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Function from the Remoteport of the MPPT 150/60 .

What is the remote connection that is bridged at the factory used for?

Is it possible to stop and restart charging via the ve.bus bms with this input if the state of charge and the temperature of the battery allow it.

if this is possible, the battery protect between the battery and solar charger can be omitted.

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Can I use the temperature information that is shown by my Smart Lithium Batteries in a VE-Network (Cerbo)?

Hi all!

I installed two brand-new 200ah 12V Lithium Smart Batteries from Victron in my van. Those new one come with Bluetooth connection. Via the Victron smartphone app, I can check the temperature of each battery. Now I was wondering if it is possible to provide this information to my Cerbo GX or Smart MPPT. I know that the Cerbo has several temperature sensor inputs for cable sensors. But hopefully, there is a way to use the information that is already there :)

Any suggestions? :)

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Difference between VE.Bus Smart dongle and BVM-712 battery monitor

Do I need a VE.Bus Smart dongle if I have a BVM 712 battery monitor?

Do I need to attach the BVM 712 battery monitor display to control the battery monitor via bluetooth?

Do I need an MK3 USB if I have a BVM 712 battery monitor?

What additional accessories do I need to fully control my MultiPlus Inverter / Charger via bluetooth?

Is there one bluetooth device that does it all?


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Cerbo GX bluetooth connection lost.

Hi all,

I accidentally hit "forget this device" for the bluetooth connection to my Cerbo GX and from that point i am not able to find Cerbo GX in my bluetooth list on an iphone running the latest OS version.

I tried restarting both Cerbo and the iphone with no luck. I also tried to change the Cerbo GX name but again this failed although i am able to connect to it using bleutooth using another phone or any other bleutooth device (i.e. my laptop).

It seems that resetting my network settings on the iphone will fix this issue but it will also delete all my wi-fi settings which i want to avoid.

Anyone had this issue before?

Thank you in advance.

nicholas-gouloussis asked

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BMV-700 and/or BT dongle failure

I bought a BMV-700 in 2014 that worked fine until a few days ago. The bluetooth dongle quit working several weeks ago, so I don’t know if that was a symptom or the cause. (Shunt is also a possibility.) Is there anywhere I can send the monitor and dongle to have them checked/repaired?

danadcole asked
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Is the PCL1-30111S 3000 Watt Inverter Charger compatible with the BT-2 RJ-45 Blootooth Adapter?

I would like to know the answer exactly to the title to my question: is the PCL1-30111S 3000 Watt Inverter Charger compatible with the BT-2 RJ-45 Bluetooth Adapter? I have looked through both device manuals and neither explicitly say they are or not. I would prefer not to purchase the BT-2 adapter only to find it's not compatible. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Orion-Tr Smart 24/12-30A - poor bluetooth perfomance

Hi all,

I have installed an Orion Tr Smart 24/12 30A in my motorhome. I took the choice for this model because I want to be able to switch it on/off while driving.

But the bluetooth performance is very poor. The device is in mounted in the garage of my motorhome. During the instalation in the garage I checked receiving my MPPT and BMV (mounted inside the motorhome) there without any problems. Now the situation is as follow:

Inside the motorhome I can reach my MPPT and BMV but not the Orion in the garage. I try to reach it inside only a few cm away at the other side of the compound wall with no result.

Inside my garage I can receive all 3 devices.

Beside the motorhome I can receive the MPPT and BMV without problems, the Orion only at the door of my garage if it is open.

Is there any option to a better performance ? I know the option to use a cable to switch the device but I bought this device to to it by bluetooth.



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BMV-712 was working fine with MotoG6 but now won't pair

Have been using my MotoG6 paired to BMV-712 for months. Yesterday the Victron Connect App wouldn't open. Reinstalled Victron Connect but now when it tries to pair, it says the passkey is invalid. I never changed the passkey from the initial 000000 default. Anybody know what's going on? I have restarted my phone and unplugged the BMV-712 as well but nothing makes a difference.

I've reviewed some other posts here about bluetooth problems but none seem to be like this.

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How to get PUK code?

I need to change my PIN codes from the defaults but the Connect app wants me to enter the PUK codes which are on the actual devices. The devices are installed in a motorhome and so the labels are not accessible. How else can I get the PUK codes?

mrpogle asked
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VE.Direct to synchronise 2 or more Smart Solar MPPT Controllers?

Is it possible to link together 2 or more Smart Solar MPPT controllers using VE.Direct cables, without needing a GX or BMV device? Can they just be daisy chained with identical charge settings to work as one? I have a customer whose system requires 2 MPPT units but he can’t afford a GX or other extra equipment. Or will they possibly work together on their own Bluetooth network?

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How do I reset the Bluetooth on a SmartSolar MPPT charge controller?

