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What happens when Multiplus inverter load is higher than nominal load (overload)?

With a Multiplus 2000, 12V DC, 120V AC, the inverter nominal power is 1600W.

What happens if the inverter load excess the nominal load? (>1600W) Alarm, failure?

at what point is the fuse blown?, at what point is the equipment damaged?



Multiplus-IIinverter current draw
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Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) answered ·

Hi @Carloa,

The exact power value of overload will vary depending on temperature, battery voltage, DC ripple, power factor and other things.

As the unit approaches overload, it will trigger a warning, this will not effect the ability for the inverter to provide power, but give you some indication if you are nearby that shutdown overload is close.

Once the unit has exceeded one of the overload parameters (typically current limit or AC voltage drop), it will go into an overload alarm state.

The overload alarm state will switch off the AC output to the loads, after 30 seconds, the inverter will attempt to restart. If the overload condition has cleared, it will return normal operation.

If it has not cleared, the unit will overload again.

This will repeat 3 times, with 30 seconds between each retry.

After the 3rd overload shutdown alarm, the inverter will not attempt to restart automatically. You will need to manually reset the inverter.

It should not be possible under normal operation to blow any internal fuses. The software/firmware protections will stop the inverter before an internal fuse is blown. If an internal fuse DOES blow, it may indicate some other issue. Appropriate, accessible external fuses should always be installed to the rating of the connecting battery cables, they should be sized to blow before any internal fuse does (internal fuse ratings are in the manual for each unit).

Correctly installed equipment should not be damaged by connecting an excessive load, even a short circuit fault load. Though not recommend of course.

Damage can occur from excessive over voltage on DC, reverse polarity on DC, excessive uncontrolled external heat (eg installed in an unventilated engine room), water, rodent, or dust ingress, physical shock, and very old age (capacitance expiration).

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Great detailed answer! exactly what I needed to know.

Thanks a lot.

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