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Smart MPPT & Phoenix control via VE - direct

Hello all,

I am using VE direct for monitoring values of eaxch of the devices - battery monitor goes over RS485. Is it also possible to set parameters of the devices via VE - direct ?

Any help is welcome, thanks,


alexander-kolb asked

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ich möchte eine Solaranlage bauen, gerne auch mit Victron Geräten. Leider bin ich Freiberufler und darf "keine" Einkünfte aus Gewerbe haben(also keinen Strom verkaufen). Daher meine Frage ob es die Möglichkeit gibt eine 0 Einspeisung mit Victron-Geräten sicher zu stellen?

Danke für eure Hilfe.

hotzenplotz asked
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Conjoncteur de Neutre

Bonjour, je souhaiterais savoir si l'un d'entre vous a déjà utilisé un conjoncteur de NEUTRE pour connecter la terre au système ?

En fait j'ai fabriquer une box énergie mobile qui est équipé d'un Multiplus 5kva et de batterie pylontech. Le but est d'avoir la terre et cela même si je n'ai aucune solution comme l'absence de bornier de terre ou l'impossibilité de planter un piquet de terre. Merci pour vos réponses

mobilvolts asked
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Victron Smart Shunt connection distance problem


My smartshunt is mounted close to the batteries and these are of course located not very central in my sailboat. When I am in the cabin in the front I really cant get any connection. I guess it will be difficult to do something about it, as this is limitation in the bluetooth stack. But it should might be a function which keep the latest view in the memory or buffer? Of cource with a timestamp so I can see it is not alive. Together with a background update in the app, then this would really be great. This thong should not be very hard to develop as many apps are doing background updating.

kurtinge asked
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Request: Blue Smart - Add tail current to expert mode

Can the devs please add the ability to set end of absorption tail current in the Blue Smart charger lineup when in expert mode? This would be extremely helpful to prevent premature switch to float without relying on fixed absorption and the risk overcharging when doing that.

It appears that this was at least thought of at some point given in the Absorption duration settings it directs a user to disable the tail current setting when using fixed absorption.

If this is done PLEASE allow tail current setting to be dropped below the .50% level that is in the smart shunt (and maybe other products). Odyssey batteries want to see .02% of tail current to end absorption.

captain-mike asked

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logging multiple BMVs on a laptop

Hi, we have a lithium battery pack that we would like to fit to a vehicle and log, we want to record the charge to the battery, the current drawn from the battery and the vehicle alternator, and we need at least 1 second logging intervals.

The question is, is it possible to have all 3 BMV battery monitors logging to one laptop, and will the data be synchronized, so that we can compare values easily?



mikebott asked
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Access to real time data.

Dear Sir,

How can I access data such as battery condition, solar power generated etc, as simple text strings in real time, preferably using my local network connection. I.e. access the data from the venus via the my local network. I would then use the data in a program to decide to decrease the load minimising the power consumed from the grid.

Looking forward to hearing from you soonest.

Best regards Jack Davie

wjackdavie asked
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