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SmartShunt DC Meter for Bidirectional Inverter/Charger

Hello! If I were to connect a SmartShunt in DC Meter mode to monitor a bidirectional inverter/charger, which DC meter mode would be the best to select? I want to be able to see both when my inverter is drawing power from my battery as well as how much power is going into my battery when I am plugged into shore power and am charging via the same inverter/charger. Is this possible?

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Quattro Reading incoming power wrong


My Quattro is reading the incoming power incorrectly

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long term use of peak output current for with Quattros/mutlipluses

based on this table the quattro or multiplus 5k should output 4000*1.3 = 5200 watts for 30 minutes. if i have a point of use tankless hot water heater for my RV sink that is rated at 4800 watts, what would be the long term effects of using that heater for 5-10 minutes a day? since the heater has an adjustable temperature i would assume it will not use 4800 watts all the time but the question still stands, what would frequent short time power draws above the nominal watts at 25C but below the VA at 25C have on victron inverters?

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Is my Battery Protect up to the job?

My system currently has a BP100 to handle low voltage cutoff duties.

I am adding a 2000W Renogy inverter to the system. Will the BP100 handle the load if I am drawing heavily on the Inverter? E.g. if I am using a 1800W induction hob to cook some food, will that be pulling too many amps through the BP? Do I need to upgrade to the BP 220?

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5000W water boiler from 3000W Multiplus - AC Out 2?

Hi all,

I have wired up my inverter to supply the 240v breaker board from AC-Out 1 that has the boat sockets and the water boiler on, both on independent breakers.

The sockets all work fine but when I turn on the water heater on, which has a peak draw of 5000W (and am connected to the shore supply) it trips the marina shore supply (and the breakers in the boat).

My question is two part:

1. I assumed that when on shore power that the 3000w limit would not apply?

2. If I connect the water heater to AC-Out 2 (only avalable when shore power is connected) then will 5000w output still be accepted by the mutliplus and pass through the power or does the load still need to be below 3000W?

P.S The water boiler was working fine when the shore supply went direct to it before I installed the inverter (two days ago) so the power demand is fine for the shore supply.

Thanks in advance!


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Giving old batteries a voltage boost to extend inverter run time

I have a couple older battery banks that at full charge are not much above the auto shut-off voltage for my inverters. If I could trade some current for a little more voltage to keep the inverters running a little longer - that is a great deal for me. I have read that there seems to be a problem with boosting voltage and the inverter.

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Why does AC Input Current Limit reduce when assisting?

I have 2 Quattro 48/5000/70 setup in parallel. No virtual switches and no ESS. Running v501. I am currently connected to 30A shore power. Everything functions normally and I'm receiving roughly 3300W incoming with 250W AC load. The Input Current Limit shows 28.2A in the VRM(I have it set to 30A). When I turn on a heater the AC load increases to 1750w and the shore power drops by the same amount. The input current limit stays 28.2A and it continues to charge the batteries with the spare power. After several hours I'll check back and see that the batteries have drained unexpectedly. At this point the shore power usually shows 500-700W, the Input Current Limit is down to 14.6A, and the battery is being drained while in Assisting mode. For some reason it is limiting the AC Input Current even though it should stay at 28.2A because the batteries need charging and the power consumption is high. The weird part is that If I turn off the heater for 10 seconds and then turn it back on the Input Current Limit jumps back up to 28.2A, the shore power returns to normal, and the batteries begin charging again, Assisting mode turns off.

I determined that it triggers Power Assist mode when I have other loads that push it over the shore power current limit, which makes sense. However, once the loads are gone it stays in Assisting mode and eventually will drain the batteries. Only after shutting down ALL AC loads including my 1500 watt heater does it reset from Assisting back to normal. It's possible that when the Input Current Limit drops to 14.6 it needs the power consumption to drop below that before it releases Power Assist but even if that is true WHY does the Input Current Limit drop in the first place? Shouldn't it use all AC-in power regardless of Power Assist? Why doesn't the Input Current Limit return to 28.2A once Power Assist stops?

For clarification I have a 50A RV and have wired L1 shore power to Quattro #1 AC-In-2 and L2 shore power to Quattro #2 AC-In-2. I then feed Quattro #1 AC-Out-1 and Quattro #2 AC-Out-1 back to the RV transfer switch for 50A. Since I am currently connected to 30A shore power I run in parallel mode but would run in split phase when on 50A. I assume that it is assisting from Quattro #2 from battery when on heavy loads.

