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Diagram on cable panel cover different between PMP482505010 and PMP482505012


Has anyone noticed that the Multiplus II 48/5000/70 (Model PMP482505012) has got a different wiring schematic on the inside cable cover plate when you compare it to the manual or the previous PMP482505010 version? Even the small schematic on the front cover matches the 5010.

I've had a single Multiplus II 48/5000/70 (PMP482505010) for the past 8 months and decided to install a second unit to parallel before the hardware revision/manufacturing date deviated too much to be able to do so.

My first unit was serial number HQ2238TEENT and the second unit was HQ2244HFVKQ, so only 6 weeks difference in manufacture date. BUT it was a PMP482505012 that was available. I asked the supplier if it would be compatible to parallel and they said there would be no issues as the hardware is identical. The only difference I was that they are manufactured in a different factory and it has lifting eyelets at the back and a slightly different cable cover plate securing method at the bottom.

So I ordered it, installed it and paralleled them together without any issues. Went to put the cover plates on and noticed the schematic drawings were different... see below attached image.

AC-OUT2 on the 5012 is connected prior to the double AC-IN relays without it's own relay, but the 5010 it is after with it's own relay. I haven't used AC-OUT2 yet but correct me if I'm wrong but I read that it's possible to enable AC-OUT2 on the 5010 even without the grid supply. So if this was the case and you paralleled AC-OUT2 you would backfeed through the 5012 to the grid if the double relays opened. The fact that there's no mention of this in the manual that came with th 5012 and it had the 5010 schematic may ruin someone's day it they are not aware? Or am I missing something?


Multiplus-IIac out 2schematics
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Hi @Matthew Spiller,

This was a error in the screen print, and was corrected from HQ2336 and onwards for the 5012.

The physical hardware includes the relay and operates as expected.

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