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Broken victron phoenix 12V 30A charger


i have a victron phoenix 12V 30A charger which stopped charging. after i opened it up i saw 2 resistors which look broken (see attached photo) but one resistor (R25) i cant read the value at all and R26 is also a bit difficult to read but will try to look it up. So does anyone know the values of R25 and R26?

kind regards,

Patrick Postma




pat0500 asked
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ac coupling Fronius pv inverter sizing with Victron inverter/charger.

hi all,

can i connect 3x 5kw multi inverter/charger couple with 3x15kw fronius grid tied inverter?.during the day the power consumption is 57amps on each phase,but in the night the power consumption just only 10amps on each phase.

so to minimise cost of the batteries i will need to install 3x 15kw pv inverter to handle huge load during the it posible to connect with 3x5kw multi inverter /charger?

Don Nosuri asked
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Victron 75/15 Battery setup questions?

Can someone explain how to setup battery protection/disconnect with the load draw? Where can i find a guide? I find it cumbersome and not clear.

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Commutateur de transfert VE

bonjour, j'aimerai mettre un inverseur de source victron ; avec mon multuplus 2 et cerbo comment configureton le relais k2 sur le commutateur de transfert avec le multiplus 2 ou cerbo merci de votre aides .

cali-clim asked

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Cannot insert images in my post.


I encountered the problem inserting the images to my posts.

Some times system lets me insert no problem but after one or two or three inserts the next one gets rejected. Size of the image or image type does not mater.


This time the image was inserted and you can see what massage I get when there is a problem.

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BMV 712 Seems to have failed

I installed a BMV 712 on my sailboat as part of a Battery Management system two years ago. I just returned from a trip and went to the boat and the unit is not working. It is on and shows a code. I have attached a picture with the code. None of the buttons on the front will work and I cannot connect with Bluetooth. An Electronics friend took it hope and bench tested it with no better results. Has it failed? If so, what might have happened. The boat has been at my marina in the US with AC shore power applied the entire time. The batteries are all fine.


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Victron Blue smart Ip22 12/30 in Motorhome


I recently bought a Blue Smart Charger IP22 12/30 for my motorhome.

I want to use it to continuously charge/maintain the coach Battery 12V 180A semi-Traction

When I drive , the Battery is charged by the Engine's Alternator. When I park and put in the 220V landline , the battery is charged by the Victron .

The Victron is connected directly to the Coach Battery.

When I turn on the lights in the evening, take a shower using the 12V waterpump, the fans of the heating system are running etc.. for example 10Amps in total.

Does the Victron senses this and will keep my battery full ?


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Why does my MPPT 150/60 not seem to want to maintain the float level?

Newly installed Victron MPPT 150/60...not bluetooth. Used to charge two LIFEPHOS batteries of 300 amps each in parallel. Used in parallel with a Midnite Classic 150. There are 2.25 kilowatts of panels on the Midnite and four 545 watt panels on the Victron.

The Victron cycles perfectly until it reaches float and here it seems to go to sleep on the job. All current that flow from the batteries is negative and there in no input from the Victron to maintain the float voltage. The preset float voltage, according to the manual, is 27 volts. I have seen the batteries drop to 26 volts and still there is no charging shown by the Victron.

A defective Victron MPPT or is there something I'm always.


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Are My Lithium Batteries Being Overcharged?

Here are the Victron solar generation and consumption charts for my solar system from April 22, 2023 to May 5, 2023, starting from state of battery all packs being fully charged (per the local display on each battery pack). I have Quattro, 2 x 100A Smart Solar MPPTs, 2 x 10kwh Felicitysolar battery packs, 1 x 15kwh Wakatek battery pack. All battery packs 48V in parallel. Each battery pack has in-built BMS. To avoid chance of overcharging, absorption voltage is set at 55.5V while float voltage was set at 54V (I've just now reduced float to 53.6V after the period under review). Total 35kwh (nominal) of LFP battery storage capacity. Why is the power stored in batteries by the Victron Smart Solar MPPT's far higher than the power drawn from the batteries (by much more than my battery storage capacity)? Are my batteries being overcharged?




rotevery asked
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raccordements multiplus 2 et enedis au tableau maison

Bonjour, ma question va surement vous paraitre bizarre mais je n 'ai jusqu ici installer que des systèmes autonome ...

, j ai un multiplus 2 gx 5000 va à installer chez moi, mais j ai du mal à comprendre le mélange des 2 arrivée energie de differente sources au tableau..

-L'arrivée enedis en AC-in doit elle venir directement après compteur (celui ci alors complétement déconnecté du tableau) et le tableau relié au multiplus par ac-out 1 ?

- ou peut on laisser le réseau alimenter le tableau de la maison en direct, et de celui ci tirer une ligne qui alimente le multi en ac-in puis une autre qui repart du multi en ac-out 1 vers ce même tableau?

amanphi asked
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Solax alimenté par Multiplus comme n'importe quelle autre charge et non AC-Coupled.


Je souhaite connecter un onduleur Solax (5KW) en tant que charge à la sortie Victron Mutiplus (hors réseau - 5 KW) en plus d'autres charges. Le Solax qui alimente d'autres charges spécifiques est configuré sans injection du suprlus qui doit être bloqué à l'aide d'un compteur entre Victron et Solax. Mon hypoyhése est que cette configuration n'est pas un "AC Coupled " du fait que le Mutiplus ne gérera pas la production Solax. Celle-ci sera gérée par Solax lui-même via un un compteur (entre Victron et Solax) bloquant l'injection à la sortie de Victron.

Toutefois, mon installateur s'inquiéte du fait que cela pourrait endommager le Multiplus.

Qu'en pensez-vous ?

Pour plus d'informations

Nous avons désactivé le chargeur Multiplus (5 KW) et les batteries sont chargées à partir de Victron MPPT (avec ses propres panneaux solaires) - "DC Coupled". Le Solax 5 KW (avec ses propres panneaux et sans stockage) se comporte comme n'importe quel autre appareil consommant le courant alternatif pour alimenter (pompes de puits et de piscine...) des charges distinctes de celles alimentées par le Mutiplus. Solax est censé arrêter tout retour de surplus au Mutiplus en fonction du compteur installé entre le Multiplus et le Solax.

Merci d'avance

mchitaouy asked
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1 Answer

Why am I out of votes?

@Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) I cannot vote anymore on the bright idea's from others ;-)

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Multiplus II Stuck In Sustain Mode

I've got a new system: Multiplus II, Gerbo GX and ET112 grid meter with 2 x Pylontech US5000 batteries. It's installed with an existing AC-coupled solar PV system. The batteries charged and ESS assistant was set up using VE Configure 3. I set the charger absorption and float voltages to 51.7v & 51.0v respectively. My VRM portal is showing batteries at 100%, 52.3v and inverter's in Sustain, even though I'm drawing a few kW from the grid. The Pylontech's BMS is on CAN-Bus as recommended. Oh, and battery low level cut-off's 48V. I've read through all the documentation available but can't see what's wrong - any ideas please?

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SMS Verifizierung nicht möglich

Hallo, ich hatte meinen Zugang auf SMS -Verifizierung eingestellt. Habe jetzt eine neu Handynummer und komme nicht mehr ins Portal. Gibt es dazu eine Lösung?

thomas112 asked
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How long do i have on this forum to formulate a question ?

I have been composing a question relating to a Modbus issue and when finished there was a timeout issue and al my text was gone and question not posted.

now i have to re-simulate my issue which took me 2 hours to compose.

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