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Time in Bulk, Time in absorption

What do these terms mean and how does it affect my system? Any info would be great couldn't find much in searches

Landon LeBlanc asked
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Mppt 7510 to SCADA system

Any advice on getting a SCADA system on a MPPT 7510?

Landon LeBlanc asked

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Victron quatro multiplus 48/5000/70 stoped charging

We were on a field visit to diagnose system failers on 12 solar power systems with the following victron systems. 5he installation is AC coupled system that uses Frunius Primo string invrrter, Quatro Multiplus 48/5000/70 inverter charger with CC GX and BMV. The system functioned for a year after installation and stoped. When we measure the total voltage 9n the battery output terminal, we read 6 volts and .1, .2, .8", etc. There is no generator or a DC mppt charging devic3 to rehabilitate the batteries. These systems stopped functioning 8 months before. How can we charge the batteries? Should we change the batteries or recharge them? Kindly help us on how to repair and what should be done for sustainability.


yilma-firde asked
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Need for solar installers in Corfu / Greece who have experience with Victron products


We are looking for solar installers on the island of Corfu / Greece, who already have experience with Victron system components or installed their products. Who can help us?

Thank you very much!

offgrid-see asked
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How to wire two separate battery bank to Victron battery monitor?

I have four 6 volts deep-cyle battery, two on starboard and two portboard. (see the schéma below). I was thinking that my battery wiring was, first in serie, then second, in paralel, but now I’m not sure. How would you discribe this battery wiring?

For the Victron monitor battery purpose, the ground wire, ( black one)coura of each bank are connected directly to the shunt battery side, then the load side of the shunt is connected to the negative bus bar.

But the Victron monitor show me only charge and current and, bizarry, the charge information was alway the same as my Victron Mppt.
So, what is wrong in my actual wiring ?



robert-chabot asked

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Victron and Redarc

Hi Guys,
I have a Redarc BC/DC charger with MPPT built into and solar panel that charges my AGM battery, i have the Victron 500A smart shunt to monitor all the loads. Will Victron ve direct Bluetooth module connected to the shunt detect my solar input?

stasik-a4 asked
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Off Grid 48V System options


Sorry if this is a bit long winded, I would appreciate some advice on Equipment selection and Integration for a 48V off grid system. I have been going around in circles Googling youtubing etc on Victron, Solar, Batteries etc.

I am going to be living temporally in a farm location whilst Renovating a Barn for a future house and also setting up a Camping/Glamping/Cabin site. This is all in the same Farm Location.

The 48V/5000 Multiplus 2 (GX ?) seems ideal as I can feed with a generator if required supplying 2 x Ac outputs and also feed via an MPPT from Solar (20 x 370W ish of Ground mounted Solar giving around 7 to 7.5 KW) and with Lifepo4 Batteries.

I have narrowed MPPT options to the 250/100 or the MPPT-RS ?

The advantages of the 250 is it is Multi Voltage and I could use Later in a 12 or 24V Camping setup with Some of the Panels. However it is limited to 5800W.

The RS can use more Solar and it has 2 x MPPT Trackers (2 x serial strings of 10) Disadvantage 48V and more expensive.

I would like to top up a water heater if the system is full (load shed?)

Looking at a couple of Friends rough Data (from a 6KW and 50Kw grid systems it seems the more Panels the better for the UK winter.

For Batteries was thinking of a 16s 280aH aliexpress type, but BMS selection seems to be a nightmare looking at all the reviews.

In my Understanding of this could I use a BMS to balance the Cells and the Victron setup to deal with the high and low voltage and temp sensors.

From online it seems some are using the BMS to deal with the total load, I don't know why.

Could use an expensive decent BMS if required.

I would consider Pylontech Batteries but they are more expensive and I would like to learn the system.

In addition the 16s cells could be later split to create 12V or 24v for the Camping area (to match the 250 MPPT).

Really it is the Integration and communication with the Kit I need help with, plus brushing up on my theory.

For Instance am I better off Having the Multiplus and a Cerbo or a multiplus GX, do I need a battery Monitor? or which one would one be better over the other in terms of temperature sensors and relay outputs for generator etc. (I don't want multiple items capable of doing the same thing)

The system will be located at the top of a hill around some old Barns so was considering a small wind turbine in the future unless its too much hassle.

In an ideal I world not have a grid connection for my future house (or just export/ use as much as posssible) so I could use the system or expand it for this.

This is a big learning process... and I am an Electrician ! (Never been involved with Generators, Solar or Battery storage though)



Andy F asked
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VRM Numbers not adding up over 24 hours


I’ve written my own custom controller to set the grid set point based on spot price here in New Zealand which has been through the roof recently because of a gas shortage.

ive been reviewing the Victron aggregated logs and have always assumed that grid input + production ~= grid export plus consumption although this isn’t the case. I was wondering if someone could explain where the remaining kWh go? I know inverters are 95% efficient but that doesn’t account from missing kWh in my mind anyway.

