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Is it possible to reset lost Bluetooth password on Mppt smart solar
  1. I lose the Bluetooth password on Mppt smart solar 100/20 is it possible to reset this ? Thanks for help

solguy asked
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hard (without app) factory reset MPPT 75/15 smart solor charger


I purchaged a MPPT 75/15 smartsolar charger (replacement of a 14 years old PWS charger) for a original 50 Watts panel (also 14 years ago), just to boost a bit of the efficiency compensating for the panels age and charger technology.

Hardware version V01.

Many connectivity issues using bluetooth from Android 10 and MacOS (seemed impossible to get connected from the android 10 device - followed all instructions related to the bluetooth specifics as per victron).

Finally using MacOS I managed to get connected. And once I have got a charging display with voltage and power (values as expected). Second time I started the app on the Mac, it forced me to update the firmware, no way around. I hit the update button and from then onwards all misery (note less than one meter away from the charger all the time).

Somehow the update failed and now it gives me firmware version: none -> please update to 1.46

Green and yellow led flashing rapidly.

There is no longer any way to connect (unpowered for 30 min as well, multiple times).

Also error D26 comes in the app (MacOs):

Updating failed, communication lost. The product might be unusable. Check connection and power supply.
Try again and check the product settings once updated.

Again, all bluetooth reset / reconnect as per Victron have been followed.

So obviously the firmware is corrupt and I'm now looking for a *hardware* reset option which I asume would load the original firmware and resets all.

Any software / app option is not what I'm looking for.

Where is it?

Thx, Jan Jaap

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2 issues have occurred a few days ago.

1. App does not find device until solar panel disconnected and reconnected. Both iOS and android tried.

2. Battery voltage fluctuates widely (5-15v) util light is turned on then it settles.

I have tried 3 min reset. All wiring checked. It all worked for months before.

Any ideas?

Thanks Julian

JulianG asked

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Communication between Windows Bluetooth and Bluetooth enabled Victron devices

Hi all. Is there any way one can get basic information from a Bluetooth enabled Victron devices through Windows and its embedded Bluetooth?

We are making use of the BlueSolar MPPT 100/15 charge controller.

Stephanus asked
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Venus GX bluetooth conectivity

Is it or when will it be possible to use Bluetooth connectivity with the Venus GX range?

For example to connection to the Victron Connect Bluetooth app.

Currently the Venus GX range has Wi-Fi support for connection to VRM but is not Bluetooth.

handy asked
Cory Wikel answered ·

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Error #68 on SmartSolar 100/30


Venus GX FW ver. 2.53

Multiplus 12/2000-80 FW ver. 469

BMV-712 FW ver. 4.03

SmartSolar Charger MPPT 100/30 FW ver. 1.47

BMV and MPPT are connected to Venus GX via VE.Direct

Multiplus connected to Venus via VE.Bus

DVCC enabled

Shared Temperature provided by Multiplus

Shared voltage and current provided by BMV

After a recent firmware update I'm now getting Error #68 Network misconfigured. Documentation on Error #68 says "charger detects multiple conflicting network sources, with the same priority, trying to send the same information to the charger. VE.Can and VE.Direct interfaces have both the same priority level, and BLE (using VE.Smart Networking) has a lower priority."

This appears to be in conflict, as I am using VE.Direct, which has a higher priority over BLE. I am not using VE.Can.

Disconnecting one or the other clears the error, but reduces functionality.

My working assumption on this setup is that SmartNetworking provides temp, voltage and current info to SmartSolar and SmartSolar uses VE.Direct to provide information back to Venus GX. Is this correct? Are they in conflict? If VE.Direct and BLE are at 2 different priorities, why am I getting Error #68?


Mike_G asked
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Connection Problems SmartSolart MPPT 75/10 (only Info Page)


I'm facing the following Problem. My phone stopped connecting to the SmartSolar charger having the Problem that it lost Connection and then tried to reconnect again and again getting stuck at 80%. (Before it worked well for more then one year) Solved this Problem by installing newest Version (5.20) and disconnected the charger from battery.

Now Victron connect, either on my Android and Apple IPhone finds my charger and will connect to it. But after that, I will only get access to product info page. There I am able to Change PIN-Code and click on Info button top Right again, but that is it. See attached Picture.

Anybody having some ideas how to solve issue?

Thanks in advance


es.em.oh. asked
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Can not connect to smart dongle via Bluetooth using Samsung a8

I just purchased a new Samsung a8 and am unable to connect to my 75/15 mppt controller and Bluetooth smart dongle. The dongle is not visible in the Victon connect app device list and does not appear when searching for Bluetooth devices

I can still connect using my old Samsung S5 phone and using my partners Samsung a5. I have updated the mppt and phone to the latest firmware but this did not solve the problem. the Samsung a8 connects to all of my other bluetooth devices such as my laptop, bluetooth speaker and other phone.

Any help would be appreciated

ryan asked answered ·

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Cerbo GX and bluetooth connectivity?

