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VRM stats - Energy out per day from inverter

There is a ve bus system metric called "Inverter To AcOut" which is a cumulative total over all time. On one system I see a single arbitrary reset which is either manual or linked to something like an inverter reboot or inverter firmware update. Never the less - I can't find a place to get a daily KWh on the AC out similar to the daily KWh number that we can get from the Solar Charger called Yield today.

The idea is to be able to workout the solar generation shortfall of a system as the difference of Solar Yeild and KWh on AcOut would be from_grid+from_battery.

Ideally one would want the KWh the battery yeilded aswell so that one can work out how much too small the solar plant is.

At the moment I can use the cumulative total manually but that's only useful in a debug scenario.

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