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Buongiorno, ho bisogno di un'informazione.Io ho un piccolo impianto fotovoltaico a isola in una baita e vorrei collegare un'altra batteria a quella già esistente.Volevo sapere se per questo scopo posso usare il Cyrix 12/24 120A, perché il mio impianto è tutto a 12V.Grazie.

fabiano-vanin asked

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Where to install fuse for Cyrix-ct 120A?

Hi all,

I have a question about where to place fuses when installen a Cyrix-ct 120A? The diagrams show only a fuse installed between the house battery and the Cyrix, shouldn't there also be a fuse between the starter battery and the Cyrix? As present in the wiring diagram of the Blue Sea ACR (in my opinion similar to the Cyrix-ct). Can anyone help me with these questions?

Best regards,

Lucas van de Voorde

lucasvdv asked

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Cyrix-Li-Charge or Cyrix-Li-ct

Hi all,

I'm wondering what the difference is between a Cyrix-Li-Charge and a Cyrix-Li-ct.

For my setup I'm looking to put a BMS diconnect between my charger and lithium battery. For this I would need a Cyrix-Li-Charge. But, I have a non-used Cyrix-Li-ct laying around. Is it possible to use this?

I can't find out what the difference really is. I hope I can use the one laying around for this.

Thanks for helping!

robertvn asked
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Cyrix Li Charge disconnects every 60 minutes

This will be the third time I have presented this issue on this forum. Having spent over NZ$10,000 on Victron equipment for a Lithium installation on a boat and engaging with is forum and the local Victron dealer I still have a Cyrix Li Charge that doesn’t work properly. The relay opens for a few seconds exactly every 60 minutes 24 hours a day. The dealer has replaced the Li Charge and the new one exhibits the exact same behaviour.

The installation is pretty much exactly as Victron documentation with the Li Charge being controlled by a VE Bus BMS charge disconnect terminal.

Either the Cyrix Li Charge is not suitable as charge disconnect relay or there is some problem with my installation. In either case I cannot get the local dealer or anyone through this forum to engage with the problem.

I am attaching a schematic of my installation.


Tim Chapman asked
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Using Cytrix Battery combiner instead of DC-DC converter in Li-ion setup


Please find attached overview electrical diagram with all Victron elements listed.

We used Cyrix battery combiner. We believe that it would be OK to connect mixed batteries: Lithium house battery, when charging, to starter and thruster AGM batteries. When engine alternator is charging the starter and thruster it would also charge the lithium house. Would there be any real advantage in using bi-directional DC-DC converter instead of the combiner? As we will have 1Kw solar panels and generator the engine alternator will be used only occasionally. We may not even need to connect the starter and thruster batteries at all but see it as advantageous as a back up situation on ocean crossings. I guess, this is the question to Victron expert.

sashabarac asked

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Cyrix Li-CT ISO compliance

It appears the Cyrix LI-CT is now non compliant with the ISO STANDARDS?

ISO/TS23625 Small craft — Lithium-ion batteries

4.9 In normal operation, different battery chemistries should not be connected in parallel or in series.
Combining/automated charging relays should not be used between systems using different chemistries

cms asked

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Cyrix showing data


is there any way to show on a Cerbo the Volts from the lead battery connected to the Cyrix-Li-ct or do I need a SmartShunt /BMV ?

Many thanks,


fgs-energie asked
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The blue status indicator on the Cyrix-ct 230A no longer works

When it was initially connected to two batteries, and the black wire grounded (batteries share chassis ground), the status light would blink. The device never did work and now the blue indicator never blinks.

Currently, one battery is 12.9 volts, the other is 13.0 volts. The black wire is grounded, and the red wire is open. The connector on the pigtail is firmly pressed into the socket.

Does the blue light being off (I have watched it for minutes, it does not blink) mean the device has failed ?

pp-314156 asked

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Charging engine batteries from solar charged house bank.

Our catamaran has standard engine battery setup with engine charge solenoids. I want to be able to keep the engine batteries topped up automatically. Will a Victron Cyrix combiner inserted into the system between the house bank bus and the start battery be all that is needed? (Leaving the solenoids in place)

snt asked

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Low temperature cut off with Venus temperature sensor

Dear all,

I have a LiFePo Battery which is connected to a MPPT 150/35.
The MPPT is connected to a Venus GX via VE.Direct.
The Venus GX has a temperature sensor connected.

I need to disable the charge of the battery below 5°C.

My first idea was to setup a VE.Smart Network with a Smart Battery Sense, but in the FAQs there is information not to use this if a Venus GX is connected.

The next idea was to use the Venus temperature sensor with the "Shared Temperature"-Feature, but I found out, that this was planned for Venus OS v2.20, but then not released.

I have read that "Shared Temperature" is only available in connection with a BMV-702.

So the only solution is to use a BMV-702 with a temperature sensor and the "Shared Temperature"-Feature enabled in the Venus GX or is there any plan to include the Venus Temperature Sensor in the near future?

What is the best solution for a temperature cut-off in combination with a Venus GX?

Thank you


martink asked
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How engage the Cyrix 120 start assist function for as long as required

I want to operate an electric anchor windlass using the start assist for longer than 30 seconds, so if I connect the +ve up anchor switch to the Cyrix start assist wire, will the cyrix stay closed as long as that button is pushed?

snt asked
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Cyrix-ct remains connected with engine off


I have installed an exide 100 ah 900a lead acid battery as the starter battery and a varta 85Ah 800a lead acid as the service battery. Both are connected with the cyrix-ct 12/24v 120a. I have triple checked the connections and they are correct.

When the engine is running, both batteries charge perfectly, but when I turn off the engine, the cyrix-ct stayed connected, and wont isolate or separate the batteries, even if I leave it overnight.

I have tried removing the cyrix-ct and installing it again, and when I connect both + poles it engages and remains connected even before connecting the - to the 86 connection.

Anyone has any idea of what could be the problem?

I have also tried with a new cyrix-ct, and it does exactly the same thing.

I am completely lost with the issue.

I will appreciate any help.

joesy asked
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cyrix-ct 12/24-120 two battery and solar system

Please, is it problem for cyrix -ct 12/24 120 if it work with two battery and solar system ( boat ) .

Because solar system charging battery all day , and cyrix device stay close for the long time!

Is it problem for the cyrix device , if yes what we must do .

Best regards

imasar6 asked
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How can I test a Cyrix-ct outside of the car?

I have a camper van in which I'm using a Cyrix-ct to charge my household battery while driving. This has worked well for 2 years but last summer I ended up with a dead household batter despite having driven substantial distances.

I've verified the wiring and the battery itself so I suspect that something happened to the Cyrix-ct but before I go ahead and replace it I would like to verify this.

Hence my question: is there a way I can test the Cyrix-ct in isolation?

Thanks in advance for any help

steve-burden asked
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Multiplus II with Cyrix-ct

Is it possible to put a Cyrix-ct between the house battery bank, which is charged by the Multiplus II, and the starter battery which is charged by the second charger output which is limited to 4A. This will allow the starter battery to charge faster once the house batteries are fully charged.

Thank you,


ralphd asked
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