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Looking for guidance and actionable advice on ambitious off-grid/ expedition schematic

I am halfway through upgrading my current 12-volt system to a hefty 24-volt 920 ah system. I am an enthusiastic DIYer having built several systems to date.

In each case though, while confident in my basics I am acutely aware of my limitations and that the smallest of errors can unleash the dragons in the system.

For this reason, for each build I have taken my final plans to paid professionals for consultations before final implementation however, and unfortunately too…. not all professionals are made equal.

Having experienced much conflicting advice over the years I’m at a bit of a loss on where to find good honest and reliable advice.

My preference is for a bespoke paid-for solution and if that I can find that here on the Victron community site then great.

If not then I am willing to post my plans and see if there are any knowledgeable Samaritans out there willing to offer a guiding light.

Would be good to hear from you


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I'm not sure on the paid route. Maybe Victron installers offer such services, i imagine some can by funny about it if it wont lead to big job for them. but if you're paying for advice then im sure there'll be a few.

However I'd throw it on the forum as well. Highlight the areas you think you may be lacking knowledge or want to check your logic is sound and you'll tend to get a response.

Worst case scenario you don't get any responses, best case you get the answer/debate of potential options for free.

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Thanks Matt, I will do just that - just finalising some drawings - cheers
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