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Installateur agrée Victron


je suis a la recherche d'un installateur agrée Victron dans l'Ariège

Près avoir monté et fait évoluer un kit 3kw que j'ai monté moi même. Multiplus II, Color Control, Mppt Victron, batteries.

Avec l'Age qui avance, j'ai besoin de trouver un installateur agréé Victron, le plus proche possible de l'Ariège

Je n'ai trouvé personne pour dépanner mon installation dans le département, malgré mes nombreuses recherches .

Les communication téléphoniques sur le portable sont compliquées chez moi, qand l'installation de fonctionne pas je n'ai plus de box et donc le dépannage par téléphone est difficiles parfois.

merci d'avance

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Charging via AC supply and MPPT?

Hi, As per attached diagram if there is 230V supply to the inverter/charger and it is charging the battery and the MPPT is also charging the battery by day, which device now charges the battery correctly or is this wrong?Victron layout.pdf

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My Preferences is showing page not found

I am trying to update my personal info with for the Victron community account but I get Page not found. If I log in with another account it works. Is anyone else experiencing this?

Andrew Ellis asked
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Output Amps on IP65 12v/15a in charging mode only .4 Amps

Good day all:- Please advise, when I purchased my Van, it was supplied with the IP65 12v/15 amp Blue smart charger. Also installed is a 12v fridge/freezer and a deep cycle Gel Enertec 674D-RED battery. When this unit is in power supply mode, I only get 0,4 amps out of the unit which is not enough for the 150w fridge to run*(switches on and off) Once I disconnect the 674D-Red Enertec Battery I get upwards of 4.6 amps. In Charging mode, I get .7 amps, but the fridge still does not run. Please advise what could be the problem.

leopard-junkie asked
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Is my system idea ok?

Hello all,

Looking for a system to run catering equipment in a mobile catering van. I have put together the below diagram myself. I know its not great but very much work in progress. Also I know it doesn't show fuse's on the Lynx but there will be of course. Its more a reference diagram for now.

Looking to use 3x 24 volt 200ah lipo batteries to give us plenty of power. The system will be charged via the quattro of a night time when the van is back at the premise's.

I am looking for any recommendation's on the Victron products chosen and the schematics. Is this a good combination of Victron products that will work well together or any other products that may be better suited.

I wasn't so sure on where in the system to get the power from for the VE.Bus BMS, battery protect and the cerbo GX. Lynx power in side or Lynx distribution side after the shunt.

Any help, advice and criticisms would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance all.

Oh just to add, I know the diagram doesn't show any of the 240v side that it will obviously need.


barryparry asked
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Victron Energy Lost Passwords

I have a RV that has the following items (CerboGX, Inverter, MPPT, Smart Shunt, and Linx Distributor. This is installed and working in my friend's RV. My friend passed away. I dont have access to the wifi password. Can these items be reset?




nukeandjuke asked

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How to contact the Community Manager & Site Admin

What is the best way to get in contact with the Community Manager for site administration issues (accounts, emails, file attachments, etc)?

Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) asked
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Unable to Reset My Victron Community Password


I could not log into this community via my iPhone and requested a password reset via the "reset password" link at the login prompt. The server sent me a one-time-use password reset link to my email. The link goes to a "Page Not Found" message. No further options. If I use the link again, I get a somewhat expected "This validation token does not exist." message. This has occurred multiple times. I was able to get logged back in temporarily by repeating the process on a Win10 PC, but I was still never presented with a way to reset my password to something of my choosing. I have not found any way to contact the site administrators.

What am I doing wrong?


packrat1969 asked

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Why volts but no amps on a pair on 150/85 charge controllers

Hi everyone quick question I've added a second blue solar 150/85 both come up on vrm and ccgx but quick test shows 107v 1w master shows normal 3,4kw I've updated firmware ìve checked everything Evan unplugged leads from master to 2nd unit . I've googled it seems some people have the same problem but no fix. Very frustrating.


Image Caption

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Why am I out of votes?

@Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) I cannot vote anymore on the bright idea's from others ;-)

harold asked
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Commissioning a Easysolar 2 ESS system in South Yorkshire

My Father has purchased an installed the above along with 10 X Canadian Solar 455w PV panels. He is awaiting 2 X Pylontech US5000 batteries that should arrive in the coming weeks.

Is there anyone near the South Yorkshire area who would be willing to be paid to comission an ESS system .

Thanks in advance

nellyccc3 asked
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Thanking and positive user feedback forum section

I would like to thank Victron, for doing such great communication and
delivering products which are easy to handle and setup.

I know usually this forum is used for asking questions,
but I think there should be a way to make clear that the overall product experience is great!
I am sure Victron helped this year a lot of people with their intention to get a little bit
more grid independent.

Special thanks for supporting the diy community by going Open Source with lot of software.

I wish everybody a great new sunny year!

And a wish for modification, maybe there could be section of the forum were people can share great experiences with Victron products or even maybe showcase there advanced use cases,
which are kind of unusual and could not be realised with other 3rdparty solutions?

f2011b asked
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Configuration d'un velo générateur - Demande d'aide et conseils

Bonjour, je cherche à configurer un système électrique le plus low-tech et efficace possible pour un vélo générateur qui alimenterait un (petit) sound-system ( en 12v idéalement )

* Le pédalage peut générer une tension variable ( 45w-75w moyens, et 100-150w en peak / et 15A grand maximum )

J'aimerai vos conseils :

1 / Est-ce qu'il existerait un moyen pour qu'un alternateur puisse 'accepter' une tension variable ? - (issue des variations du pédalage)

1.bis / Ou est-ce que vous pensez qu'un autre de type de 'générateur' ( moteur électrique à aimant permanent ) serait plus adapté ?

2/ Il me faut ensuite canaliser, réguler la tension vers la batterie (et la sécuriser).

* Les systèmes de diodes et de fusibles/résistances me paraisssent les plus low-tech. Je ne sais si ça suffirait pour ce système ?

Par exemple, je pensais :

Alternateur 12v --> Diode --> Batterie 12v lithion (avec BMS intégré) --> Fusible --> Sound-System 12v / 50/100w ?

Pourriez m'aider à concevoir et calibrer ça plus précisément ?

Merci !

christophe-p asked

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LifePo4 - Skipping Bulk Phase going to Absorption

Recently I accidentally ran my 2x 110AH LifePo4 batteries below the 13V mark, when trying to charge using either my 100/30 MPPT or 12/12 30A DC/DC charger the charging phase goes straight into absorption mode and skips bulk phase, the output voltage is 14.2V with 0A current.

As this is my first time running the batteries this low, I don’t know if this is normal or not? Out of fear of killing my batteries I have disabled both chargers, so my voltage is currently sat at 12.63V.

Both MPPT & DC charger are using Smart a lithium profiles, so not sure what is going on here..

Any help would be massively helpful, my suppliers that I purchased the Victron equipment, don’t seem to have a clue!

Many thanks!

lukeoslavia asked
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The right configuration

Hey! I have done my searching and learning, this has brought me to realising that I would like to purchase Victron.

I'll give some details and maybe I could get some feedback to give me some much needed clarity. I'm wanting to buy 9/10 410w Canadian solar panels, my array will be placed 65-70m away from my house. Meaning I will want to aim for 350-400v 11amp for cable sizing consideration. This places me firmly in purchasing a 450/100 solar controller, maybe a 450/200 as I would like to double it in the future. I have grid to my house and would like to have an AC input feature(on the system) but I have zero desire to ever send anything back to the grid. I would like to keep it DIY and just avoid any issues with DNO certificates.

I'm planning on just putting in new sockets that are tied to the solar as opposed to removing any that are currently grid tied. Thus alleviating the worry of powering the shower/cooker. Purchasing in the first instance 4.8kwh pylontech unless anyone knows a better alternative.

With this I keep going back to this set up

Multiplus + 450/100 or 200 + Pylontech + 4.1kwh Panels.

I'm in Scotland so this should hopefully supply just over half of my yearly kWh total. Although interesting how December/January will figure in reality.

Do you believe my rational is sound or am I playing a completely different tune? Thanks

Jamie Matheson asked
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