a price and availability information about OctoGX.

My Question: is this device still beeing available or end of life, and when, where and at what price can I get it in Germany

Is there any technical documentation available


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Charging Behaviour of a fronius primo configured with a quattro off grid

In the documentation detailing configuring a Fronius Primo using frequency shift there isn't much information about system operation when installed offgrid. It seems to be for ESS.

We have a 48 - 8000 Quattro configured (at present) with 2 charge controller mppt's, 15 KWh storage and a cerbo GX.

We want to add additional panels and a dual mppt ac string inverter like the Fronius Primo or SMA etc.

If the system requires no power from the Fronius or SMA part of the system, will the frequency shifting work normally with no grid connection?

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smartsolar control bottom right corner of display

Just curious if anyone knows what it is that flashes up in the bottom right of the smartsolar control display, it's gone so fast I can't get a picture, can't say I have noticed it before and it isn't in the manual.


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offgrid PV control logic



Im new to victron products, but I'm seriously considering to get a complete offgrid system from them for my tiny house. In principle, it is a typical PV offgrid system with solar modules, charge controller, inverter etc. Now one of the ideas was to use the excess energy to heat the water in the DC water tank (Fothermo PVB-80) in times when the batteries are full (or above a certain setpoint value). Another was to automate the startup and shutdown of a backup generator. Basically my requirements to the control system can be summarized in the table below as follows:



battery SOC is below certain setpoint minimum (e.g. 10%)

signal to startup the backup generator

battery SOC is above certain setpoint value (e.g. 80%)

shut off the backup generator (if it was on)

battery SOC is above certain setpoint value (e.g. 90%)

power the water boiler

battery SOC is below certain setpoint value (e.g. 50% or the same 90%)

cut off the power to the water boiler

battery SOC is below certain setpoint value (e.g. 10%)

power only a specific selected circuit (with critical components like heating contour pumps etc.)

The last item in the table is basically emergency standby: when battery SOC is very low and all power supply modes (PV, backup generator) have failed due to one reason or another, it is necessary to power only the selected circuit with critical components, such as heating contour pump group that will circulate water through a propane tankless heater.

Now as I'm new to the victron products, I'm curious if the aforementioned functionality is possible to achieve with standard victron components and what exact components are required for that (probably Cerbo GX is the right tool, but I only took a quick glimpse at it so far). Would be also nice to know if some specific backup generator is required to match the mentioned control logic or any typical backup generator with electric starter would suffice.

P.S. Attached you will see my principal design draft. I'm sorry if I trigger any electrical engineers by not following the correct convention with black/red wires etc., as it's not my core expertise. When it will come to the detailed design stage, I will definitely consult with professionals on the exact layout, required charger control capacities and so on. Any critique and feedback on the system design and the control logic is also welcomed and appreciated.

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Inverter control - Multiplus 12/1200

I have my inverter under the floor in my van. It is a pain to switch on and off and consumes my 100mAh battery too much on cold days. How can I control it so that it will not consume electricity? I am not sure what else it has connected, it does have a device on ethernet, but it does not look quite the same as the smart dongle i googled because it has no significant green plug on one end.

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External charge controller when using ESS assistant on Multiplus II GX 5kva

I have been very successfully be using my Multiplus II GX 5kva in ESS mode for the summer of which I am very happy with. Generally my PV system has produced enough energy to fully charge the batteries each day and then export the surplus to the grid. I have the ESS set up to provide a scheduled charge between 00:30h and 02:30h to 80% SoC but as we move into winter, Ideally I would like a external controller to do a forced charge either past the 80% SoC between 00:30h and 02:30h or a forced charge between 02:30h and 04:30h.

Q1 - Is there an assistant I can use to make this work?

The reason for wanting this additional control is because my solar PV generally still provides enough energy to charge the batteries day to day but now with more days covered in clouds and therefore insufficient solar generation on the odd occasion, I would like to use a smart time clock (Heatmiser Neostat V2 HW controlled by a IFTTT weather applet) to provide a greater charge if predicting bad weather the following day using my off peak electrical tariff as much as possible (Octopus Go).

I've looked at similar posts but its not clear to me if using the 'Charge Current Control' assistant will provide this when the smart time clock is connected to Aux2. I'm hoping someone might be able to advise before I go down the path of this additional control, the associated time and expense. Would I correct in saying the charge current control is exactly that, just an assistant to limit the charger dependant on the input received or does it allow off or charging at a fix rate?


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