Bluetooth was working fine for three days after we installed a SmartSolar MPPT charge controller. It then stopped working. I have done all of the recommended procedures to restore the connection, but it still does not connect. The charge controller seems to be working fine, but I only have the battery charge indicator lights (Bulk, Absorption, & Float) to tell me that.

When I try to connect any of my devices to the charge controller, I get the error that its Bluetooth is busy and connected to another device. There are no Bluetooth devices connected to it. I live way out in the woods and no one is anywhere near me. I have several Bluetooth devices in-house, but I have turned all of them off except whichever one I am trying to connect to the charge controller.

Is there a way to reset the Bluetooth on the charge controller?

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VictronConnect says MPPT is connected to another device?


I have a VictronConnect MPPT 100/30 charger which has been great. I’ve been using the app without problems until a week ago when I started to experience an error saying that I could not connect to the charger because the charger was connected to another device. There are no other Bluetooth devices on the boat (I’ve searched high and low) so the result is that the charger is “grayed out” and I can’t monitor performance or go in to try and reset the PIN code or anything. Any ideas on how to connect to the charger with the app or to reset the Bluetooth on the charger itself?

Thanks for any help!

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Bluetooth Pairing with new iPhone

I have a MPPT 75/15 (HQ1811NTQ3F”) connected to a single battery and a single solar panel. With my iPhone 6 I could connect via Bluetooth using the VictronConnect app. With my new iPhone 11 I cannot pair with the controller. The app recognizes my controller and requires that I “enter the code shown on my “SmartComtroller HQ1811NTQ3F”. I cannot find any code either in the front panel of the controller or in a window on the phone. I have entered my 6-digit pin but it was not accepted. I have removed and re-downloaded the app with no effect. The blue led on the controller is flashing, showing a bulk operation.

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Upgrade to Bluetooth with Victron Controller?


Recently purchased a VW Camper with Victron Solar installation. I wanted to upgrade to enable Bluetooth option with iOS but not sure if its possible.

The following controller is installed and working, but wondering if I can add/install the Bluetooth dongle if compatible hardware. OR something else?

Controller: Victron Energy BlueSolar 20A PWM-Light Solar Charge Controller 12/24V 20 Amp

Any help appreciated?

Thanks Matt

matt-little asked
Daniël Boekel (Victron Energy Staff) answered ·

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Charger failed after software update

I tried update the software trough bluetooth.

Somewhere past 90% it just died. I dont mean the bluetooth signal, but the whole charger.

I attempted om a second one thinking it was just a bad timing for it to die, but the second one died just the same way.

They are feed 230VAC and I tried power it up and down several times by removing both supply and the battery cables. The charger never powers up again.

I guess the power LED is controlled by a microcontroller and this one never come up again caused by full memory or something.

It dont charge as we can see the battery voltage slowly drooping.

Anyone with deep knowledge about this?

Update from 3.00 to 3.21

Blue smart ip67 24/12

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MPPT 150/85 BlueSolar failed connection

After updating the App, the device does not connect via Bluetooth. The phone sees the device but it connects, asks for the pin for 10 seconds and then tries to connect again. It does this all the time. Have tried with other phones, have tried to disconnect the device from the solar panels and battery and increased to install the app again, nothing works

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New MPPT 150/35 LED lights don't come on and no Bluetooth

I'm trying to get my MPPT 150/35 going for the first time. My PVs and Battery bank are hooked up, but the LED lights don't come on at all, nor can my phone detect the controller. I've tested that I have current coming from the PV panels, and that the batteries are fully charged. I've tested right at the Controller, as well as at points along the chain, and I have current.

Is it possible that controller is not coming on because the batteries are already fully charged? Any other suggestions?

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Cerbo GX wifi issues

I have had my Cerbo GX with touchscreen installed in my motorhome for a couple months now. Most of the time it won't stay connected to my WiFi, which is about 8 ft above it. I use a Pepwave Max Transit Duo WiFi modem, so it's a pretty strong unit and the Cerbo shows around 75-80% signal strength. I can force it to connect, and sometimes it stays connected, sometimes it doesn't. Even when it's connected, I can't connect to the remote console much of the time. I'm on Firmware 2.57. Any suggestions?

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Connecting BMV-712 and BlueSolar MPPT 75/15 via VE.Direct?

We have a BMV-712 and want to buy a MPPT charger. Would it be possible to but a BlueSolar MPPT 75/15 (SCC010015050R) and connect it with a cable (VE.Direct) to the BMV-712 and get data from both of them in the app, or do we have to buy a Bluetooth dongle or a SmartSolar for that to work?

eriove asked
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Resetting pin number

I've forgotten the PIN number for bluetooth access to my Smartsolar MPPT charger, I can still access via my phone but would have a problem if I needed to use another device. Is there a way I can read the PIN or a way to reset it?

riggers asked
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Can I use the VE.Direct to Bluetooth Smart dongle with an PC?


can I use the PC Software Victron Connect also via Bluetooth?