In the first photo you can see around 4-5kw is missing from live view based on discharge amount of battery and pv production

In the second photo you can see that this seems to also be the case in data aggregated over the last 24 hours. I consumed or exported 193kwh but produced or imported 246kwh.

Thanks for your help!


Mike Casey asked
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5KVA Multiplus inverter transfer to mains when Battery alarms at LV

How can a Multiplus 5kva inverter feeding a off grid house Essential load be configured to switch the load back to mains power when the battery alarms at its LV setting .. It appears I need a separate AC transfer sw controlled by the Inverter interface . Any advice would be appreciated or where I can find any info on this ? The manual does not say anything about this mode , (just the UPS (no break mode ). which I do not want !

caprod asked
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Victron 75/15 Smartsolar keeps blowing fuses

I have a Victron 75/15, it keeps blowing fuses one after the other when I connect to the battery.
I have been away for a few days and there was a chance it may have got wet by rain. Should I just wait a week to let it dry out or it’s cactus?

I wouldn’t have thought it would get wet where it was sitting but may have??

What else could it be??

rumy asked
marc-de-montreal answered ·

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Victron Community Manager - How do I see my Followed Posts?

Hello Guy,

I think I might be missing something but I am following a few posts and when I select the 'My Follows' dropdown selection it doesn't have any entries. Am I doing something wrong or is this option not available on the forum?





Ingo asked
Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) answered ·

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Help with setting victory 712 bluetooth + Rocket 6v 210ah series and parallel



Just got victron 712 and base on my understanding my class A have rocket in series then in parallel

I have two in series that gets them to 12 volts but that cuts your amps in half. Then those sets are in parallel which keeps the volts at 12 and doubles your AH rating. They start at 210 AH. So that means each battery set can produce 105 AH. Sooo i have 210 AH total.

what do i need to do in setting and configuration? I dont have solar or anything.



jimmy-le asked
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Problem with Victron Multiplus (high battery voltage)


We are doing the start-up of an isolated photovoltaic system, which consists of the following elements:

- 20 CanadialSolar panels (MS440 --> 0.44x20=8.8kWp, two strings)

- Fronius Primo 8.2-1 inverter (8.2 kW limited in its internal configuration to 5 kW)

- Victron Multiplus 48/5000/70

- Victron Color Control GX

- 5 Pylontech US3000 batteries (3.55 kWh each)

- A 6 kVA electric generator starting via relay of the Color Control GX.

After several incidents, having installed all the firmware updates and having configured correctly the values according to the manufacturer, it seems that the batteries do not charge more than 90%.

When this value is exceeded, the Victron turns off and all the installation runs out of electricity. Then, a visual and acoustic alarm in the Color Control shows that there is "high voltage" in the batteries. These values usually range between 51.7 and 52.4 volts (according to the battery datasheet, the maximum charge voltage is 53.5 volts).

As I have already written, the values recommended by the manufacturer for the Victron and Pylontech set have been entered and no one from technical assistance can give us the correct solution. It would be appreciated if someone could give us an answer to this problem.

guillem-636 asked
Daniël Boekel (Victron Energy Staff) answered ·

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How to get a "production/no production" signal from an off-grid system with a CCGX, Victron Quattro and Fronius Primo?

Hi guys

I have an off-grid system with a Victron Quattro, 2 fronius primo, BYD Box batteries and a CCGX.

I need to get a signal of "production/no production" from one of the components of the system so I can control my Heat Pump and disconnect it when the solar production is off.

Can you please help?


João Morais

joao-pedro-morais asked
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Quatro 10kva inverter charger with 7.5kva Generator

Quatro 10kva inverter charger with 7.5kva Generator want to start generator manually through A/C 2 in on inverter are there any implications to doing this ?

Marc asked
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Setting up 712

Got the APP, works fine on my iPhone, but could not set up actual meter... nothing but a jumble of characters, and instructions only refer to the APP... not the actual meter... How do I set that up ?

obiwan-canoli asked
wkirby answered ·

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communauté francophone !


Nous sommes heureux de vous annoncer l’ouverture de la section francophone de Victron Community.

Ce site, déjà existant en anglais et espagnol, sera pour l’ensemble des utilisateurs français un outil qui vient en complément du support technique dispensé par les distributeurs et installateurs Victron.

En effet, Victron consacre beaucoup de temps et d'énergie à la formation de ses clients, afin qu’ils soient compétents et autonomes pour répondre à tout type de questions et configurations sur les produits Victron dans le but de mieux servir les utilisateurs finaux de nos produits.

Votre installateur ou distributeur restera donc votre interlocuteur privilégié.

Le forum étant un forum d’entraide, nous comptons sur la communauté d’utilisateurs pour répondre au mieux à vos questions.

Nous espérons que cette communauté grandira avec un bon mélange de passionnés et d‘utilisateurs des produits Victron Energy, qu'il s'agisse de revendeurs ou d'utilisateurs finaux.

Au besoin, le personnel de Victron Energy pourra intervenir sur le forum en tant que modérateur.

L’équipe Victron France

Thierry Cortassa (Victron Energy Staff) asked
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