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possible to add wind and alternator (both via shunt to VRM)



I would like to know if you can ipdate the VRM web based to be able to add besides solar also other energy sources in the dashboard for example I have a shunt of the engine alternator and a shunt on wind silentwind turbine. it would be great






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AC-coupling of windturbine with Phoenix-inverter or rather Multiplus/Quattro?

We are a small start-up that is 3D-printing windturbines from recycled plastics. We would like to know how we can connect them to the grid with and without solar. For now we have a windturbine of 500Wp and 3000Wp that we want to test in this set-up. Our MPPT-controller also has a DC-DC converter so output voltage can be whatever it needs to be.

Connecting our windturbines to a DC-bus would be an option to consider:


However, it appears that only the Multiplus and Quattro can connect to the grid? We are in Europe (230V, 50Hz grid).

We have read and watched but these questions remain open.

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Wind energy load dump

Building a system with an 800w wind turbine by adding to an existing 2000w solar system.

My plan is to add a rectifier than then feeds a dump load and am mppt. (A brake is before the rectifier).

My thought is that when the mppt goes into float the voltage behind it will rise. The question I have is do you actually need a relay?

I don’t want to put a drain on the batteries (Lifepo4) only on the source of the power (rectifier).

Current will flow to the easiest path, when the mppt shuts off the path, it will find another Avenue. So why not just parallel resistors (dump load) with the mppt? While the mppt is taking current it will be there non resistance path. When it shuts down current should flow through the dump.

Has any one tried this? Is there an issue I’m not considering?

The batteries are 24v. The turning says 24v however, I think that was because the charge controller it came with (non Lifepo4) was set to 24v. So until I test the system I’m not sure what the actual volts will be. But the top power output is 800w so out not going to be too crazy on amps and volts. (Any guesses on what the volts will be before and after the rectifier?)

The main point here is that most systems are dumping from the battery and I want to avoid that and only drop the current from the wind generator

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Wind gen integration with Victron/Pylontech

Question for the group. Grateful for some advice on mixing wind to a traditional Victron/Pylontech system. 1st time for us ! I read as many articles I could on the subject in this forum. Saw some interesting information, but still have concerns .

We have to install an off-grid system with a mix of solar and wind + generator on a remote caribbean island . System design is :

20 x 435 w panels (12 south to a 250/100) +(4 East to a 150/35) (+4 West to a 150/35)

5 Pylontech UP5000

Quattro 15Kva 48v

2 X Wind generators 2000w at 48 v . (The 2 charge controllers for the windgen have been set for Ion-Lithium batteries , at 53 v max) . These 2 wind controllers have no dump load but are "supposed" to brake the turbine as needed !

All going to a set of Lynx (Power In / Shunt / Distributor)

I am very familiar with all the solar / generator side of the system . I have never added wind , and it's a must at this location and based on the request.

I must admit I am a bit afraid to connect these 2 wind gen which I don't know to a great victron/Pylon system . I don't know enough the quality of these wind generators and their relevant charge controllers .The site is very remote . I would not want to have the windgen send too much voltage to the Pylontech , risking to have their BMS to shut down the whole system due to overvoltage .

Initially, we had designed such that the wind gen / Wind gen controllers would be connected via a DC fuse to the Lynx Power In , on the load side of the Lynx Shunt ; And treat the DC production of the wind gen as "Has DC" , expecting a negative figure.

So I am trying to find a way to "separate" as much as possible the wind part from the solar part .

I would be interested to get comments on the following option :

  • Send the Wind gen production to the wind controllers

  • Link the output of the wind controllers to the input of a new Victron MPPT charge controller , so it can be integrated to the Victron / Pylontech system via the Cerbo)

  • Connect the output of this Victron Charge controller to the Lynx / Shunt / batteries . Simply to have a last control via a settable Victron controller speaking to the Pylontech BMS via the Cerbo .

  • Does this make sense ? I am conscious of the limitation due to the start voltage of the Victron MPPT and this is a concern of course.

  • Would it be better to have a separate battery and a small inverter to recharge the main solar system via the AC IN 2 of the Quattro ?

I am open to all comments from members of this group who have already faced a wind integration to a Victron system. I am open to hiring any installer experienced / Knowledgeable to have an online session .

Thanks for assistance .

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Cervo gx how to connect 4 ve bus devicea


I have:

Cervo gx

Mppt for solar panels

BMV 712 for battery monitor

Smart shunt as DC meter for boat engine alternator

Ve bus to nma2000 cable

SD card

USB gps device

USB bluetooth for ruuvi

Multiplus 12/1600/4800

4 ultra capacitor batteries

Albicombi for engine sensors

Bilge pump sensor

Fuel tank sensor

Water tank sensor

Relay to turn Aircon on/off

Relay to turn lights on/off

Ethernet cable to connect to raymarine MFD and rest of raymarine system.

I now installed silent wind wind generator with hit own controller and i would like to add a shunt as DC meter selecting wind generator

How do I connect the 4th be bus device to the cerbo


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Wind Measurement on VRM: What do I need?

I have added Ruuvi sensors to my system to inform me on the conditions around me but there is no wind capabilities in the Ruuvi system. What wind sensors will work with the VRM so I can get the results onto my Dashboard like the Ruuvi is reporting? There are lots of gadgets on Amazon but I need to know what to look for to get the integration into the VRM. I also see this product, the VWind-SI, however there seems to be no way to actually purchase it on their website.

Thanks Community.

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VRM readiness for wind turbine support?

This thread shows promise for wind turbine rectifier product before MPPT charger.

When watching my VRM view, there is weather temperature and "Clody" mentioned, but no wind. Software changes take time, maybe there should be wind too? Could Victron take that as one new feature in near future? I assume that wind rate is available from those sources VRM uses.

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Can not recieved Power Input on Quattro

I have 3 Quattro equipment, 48 amp working as triphasic.

The equipment of a wind generator does not want me to receive load.

These are the values that I put in the Grid




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