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Advice on dual alternator wiring upgrade

Looking for some general advice on upgrading my electrical system on my dual alternator diesel. I’ve drawn a schematic of my current system and a schematic showing my planned upgrades. The 24v system is light on details but overall runs really well, so just adding couple extra components to improve on. The 12v system has always been low on power, and I’ve added more electrical components since buying the boat and my electrical needs are higher than what is equipped. Could use advice on any red flags you may notice, fuse sizes, modifications, etc.



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on our yacht, the 12V system was restricted to starting the engine and powering the 12v only equipment like the radios.

Everything else was run from the 24V system, and the 24V system trickle charged the 12V system. This was more economical for the larger power draw equipment eg freezer and anchor winch. Adding more to the 24V banks makes more sense than to the 12v bank.

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