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UK newbie 'store at night, use in the day' query

Help please,

Given energy costs, in the UK lots of retailers are now selling domestic 'on-grid storage and self-consumption' kits "for storing cheap night-time energy (off-peak tariffs e.g. Octopus) for use during the day", e.g. a kit with Multiplus II 48/5000/70-50 and 14kWh of batteries, "more battery modules can be added at any time", and PV at later date -

With 14kWh of 6000 cycle, 95% DOD batteries I'm expecting to be able to store all my elec need at night (@ 7p/kWh) and not use any grid elec in the day (@ 47p/kWh). When we add solar PV, 5kWp will mean we are mostly self-sufficient for 5 months of the year (according to ). But, with a 4kw inverter the above Multiplus seems underrated for 14kWh of batteries. We typically use 7Kwh night and 7kWh day but with occasional peak demand of 8kW (cooking, kettle etc). The expectation was to have all loads via the inverter - 'critical' on AC out 1 - otherwise the system doesn't pay for itself. Also we're rural and have frequent, short duration power outages and thus need the UPS functionality. Am I misunderstanding something here? I'm assuming that, in the day, all power needs can be supplied by the batteries and thus via the inverter and thus the 4kW inverter seems wrongly matched with the 14kWh batteries?


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Can I use Multiplus(first version) 12/3000/120-50 with 200Ah Lifepo4 battery

So I bought components for a camper year ago, but because of multiple reasons get to installing components only now. And in manual for Multiplus(first version) I discovered that minimum recommended capacity is 400Ah.


Initially the plan was to buy two such batteries but now this is not an option.

1. So is it possible to use it with such battery, or it will damage it or wouldn't be function properly? I think currently loads should be not more then 1000 watts

2. Should I set up inverter settings so it wouldn't be allowing to discharge battery more then recommended amount of Amps(not really sure if such thing exist).

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Spec needed, MultiPlus Compact 24/2000/50-50

Hello! I'm considering a MultiPlus Compact 24V, 2000VA, 120V inverter-charger. In the datasheet and/or manual, it is said that the PowerControl function can be adjusted and that the default setting is 30A. I would need to know the actual range of adjustment, especially the lowest possible setting. I could not find the answer anywhere. Thanks!

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Is there any way i can run a 1.5 Hp motor from my MultiPlus-II 12/3000/120-32 230V?

Hi All,

I'm just trying to size up a Cat pump for my watermaker and want to know what I can effectively run from my inverter.

I have 4 x 12v 200AH lifepo4 batteries with maximum 2540W output (according to the manufacturer).

The majority of motors I'm looking at have a start-up load of around 50A at 1750RPM, Before settling in at about 7A. I'm wondering if I can put a soft start in-line somewhere to bring the start-up load down to a workable range. If not, Is it possible to have a 2.2kva Suitcase generator hooked up to the inverter, allowing the inverter to pull power from the generator and battery bank for the start-up, then turn the generator off to allow my batteries to continue feeding the motor for a few hours to fill my tanks?

Any other suggestions would be much appreciated!

Thank you, Tom

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Three phase Multiplus-II current transformer shows negative AC-IN


I just installed my Multiplus-II's current transformers for each phase and now it shows for L1 and L2 a negative AC-IN. I have ESS and grid feed in is disabled and I dont have solar power coming. How can I have those numbers be positive?



Also Remote Console shows different AC-OUT.


What can I do? Do I need to buy grid meter?


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MultiPlus-II 48/3000/35-32 Max Output current on ACout1

Can somebody explain to me what is the max current for MultiPlus-II 48/3000/35-32 on AC-out-1 (230V) when only DC battery is connected - no ACin from Generator ?

As for my understanding goes the AC-out-1 current draw should not exceed (2400W / 230V) 10 amps ?

If a 10kW generator (limited to max 32A) is connected and running, is then the max current on AC-out-1 10 Amps + 32 Amps = 42Amps, or am I missunderstanding the logic and the max current on AC-out-1 is still 10 Amps and 32 Amps on AC-out-2 ?

I understand that the DC max current is 35 Amps (35A x 48V = 1680W to charging the battery).

What happens when i connect two Multi's in parallel ? What max Amps can I then have on AC-out-1 and with what max Amps can I then charge my battery bank ?

I have a SimpBMS connected to Venus GX and two Tesle 6S modules in series (12S) with Smart Solar 150/70 TR for solar.


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Transient current cause Seplos BMS to shutdown

Hi Victron community, I have one question regarding a couple Victron / DIY LFP pack with Seplos BMS.

If it is just to say that Seplos is not in Victron's compatibility list for BMS, you can save your time and are not forced to participate to this thread ;)

I use this BMS (I have 4 of them) and it is working fine, but, as there is a "but", a big one, I discovered that using only 1 battery pack (14kWh / 200A BMS) with a 5kVA Multiplus 2 doen't allow it to start as the transient current is too high for the BMS (fixed values in the BMS are 250A for 30mS, not changeable if you don't want to damage your hardware and loose the warranty).

Is there a known solution to limit the starting current on the Victron side?

Else anyone intending using those BMS in a Victron environement must pay attention to this "detail" and better find another model if they don't intend to have 2 or more battery pack.

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Power used bt the inverter

I had installed a solar system using the Victron inverter a couple of months ago, whilst I appreciate it's early days and we are into the autumn it is currently generating about 8.5 kWh per day, of which 2 kwh is used to power the inverter and/or "lost" in the conversion from DC to AC – is it about right?

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