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No Solar kWh data in download

Anyone know why the Solar Yield kWh column is empty in the kWh.xlsx files?
Seems the only way to get this data is to use the Log.xlsx file and the data is in uneven time intervals, requiring more steps to be performed before being able to use it for analysis.

TIA, Marc

stad asked
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Feature request: kWh consumed counter with reset button

Hi all

It would be nice to have a kWh counter for consumption out of the inverter that I can reset (set to zero) by pressing a button before doing something. Ideally, the counter could subtract a base load (kW) that the user could type in. This feature is different from hourly kWh consumption as my usage would not align with hours.

VRM or CCGX console would be fine.

I want to know the kWh consumed for certain processes like running the washing machine, electric kettle or doing some welding, etc.

Thanks for considering

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