I've got a couple of Victron "Smart" devices - an Orion-TR Smart 24>12 converter, a BMV 712 Smart monitor and an MPPT controller - which have Bluetooth capability. Is there a way to connect those to the Cerbo GX via Bluetooth, or do I have to wire them into the Cerbo using a VE cable?



dasnider asked
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Is it possible to deactivate bluetooth in SmartSolar MPPT 100/30 or MPPT 100/50?

It would be nice to disable bluetooth after configuration for security reasons and to prevent electrosmog through bluetooth radiation.

Michael Scholze asked
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VE.Direct Bluetooth dongle malfunction?

My bluetooth dongle doesn't work when connected to my blue solar mppt 100/15., any ideas?

Roel asked
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Can Multi plus 12/2000/100 be connected to bluetooth?

Hello. I have the Phoenix Multi plus 12/2000/100 and wondering if I can buy and connect a dongle for Bluetooth functionality? If so, which one?

Thanks and best regards,
Jon Arne Nilsen

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Blue Vivo X5 cannot with Victron Connect cannot connect to Blue Solar MPPT 100/15 nor 75/10

I cannot connect with my new cellphone Blue Vivo X5 (BT: 4.1, A2DP)
with VictronConnect V5.17 to my Blue Solar MPPT 100/15 fw 1.46, BT interface fw: v2.23 and bootloader V1.10. The same connecting to MPPT 75/10

I can connect with cellphones Blue Life Max (BT: 4.1, A2DP, LE) with VictronConnect V5.17 , Blue Pure View (4.0, A2DP) and Blue Life One X2 (BT: 4.0, A2DP).

Vivo X5 get stocked at 60% and after a time it cycle to 20% goes to 60% and so on.

Just the phone I will ever have in the future is this one :-(

Any ideas?

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Venus GX, what happened to bluetooth?

Hi Guys,

What ever happened to the inbuilt Bluetooth that the Venus GX has?

The last mention of BT was about 2 years ago in the DQ area. BT has totally dropped of the Venus feature list.

klim8skeptic asked
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Cerbo GX with Smart Battery Sense


the new Cerbo GX looks very promising as its now supporting Bluetooth. Am I right that now the Smart Battery Sense devices can be monitored with it?



dirkmuc asked
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Function from the Remoteport of the MPPT 150/60 .

What is the remote connection that is bridged at the factory used for?

Is it possible to stop and restart charging via the ve.bus bms with this input if the state of charge and the temperature of the battery allow it.

if this is possible, the battery protect between the battery and solar charger can be omitted.

Tobias asked
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Victron SmartSolar MPPT 100/30 (30A) wiring with Magnum Hybrid 3012 inverter/charger

My Airstream has two Experion360 lithiums totaling 240Ah. I also have the BMV-712 app to monitor their 'state-of-charge'. It works fine. I have a WFCO WF-5110HP inverter/charger.

I am considering buying a Renogy 200W portable solar unit. I'd like to use Victron SmartSolar MPPT 100/30 (30A) to control charging my batteries. Do I just wire the output of the MPPT to the batteries directly?

I'm thinking eventually I'll upgrade the WF-5110P to a Magnum MSH-3012M hybrid inverter/charger to have more momentary AC while dry camping. I wonder if both the MPPT and Magnum should wire directly to my batteries or should they interconnect in some way so only one or the other is charging the batteries at any given time.

roy3reynolds asked
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Can I add a new multiplus to an existing one in parallel?

Hello , I've got an Multiplus 24V/5000 W and 2 bluesolar Mppt 150v/70W, all six years old



I am upgrading my system with a multiplus 24v/5000 and 1 bluesolar Mppt 150V/70W. theidea is to have an output of 10000W . Is the new Multiplus connectable to the old one . and the nes Mppt connectable to the old one ?

MSA666 asked
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How to monitor and control MultiPlus and SmartSolar, and adjust the AC input/shore current limit?

I have a MultiPlus 3000 inverter and a SmartSolar charge controller and may purchase a Victron (Orion) DC - DC at some point.

I also have the USB converter to talk with the inverter with a laptop.

I'd like a monitor that would let me easily change charging current in the inverter when I change between generator and shore power. And it would be nice to see battery voltage solar wattage and daily solar watthours.

I can use Bluetooth on the smartphone for the charge controller and the USB adapter on a laptop for the inverter. Is there a way to connect the devices so that Bluetooth can see both of them?

Is there a control panel that can see both of them that doesn't require an expensive interface?

jameswade asked
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Bluetooth documentation for BMV-712

Since I can't use the Victron Connect Windows app with my Victron Bluetooth enabled device (the BMV), it may possible to create an application like victron connect that connected via bluetooth in Windows 10. Is it possible to request a documentation on how to extract the battery monitoring data via the Bluetooth protocol? I think an equivalent document of the protocol information for communication over serial to the BMV like shown below should suffice.


iccankz asked
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MPPT Synchronized Charging

I read a discussion topic on this board that stated that the bluetooth enable mppt controllers were due to get a synchronization feature a while back. Did this ever happen? If not, is it still being worked on?


p12nash asked
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SmartSolar 100/30 and BMV-712 no Bluetooth connection w/iPhone

Hi all, I just finished installing the SmartSolar MPPT 100/30 and a BMV-712 in my van, but I can't connect to the Bluetooth with my iPhone 11pro max. I can connect with my MacBook, and when I did I performed all of the firmware updates, so the devices themselves are now current, and I have the most recent Victron Connect on my iPhone. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app, shutting the equipment down, etc. but no combination of what I'm doing will allow me to connect.

