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Can you tell the Hardware Version from Serial Number? (Multiplus)

Hi All,

I have a Multiplus-ii 48/5000 which was purchased mid 2022 (Serial No. HQ2203xxxx). I decided that I wanted to purchase a 2nd unit to operate in parallel, and purchased a 2nd unit (Same part number) in Jan this year (Serial HQ2237xxxx).

Since making the purchase, I have now read in the Victron Parallel document that all parallel units need the same VEBUS Firmware. Checking my existing unit, I can see its 2623500, but I am concerned that this newer unit may not match the same VEBUS firmware version.


Question 1.

Is there a way I can tell the hardware revision from the outside of the box? The stickers do not appear to indicate the hardware revision.

I am reluctant to open the box to read the VEBUS Firmware, as there is still a slim option that I can work with the dealer to exchange it.

Question 2.

Can the hardware version be calculated from the Serial Number?

You would assume there must be a specific week where the Victron factory updated the hardware on the assembly line. And with the serial number showing the Year/Week we should be able to work it out

Question 3.

Does anyone here have a Multiplus-ii 48/5000 unit purchased recently that can share their Year/Week & VEBUS Firmware version (Visible on the CerboxGX Screen)?

Thank you in advance,

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Not easily, no. To be fair there have been various changes.

The big one is the different powerpack. iirc both those sn's have the newer powerpack.

The earlier one, again going from memory, is pre the quieter fan, but that won't affect how they work in parallel.

Systems naturally age and that affects symmetry, but yours seem recent enough to work fine together.

The firmware will be the same, as the units are of the same type, which is the first 4 digits - 2623.

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Gavin answered ·

Thanks for the reply @nickdb .

You mentioned that my units are the same type (2623), but we don't know that my new Inverter will also be 2623, it could very well be a 2626 model... There is nothing on the box which indicates this version, and I was reluctant to unbox it until I knew if the dealer would exchange it.

The dealer has been back in touch with me today, and they have checked their stock to see what serial numbers they have available. Turns our they have a unit which is also HQ2237. So it seems like my best option is to purchase this as a 3rd Inverter, and then sell my original inverter.

Inverter 1 - HQ2203xxxx - ID:2623 (9months old)
Inverter 2 - HQ2237xxxx - ID: ? (2months old)
Inverter 3 - HQ2237xxxx - ID: ? (To be Purchased - Assumed to be same vbus version as Inverter2)

As it looks like I will be keeping Inverter2, i'll unbox it and double check the vebus firmware using the CerboGX. There is still a small chance that it could be a 2623 and match my original inverter.

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That model only comes in a 2623. I have 2 myself. There aren’t any other variants in that spec.
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