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Victron Battery Balancer in Kombination mit Desulfator

Meine Batteriebank besteht aus 4 Stück 12Volt / 100ah Solarbatterien.

Diese sind zu 2 Stück 24Volt Blöcken geschaltet und diese sind dann parallel miteinander verbunden - 24V / 200ah.

Ich beabsichtige nun an jeden der 24Volt Blöcke einen Victron Battery Balancer anzuschließen.

Nun meine Frage:

Ist es technisch möglich, bzw sinnvoll an jeden 24V Block zusätzlich noch einen Batterie Pulser (Desulfator) anzuschließen?

Meine Bedenken sind, dass evtl durch die Pulse des Desulfators der Batterie Balancer zerstört werden könnte.

Die Plus und Minus Anschlüsse des Balancers würden jeweils mit den Plus und Minus Anschlüssen des Desulfators verbunden sein.

Über eine Antwort bzw einen hilfreichen Rat würde ich mich sehr freuen.

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520 Status Light

I have setup 2 520's recently and they both flash red once operational. I cannot see anything wrong with the setups and am receiving info from them in the VRM. I have rebooted them several times with the same results. Any ideas?

badass1965 asked

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WECO + Victron = problem





Dobrý deň.
Som zo Slovenska. Kúpil som si vašu batériu WECO 5,3 kWh pre inštaláciu Victron. BMS kamera komunikuje, ale zapisuje chybu Monitor batérie [512] - Alarm vysokého napätia: Alarm. Dodávateľ mi nevie poradiť!!!! Tvrdili, že batérie sú 100% kompatibilné. Victron má nastavenie Absorpcia 56,6V Float 56,6V. Batéria sa rýchlo nabila. Opakovane budíky na obrazovke. Prikladám aj foto.

stminy116 asked

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Bought a brand new Victron 100/20 SCC, received what looks like a used device.

Hi guys,

I've bought a new Victron 100/20 SCC from the Amazon store, and would like to ask is this what a brand new Victron SCC looks like, is this normal?

It even had tiny micro metal shavings over the plastic, and wear on the back black install plate screw slots.

To make matter worse packaging was terrible, the unit box had a lot of room to bounce within the package during the whole way of delivery.

I was so excited to get Victron's SCC, am so bummed about this right now. :(

I've gladly paid a premium for this top-notch product, read so many good things about Victron, and all I wish for is to receive a brand new unit, in working condition. No more nor less.





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Is there an easier way to keep up on Questions you are following?

I've flagged several questions as "Following" that are of interest to me here in the Victron Community - but there does not seem to be an easy way to actually keep up on them.

Am I missing something?

I've seen several questions that I am "Following" get new comments or answers, but I only found these updates by manually hunting them down.

I can see the questions I am following in my profile, but they are not even sorted by date of last update so even that requires manually flipping through pages.

Ideal - I'd love to see all the questions and topics I am following sorted by date of last activity right on the front page of the Community.

Will this ever be possible?


- Chris

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How to contact the Community Manager & Site Admin

What is the best way to get in contact with the Community Manager for site administration issues (accounts, emails, file attachments, etc)?

Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) asked
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Zwei Laderegler nutzen

Ich habe 4 Solar Panele je 320 Watt und 2Batterien orbis 200 ah 12 Volt und einen Wechselrichter24 Volt auf 230 volt max. 2000Watt und ein laderegler victron 100/20 ich möchte den Regler austauschen gegen ein 250/60,den kleinen Laderegler dachte ich kann ich doch weiter nutzen für 2 zusätzliche Panele und zusammen anschließen geht das ?

Ich würde mich über eine hilfreiche Antwort freuen.

Mfg Christian Arndt

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victron community !


un petit rappel sur victron community, c'est un lieu d'échange sur les produits victrons, mais il ne faut pas oublier que ce n'est pas un lieu de support technique.

Ces derniers temps, il y a eu beaucoup de question "de base" qui doivent être vu avec vos distributeurs, j'essaie de répondre quand c'est possible mais, il ne faut pas oublier que le support doit avant tout passer par vos distributeurs, ce sont eux qui assurent le support avant et après-vente et ce sont eux vos interlocuteurs.

Bien sûr, quand ça sort du standard, les participants peuvent vous aider à résoudre certain point, mais c'est important de contacter en premier votre distributeur !

En période d'aout, c'est effectivement moins facile, mais la période de congé arrive à ça fin donc n'oubliez pas d'essayer de les contacter !


