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Multiplus II - Sistema Trifasico esquema de conexion recomendado?

Buenos días, estoy buscando algún esquema recomendado de conexión trifásica de 3 MultiPlus II, tengo un venus gx para configurar.


- La entrada ESS (AC IN) puedo compartir neutros y entrar con una fase distinta a cada MultiPlus?

- En AC OUT, si un MultiPlus se apaga, se cae todo el sistema o sigo activo en dos fases.

Gracias de antemano.

Fernando Mazzaferro asked

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Orion smart engine Switch


I'm getting a bit confused by the wiring diagram in the Orion smart manual. In this figure (most are very hard to see in the manual it show the ignition switch wired to the engine ignition power and them going to the H pin. but it also shows a bridge to the L pin. If im not mistaking adding this bridge will keep the unit always on..

I would like to have the unit charge from my house bank to my starter and bow thruster bank. I would like this charging to happen only when the engine is on.


polarseal asked
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Lynx Distributor Terminal Sizes

I can't find any specs on the Lynx Distributor terminal size. Can anyone help?

Nate Costello asked
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Newbie like a deer with no eyes...

I apologise profusely, but I really have 'No Eye Deer' how solar panels, 'Killerwasps' and solar regulators work, but I do like having a go at things...

I'm setting up my caravan and have mounted 3 X 175 watt panels on the roof.

The plan is they will feed into 2 X 120 amp deep cycle batteries to run my fridge during the day, that draws 12 amps.

The specs of each panel is:

- Max Power Current 4.93 amps

- Max Power Voltage 35.5 volts

- Open Circuit Voltage 43.5 volts

I know I need to feed the power generated into a Solar Controller, I just don't know which one would meet my needs.

Any advice will be greatly appreciated...

Again, my apologies...

Thanks, Greg in Australia

GregBax asked
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Many questions about my electrical build, any answers appreciated!


Please only answer what you are able to, I know this is a lot of text!

I recently purchased the Orion-Tr Smart 12|12-30 Non-Isolated DC/DC Charger. I'm in the middle of setting up my first solar build for a van. I'm following this wiring diagram for an electrical build, but i'm changing one major component of it. In the diagram, he uses a Li-BIM, which is basically just a battery isolator made for LiFePO4 batteries. I figured since it's not too expensive, and it's much better in the long run, that I would replace that component with the Victron Orion-Tr. I'm really excited to set all of it up, but I do have a few questions about actually finishing the diagram before I purchase the inverter, batteries, and wires.

If there's too many questions, I apologize! I wasn't really sure where to find some of this, so I figured i'd post them on a few forums.

  • So first question.. I attached the new draft of the wiring diagram that i'm currently working on. The main electrical build is almost complete, but I'm not entirely sure how I should connect the Orion. I know the positive out goes to the positive bus bar on my system. But after that, what do I do with the other connections? Does the single, negative ground terminal go all the way back to a new connection on the negative bus bar? Or should it go to a separate grounding connection near the alternator in the hood? or does it simply go back to the same grounding connection that the negative bus bar is attached to?

  • And for the positive in, do I just take a 2AWG wire, and connect the starting battery to the positive input on the Orion? Or do I connect the Orion directly to the alternator somehow? Or both?

  • For the fuse, what kind of fuse is best for this build? And what amperage? My 2001 Ford E150 is using this 130A alternator. In the original wiring diagram, it looks like he's using a 250A terminal fuse, would that be correct for the Orion as well?

  • Also, is that an acceptable amperage to charge my house batteries with? Or do you think there's a possibility of my alternator overheating?

  • Do I need a manual/ignition switch? My understanding is that this is mainly just to override the Orion so that it doesn't turn on when you start the car, if you don't want it to. Or, so you can actually self-jump your starting battery off of your house batteries if you need to in an emergency.

  • In the original wiring diagram, what is the large orange wire with the green, white, and black cable coming out of it? Does the Inverter come with the wiring that i'll need to hook up the inverter to the distribution panel and shore power? What does the 6/3 and 10/3 mean for the wire sizes? I assume the "3" refers to the 3 cables inside of the larger cable, and the first number is the size of the 3 cables inside?