I want to use the Bluetooth Dongle also with the IOS App, but we have a Laptop on Board and it would be good to control via the Laptop also.

BR Stefan

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CCGX loses connection to Charge Controller 90sec after reboot

EasySolar 24/3000/70 Mppt 150/70 that we installed for an off grid client. The system has been installed and working fine for 2.5 years and then suddenly the PV Panel does not show on the CCGX display, device list shows "MPPT not connected". However, the MPPT charger is fine and is charging the battery.

A reboot of the CCGX always brings the connection to the MPPT back to life, however after 90 seconds it loses the connection again. This behaviour is repeatable with loss of connection about 90 seconds after a reboot.

There is no USB hub or extension cables in the system and this is the original Victron-supplied cable that has up till now been working fine. This is an EasySolar system with the cable prewired inside the EasySolar. This is a single EasySolar system with no other devices.

I have unplugged and replugged both ends of the cable and the problem is still there. No firmware updates have been done as this system is not internet connected. Is this a cable problem or something else? Why would there be a fault now after 2.5 years of good operation?

martind asked
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bmv-712 smart no longer functions after software update.

so I've had my monitor for about a year and today I went into settings to change them as it was reading battery size wrong for the last few days (from 2000ah down to 1000ah) and it said to view or change settings I had to update. so I updated and mid update it gave me a failure message and no longer functions I've tried power cycling and stuff but nothing works. it's stuck in a weird state where the Bluetooth is in use but when I try to connect to it with a cable i get the message that the device is in use. I'm hoping I've overlooked some kind of hard reset button or setting as i can not do anything with it.

the physical unit is locked up as well. can not use any of the buttons. i can only guess its stuck mid update.



I've done the suggested steps tried a hard connection to a laptop and attempted to connect to the device with a second and 3rd phone. I've had this setup running for about a year now without any issues but the last week things started acting up. (battery voltage dropped from 13.5-13.8 down to 7v-8v very suddenly. and I wanted to see what was being detected via the bmv since the solar is saying its fully charging each day and its got no load on it.

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IP65 Blue Smart Charger pin not working

Reconnected the charger to my iphone and it won't accept the default pin? never changed it. Now what? How to reset? Thanks in advance

vssa asked
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App stuck on 'Fetching Data'

I have a smart solar MPPT charger 100/15 which was working fine for some time. now when I try to connect to it from the app I can see the charger but the iOS app stuck at 'Fetching Data' screen.



Tried restarting the phone, reinstalling the app, disconnecting the charger - still no luck.

Any advice?


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Wifi VC connection to Easysolar-II GX from Windows but not Android?

Resigned to the idea that I would be doing all control from Android using VictronConnect, I proceeded to attempt this. OK, I can see the SmartSolar (inside the EasySolar) and the BMV-712 Smart from Android. But I can't see the EasySolar-II GX itself! - even when connected to its wifi hotspot.

On Windows, when connected to its wifi hotspot or via LAN cable, I can see the EasySolar-II GX - great! - but not the others due to Windows / QT framework Bluetooth limitations. All I want is to manage all local devices... from one device (laptop OR phone / tablet)... without requiring an internet connection for VRM.

Know what the issue might be? Will test on another Android soon to see if phone's the issue.

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Bluetooth locking up at 20% on load MPPT

I have two MPPT 75/15 smart solar.

Since yesterday one is stopping Bluetooth connection at 20% level

Same with the battery sense.

only one MPPT is still working and shows that both other are in the network and working.

But I can not reach them, which is a shame, because I have to change some settings.

Software issue? Even after a reset the issue is not gone.

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New MPPT 100/20 bluetooth will connect but not show statistics/settings

Im experiencing issues with my smartsolar 100/20 bluetooth connection.
I can connect to the device with my phone but can only see generic information and PIN changes.
Tried to connect to a 100/20 unit of a friend, that works fine.

When connected to PV and Battery, charging works fine indicated by the LED's, just cant monitor through BT.

Cannot find firmware updates in the library, it is empty. Any suggestions? MANY THANKS!!


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Multiple BMV showing in app

I recently installed a BMV712 and I believe when the firmware updates I am now seeing two BMVs near me. Is it possible to suppress or ignore the second bmv showing on the Bluetooth mobile app?

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MultiPlus C12/2000 per VE.Bus Smat Dongle umschalten von Ein auf Charge only

Auf der Victron Seite ist beim Dongle diese Möglichkeit erwähnt. In der App bei den Demogeräten ist das nicht möglich. Was ist richtig?

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