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Orion product development for GX integration

Hi All,

Let me start by saying that I work for an official Victron installer, and I love everything Victron related, and will use nothing else. This question is not a rant by any means, and more a question as to future development.

My question is regarding the Orion series of DC-DC chargers and the integration to GX devices, in the scenario of Motorhome using an Orion as a charging source from the truck alternator.

In a fully integrated system we are able to show on the Touch50 screen all the functions of the battery, MultiPlus, MPPT, and all AC input/output. However, the Orion chargers do not connect to the GX device, and thus show nothing on the Touch50. There is a "DC power" option on the display, which works to see if the Orion is working in terms of Watts, however, we aren't able to see the charger status etc.

We also have requirements to disable the Orion based off Low-Temperature cut outs, which is currently not possible (without a complicated workaround). An integration to the GX device and the existing temperature sensors connected to the GX device could possibly disable the Orion in future.

Thank you.

Matthew asked

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Smart MPPT & Phoenix control via VE - direct

Hello all,

I am using VE direct for monitoring values of eaxch of the devices - battery monitor goes over RS485. Is it also possible to set parameters of the devices via VE - direct ?

Any help is welcome, thanks,


alexander-kolb asked

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Request: Blue Smart - Add tail current to expert mode

Can the devs please add the ability to set end of absorption tail current in the Blue Smart charger lineup when in expert mode? This would be extremely helpful to prevent premature switch to float without relying on fixed absorption and the risk overcharging when doing that.

It appears that this was at least thought of at some point given in the Absorption duration settings it directs a user to disable the tail current setting when using fixed absorption.

If this is done PLEASE allow tail current setting to be dropped below the .50% level that is in the smart shunt (and maybe other products). Odyssey batteries want to see .02% of tail current to end absorption.

captain-mike asked

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