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3rd party external antenna for GSM GX

Hey everyone.

We are about to install many systems in remote places in Africa and will use the GSM GX module for internet connection. Since a lot of the places will have poor connectivity, I am looking at improving the signal with an external antenna.

However, the option offered by Victron (below pic) seems quite limited. The cable is only 0.25 meter long, you need a screw base to attach it somewhere and the gain is only 3 dBi...


Does anyone have experience using antennas from other manufacturers for that?

Will 3rd party antennas work if we make sure to get one with the same type of cable, connector and frequency ranges? Is there anything else to take into account?

Thanks in advance and much sun to all!

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Is it posible to set an alarm with two separate conditions

Hello everyone,

as my batteries already twice caused a low voltage alarm (although above 80% SOC) after some days with little sun, I would like to set an alarm for the voltage in combination to the current, i.e. "voltage < 24V while current < 10A". Anybody can think of a possibility to set such alarm or should I send a feature request to Victron?

Greetings from Colombia,


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Monitor midpoint voltage and temperature with mppt 100/50

As far as I understand it is not possible to connect a SmartSense Temperature sensor and the BMV Battery Monitor. So: is there a way to monitor both with the Victor equipment?

Another question: I have 4 Batteries, two in series parallel with the other two (24V). Is there a way to monitor both mid-points?


danmannale asked
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712 battery monitor stopped giving me current and power ratings

My monitor was working fine since I put it in 2 weeks ago havie not gone anywhere with the rv yet. It suddenly stopped giving me current and power readings they just say 0 . But the volts are still working. asked
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How to connect BlueSolar MPPT + BMV + MPPT Control

Hello there!

Spend some time searching this community but couldn't find the answer, so hopefully there is someone out there who can help me with my setup.

I currently own a BlueSolar MPPT 75/15, which just charges a battery. I want to expand my setup with a BMV + temp. sensor so I can monitor my battery status. I also want to add a MPPT Control to monitor my solar charging status to see what they are actually generating. The question; how to connect/share the temp. sensor to the BMV and MPPT ?

If possible it would be great to have the ability to see historical data as well, perhaps I can connect my smartphone as well to see historical data?

Some ideas that came up; Lot's of VE.Direct to USB cables on a hub. Lot's of VE.Direct to Bluetooth dongles to create a smart bluetooth network. I prefer wired over wireless but could it be possible?

And for the bonus, I also have a Phoenix 12/500 with VE.Direct, can I bring this in the 'smart system' as well?

Many thanks in advance!

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BMV-712 and Smart Monitor w/o MPPT Controller

I would like to add a battery monitor to my travel trailer, but it's not easy to get from the best place to mount the display to the battery. I would like to use a BMV-712 but instead of running a voltage sense wire (and temperature sensor) from the monitor to the battery outside the front of the trailer I was thinking of just using a smart senor, but all the information says it's used in conjunction with a smart MPPT controller. Is that **REQUIRED** or just typical?

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Victron SmartShunt - Calculating battery degradation

I just ordered the SmartShunt from Victron and will be installing it in a few days. The system I'm installing it on is one I inherited when I moved into my off-grid house. The Flooded Lead-Acid batteries are about 6-years old.

One thing I'm curious about is being able to understand the degradation of these batteries. In the Victron app I will enter the Ah (1020@c20) of my system. Once fully charged and sync'd with the BMV I'll be able to see projected Ah available, battery percent...etc.

The batteries are rated at 1020ah @ c20, but because they're 6+ years old they most likely don't have the same capacity. Is the monitoring app going to give me some kind of way to see that, or does it "learn" how much capacity is actually in the batteries by correlating Ah drawn and comparing it to current voltage?

Any insight appreciated. Thanks!

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Phoenix Invert 48/5000 Bluetooth monitoring

Hi , Victron experts.

I would like to centralised the configuration, control and monitoring the installation with a computer or a smartphone.

- The installation :

It's composed of 2 Phoenix inverter 48/5000 in parallel, 3 SmartSolar charge controllers 250/70 and 1 BMV700.

- What I've understood :

For the SmartSolar charge controllers nothing is needed.

For the BMV700 the VE.Direct Bluetooth Smart dongle will be enough.

- The questions :

For the Phoenix Inverter with a VE.BUS which accessories should I used to get a Bluetooth communication ?

If it's not possible an Ethernet link to my router is possible.