The screen just hangs out at 20% connecting, and spins and spins but never connects. I've read that this is a problem for others but I haven't seen a solution. It never asks me for the Bluetooth pin, just hangs at 20%. I tried goi g out of range of all other Bluetooth signals to see if it was some kind of interference, to no avail.

Is anyone aware of how to fix this? Thank you.

Zundfolge asked
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Victronconnect stuck at 20%

Hi, I have 2 x Victrom MPPTs, battery monitor, colour controller and 3kw charger inverter. I've had no problems using victronconnect to connect to either old the MPPTs until today even one of them (100/50) has stopped connecting at 20% every time. The other one (150/75) continues to work fine. I've tried 2 different android devices that both worked fine in the past and now the same issue on both. I've followed the trouble shooting steps to reset the Pin using the PUK and I get error:ff00

Both mppt are on firmware 1.46.

I've just seen there us an update to the victron connect app so applied this and still no luck

DaveH asked
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Why can’t I use Bluetooth instead of MK3 to change settings on VE.Bus Devices

@Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) , I've been trying to find a post on this forum that explains why we cannot use VictronConnect / VE.Bus Smart Bluetooth Dongle to configure VE.Bus devices.

I imagine that Multis and the like are among Victron's best selling devices. Why would Victron not make at least a basic quick configure available through VictronConnect via Bluetooth for them?

I think I read once (perhaps from @mvader (Victron Energy Staff) somewhere) that this is a constraint that stems from the design of VE.Bus vs VE.Direct but I don't understand the details beyond that.

Interested. It is a real PITA having to use MK3 on installs. I am a Mac User and this means VirtualBox and Windows and taking my Mac onto sites. It is seriously schleppy.

It would be ideal to be able to use VictronConnect via Bluetooth on my iPhone instead.

warwick asked
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AGM batteries, MPPT100/30 solar 330W panel, bmv712

Hey guys. Totally new here

I have a rough under standing but after realising how much these Victron products can do it’s gone way over my head

So I have 2 12V AGM batteries, 1x 105A, 1x280A linked together for one big 12V system in my caravan

I’ve got a 330W solar panel with the Victron MPPT 100/30

And now just put the BMV-712 battery monitor

I’ve just purchased the Bluetooth dongle for the solar regulator.

When it comes I’m just wondering if I can get some advice to what I should set all the parameters up on,

At the moment it’s charging at 13.8V which is the base setting I believe in the regulator but from what I’m now finding out it should be up around the 14.8V

so if anyone has some specs that I should upload for the solar reg once my dongle arrives that would be awesome

Thanks guys

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Smart BatteryProtect Bluetooth Range

Hello, i have the Smart Battery Protect 100A installed under the Driver seat next to the Battery. Within this location i have a very poor Bluetooth Range of 40 to 50 cm. With the drivers door closed there is no Bluetooth connection. Is there any way to extend the Bluetooth Range?

Thank You

victronfan asked
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VE Direct Smart Dongle V2.19 will not update to V2.23

Did an App update on my Victron Connect app and then when i went in it found the inverter as normal but then said I needed to do an Firmware update on the dongle...

I click on the UPDATE button but nothing happens.
Currently just leaving it for about an hour but still nothing.
It did an update quickly when I first bought it and updated.

Can anyone help me as I cannot monitor my inverter or use it remotely via the dongle and I need to!


Mathew Hamilton Green asked
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Victron 100/20 Load Output Settings

I work as a consultant providing RFID detection equipment for fish and wildlife services. Lately I have needed the what Victron 100/20 MPPT solar controller is marketed to provides - a cost effective, user friendly smart solar controller that will work in either 12 or 24 volt configurations. I mainly run 24v. Regarding the load output settings, which would be the best for a continuous load (antenna always running) but to still be able to disconnect the load when the batteries drop below say 22.5 and reconnect at 24? I have tried the user defined algorithm with the previous parameters but have heard heard feedback that the load will not reconnect and the yield in the history will show 0 from that point forward. I have tried to duplicate this scenario in my shop but was unable to do so. The reason I am asking now is I have heard from a second customer in an opposite solar region whom experienced this same issue. I have assumed the disconnect at 22.5 and reconnect at 24 will prevent the batteries from going totally dead.

billyblak asked
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VE.Direct to Bluetooth Smart dongle and Axiom Pro 9

I have two VE.Direct to Bluetooth Smart dongles ... one for the battery monitor and one for the solar controller. I use both my Android phone and my iPad to run the apps to monitor those devices.

I have just installed an Axiom Pro 9 and would like to display the data on my Axiom Pro 9. While it does seem that a wired connection is feasible (wired, not bluetooth), I was wondering if an Axiom app might be in the works for the dongle.



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