Thierry Cortassa (Victron Energy Staff) asked

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Commissioning a Easysolar 2 ESS system in South Yorkshire

My Father has purchased an installed the above along with 10 X Canadian Solar 455w PV panels. He is awaiting 2 X Pylontech US5000 batteries that should arrive in the coming weeks.

Is there anyone near the South Yorkshire area who would be willing to be paid to comission an ESS system .

Thanks in advance

nellyccc3 asked

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No AC loads yet Quattro reports a 244W AC draw while charging?? Pic attached.

I am currently commissioning a Quattro 48/5000/70 single phase unit and a 280ah home made battery before moving everything to a cabin in the woods.

The only thing hooked into the L1 out are three recepticals with NO load and a lightning arrestor (which was removed for testing purposes).

The draw only appears while charging battery with temporary AC power I have wired in from my main service panel.

I dropped the charge rate from 21A to 15A and the AC load dropped to around 86W, kind of proportional. Is this what is consumed by the conversion of AC to DC?

Any thoughts on this?


northtown2022 asked
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Victron PWM LCD duo PV voltage problem

Hello. I've connected 2 new 95Ah AGM batteries and 12V 100W panel to Victron PWM LCD duo regulator (20A). When I connect everything in correct sequence PV voltage shows around 13,2 V and batteries are being charged at the same voltage (1,5 - 2A). When I messure voltage directly on + and - cable from panel I get reading around 20V. Regulator program iz set to B01 (AGM). I have even tried another regulator and same thing happend. Is this ok? Sky is celar and sun is high. Batteries where new and almost full. Thank you very much.

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Victron Community now has dark mode

Hello Victron Community,

A new feature - if you have your operating system set to dark mode - the community site should now respect that setting and display the page like this;


There are a few pages and posts that aren't rendering 100% properly yet, and we are working on them. Please let me know if you see anything else that doesn't look right, or has become illegible.

Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) asked

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Dump Load; SOC; LFP; 7/2022 gear

I've been lurking on the blog and looking at videos and PDFs. Figure it's time to send up a flag.

Where do i find any or all info specific to dumping safely and correctly using SOC and Li for multiple Quattros, Cerbo GX, MPPT RS 450/100, etc? Preferably detailed info.

As for me:
Im a 14 yr off-gridder using a Pb BESS looking at switching to LFP and Victron gear. Even an AC/DC couple system with Fronious if it made sense in the end. Again... no grid for miles.

Ie p 15 thru 18 of:

Looking for succinct material... (or at least what to read and watch) in regards to using the latest victron gear, LFP, and best (safest way) to dump into large water tanks to pre-heat infloor mix. I never used a dump before as unfortunately I've always been underpowered. Thats all going to change.

Again, where do i find any or all of that info specific to dumping safely and correctly using SOC and Li for multiple Quattros, Cerbo GX, MPPT RS 450/100, etc?

I'm using USA 240v Split phase.

Basically, in my humble opinion, a small commercial install in regards to power usage due to amount of PV for pre-heat.

I don't want to destroy the delicate LFP with hysteresis... and or goof up something that i could have avoided by simply learning first from others as "the book" and real world don't always jive.

I want to be an educated consumer, not an installer's nightmare pita.... or the guy relying on the salesman "expert" on every turn.

Respectfully.... and Thanks in advance,

f9cme asked
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Programming Victron Quattro 10 KVA with priority to load as Solar, Grid then Battery.




We have one issue in one of our clients project name 'Sher Singh Nagarkot' at VRM portal.

The system includes:

1. PV : 5.94 KWp

2. Inverter: Victron Quattro 10KVA

3. CC: Blue MPPT 150/70

4. Battery: 400Ah Tubular

Right now the load is around 3.3 KW, Solar Power is fluctuating from 2500-4500W. It is installed in hilly area.

When solar power is low, both solar and battery contribute to load and hence battery voltage drops to 49V and which triggers to take AC input, which will charge the battery to 56V till 3mins then AC input is cut off, then again solar power and battery contribute the load.

In night time, battery only contribute to load, battery voltage goes to 49V then AC input is taken which will contribute to load and charge the battery to 56V then AC input gets cut off, again the battery contribute to load and the cycle goes on.

At the end the battery is getting charged and discharged that depletes the battery life.

What we want is to not use battery at all and use it for backup when there is no Solar or Grid. What do you recommend?

sujen44 asked
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Need for solar installers in Corfu / Greece who have experience with Victron products


We are looking for solar installers on the island of Corfu / Greece, who already have experience with Victron system components or installed their products. Who can help us?

Thank you very much!

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