Maybe with the Venus GX/ Gerbo GX but I don't think that they will fit with my installation. I guess that I need à product with 2 VE.BUS and 4 VE.DIRECT (3 MPPT an the BMV) ports but GX products only get 3 VE.DIRECT.

Any suggestions are welcome.

Best Regards

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BMV-712 Smart - Load Side

Hello I recently purchased the BMV-712 Smart. My setup is I have a mppt / one lithium lifepo4 / one inverter / charger. My question is what do I connect to the load side of the shunt? My apologies if this has been asked and answered. After reading some other questions and answers I'm I to connect the negative cables from the mppt / inverter / and dc panel to the LOAD side? Thank you

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VRM: More battery info (Cycle Count, avg. SoC)

Is there a chance the VRM could compute and show the "effective cycle count" of a battery in a shown timeframe - and/or total? Seeing this raw SoC is nice and informative, but in order to estimate % Lifetime left, there are some crucial infos missing.


A moving average SoC for the past 30/90/... days would also be helpful.

So showing something like:
300 Full Cycles eff.
85% SoC avg

would be helpful to observe aging of batteries at the monitored site.

PetaJoule asked
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Battery temperature monitoring and component connections


I am planning a full Victron installation on a brand new 36 feet outboard motor boat with the following components to have the highest level of service electrical autonomy when mooring:

1 MultiPlus 12/3000/120-16

1 Digital Multi Control 200/200A GX

1 Cerbo GX + GX Touch 50

1 Battery Monitor BMV-712 Black Smart

4 Batteries Lead Carbon Battery 12v/160Ah connected in parallel as one service pack

2 Solar pannels 305W-24V

2 SmartSolar MPPT 100/30

2 Cyrix 12/24V-120 Intelligent Combiner to charge engine batteries from solar during winther

As an EE engineer, I appreciate the quantity and quality of technical documentation available. Nevertheless, the "networking" and communication between components is not very clear because of the multiple networks/protocols/links (VE.Direct, VE.Can, VE.Bus, Bluetooth, etc…).

1/ I would have these components connected as described in the Cerbo GX Manual (chapter 2.1. Overview of connections).

I assume this is correct?

Or any recent changes or better way?

2/ Battery temperature monitoring remains unclear with respect to my list of components despite some information I could read on this forum. I read that enabling Cerbo STS would have the Cerbo send the measured battery temperature to the Inverter/charger system as well as all connected Solar Chargers.

I need temperature monitoring:

  • when charging with Multiplus (harbor)
  • when charging with SmartSolar with the Multiplus turned on (mooring).
  • when charging with SmartSolar with the Multiplus turned off (mooring).

Does the Multiplus temperature sensor provide temperature data to the Cerbo and to the SmartSolar even when the Multiplus is turned off?

Or do I need to add a temperature sensor to the BMV-712?

Or do I need to add a VE.Bus Smart Dongle?

3/ If I do not add the VE.Bus Smart Dongle, can I still get the system monitoring data connecting the VictronConnect iPhone app to the SmartSolar via Bluetooth?

Thanks for your help

x_charpentier asked

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Why is my solar regulator not feeding my battery

Hi all.

Right now then sun is shining and my MPPT is saying 22 V from my solar panel, my smart shunt is saying I am consuming ~4A. Voltage is 12,92, state of charge 98%. Now I am wondering why my MPPT isn't feeding my battery - it says 0W? I am below 13V and less than 100% state of charge. Why waste that solar energy?







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Monitoring mid of battery bank

Hi all.

I recently installed the smart shunt and I can see it can monitor the mid of a battery bank. Can you tell me where to monitor exactly?

Also should I connect the negative from the MPPT as "a" or "b"?



scaarup asked
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Set BMV alarm to monitor DC watts draining battery?

I've got a home setup as follows:

  • Generator/Solar PV panels
  • 24V Lead acid battery bank
  • Victron Phoenix Inverter exclusively for water pump
  • Victron Skylla-tg 24/50 charger (to charger batteries from genset)
  • Victron Inverter 3000 for house AC power
  • Venus GX
  • BMV-700 battery monitor

And this is the Remote Console view:


'DC Power' shows solar power coming in (-W) AND also shows the power going out for the water pump (+W from the Phoenix). This also registers negative Watts when the generator is charging through the Skylla-TG.

'AC Loads' shows the power being used in the house (from the 3000 inverter).

The problem I've got is that sometimes the Phoenix is left running (due to water leak or taps on). This can be seen as +1000W in the DC Power box above.