  • Lastly, what kind of distribution panel would you guys recommend? I'm assuming finding a panel that has both a DC fuse box built in, and also an AC breaker box is best. Does anyone have one in mind that they would use in this build?

Again, thank you for literally any feedback at all! I'm completely new to this and sometimes I struggle to find certain pieces of information online myself, so I figure it's best to write down all of the questions I have and ask on a forum like this.

Noah Garvin asked

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Tesla / Victron Overland Vehicle Build - PLEASE CRITIQUE!

Hello! This is our planned system for our overland vehicle build (it's a 4x4 Freightliner Ambulance conversion). We'd love to get feedback on this plan. Is there anything you think we've overlooked, etc. Thanks in advance!


spasq0712 asked
Daniël Boekel (Victron Energy Staff) commented ·

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Some support with wiring schema school bus campervan :-)

Hi guys,

We are transforming an old (1997) American School bus to a Campervan / RV / Mobilehome.

We decided to use a 12V system (so no 24V or 48V) because of all kind of equipment we already have.

We have installed 18 flat and bendable solar panels (100W - 18V from a Chinese vendor) on the roof, they are all connected to a Victron Smart MPPT 250/100. the potential total capacity would be 1800W exceeding the 100A (12x 100W = 1200W), but keep in mind that these are Chinese (Ali Express), our tests show roughly 50% - 60% of their specified '100W' performance on a sunny day.

We also bought the following items:

Victron Smart Lithium 12.8V / 200Ah battery
Victron BMS VE.Bus
Victron Smart Phoenix Inverter 12V/3000W
Victron Smart Battery Protect 12V/220A
Victron Smart Phoenix Charger 12V/50A (1+1)

The idea is be to fully off-the-grid capable, even on days with less sun (therefore the solar panel overkill, and because we simply have a very big roof).

I do have quite some experience with electric systems in general (both AC and DC) but I'm not 100% sure about the VE.bus wiring. So it would be very helpfull if someone could help me with some wiring schema / diagram.


Kasper Schoonman




KasperNL asked
KasperNL answered ·

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MultiPlus II AC bypass switch help

I've just read the Wiring Unlimited guide - what an amazing and educational resource! Thank you so much to Victron and Margreet Leeftink for writing this, I've really learnt so much about some basic electrical theory.

There's an interesting section in the guide where it suggests running a bypass switch.


This makes complete sense in order to isolate the inverter from the grid and loads in order to be able to do maintenance etc. but I have a couple of questions:

  1. Is a "bypass switch" the same thing as a "changeover switch" such as the Hager SF463? https://www.hagerelectro.com.au/e-catalogue/energy-distribution/control-indication/manual-changeover-switches/changeover-switches/sf463/18978.htm
  2. If it's the same as a changeover switch, how would the switch be wired logically? I've tried working this out but it's not making sense to me and I'm hoping someone might be able to help me understand how this should work?

I've got a diagram below which is how I think it should be wired but I'm trying to understand where the AC-In would be wired to.

I thought maybe that AC-In would be wired into the changeover switch in parallel with the AC-out but I thought this might introduce a loop and this would be a bad idea?

Then I thought maybe it should be wired into the output of the MCB but then I'd have to add an isolator and this didn't make sense and doesn't follow the schematic depicted in the wiring unlimited guide.

Would really appreciate some help here from some experts :)


gyrex asked
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how to wire two different amp Smartsolar charger controllers

how to connect mppt 100/30 and mppt 100/50, as I have 800 watts of solar going into 4 - 120 ahr lithium batteries

ronanddeb asked
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Isolation transformer wiring 2 phase power


So I am from the USA and we use 240 V 60 hz as you know and it is wired as L1 (Black) L2 (Red) N (White) Grn (Green) and looking at the Isolation Transformers 2000w/ 3600W/ 7000W and I am confused how I would wire when they all have L (Brown), N (Blue), PE (green/yellow). If someone would point me in the right direction with wiring or a different product to use.


