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Comparison of control and monitor features

I'm building off-grid system with Multiplus II, Victron MPPT, Battery Protect and non Victron lifepo battery. These devices have some monitoring and control capabilities and in addition there are the many dedicated devices for that. Is there by any chance a table which compares what functions can be controlled and monitored by different Victron devices? I have read the prochures and it just made me more confused...

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You are right there is quite a range.

Are you referring to the GXs as in the ccgx, venus, cerbo etc? Those all do the same thing, that is allow local monitoring and online monitoring over the VRM.

If so, get the cerbo.... or the cerbo s of you are not planning anything extra.

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Cerbo S seems nice. Can I use Multiplus II temperature sensor instead then?

Still another question: Cerbo and/or Multiplus can act as battery monitor also, so no need to add shunt etc?

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Check what you intend to be your final setup with a Victron expert. Many of the Multiplus models have an integrated GX device which may save you unnecessary expense. Also note that only one GX device per installation, so a Cerbo and multiplus with built in GX means modifying the multiplus to disconnect the GX.
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There is a comparison table.

There are no temperature inputs on the Cerbo-S here is a comparison to the cerbo, unless you use the bluetooth ones

You will need a shunt if you don't have smart batteries. You can start without one, but I find eventually you will want it.

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It will be worth considering a BMS solution for your LifePO4 batteries that transmits data to the system. It makes things just so much easier and monitoring easier too. Cannot stress the design and requirements phase enough, also taking into accout future system expansion. The devil is in the detail e.g. there is only one VE.Direct on MP-II GX for an MPPT or Shunt and while USB hubs and other interface cables can be used to add more devices, it can pose challenges that could have been avoided from the outset. Also think carefully of mounting and distances between individual components given extending cables is not ideal and Victron cables typically don't reach to the moon and back. This and lots more to think about, but well worth it if you get it right.

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