My question is: how do I monitor this high DC wattage, and can I set an alarm if this goes too high for too long? (In case of water leak).


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SmartShunt Settings

I just installed the Victron SmartShunt and am a bit confused on the exact variables it wants for the battery settings. I wish the settings page was more clear on what it's looking for. I also wish it could gather this data from my charge controller and they could sync instead of duplicating data in two places.

Battery capacity: I'm assuming this is @ c20?

TailCurrent: In the SmartSolar charge controller the tail current is 2Amps, however the SmartShunt is asking for a percentage. How do I calculate the percentage?

Peukert Exponent: I have Flooded LA Batteries however the manual doesn't reference a number

Current Threshold: I don't know how to calculate this

Any help appreciated, thanks!

hummingbear asked
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BVM712 voltage inaccurate


I have read through some threads discussing this, but am still not sure the best course of action. I have the BVM712 hooked up. Everything is hooked up correctly and seems to be working well, but the voltage is consistenly lower than the actual measured voltage at the battery. The only connection that could be faulty is the supplied cable with fuse that plugs into the shunt. I have checked it and it is fine. I measure at the point where the cable connects to the battery and get the proper measurement, but the BVM shows less voltage.

I read that one user subbed in a 1A fuse for the supplied 100A fuse and that corrected the problem, but this seems strange that Victron would supply something that gave a faulty reading when the whole point was it's accuracy.

Is this really the best route to try to solve this problem? What are other users doing to correct this?

imoore asked
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BMV712 Battery monitor, what does the bars on the battery symbol refer to (SoC og discharge floor)?

The display on the BMV712 battery monitor displays a battery symbol with "charge bars". Do they refer to the configured discharge floor or actual SoC?

To be clear, here is a picture with the symbol in question marked with a red circle.


Kind regards,


Simen asked
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Connecting a 702 to a house and starter battery that are connected to a VSR

Hi Guys,

How would I go about connecting a BMV 702 to both a house and starter battery that are connected to a VSR? can they work on a common shunt?

MatWill asked
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Monitoring SMA PV Inverters

I would like to integrate the Sunny Boy 3000TL with the Victron Multi Grid as described in the manual. But i have run through the troubleshooting steps without success. I cannot see any device on color control (CC) interface as described in the manual. even when i am setting manually the IP address of the device.

I am able to ping the inverter from within the CC, so i have verify that this communication is ok. Moreover i am able to read SMA's parameters from my SCADA which means that the modbus TCP capability of SMA is enabled. Sunny Boy listen on modbus ID-3 but i cannot verify that this is the default for the CC.

Thanks in advance

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Victron BMV-712 Battery Monitor - positive supply cable woes

Unfortunately I’ve lost my positive supply cable that came with my BMV-712 battery monitor before I could get it installed.

Could anyone tell me:

1. What gauge wire the original cable is made out of?

2. What size fuse is used in the inline fuse holder?


ddanley asked
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Purchase Queston for a 24v system

Hello, I recently setup a 24v solar system with a Victron 250/60amp, Progressive Dynamics Charger and Pure Sine Wave Inverter. We have since upgraded from a travel trailer to a motorhome with a generator and want to upgrade in place of the Xantrex Freedom SW3012 12v 3000w inverter/charger. Can someone please chime in if the products I am selecting are compatible. Do they all use Bluetooth and the app to connect or will I need to use the Venus GX (I think uses a web technology and network?). Victron has so many products that I get confused on compatibility. I want to monitor the complete system with one screen AND connect via a single app. Thanks in advance!

1. Victron Quattro Inverter/Charger 24 VDC - 5000W - 200AMP

2. Victron CanVu GX Monitor - 4.3" Color Touch Screen [BPP900700100]

3. Victron SmartSolar MPPT 250/100 - Tr Solar Charge Controller 250V 100A with Bluetooth

Bowpay asked
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Current Monitoring from multiple sources

Hi All

I have a sailing catamaran, so 2 motors and alternators in the aft, I also have 6 solar panels with 6 PWM controllers on them I want to change these controllers to 6 Victron smart controllers 75/15 ones. The alternators supply 2 start batteries one for each motor and the solar system charge the house bank of batteries (around 500 Ah), Version 1.47 firmware update allows these to solar controllers to synchronise so they dont turn each other off but it also says if you have a GX device connected you cant use this functionality. I was wanting o use smart shunt units on the alternators to monitor their charge current.