Lars508 asked
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Any pointers? A mock up wiring diagram for my new Multiplus 12/500/20

Hi all,

I have found some previous threads from here very useful and knocked up a wiring diagram last night to fit my new Multiplus 12/500/20 which I was hoping someone of superiour knowledge might be kind enough to scan over.

Most of the kit in this diagram is already aboard but I want to move a few bits around (e.g. RCD is in an ugly place and want to add the AC circuit breaker panel next to the DC one).

I am not an electrician but have had to undertake many repairs on electrical equipment at sea or in remote places on a variety of vessels (never my own) so hopefully I am not too far off the mark. But please show me where the gaps in my knowledge are and where I need to read up.



Mr Susan asked
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Orion-Tr Smart DC-DC Charger Isolated (Size of Wire)

Anyone know the biggest Wire that the size Orion-Tr Smart DC-DC Charger Isolated could take?

i Have gauge 2Awg... Will that fix?


Fenix asked
Justin Cook - Bay Marine Supply USA answered ·

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712 BMS wrong readings. Wired wrong?

I wired this 712 BMS like this?


However, I'm getting strange readings. Battery SOC never moves. Negative #'s. What did I do wrong? Here is 2 screen shots from running gen and not.


cfetts asked
Jwfrary answered ·

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Victron mppt 75/15 and redarc smart start SBI24 and 1 solar panel 24 volt system,

Would anyone have knowledge of wire configuration of this?

jason plant asked
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How to wire neutral and ground when "splitting" the panel for Multiplus 2000?

Trying to install a Multi Plus Compact 2000w in my RV. The shore power connection has four wires: two 50A hot legs (red and black), neutral, and ground. Since the Multi Plus inverter will only power one hot leg, my plan is to "split" my existing breaker panel so that one leg (about half the panel) is powered direct from shore power and the other leg runs through the Multi Plus.

Let's say I leave AC line 1 as the non-inverter side, going straight from shore power into the breaker panel. Then AC line 2 would go from shore power, to the Multi Plus AC-in, then from the Multi Plus AC-out to the second leg of the breaker panel.

But how do I wire the neutral and ground?

Normally AC line 1 and 2 share a neutral and ground (since 1 and 2 are out of phase, their currents cancel each other out on the neutral). But now line 2 gets sent to the Multi Plus while line 1 goes straight to the breaker panel. Is it fine for the neutral and ground wires to simply follow line 2 through the Multi Plus before arriving at the breaker panel? Or does line 1 now need its own neutral/ground? Do I need to split the neutral so that one neutral wire follows AC line 1 into the breaker panel and another neutral wire follows AC line 2 through the Multi Plus? If so, do I need to isolate the two neutrals by cutting the existing neutral bar in the breaker box?

I've read that a better solution is installing a sub-panel, but I'm trying to go for the simplest solution, which I believe would be keeping everything in the existing breaker panel.

Advice would be much appreciated.

joe6789 asked
Daniël Boekel (Victron Energy Staff) answered ·

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Sailboat rewire

Good Day All,

In the process of rewiring our boat. 100 amp alternator, 1 starter battery (105amp) 3 house batteries (315 amp) all are lead acid.

I am looking at the Argo FET for the alternator and an IP22 battery charger.

I know the FET will charge both banks. My concern is the charger.

My question: How do I wire the charger so that it will charge both banks (house and starter) and maintain the ability to use a 1 2 or both switch?

swan38 asked
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Need help with Victron 712 wiring

On which side of the resistor (shunt) do I connect the chassis ground wire? I have a diagram, but don’t know how to upload to this question.Battery Wiring.pdf

Hdfxrs asked
Justin Cook - Bay Marine Supply USA commented ·

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BMV 712: How many relays and physical connection?

I can't find a picture, wiring diagram, or list of relay physical connections to the BMV-712 Smart in any of the posted Victron documentation.

But the manual defines all of these relay functions: "alarm relay", "low voltage relay", "SOC relay", "high voltage relay", "low starter voltage relay", "high starter voltage relay", "high temperature relay", "mid voltage relay".

