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VE Direct to USB interface not detected by computer


I am trying to connect my window 10 to a VE direct interface cable to a BlueSolar MPPT Charger. my computer doesn't see the cable. Do I need a driver?

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Where can I find the usb driver for usb to RS converter

Ve config 3 shows how to load it but it comes back to the previous page. Therefore I am stuck for now

Any place to load it without VeConfig?


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drivers for mk3?

Was unable to install drivers for my MK2 USB on a new thinkpad, so bought a mk3.

Also now unable to install drivers for this. Weird.

Im driving a couple of hours out of town in morning to dial down input current for a customer's multiplus....

Should have sorted this out earlier right?

Can anyone help?


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Driver for TsConfig200

Driver to TSConfig200 not found. None of the Silicon Labs drivers appers working for win 10 x64

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Can a WEG Frequency drive create disturbing harmonics for a 3-Fase Quattro configuration?

For an 3 fase offgrid system with 3 Quattros - will be feeding 2 motors that are controlled by two WEG frequency drives (CFW500)

Is there any risk of that the frequency drives create a bad harmonic that can effect the Quattro inverter.

If yes, how can this be avoided?

Thank you in advance for your thoughts/solutions.

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