SO what I'm overall trying to do is get a GX unit like the CERBO to monitor the smart shunts, the 6 solar controllers and maybe another smart shunt for the supply to the inverter, its not a Victron inverter. Would love some advice, thanks all

Bridgette Murray asked

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VictronConnect app Decimal numbers no longer shown in Trends

With the latest update of the app (iOS and macOS), it no longer shows decimal values in the Trends graphs. e.g. Battery voltage is rounded up or down and only shows 12,13,14v etc. I'd prefer to see the decimal value to see movement in the values that are not so easily discernible in the graph line.

Is there any way to change that from settings?


pcp192 asked
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Ignore "load" current on SmartSolar 75/15 to measure solar yield

I'm looking to evaluate the output of a solar setup using an SmartSolar MPPT 17/15. The setup currently uses a 12V lead acid battery with a DC fan on the "load" output. The SmartSolar is set to turn the fan on at a high battery voltage threshold, and turn it off when a low threshold is reached.

This ideally means the solar panels are always being driven in MPPT mode, allowing recording of max power throughout the day.

However, when monitoring this system in VRM the periods when the fan is running show a negative solar yield - with mention of "battery watts" I assume yield is being taken from the current flowing in/out of the battery.

The "Solar Charger PV Voltage and Current" widget appears to have the correct data as both readings remain positive, but is there anyway to translate this graph into PV power output and graph it?

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Does the Color Control support Outback Flexmax charge controllers?

Hi everyone

I'd like to know if the color control has any compatibility problems with charge controllers of other brands, such as Flexmax controllers.

Thank you all ! :)

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Dual 702 on 1 Venus GX


I have 2 house/service battery banks (PORT and STAR) 5 meters apart. I have put in place 2 x 702 BMVs. I have had the first (STAR) up and running for some time. I have the second 702 up and configured but not defined in the VENUS as yet. I understand from answer related to another users question that only one can be defined as the systems main BMV (and that this unit will be used for the display.)Their question was in relation to a system battery (Start) environment. I my case these are on the same interconnected bank. Can these both be defined and displayed?

Thank you

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Victron venus GX & SolarEdge SE10K 3 phase inverter monitoring


On the following page there is a section about "New: monitor SMA & Solar Edge PV Inverters". This section also mentions that only Solar Edge models SE2200H – SE6000H (HD-Wave) were tested.

In my current Solar installation I'm using a SolarEdge SE10K inverter, this is a three phase inverter. I was curious if someone has experience combining a three phase SolarEdge inverter with for example a Victron Venus GX.



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NO Consumption Data

Dear Tech Folk and @nebulight

I have a Solar Panel wired to an MPPT 100/30 NOT Bluetooth
MPPT 100/30 wired by USB to Raspberry Pi 3 with Venus
Also Smart Battery Monitor BMV-712 which is wired via Shunt to negative of battery one side and negative of appliances on the other site
BMV-712 Also wired to Raspberry Pi via USB cable
All USB Cables are Victron Made
Data is transmitted to VRM Portal
Devices show up in Venus OS

The battery is single 160AH deep cycle AGM Gel
This set-up is in a Small Motorhome with 285W Solar on Roof

I get no readings of consumption through the Raspberry Pi on the VRM Portal

Any ideas welcomed

Thanks in Advance


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Need advice how to install a BMV Battery Monitor in my system

House Battery Cable Schematis Diagram XLV.jpgI own a 2000 Prevost Marathon Coach Motorhome. The system uses a proprietary communication system for batteries and cabin management. However, this communication system does not monitor anything but voltage and AMP's through 4 each FEM Current Transducers. . I would like to add a Victron battery monitor to system. There are 6 each 4D Lifeline batteries at 210 AMP's each for house. The existing house batteries are wired in 3 each Series producing 24VDC and 3 each parallel producing 12VDC. Attached is schematic of batteries. I just had to replace under warranty the three 12VDC batteries which Lifeline honored do to bad cell bringing all of them down over time. I need a more robust monitoring system to watch batteries . All I see on dash guage is voltages and amps being used. All I see at Inverter panels is Bulk and Float and charging voltages based on battery temperatures and inverter setup parameters. How do I wire in Victron. The Bus also has a 20K generator onboard.

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How do I set the State of Charge alarms correctly?

I have a state of charge alarm rule set to Low 40 clear low alarm 45

high 70 clear high alarm 70.

the problem is that it remains in alarm state when charge is above 70 which I dont want as everything is fine, can someone tell me what settings I should have so that it comes out of alarm state?

Thanks in advance

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