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Are there any plans for BlueTooth connectivity between the Cerbo GX and SmartShunts / SmartSolars?

Given that the Cerbo GX, SmartShunts and SmartSolars all have BT capabilities, it would eliminate a while lot of cabling if these capabilities could be harnessed to transfer data between the devices and the Cerbo.

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Connect ruuvi to CCGX or Venus GX

Hi Victron Community

I‘m using a CCGX and I like to add some Ruuvi Temperature sensors. Since the CCGX has no bluetooth I‘m wondering, if it is possible to add them via adding a bluetooth dongle?

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What is the range spectrum radio and transmission power for Cerbo in wifi and Bluetooth?

We are having issues in customs because the local regulator has non technical information of the Cerbo and Solar controllers with bluetooth and wifi functionality. As they consider that there isn't information in manual and datasheet they are denying the importation of these parts.

Please could you help us with the following information for the technical person in our Telecom and Transport ministry?

If the module transmits in the radio spectrum with a power equal to or less than 10 milliwatts (mW) on the antenna (effective radiated power), please confirm.

What is the frequency bands in which it operates, in order to determine if the module operates in bands allocated to public services?. (We read 2.4GHz and 13 channels in forum).

Please, do you have this information in a white paper of Victron products?



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Cerbo GX - USB Bluetooth / How can I make sure that Cerbo is using the USB Bluetooth dongle ?

Hello folks,

I have installed some Ruuvi tags to my trailer to work with the Cerbo GX for temp and humidity data collection. It is recommended to use a USB Bluetooth Dongle for better comunication with the Ruuvi tags so I purchased one of the recommended BT dongles (TP-Link 400xx). I have inserted this into one of the USB ports on the Cerbo but I'm not sure whether Cerbo is using this USB dongle or its internal BT. I have dug into the settings but failed to see a menu where I can switch from the internal BT to the external one.

Your help will be greatly appreciated.



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BMV-712 SMART Bluetooth connection fails

I just installed a new BMV-712 SMART. The unit display voltages, currents etc correctly. When trying to connect my Iphone SE (iOS 15.5) to the VictronConnect app via Bluetooth, the app is searching but fails and says "No devices found". In order to follow "Troubleshooting Bluetooth connection issues" I:

  • Restarted my Iphone
  • Checked that my product has a Bluetooth symbol
  • Tried again with my Iphone held as close as possible to the BMV-712
  • I do try to connect from within VictronConnect. Nothing shows in the Iphone list of Bluetoth units either.

On the back of the BMV-712:

PN: BAM030712000R


What can I do to solve this?

excellent asked
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Smartshunt cannot connect via Bluetooth


I just got myself a second Smartshunt 500A. The problem is it won't connect to my phone. I've repeatedly tried disconnecting the Smartshunt and wait, but it doesn't make any difference. Gone through the entire Victron troubleshooting guide, but there's not much to be done from there: I can't remove it from paired devices because it never pairs in the first place, restarting the phone does not help, GPS positioning is turned on in the phone, I'm as close to the Smartshunt as I can be, the Victron Connect app is up to date – and then finally the fact that my phone can connect to my old Smartshunt. However, it does show up in the devices list in the app. The problem is that it never asks for a PIN code, it just loads for a while and then comes then error message, same thing when trying to reset the PIN code. The only reaction I get is the error LED on the Smartshunt flashing quickly once every time I press connect on my phone.

Any ideas what the reason could be? Is the unit damaged/faulty, or is there anything more to try?

hjarnek asked
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No Ruuvi Bluetooth Sensors found

I connected some Ruuvi Tags a while ago. Since today they are missing in Cerbo GX. In Bluetooth Sensors menu no sensor could be found. The sensors works with my smartphone. Any tips for that?

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More overview

VRM in all glory...

But is there a way to see all the info and make changes i can see and make on the victron connect app in "local " mode... on my laptop for example?

Carl asked

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CerboGX v2.86 Bluetooth Issues

Updated from v2.84 today to v2.86 and lost all Ruuvi sensors. Rolling back doesn't restore them. Cannot add new Ruuvi sensors either as they are not "seen" by the Cerbo.

It seems that bluetooth not working on this version, and slightly worrying that rolling back doesn't fix the problem. I notice multiple other posts from users reporting similar issues when updating.

If there is not an update planned to fix this soon could someone explain what I need to do to reset the bluetooth adaptor (perhaps using command line)? Thanks

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Quattro w/ Bluetooth and VE.Smart Networking Support?

Can I add a Quattro to my Bluetooth network?

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Bluetooth Extender

I have a IP22 and an IP65 battery charger that is set up in my garage and Bluetooth signal doesn't reach the house, is there a Bluetooth repeater that anyone can recommend?

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Bluetooth antenna, more range Smartsolar *

Is there a way to extend the range on the smartsolar controllers?
I live in little cabins with iron sheeting as outside walls the controllers is hanging in the first cabin and I can't reach it from the second cabin.

I have this little bluetooth amplifier where I soldered a piece of copper straight to the antenna trace on the board to act as antenna (in the right length for the 2.4 Ghz band). It greatly extended the range. But this will void my warranty I'd imagine doing this on the Smartsolar.

Another option would be to get it connected to the wifi somehow because this can be reached anywhere on my property. Are there any solutions for this?

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Do i need seperate Bluetooth dongles for MPPT CC and Multiplus II

I want to view both the SS MPPT CC and the Multiplus II in Victron Connect. Not using a GX device. Do I need to use two separate Bluetooth dongles for each device? I have one, it appears the smart shunt, and the CC have BT built in.. Limited range.

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MPPT smart charger Bluetooth

Hello. I have two smartsolar mppt. Only one showing Bluetooth. Any know how to fix this problem. Look at pictures. Missing enable Bluetooth on a150



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Victron Connect unable to find my mppt 100/50 solar controller

After a recent app update my MPPT 100/50 cannot be discovered by the Victron Connect app. I have disconnected from the battery and solar panels and re-installed the app on my iPhone 6 to no avail! Any new ideas to help would be great.

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