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VE.Smart in VRM / GX Device


Is it possible to see the data in VRM or in the GX device? I just bought 2 smart battery sensors to monitor remotely 2 batteries that are about 5 meters from my Cerbo and it would be great if I can check them online. As they are not part of the system, I don’t want to fit BMV or Smart Shunt, just check the voltage.


cerbo gxVE.Smart Network
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Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) answered ·

HI @llubi,

Sorry but no.

The VE.Smart network is not compatible with the Cerbo GX.

You can see the list of devices that are VE.Smart compatible here -

I will update the documentation to make this situation clearer.

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Thank you Guy!

I will keep watching just using the bluetooth app, and waiting for if the future makes it available.



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The hardware is in place, so it is technically possible that it could be enabled with a future firmware update. No plans for that at this stage though.

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tomashubelbauer avatar image tomashubelbauer Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) ♦♦ commented ·

Hi Guy, some time has passed so I thought I'd re-open this question. I have also wondered about the possibility of connecting devices to the Cerbo GX using I figured it would be technically possible since I assume hardware-wise only Bluetooth is needed and it is in the Cerbo as well as in my device of interest - a BT-enabled MPPT charger. Is support for Cerbo still off the table or is there hope of support on the roadmap / in future firmware revisions?

As a side-note, the link you have provided no longer works.

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