In googling around, I found what claims to be a picture of the back of the BMV-712 with only two wire connection that might be a single relay interface. I don't know if that picture is accurate.

Are there multiple relays for user external connection or one? If one, are all those functions mentioned for setup using the same relay, implying I need to use the USB data connection to determine which function toggled the (single relay)?

I need this information to design my system.

klim8skeptic edited ·

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Phoenix Inverter Smart with Autotransformer

I'm designing an off grid system and I'd potentially like to use a Phoenix Inverter Smart with a Victron Autotransformer. The photo below is what I want to do:


My question is where should I attach the ground relay control (shown above) and is this setup compatible with the Phoenix Inverter smart?

From the Victron Autotransformer manual (page 3), I see that,


From the Phoenix Inverter Smart manual (page 9), I see that,


Since the system is in a vehicle does that mean I simply need to connect the ground relay control wire to the same ground as the inverter?

Thanks for your help and let me know if you need any more details!

Ben Zook asked
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Multiplus Wiring Schematic - vintage travel trailer...

Hey guys, I have a late Curtis Wright Clipper or an early Silver Streak. Long story... But it's currently wired up like a typical camper with a converter/charger and a 100AH Battle Born Lithium battery.

Everything works great, but I want to upgrade to a Victron 12/2000/80 Inverter/Charger that a buddy gave me after he upgraded. I'm pretty handy with my hands, but I've never enjoyed the electrical side of things. So, I've studied up as best I can and then came up with this schematic:


Could some of our more accomplished electrical guys look this over and tell me if I'm on the right track? I'm mostly concerned with wire size, fuse placement/size, etc... you know - the things that could kill me.

One thing not mentioned on the schematic. The trailer has AC. My plan is to keep it wired into the original AC distribution box and just make sure it's turned off before switching to batteries rather than running another distribution box of some kind in an already cramped area.

greaser1938 asked
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Juggling 120 VAC and 240 VAC sources with Multiplus 24/3000/50/120

My charging source will sometimes be 120 VAC, and sometimes 240 VAC. I plan to have a step down transformer on the circuit between the source and the multiplus for those occasions when the source is 240 VAC. On the occasions when the transformer is not needed because the source is 120 VAC, is there a convenient way to wire the circuit using a switch which will open an alternate path for the current which avoids the transformer and heads straight to the multiplus? Frankly, I am certain there is a way to do this, but since I am not an electrical engineer, I am not sure what parts I need or how to physically wire the circuit. It would be great if it could be set up so that all I would need to do is flip a switch when I know that I am going to be receiving 120 VAC. Thanks!

Stephen Otto asked
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Victron Energy Blue Smart IP22 Charger 12/20(3) 230V UK.

I only have two battery banks (engine & domestic) so will only need to use two of the three outputs. Should I loop/link the third spare output to the second (domestic bank) or leave it unconnected?

RodPickard asked
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Correct wiring for BP 12/100 For Duel Battery system

Hi Guys,

I'm making an electrical distribution panel for my 4x4. On the panel are various 12v sockets all running through a fuse block. I was wanting to wire up a load / battery disconnect switch made by Blue Sea and I'm also wanting to run x2 Anderson plugs,

ONE for power out for an inverter most likely and

ONE for a power in for solar.

I have a REDARC BCDC1240D and after looking at the wiring diagrams of the BP 12/100 I am unsure whether to run the BDCD directly to the battery as per redarcs wiring diagram or do I have to run it via the BP 12/100?

appreciate all feedback!

rossclark000 asked
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Quattros ESS wiring diagram

Hi can someone please help!

I've currently got a 10 Kw solar edge pv system and would like to add batteries cheaply.

I've bought a quattro 8KW inverter/charger and some LiFePo4 batteries, for a AC coupled system.

I want the batteries to charge when excess power is going to the grid and discharge when there's not enough solar. Am i right in thinking i only need 1 AC connection to the quattro as it will only ever discharge or charge. If so which would be the best connection point.



simon.edwards@eerenewables.co.uk asked
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