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[UPDATED] Smart BatteryProtect 48V-100A disconnects without error.

Smart BatteryProtect 48V-100A has shut down on four occasions over the last two months. It is controlled via H terminal in Li-ion mode from ATD relay on LYNX Smart BMS. When the shutdown occurs, there is no error on the device or in the app, and ATD is still active. Toggling the Load output switch in the app, or disconnecting and reconnecting the H wire causes it to reconnect. It does not ever reconnect without this manual intervention.

The output of this 48V SBP supplies power to the inputs of two MPPTs which are being used as DCDC converters to charge two other 12VDC battery banks. Is there something wrong with this configuration, or do I have a faulty device?

UPDATE 6/30/24 - I have replaced the SBP under warranty. The new unit has worked well for a couple of weeks then just last night it exhibited the same behavior as the old one and disconnected the loads without error while the app still reported it was connected. Cycling the "on" switch in the app reconnected things.









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